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    I would like to get the vampire II but not sure how to do that i hear you must rework a line you have to T10. dose it matter witch line? do you loose the boats in than line? and how dose one reset a line? is it a limited time to do this? any help will be great please use small words i am more caveman then tec support thanks
  3. gun_ho

    Positive things only please!!

    yes if you put hours of research into each boat and match it with you playing style and you will benefit from the new skills, but for those that do not live this game and just want to play a few games and would like to have a chance to do well are no longer are competitive. in the end it has made sneaky DD crap useless and heard play the only way to win
  4. ok it was over 30 games ago but I will try it next time something weird happens. had no idea this was around thanks for the heads up
  5. Thanks for the replies they are all possibilities and as a computer cave man I have no replays it just seams strange at some of the things that happen
  6. The forms say that cheating dose not happen here in wow but I have seen BBs out turn and run down DDs more that a few times A DD with a 3.7 detection in open water and just now a DD with a 30 second or less torp reload. and the pin point shots when not detected from long distances happens almost every game. I get it sometimes a lucky shot or torp will get you but how much luck can there be? I do not want to call anyone a cheater but I feel that many have a super ability not offered to the rest of us. kixeye did not stop hacking and now how many play their games?
  7. gun_ho

    POMMERN [Is she worth it?]

    The pomm is the only bb I have and not happy with it. A near miss will start a fire or 2 and I wish I could get a 26% hit ratio. I have all guns fire at another ship and only 1 or 2 hits if using A P you get more over penns than hits. With the new dead eye as soon as detected witch will happen if you try to get in secondary range you need to be close to your life raft because you will be swimming real soon. but again I play DDs so hide and snipe dosent work for me
  8. I just started playing BBs and now as soon as I get detected I get killed from the back this new skill is so damn confusing. why not have it more like real life and do not have skills depend on how close another ship is. A long rang duel is about as much fun as crushing candy
  9. gun_ho

    pc v ps4

    I have a friend that plays on a ps4 and i play on a pc are they 2 different platforms or the same big happy family?
  10. gun_ho

    looking for a gun fighter

    i think you are correct it probably dose not exists. i just attacked an Iowa at 16km my max range and almost won. no i am not that good but he was that bad at 3 km he got me but 1 more fire or 1 more salvo and i may have won the battle. it looks like the next ship up the tree is no better. i have no problem paying for a premium ship. if we dont feed the game it will die but do not want to buy crap. i know i asked for a tall order and all the suggestions have valid points and thank you all for them either German or Russian ships seam to have more of what i am looking for. i just wish there was a place like huggys from battle pirates where a side by side comparison could be done
  11. gun_ho

    looking for a gun fighter

    you are correct . i do not like torps. i like a 1 on 1 battle. i win some and loose some. more fire power rather a better fire rate or stronger guns is what i am looking for. the german boats have better amour? and the brits have faster guns? i guess i should see what i loose to and maybe try them.or just switch to a crazy dd driver and learn how to use torps. thanks for all the help
  12. gun_ho

    looking for a gun fighter

    thanks i torp more green ships that red ones so the salem may be the ticket i think it is next in the tec tree
  13. gun_ho

    looking for a gun fighter

    yep that is what i have now looking for a better boat thanks
  14. gun_ho

    looking for a gun fighter

    is there a place to compare these on paper side by side?
  15. already posted this in the wrong spot i have the balti now i cant hit crap with torps want something i can go up close and dirty not a sniper, like a faster reload than most bb will have even if the guns are weak but shoot fast that is ok any thoughts?