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  1. I agree with you about your threads that have been removed. This is a better topic:

    Is there a method to report highly abusive players? I've noticed lately players negative behavior is getting worse and the community is becoming less appealing to interact with.

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    2. anonym_OlK73e329bMY


      I would use replays as well, but I'm lazy.

    3. Dictonary


      Your welcome. I remember a hacker came into the forums and behold, a flood of tickets and reports caused the hacker to get banned. That is how I remembered.

    4. Corpen_November


      Posting in forums is not the way to go for this situation.  You will need to submit a support ticket with a replay.
      Submitting a ticket takes about two hours on average for me.  It's alot of work but the payoff is Wargaming now knows who the offenders are and keeps tabs on them.  The replay is what Wargaming will use to process the ticket.  There are million replays a day, Wargaming cannot track each one, you will have to submit it to them.  Stay professional in the game, I assume every game is being recorded.