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  1. Zkyzytuz

    Submarine Testing

    Reading Balao and U-2501 specs, Balao sounds much better for me: Balao Advantages: - Balao torpedos much better range (14km x 10km) and MUUUUCCHHH better reload time (23s x 85s !!!!!!!!!!!!), and better speed and damage per hit. - Balao has backside tubes. - Sonar time 30s, U2501 25s U-2501 advantages: - battery charge 496, Balao 468 (about 6%... almost irrelevant, i think ?) - sonar reload 8,3s, Balao 10s (again, not much for me) The rest of specs are similar or small advantage for one or another. I think i missed something... What is the real german sub advantage ?
  2. Creio que o termos TRESPASSOU ou ATRAVESSOU são os mais adequado por serem bem inequívocos.
  3. Zkyzytuz


    Então... Você compra o Flint pq o navio tinha os recursos X, Y e Z. - Aí ferram com a AA do navio no rework do CV. "Ah, beleza, aprende a jogar de novo com o navio, agora fica só dando apoio aos DDs, nada de apoio AA, usa a fumaça e fica fora d range dos radares" Então tá. Mas vc já foi lesado pq comprou uma coisa que depois virou outra. - Agora, ferram com o range do navio, e são 2 km que fazem muita, MUITA diferença, e o navio tem o menor range de TODOS os demais navios de seu tier e menos range que QUASE TODOS os de tier mais baixo. "Ah, beleza, aprende de novo, agora tem que chegar 2km mais perto, ficar exposto a tudo que é radar e levando tiro até de todos os DDs que ele deveria matar" O que virá a seguir? Não percam os próximos capítulos...
  4. Zkyzytuz

    TXAA new graphics option

    Well, it is very strange. I can´t explain...
  5. Zkyzytuz

    TXAA new graphics option

    Install the Nvidia G-Sync Pendulum Demo. If your monitor was able to enable gsync compatible-mode, you will be able to activate the gsync check box. Otherwise, the check box cannot be activated.
  6. Zkyzytuz

    TXAA new graphics option

    Some freesync dispays are g-sync compatible, but not all of them. I have 2 freesync displays, 1 works with my RTX 2080TI, 1 do not work. But, the option should appear, see below: My Samsung LU28R55 is freesync and the option appears on Nvidia setting, but freesync do not work. (On the ther hand, my old 144hz freesync, the options appears AND freesync works)
  7. Zkyzytuz

    TXAA new graphics option

    I agree: High refresh rates helps a lot to avoid screen tearing, with fireesync or even without freesync. Yes: In my old 144hz monitor, even with freesync off, screen tearing was almost imperceptible with fps above about 120, approximately. But in my 60hz, tearing is VERY perceptible. And i agree, again: Not everyone notices the difference between a 60/120/144 Hz, includes myself. However, i hate screen tearing, it brother me a lot. For other people, tearing not brother too much , but 60hz bother. Well, people and people...
  8. Zkyzytuz

    TXAA new graphics option

    The true fps limit is your hardware, increasing the limit in the config file will not change that. The worst thing that can happen is your fps does not exceed 50. That is: nothing happens .
  9. Zkyzytuz

    TXAA new graphics option

    For viewing distant and slower relative motion objects, AA still helps a little in 4k. This is visible in flight simulators or in WoWs, where EVERY object is always very far away. But for first-person shooter games, where objects are close and the movement is "frantic", AA is practically negligible.
  10. Zkyzytuz

    TXAA new graphics option

    Bellow, my current settings. 4K do not need much AA, then MSAA 4x ou even 2x are fine. I can´t see any relevance visual difference between 4x and 8x, and even between 2x and 4x there is not much difference (but there are, a bit) But, in my old 2560x1080, 4x to 8X get a little better.
  11. Zkyzytuz

    TXAA new graphics option

    Well, I need to be more accurate: My 4K monitor is freesync, BUT my GPU is Nvidia, and on this monitor freesync refused to work on an Nvidia GPU, unfortunately. Unlike my old one, 2560x1080 144hz, which is also freesync but worked very well, with the same GPU. Unfortunately, some freesync monitors work with Nvidia, others do not.
  12. Zkyzytuz

    TXAA new graphics option

    I don´t know, too. But i always set vsync on, because i hate tearing. My other (old) monitor is 2560x1080 144 hz freesync, so I used 144 in the config file. But the 4k monitor is 60Hz and no freesync, so it doesn't matter anymore.
  13. Zkyzytuz

    TXAA new graphics option

    Same choice here... MSAA + TXAA, but FXAA off. The best graphics results.
  14. Zkyzytuz

    TXAA new graphics option

    I think this is a WG failure, that keep the same files in several places. Not your falt.
  15. Zkyzytuz

    WG - do something about CV!

    ... the most vague and generic post in the galaxy.