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  1. The detection icon doesnt appear to have radar/hydro icon at all, so it doesnt tell you if you are getting radared or spotted by a ship, as a DD player this makes my game a lot harder, especially in ranked. I am attaching screen and replay (you can see it clearly at the end of battle where chapayev radared me, but only the "detected" icon was seen) 20171222_170220_PJSD108-Akizuki_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  2. 30 red ones, alabama, kutuzov, belfast, huang he, perth, De Grasse, Mutsu, around 10 000 doubloons, a a shittone of special signal flags and camouflages
  3. Few weeks ago we had the chance of selling our Kutuzov and Belfast for doubloons, and i sold the both, and made a solid chunk of doubloons. Everyone thought i am crazy (or stupid) because, clearly, i will never get them back, and that i lost my opportunity of having a good ships. Well... guess what.... MAXIMUM PROFIT
  4. jingles is choosing only from replays that are sended to him directly. (Also, about your sig. Alpha/CBT is not under NDA)
  5. They do optimization here and there. Not constantly every patch tho.
  6. PTS "Duke" campaign

    You get Tirpitz as a final reward. Already on third mission. Took me 4 games.
  7. nope, might have been torp from something other. ask him for a replay
  8. What belt color are you?

    Normally i'd say Red/Black,but i have to say grey as im banned :-D
  9. i specifically replied to a comment that said "Yeah, all those Langleys, Hoshos and Zuihos with their overpowered manual drops." That is tier 4 and 5. So why are you bringing other tiers into it? Go home, you are drunk.
  10. i wonder how this "expertly dropped torpedoes at very close range" works in a tier that has no manual attack for CVs, mind elaborate with me?