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  1. more Azur lane Collab info

    you must be new around here, they hate it even tho it can be optional. HSF, ARP, Kobayashi, Space, all optional and still they can't get over the fact that the "historically accurate" game have all of these stuff
  2. more Azur lane Collab info

    Nice! It looks like my Belfast and Nelson will get some new captains, i just hope the collab will come to NA despite so many anime haters being here.
  3. Ranked T10 DD: Your pick?

    Not sure if DDs are the right choice, i am expecting lot of cruisers, Hindenburg, Moskva, DM. Which means a lot of Hydro's and radar's
  4. PT gives you the most useful information at all times, have it on every ship that is not a CV
  5. Tier 10 DD advice

    May i ask why are you replying to me with such trivial info? I am not OP and i didn't ask about any opinion. Although i give you one point, forgot about the smoke.
  6. Tier 10 DD advice

    Z-52 is a tricky one, you can "trap" enemy DDs with your smoke+hydro combo, you have excellent torpedo reload (68s i think) and your AP can deal massive amount of dmg if you shoot broadside target. However, the HE are just trash and your gun RoF is very weak, so you need really plan ahead and don't engage gunfight unless you have smoke and hydro ready. Also your torpedo range is only 10.5KM which means russian radar can spot you on your torp run, and if you are not carefull enough, even USN T10 radar can that too, also german DDs take a huge amount of dmg from AP, so that can ruin your day quite easilly too. Gearing is like easy mode compared to Z-52, Gearing has the gun RoF advantage and torpedo range to avoid being detected by radar, also the concealment on torpedoes is excellent, it can (and should) equip DFAA for AA cover. The only disadvantages are torpedo reload (around 2 minutes) and that it takes a lot of dmg from AP (same as Z-52). So it is really your pick, you either take trap DD that can spam torp like nothing else, or a DD that can out-DPM any DD that is not called khabarovsk.
  7. Hello, here is my general feedback and some ideas how to make these kind of event better for the future. This is not an initiative for a discussion. So i would like to invite @Radar_X and @Pigeon_of_War to give it a read and if it makes, in your opinions any reasonable sense, to present it as feedback to the actual devs. I tried to take into consideration the technical aspect as well the sale aspect when i was thinking about this. Feedback: Space Battles are amazingly well done, the art and sound team both did a fantastic job for this event and i really appreciate this. The skins for ships are just beautiful and the sounds effects are point on. There are two complains tho. First one would be the waterline (or spaceline?) is not properly seen so many of my shots are landing short as i try to aim as low as possible, this, however is not much of an issue since you can avoid it with some experience. The second one is a big complain. Camouflages. WG didn't think this trough and a lot of people, including me are frustrated. It was implemented very bad while it could be better and it's ruining otherwise brilliant event. Thoughts on how to improve: The reason why the event camo's are not in the containers is that people were complaining about it (i personally loved it), so WG decided to sell it only for doubloons where the solution was quite easy, do both, containers and purchase for doubloons, and why stop there? You could sell it in the premium shop. Second point is the price, while 8k doubloons is completely justifiable for the amount of work it gone into those skins, many people have already regular T10 permacamo for those ships, and paying 13k doubloons for one ship is really a lot. My solution here would be here to deal with the new camo something as "DLC" where the people who had permacamo would pay 3k doubloons and people without the previous permacamo would have to pay the full price 8k (5k for regular perma and 3k for space) and got both of these. How to implement: Yes the common answer from all WG employees is "Hard to implement" or "The limitation of engine/game", but this true? If we look at the IJN ships, all of them have a switch option which loads the colour for the camo. With some minor modification you could make this switch for the 9 T10 ships where the switch wouldn't load different colour but different skin, and just slap a 3k price tag on this button. In the end: Amazingly well done event with few flaws, both art and sound team deserve a big thumb up while the sales department needs something else. Thank you for a proper event (and not just one submarine model that was crashing the game). And now excuse me, i am going to drink and cry out of the pure frustration because i can't get the Paris and Zaya camouflages.
  8. Matchmaking monitor promotes toxicity, thats why i dont use it, that is why my stats are hidden :-D
  9. it's always like that, people don't have their own brains, apparently
  10. Not Dasha tells us about 2017

    Can we have "Meet Alena" video? :-D
  11. So.... let's talk about some of the changes that were made this year. Uniting events and missions across NA and EU Creation of WoWs Development blog on EU More communicating with the community about plans/changes and giving an explanation for some of the changes More Q&A's in general And last but not least.... some of the best events we ever had. (Halloween and Christmas events.) And for this you deserve a big, massive Thank you. You guys have improved immensely when it comes to communication and made some changes of the community FOR the community and i really appreciate it. Yes, there are still few things (like Grind of the Elements and Collector's program), but i think you guys going the right way. Keep doing good job. Wanted to do it lot sooner, but forgot about it.
  12. scroll down some more, it's under pokemon
  13. Dude! Where's my bote?

    restart the game
  14. i am going only for Alsace, will not bother with that turd called France