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  1. Hello, so i just got a game center update which introduced the "one login to play them all" feature. Thing is, i play WoWs/WoT/WoWp across multiple regions and i have to manually log in every time i change region, which is very annoying and uncomfortable nad unconvenient. @wacko17 please tell me there is a way on how to dissable this feature.
  2. Ranked Sanity?

    What is this thing you call "sanity"? Never heard of it
  3. I play for win. But being 4th while doing all the heavy lifting is discouraging.
  4. yes, we carried the game for our Shima who decided to go all fun and engaging from the very first hit he received. You mean, dead slow
  5. Question is, why would i help my team if it doesn't give any reward for me personally? Yesterday i had 4 solo caps, 20k dmg into DDs and a craptone of spotting dmg (all in ranked), and all i got was barely 1k base xp.
  6. Hey there! HDDN is recruiting anyone who is interested in COOP or PVE mission divisions in order to have fun Requirements: Just be online whenever you can and have fun playing the game!
  7. Need a map opt out.

    I dont want battles with 5 DDs, also dont want battles with carriers in it, and absolutely dont want battles against unicum players or be in the same team with very weak players, Please add a opt out option for this.
  8. Dear Missouri Drivers

    Dear DD drivers, i can't support you with my 9.4km radar because there are 4 cruisers, 2 BBs and 3 DDs shooting me, i don't have 6km concealment like you. How about you find another cap.
  9. Directly from AL discord
  10. yeah, saw it, Evrien was quite proud on it. But its never a bad idea to get some kind of confirmation, because stuff like this has happened before. Now let's go marry Belfast
  11. that would be very appreciated
  12. Bunch of Asian players that were watching the streams shared some of the info on the subreddit discord
  13. So Azur Lane collaboration is region locked for SEA with the only exception being Aurora, which will get released in RU server. So yeah. Thanks. /s
  14. more Azur lane Collab info

    you must be new around here, they hate it even tho it can be optional. HSF, ARP, Kobayashi, Space, all optional and still they can't get over the fact that the "historically accurate" game have all of these stuff