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  1. I love you, thank you. And bye bye NA server.
  2. So new login received, and of course it doesnt work.
  3. Welp, three days without WoWs. Just make it right.
  4. Yup, i need new login information (since email is used on that server) to log-in to my transfered account.
  5. This is literally the first server transfer offered for NA
  6. nothere01

    are you kidding me?

    And where the hell is Alaska?! Are they actually building in Russia in order to release it for public?
  7. nothere01

    Win rate

    And that is why, my friend, all unicums play ONLY in a div :-)
  8. nothere01

    Win rate

    Div up with good players, a good three man div can get up to 85% WR per session
  9. nothere01

    Logon Failures

    it was up for three minutes, than it crashed and even after half an hour none dev cant make any announcement and they even locked up the 0.8.0 PTS thread .....
  10. Thank you WG for the free steel this , i was finally able to get my Flint, and as i thought, it is amazingly good, perfectly OP. So once again, THANK YOU!!!!!
  11. nothere01

    Dissabling clan mission for renting ships?

    Always, just for you.
  12. nothere01

    Dissabling clan mission for renting ships?

    So i guess i will just not play. Thanks.
  13. I am not in a clan, i have every T10, who had the amazing idea that i need some "rented" ships? Is there some way on how to disable this mission? I don't want them in my port.
  14. Which means the entirety of the enemy team will go after him, which gives your team tactical advance. C'mon, be a hero we don't need and take one for the team!
  15. nothere01

    Cossack or Le Terrible worth buying?

    Cossack was practically for free, Le Terrible is just bad and not worth it