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  1. let me guess, the enemy didnt know how to strafe while you abused your free-out-of-locking-strafe
  2. this might be a surprise to you, but not everyone can open wallet everytime he wants. and having usefull things in stuff you getting for free is a nice thing
  3. My point is, these "special" modules have way too high drop rate, and many people find them completely useless. I had 6 supercontainers from the yamamoto campaign + 8 from T10's. That's 14 supercontainers. And from these 14 supercontainers i received 9 modules which i dont need, i will never use, and i find them completely useless. So yes, i am annoyed by these shity modules. They serve me for one thing, to sell them for 625k credits. And that's hardly a reward for a "supercontainer" And yes, i sold my every T10, not because i was dissapointed with the supercontainers, but because i bought them only for this event, as i dont want to play or own any tier 10 ship. So i did lost a SHITTONE of money in order to get something usefull (camouflages and flags) and all i got was 5x625k credits.
  4. I play the majority of games in Random, in fact, my overall stats are better than yours (if that pic in your signature is up-to-date), and yet, i am finding these mods completely useless.
  5. i am simply answering topics, to let them know that not everyone was as lucky as they were. Not my fault i got 5 useless modules out of 8 supercontainers.
  6. why stupid? dmg con and DFAA module are EXTREMELY USELESS, and radar mod is just regularly useless as i prefer having different thing in that slot. So the only thing i can get from these worthless modules, are credits. Honestly they should be removed from a supercontainer and give to regular container as a rare drop, or at least should be able to sell them at least for 2 millions so i can get the feeling of a supercontainer reward.
  7. oh i would happily give you useless mod for dmg con mod 1 useless mod for dmg con mod1 useless mod for DFAA mod 1 useless mod for DFAA mod 1 useless mod for radar mod 1 for some flags and camo, if i could, that is
  8. and you dont speak for me, they are useless and should be removed well if you like spending your money so much, maybe you should buy me some flags and that sweet +100xp camo, which are superior as a reward as a lot of these useless special mods. no reasonable player would consider these as a "reward" worthy of a supercontainer
  9. Useless mod for DFAA Useless mod for DFAA Useless mod for dmg con Useless mod for dmg con Useless mod for radar 100x flags siera mike 7 day's of premium account 25 hydra flags
  10. historical accuracy
  11. i'm (not) happy with my 5 modules
  12. you are wrong, again, i hoped for flags(any flags) camouflages (as i collect them) or even doubloons would be handy, ships? i have every premium ship available in SCs, not some useless mods.
  13. worst purchase: all tier 10 that i bought for this event.
  14. oh yeah, im getting saltier and saltier every minute here.
  15. nice, good for you, i got from 8 supercontainers 5 useless mods that i sold