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  1. Hm, wonder how to put a sentence "Step 1: Find island, Step 2: Rain freedom" into 500 words?
  2. Play low tier american DDs for easy WTR farming, things like clemson/nicholas/faragut/mahan. And if you need a division mate, just hit me up, i might not be the best player out there, but i can give few advices. (And if nothing else, your WR will get higher too)
  3. Welcome! And have a lot of fun here!
  4. Makes you wonder why is flamu stil CC...
  5. send this to SALTY and flamu....
  6. how about #off-topic
  7. Musashi will get it's "Ultimate flag" which is a flag usually reserved for the most expensive package. I will laugh so hard if it will not become a freeXP ship. :-D
  8. Let me give you an example. Montana says at the start of the match "First battle in this, sorry guys, my captain is not retrained yet" >guy eats about 5 torps in the late game, at his account three kills, dev strike. Someone from clan SALTY "No wonder you are crap at this game, your stats are hidden".
  9. Thing is, it's always the purple guy that is saying to everyone else how bad they are. Can't really blame the others to have enough of that.
  10. Are you playing coop?
  11. Nothing, except guns that are on way different level, and AA, and.... everything else except secondaries and hydro, at this point you can say that bismarck got outcreeped by older BB
  12. i bought 55 crates, got so many duplaicates, and im still missing kagero skin... T_T
  13. and did you receive them? People at EU had them available too but when they claimed it, they didn't get anything
  14. your clan commander was accused of sending death threats after battle. You sure about not being that ridiculous?