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  1. Had an excellent tier 10 match this morning that had a great balance of all types of ships. both teams played well and it came down to the last minute of the match
  2. A lighter thread

    Straight up gin martini
  3. In a battle last night with my Alabama when myself and a Yamato, i believe, were getting ready to surround 1 behind an island on Trap. I would have had him except a Minotaur on my team managed to torp me. It was awesome, lol
  4. Server Issues

    Yeah, me too. Right at the end of the match
  5. I love playing this ship. Played 17 battles in it so far and am at a 76% wr in her
  6. I over extend without support. Bad decisions are my forte
  7. I think I hit it by accident in my Sims
  8. Best SC you've ever gotten?

    Indianapolis last week
  9. Got an SC yesterday and it had the Indy and a 10 pt commander. Felt pretty good as there was no way I was going to finish the missions. Just been too busy and missed too many already
  10. Alabama What's wrong

    Remember when you used to blow Bubbles when you were a kid? He says hello
  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    But the Asashio was going to be the doom of the game, lol. Seriously though, I still play DD's and cruisers. All the radar does is makes me be a little more cautious in my DD as far as looking for cover. I am no expert, by far, but this seems to be working for me most of the time
  12. why is this allowed?

    I play my Asashio like a regular DD. I have even had reasonable success brawling other DD's. The mode I have had the most success in is Epicenter as area denial and spotting. Which is funny really because I hate Epicenter. I did get some grief once in chat from a team mate complaining that I wasn't playing right in his opinion when another team mate explained that area denial and capping was the best thing i could be doing