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  1. Asashio Incoming!

    I usually play BB's but I plan on buying it. Even if it just sits in port for a while until all the crazyness dies down
  2. Worchester PSA

    Now try Leicester
  3. My first Kraken!

    The first one is the best.
  4. Goodbye, Clear Sky, goodbye

    Damn. Now that song is playing in my head
  5. What line would be good?

    There are no lone wolf ships. None
  6. Coming clean

  7. I find I play better when it's raining bourbon...
  8. Space Battles are a Blast!

    I played them on the test server and I agree. Total blast
  9. Just picked up a Lenovo Y720 for 1299. Excellent so far. They do have cheaper builds.
  10. Lag no more

    Yes it is
  11. Aigle Marathon Curse

    Me too. No regrets
  12. Lag no more

    Maybe it's a coincedence but I don't think so. Bought a new gaming laptop and now my load time is phenominal and there is no lag
  13. Aigle

    I paid for it and I love it. It can be challenging at times to play but for me, that is part of the fun.
  14. I appologize if this has been mentioned before but I didn't see it. I had bought the Aigle when it first came out and then completed the minimum mission requirement to earn it figuring I would get the value back in silver or doubloons anyway. I did get the port slot and captain but I didn't notice if I got the "money". Does anyone know if and how much it would have been. I probably should have paid more attention before I completed it but honestly, the 160 proof rum and cokes made it kind of fuzzy