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  1. Roadster311

    Wargaming center

    Works great on my laptop
  2. So, I recieved, 6 k gold, 140 New Year streamer cam, 5 Asian lantern Camo, 5 Spring Sky camo, 12500 coal, Marblehead, Prinze Eugen, 30 Dragon flags, Monegan, Kii and Nuevo de Julio, Huange He out of the 20 Mega boxes. Pretty happy with that
  3. Roadster311

    Another 30%

    I'm thinking doubloons again. That way I get a double discount when I can use gold on discounted items like fxp or ships or even premium time
  4. Roadster311

    Another 30%

    Just got another 30% off coupon. What to buy, what to buy
  5. Roadster311

    WG I think your matchmaking is......

    plus 1 for your name
  6. Roadster311

    USS Alaska - Is She Right for You?

    Love my Kron. Really looking forward to Alaska
  7. Roadster311


  8. Roadster311

    Drinking and World of Warships Randoms

    Bourbon or martini's and I'm the king of the seas,
  9. Roadster311

    Thanks for nothing WG!

  10. Roadster311

    Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    Love the Kron. Still learning on her but the focus fire when I'm spotted is hilarious. Only topped by when I'm spotted in the Asashio
  11. Roadster311

    Do you think that matchmaking is rigged?

    I've been on great teams and bad teams. I heave seen some amazing comebacks and chokes.