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  1. Can I shut off badges?

    Just filled out a survey. I expect there to be a patch modifying the patch location and size when sunk in the near future. Sounds to me like they are listening
  2. Short answer, yes. Had a teammate getting pulverized and put my BB between him and the enemy. Both made it out by the skin of our teath
  3. I dabble for the rewards. I'll continue to play ranked until I get frustrated. We'll see how long that takes
  4. Got me a Gallant.

    Picked up the Gallant and the Ohotnick as well as a buttload of xp, flags camo and dubloons. All in all pretty pleased. The Ohotnick is a blast to play
  5. Got a Tirpitz in one last year
  6. Clan Recruiting

    oooo, can I be a Bunny?
  7. Nice Presents

    I got 5000xp times 2
  8. Giulio Cesare??

    It truly has become one of my favorite premiums. Fun to play
  9. free redeem code

    Excellent! Thank you!
  10. Vampire

    It's a blast. Love the little bugger
  11. Never have I ever purposely team killed someone
  12. Took me about 7 hours of play over 5 days. Just played my first battle in her and I have to say, I love this little boat. It's a blast
  13. salty gets salty :D

    I've honestly never had a bad experience with SALTY player, even on an opposing team