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  1. Magically Disappearing Doubloons!

    Never enable auto resupply and you won't have this "problem"
  2. Magically Disappearing Doubloons!

    It's deja vu all over again
  3. For those with concerns about WGC

    I have been using it for a couple of months now with no problems, BUT, I do have a high powered gaming laptop
  4. Sitting on nearly 1.6 mil. Waiting patiently and adding to it daily
  5. Why are my guns firing?

    Used to happen to me on a laptop. Now I disable the touchpad automatically on loading the game client
  6. Got the Icarus yesterday. I have not bought any crates. Luck of the draw I guess
  7. Got Acosta and working on Icaris now. Played 1 game in Acosta so far and really enjoyed it
  8. I usually play my Asashio close in and spot and cap if possible. I also harass the heck out of the BB's if there are any. Took out a Scharn and a Benson in a double strike the other day.
  9. Have driven by it many times but have never been there
  10. Rewards routinely do not appear until the weekend after the patch drop