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  1. Shot down 20 planes last night with my Nelson, so......yeah
  2. Roadster311

    no daily shipments when I log in

    Got mine when I logged in a couple of minutes ago. Union Jack camos
  3. Roadster311

    And so it begins - Hello Alaska

    You're my hero
  4. Roadster311

    And so it begins - Hello Alaska

    Me too. Going through withdrawls
  5. Roadster311

    And so it begins - Hello Alaska

    I have 2.4 mil fxp right now so I plan on getting her anyway. I'm gong to wait until after tomorrow night and see if I can win 1 on @Femennenlys stream first. Broke my wrist so it's not like I can play at the moment anyway,, lol
  6. Roadster311

    All about USS Alaska!

    I figure I'll just win her off your stream
  7. Roadster311


    Scam? lol
  8. Roadster311

    Azuma vs Alaska

    Alaska first then maybe Azuma after. Have over 2.2 mil
  9. Roadster311

    Hotfix 0.8 and CVs still over powered

    In my opinion CV's are not currently over powered an need a little more love. An no, I've never played a CV.
  10. Roadster311

    Brillant Idea

    Sims is a tier 7, mid to high. While it does not see tier 10, I do routinely see tier 8 carriers which was the case in that battle. I also have played tier 8 and 9 DD's as well with some good and bad games after the update
  11. Roadster311

    Brillant Idea

    Just had a great match in my Sims.
  12. Roadster311

    Why do you still play this game?

    I enjoy it
  13. Roadster311

    Phantom Salvos?

    Yes. Thought I was losing my mind
  14. Roadster311

    Rebalance or Refund Texas

    Ran my Texas last night. 2 tier 6 cv's on either side and had no problem. It was a good match