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  1. Roadster311

    Does anyone else feel ripped off lately?

    Just had my best matched in all 3 of these "useless" ships. So no, I do not feel ripped off
  2. Roadster311

    Where's my Smolensk?

    Is this a troll post? The removal has been common knowledge for months
  3. From what Iv'e seen so far, subs are going to be a non issue. They are going to make playing DD's more significant
  4. Roadster311

    WG...go back to co-op

    I have been playing more coop lately. Less stressful
  5. I'm still undecided. I have 2.5 mil fxp but hate to spend 2 mil on 1 ship. Time will tell
  6. Roadster311

    An unexpected visitor

  7. Roadster311

    What Flag do you fly on you ships ?

    ^^ This, exactly
  8. Roadster311

    1v1 is a blast: changes for next version of it

    Kii has been a beast in 1v1 so far for me. Haven't had a match against a DD though
  9. Roadster311

    Manic American Girl Captain.... Please?

    You are by default. At least in my eyes
  10. Roadster311

    Manic American Girl Captain.... Please?

    Maybe we could get @Femennenly to record it, lol
  11. Roadster311

    Jingles has Arrived

    Got him. His misidentifications are hilarious
  12. Roadster311

    Premium Ship Review #132 - Smolensk

    Thanks @LittleWhiteMouse. She's an interesting ship. Op at times but if you overextend, she is a major target and gets deleted promptly
  13. Roadster311

    Replace Seattle With Fargo

    I honestly enjoy playing Seattle
  14. Roadster311

    Tirpitz vs DD (Guess who won)

    The Tirpitz could easily have wiped out the DD, had you played it more aggressively
  15. The only 2 I didn't have were the French cruiser and the WV41. Got the WV41. I would have been happy either way. The grind was fun