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  1. The great submarine debate

    You just started a submarine thread yesterday. Spamming the forums is not a good way to do this as you’ll now have either two active threads or ignored responses. Consolidate your posts.
  2. Hood is quiet potent. Yes, the guns are the weak spot, but that can be balanced however WG likes. They could easily give Hood a 2.0 sigma like the Warspite, Nagato and, well, this German BC. As to burning, Hood is more fire resistant than most Tier VII BBs.
  3. Not just KM, RN and MN as well.
  4. Battlecruisers are my preferred ships in the game. I look forward to both perhaps picking her up and seeing how she stands up to HMS Hood.
  5. Speeds in WoWS are actually about 5 times faster than stated, so a 6 knot submerged sub would go about 30 knots in the game. Hood at 32 knots actually goes about 160 knots in the game.
  6. A sub could spend the entire match trying to "undermine and Manipulate" my Hood and it would accomplish nothing, and most likely I would never know it had even been trying. It simply could not intercept me, even without me even attempting to avoid it. Even in the case that I backtracked I would almost certainly do so on a significantly different enough course that the sub would still not be able to take a shot at me. The speed difference is simply too great.
  7. So, once again, per your own description, submarines cannot counter BBs or CVs. They won't reach the camping BBs/CVs until the closing minutes of the match and they can only attack the aggressive BBs by chance when the BB wanders into their firing zone, as happened to Indianapolis in reality.
  8. Ok, I am steaming around at 33 knots in my BB. How does a submarine counter that? So far as I can tell it relies on getting lucky and having my course carry me within its range as it certainly does not have the capability to get itself into range. I am already not in the habit of sailing straight for long periods. Relying on luck is not a good way to counter something. You assuming crap doesn't make it so and I am not remaining blind, there really is no functional way for a submarine to counter a 30+ knot ship. Even a 21 knot ship would be really difficult for it to counter. And that leaves CVs, which are usually all the way in the back, completely aside. A slow as crap submarine is not going to even reach the CV's location until the closing minutes of the battle. That certainly doesn't counter the CV. And that in turn brings up another point. Battle lengths. The addition of submarines would significantly increase the average length of a match. That would have the side effect of significantly increasing the average match time, something that WG seems to find undesirable.
  9. It would be like a DD vs DD fight in which the DDs had a lot more trouble finding each other because they are much slower and much more stealthy.
  10. @GreyFox78659You haven't answered my question. How do you imagine that submarines would counter BBs and/or CVs? As a BB main I just can't see how a submarine would counter me. I don't see how it would even change how I play, and I am not one that hides on the back line.
  11. How do you think submarines would counter BBs and CVs?
  12. Define "retired". Sitting in port and not being used? Sold? I have, but don't use, Okhotnik and Anshan, got them from christmas boxes. I just mothballed Nagato when I moved her captain to my new Amagi, but I also just took Fuso out of mothballs to use in Operations. I've sold many tech tree ships, I don't recall all of them, but you can probably figure out which ones based on my signature. I've never sold a premium.
  13. Is this what the Admiral class was supposed to counter?