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  1. Helstrem

    DDs are NOT larger than they should be.

    The BB nerf happened in beta. IIRC the torpedo detection nerf happened shortly after going live.
  2. Helstrem

    DDs are NOT larger than they should be.

    That was introduced after WG applied a massive nerf to BB rudder shift times and turn radius which turned Shimakaze into a death machine. That spotting range has nothing to do with the size of the ships.
  3. Helstrem

    DDs are NOT larger than they should be.

    How, exactly, are "torpedoes adjusted against large targets while guns are not"? It has been well covered in this very thread why torpedo hit rates are lower than shell hit rates. You simply cannot make a direct comparison between the two like you do here. The claim you are making is using deception to make a false point.
  4. Helstrem

    DDs are NOT larger than they should be.

    That is exactly true of torpedoes too. So again, how to guns benefit more? Heck, torpedoes don't have to deal with angled armor and plating so they might even benefit more.
  5. Helstrem

    DDs are NOT larger than they should be.

    OK, show the ships that aren't correctly scaled to one another.
  6. They want it because they feel it will do something that it won't actually do. They just don't understand the problem and so have latched on to the idea that skill disparities are the cause of blowouts. They aren't. Because they aren't the demanded skill based match maker won't do what they think it will do. The trick here is to give the players what they really want, not what they think they want. What they want is an end to blowouts. The trick is to come up with a mechanic that is compatible with WoWS that will actually accomplish a significant reduction in the number of blowouts. As a first step I suggest coming up with a common definition of what a blowout actually is and what it is not.
  7. Helstrem

    DDs are NOT larger than they should be.

    Higher for sure. Particularly for torpedoes. I strongly suspect that torpedoes get a lot of misses added to their total because their alpha is so high that the first or second torpedo in a salvo is often fatal, leaving the rest to "miss" even if they hit the dead hulk. It is frustrating how some DD players constantly use the lower reported hit rate of torpedoes as evidence of their weakness while ignoring all the reasons that hit rate is lower that have nothing to do with weakness.
  8. Helstrem

    DDs are NOT larger than they should be.

    BBs used to turn tighter. That was changed in beta in order to make it easier for DDs to hit them with torpedoes. If you compare Yamato's real world turn radius, 690m IIRC, with Yamato's WoWS turn radius, 900m IIRC, you can see the kind of change that WG implemented.
  9. Helstrem

    DDs are NOT larger than they should be.

    This also makes torpedoes hit more often too. Your bias is singling out guns as getting an advantage. Yes, my response was a joke. Size obviously makes them easier to hit, but with everything, not just guns. Yes, it has. The claim has also been presented on the forums multiple times this week as an example of how DDs are persecuted. Specifically that they are bigger than they should be relative to other ships. Torpedoes are used in ways that reduce their hit rates significantly and, in addition, their high alpha damage leads to a lot more "missed" torpedoes that hit the dead hulk of their target, already killed by another sister torpedo from the same salvo. Torpedoes are used for area denial by firing into places a ship often comes through because a torpedo is lethal through its entire run whereas a shell is only lethal at the point of impact. Nobody shoots at some point in a channel or near an island with no hint that a ship will be there, but torpedoes are routinely used in that manner. Comparing torpedo to shell hit rates in this game is comparing apples to oranges. Also, mind you, that torpedoes were NOT used as area denial weapons in reality.
  10. USS Smith: 293ft 10in HMS Orion: 581ft Shot taken in the training room. Some DD players keep posting that DDs are larger than they should be so as to make them easier for BBs to hit. This does not appear to be true. HMS Orion is slightly less than twice the length of USS Smith and, expermenting in the Training Room, this is exactly what appears to be the case in WoWS. This looks like just another DD main whine that isn't true, same as their claim that BBs have improved maneuverability when they actually have reduced maneuverability. Just something to feed their persecution complex.
  11. Helstrem

    Upgrade Changes

    I disagree on the BB note. Biggest change is either the 5% dispersion added to the concealment mod or the longer action time on consumables mod. The torpedo detection mod is too situational to be more than a noob trap.
  12. Helstrem

    Just reinstalled game. Big mistake

    It is very hard to take your complaints seriously when you obviously don't take any effort to understand the mechanics that lead to the outcomes you describe. Ask for help and you'll get it. Whine about simple things you don't understand and state you're uninstalling again and you'll get back the same attitude you gave the community.
  13. Helstrem

    Should games like this ever happen?

    Per LWM's thread on the subject, experimentation in WoT showed a 5% decline in blowouts when skills were even. That is where I got the number from. Remember, blowouts happen between unicum teams. Players greatly under appreciate how potent a force the snowball effect is.
  14. Helstrem

    Game still unplayable

    GUTB = Guy Under the Bridge = troll.