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  1. Helstrem

    Missouri vs Musashi credit payouts

    I get much more use out of Musashi's spotter planes.
  2. Helstrem

    Is it real?

    I've had winning streaks like that. I have no special relationship or agreement with WG.
  3. Helstrem

    T5 CA balance

    There would need to be a significant reduction in firepower along with such a change. It would also be a significant nerf to heavy cruisers when engaged against a light cruiser.
  4. Helstrem

    Why you will never get Missouri

    I enjoy Musashi more. Missouri only gets used for credits and a bit of captain training, but I usually prefer to just use a 19 point captain on Musashi for that. Why? It is occasionally useful but not nearly to the degree DD players make it out to be. In the early stages you can't push that far forward to support your DDs and radar enemy DDs without almost assuring your own destruction. Late game it can help, but then it is also easier for the enemy DDs to simply avoid you.
  5. Helstrem

    Friendly Fire Damage, just remove it

    Yes, I totally want to get yelled at by some backline camping Asashio or Shimakaze because I "blocked" his torpedoes.
  6. Helstrem

    Free XP Economics

    Problem is that there is a finite need for ships in this game. I am at the point where I really have to be interested in a new premium to go for it, FXP or not. I have a credit grinder, Missouri. I have a Elite Commander EXP grinder, Musashi. I have USN trainers, Missouri, Arizona, Texas, Arkansas B, Albany. I have IJN trainers, Musashi, Atago B, Ishizuchi, Yubari, Mikasa, Tachibana Lima. I have RN trainers, Cossack, Hood, Nelson, Warspite. I have KM trainers, Scharnhorst, Graf Spee. I have a MN trainer, Dunkerque. I have a RN trainer, Giulio Cesare. Heck, I even have Commonwealth, Russian and Pan-Asian trainers. What more do I need? I also have 250k FXP saved up that I spent not a dime to convert from Elite EXP. This is because, except for Emerald, I have never used it on tech tree ships, not even prior to Missouri being introduced. So, if they add a bunch of ships like Nelson that can be purchased for FXP that can reasonably be gotten without spending any money on the game, how is WG going to make money on them? If they essentially give away so many premium ships for free at least some of their market, such as myself, will not have any real reason to spend money.
  7. Helstrem

    Steel snowflake silver lining

    Which ship? Any ship?
  8. Helstrem

    Steel snowflake silver lining

    What is the Snowflake thing? I see people talking about it, but I don't see it showing on the portal. What is it and what are the rules for it?
  9. Helstrem

    WoWS Goals for 2019

    Get my first, and perhaps second and third, Tier X ships.
  10. Helstrem

    [PSA] HMS Dreadnought Mission

    It takes a LOT of co-op games to get through the 1100, 1200 and 1300 base EXP requirement.
  11. Helstrem

    [PSA] HMS Dreadnought Mission

    You do have to win for the final stage of the first one.
  12. Helstrem

    [PSA] HMS Dreadnought Mission

    Yeah, I use co-op for the first two, but after that I go to Random. I want to advance my ships too. And, as happened to me on Sunday night, in Random you can get the second stage done in three battles. Mogami is a monster at times.
  13. Helstrem

    [PSA] HMS Dreadnought Mission

    This is going to be a hard slog for me. In a normal month I complete maybe 15 of these dailies. I work long hours and don't have that much free time. Most of my posting on the forums happens at work. Right now I am at at 16 completed. I've found that it takes about 3-4 hours of play in a day to get both tasks done. Three more days of doing both and I'll be able to get HMS Dreadnought just by doing the easy step for the rest of the month. If I manage any more of the second stage I can even finish early or take a day off.
  14. Helstrem

    Monday Funday!

    HMS Hood. I like its extreme resistance to HE, durability when angled appropriately and the flexibility its speed gives it.