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  1. That is the original statement. The fact is that in a given game somebody with a sub 50% win rate is pulling their weight or not. Kconvey_1 stated, as a fact, that if your win rate is less than 50% you're a drag on your team. That is simply not true.
  2. The claim that if you are a sub 50% player you're a drag on your team is incorrect. It is better to have a 45% player than to not have a player at all.
  3. I am not saying it is luck. I am saying that they are contributing. Barring the guys who accidentally torp an ally the team is better off with a 45% player than down a ship. Yes, on average they don't pull their full weight, but they do pull some of it. The closer to 50% you get the more often they pull their full weight. That said, the closer they get to 50% the more often they have flat out great games and carry their team to victory, or at least make the enemy pay dearly in a loss. You're very much mistaken if you think sub 50% players don't sometimes have great games where they do far, far more than just carry their own weight. Conversely, sometimes unicums blow it and only carry a fraction of their weight.
  4. What outliers? The first thing I said was what normally happens. Do you really think a player with a 49% win rate doesn't contribute to his or her team? At what win rate does a player contribute nothing? Or actively hurt their team's chances of winning? Anybody with above a 40% win rate is contributing and you are usually better off with them there than being down a ship.
  5. Nonsense. Even a 45% win rate player has occasional matches that they just click in and carry their team. More, most sub 50% players actively participate and contribute to wins. Usually they're just a bit less effective, maybe poorer shots, maybe too aggressive, maybe too passive, but something or a combination of somethings makes them overall less effective, but they still sometimes make the difference. Heck, I've seen the AFK player win the match because his teammates went up on points and, after killing everybody else, the enemy didn't have time to get to him in spawn and didn't have time to cap out for the win. My only Solo Warrior was obtained after I had to bail out of a match in my Kongo due to a toddler's tantrum and left it sailing off to who know's where at 30kts. I fired a single salvo in that game and we won, presumably because of the reason stated above. I am a bit embarrassed about that actually.
  6. I am 100% certain that Wargaming has the ability to separate the statistics of ships at that level without removing anything from the game. We players don't have access to that, but Wargaming most certainly does.
  7. Ah. So you just made it up as an reason it wouldn't work. You don't actually have any other examples of which a less than half a millimeter change makes a difference.
  8. Which ones would it change? 11mm: 157.3mm vs 157.08mm 16mm: 228.8mm vs 228.48mm 19mm: 271.7mm vs 271.32mm 25mm: 357.5mm vs 357mm 30mm: 429mm vs 428.4mm 32mm: 457.6mm vs 456.96mm.
  9. You could change it to 14.28*the thickness of the armor. That would set it so that any gun over 456.96mm would overmatch 32mm. That said, I am not sure if it would change any other over match points that are relevant to the game.
  10. The other issue is that the game's play style (no respawning) leads to snowballing in which closely matched teams result in a blowout due to early mistakes on the part of one team being progressively magnified in significance as the resulting losses pile up.
  11. I've been in a Tier V all cruiser match (all ships on both sides were Tier IV and V cruisers). It wasn't fun. Wish I'd been in my Furutaka for it.
  12. Thanks are due...

    Varies, but Killer Whale netted a 10 point German captain. I am pretty sure that's how I got him at least.
  13. Post match therapist worksheet

    Dunno. You'd need to ask there, but some people posted the blank form.
  14. Saw this post in the Overwatch Subreddit and thought that some people here could really make use of it. The same types of claims about teammates and developers happen in both games.
  15. I disagree. It was over powered, now it is underpowered. Just needs to be tighted up a little bit to close the gap with the twelve 419mm guns, doesn't even need to equal them. A bit tighter accuracy, maybe a slight boost to rate of fire.