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  1. Tier Xs have never been in crates. At this time Smaland is impossible to get if you don't have it and there is no sign that will change.
  2. Helstrem

    Please fix Carriers

    Planes in flight do not poof out of existence. They continue their prior behavior. BBs and CAs can't redeploy their planes if they are still floating either. But that wasn't my question really. What I want to know is why CV planes should effectively "poof" out of existence. It is easy enough to come up with a roleplay justification for it, but I want to know from a game balance standpoint why planes in flight should "poof" out of existence while shells and torpedoes fired before their firing ship is destroyed should not?
  3. Helstrem

    It does seem to be a bit unfair...

    Most Ise players seem to be more of a liability to their team than an asset.
  4. Helstrem

    Please fix Carriers

    BBs and CAs do that too. Why should CVs be different?
  5. Helstrem

    Please fix Carriers

    Different ships are different. News at 11. It isn't cheating. Planes launched by a ship do not poof out of existence if the ship is sunk. That is true for BBs, CAs and CVs.
  6. That isn't how it was mathed out in an earlier thread. In that one the claim was that it takes more points, something like 1.5 the single ship points, to cap with two ships, but you earn points at twice the rate, if nobody is being reset. If one ship is constantly reset then the lone ship that isn't being reset needs to earn all 1.5 times single ship cap points. It could have been in error, but that is how it was explained.
  7. Helstrem

    Team damage removal side effect

    Kitakami, not Kitakaze.
  8. The reason I figure the BB held the line outside of the cap is that having two ships in the cap with one being reset constantly and the other hidden takes longer to cap than a single, hidden ship.
  9. The Kongo one wasn't a pure AFK as I did get it moving and may have fired a volley or two. I agree that an AFK BB, CA/CL or DD, particularly DD, isn't apparent at first, though it does become obvious by no later than mid game if it is a truly AFK BB sitting in spawn. As to not getting any karma for that win, you're likely right as to the cause. I remember the most lopsided, in the wrong way, win I've ever been part of. Before my ship was sunk it was 3 vs 11. My being sunk made it 2 vs 11, one BB and one DD. I wish I had stayed, but come on, 2 vs 11? Yeah, loss, bail to do another match and then come back to that ship to get the daily win. That BB and that DD won the match. I wasn't there to see it, but best guess is the BB held the line long enough for the DD to cap. It was still 2 vs 11 on the final score, but they had pulled it off. By the time I was out of my next match and saw the results the game no longer allowed me to compliment the BB and DD players.
  10. FYI, this was my first achievement after the signals were removed:
  11. Sorry, while I dislike the removal of the signals rewards, the lack of 1 or 10 signals given for an achievement doesn't change the actual achievement. Certainly nothing worthy of being cherished.
  12. I am sorry, but your post does not parse. What are you trying to say? Why cherish the moment?
  13. Helstrem

    ST 0.10.6, "Dutch cruisers. Part 1"

    Akatsuki and Mahan both have three torpedo launchers. But the truth is my first kill or two are usually DDs and done using guns. Torps are saved for cruisers and BBs. BBs often require two launchers worth of torpedoes. Three kills is much more common than six, of course.
  14. No, I use chat, but most players do not. I also know I sometimes miss messages directed at me when I am busy. As to my comment, it is less true in co-op only because the bots are so much worse at capitalizing on mispositioning in general. You'll note, should you look, that I have a lot of co-op matches under my belt too. The fact remains that you do not know the tactical situation of other players and you should not be removing options from them by firing torpedoes that can be intercepted, intentionally or accidentally, by another player.