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  1. Helstrem


    Kinda like its been fashionable for Boomers to blame everything on Millennials for the last 5 or so years.
  2. Helstrem

    DD sanity check, please

    Well, I'm not a co-op player in most cases. In that case I meant to do co-op, but yeah, I can see how they'd assume.
  3. Helstrem

    Buff Monty Guns

    Based on their win rates both Montana and Yamato could do with some slight buffing.
  4. Helstrem

    DD sanity check, please

    No. If the Fubiki's shells shattered and did no damage where you were hitting then so would every other DD's shells have shattered. You seem to have fundamental misunderstandings about mechanics which leads you to have overly strong, but faulty, opinions on what works and what doesn't.
  5. Helstrem

    DD sanity check, please

    Sure, but you keep assigning the failure to low Tier IJN DDs when it was a general failure of DDs. You could have penned the superstructure, FYI.
  6. Helstrem


    Yup. Got my K117 camo way before I got the Yamato to apply it to.
  7. Helstrem

    DD sanity check, please

    That would have been true of any other non-German DD that wasn't using IFHE as well. Don't mistake events like that as being tied to the sub-Tier VIII IJN DDs. HE pen is 1/6th of caliber except for German DDs and IJN 100mm guns in which case it is 1/4th of caliber. That means that Fubuki and Shimakaze, both with 127mm guns, both have 20mm of penetration. That is fine for DDs, save some rare thicker plates, but cruisers and battleships will have many areas on which it shatters. RN HE, US HE, French HE, Russian HE, Pan-Asian HE all would have shattered as well.
  8. Helstrem


    It never was free. I bought it using doubloons back when it was available the first time.
  9. Hell no. I absolutely couldn't stand Dutch's character. I've known people like him in real life and they are total users, liars and hypocrites. He was so annoying I had to stop watching Mighty Jingles' play through of it.
  10. Helstrem

    DD sanity check, please

    I have wondered if the torps that took him out were actually intended for me. I'm not sure because as I was moving at full speed the origin location for each of the shots I took was significantly different.
  11. Helstrem

    DD sanity check, please

    100% true. I do want to do better in DDs. Here is my last DD match. I did OK, but honestly spent the middle of the match wandering around relatively aimlessly, vaguely defending my cap, but not being productive. I'd appreciate any feedback on it. @grumpymunky too. 20191107_230758_PBSD108-Lightning_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  12. Helstrem

    DD sanity check, please

    Thank you. That is all perfectly fair and sounds accurate to me.
  13. Helstrem

    DD sanity check, please

    I'm sorry, but...are you drunk?
  14. Helstrem

    DD sanity check, please

    No, which is why I didn't enter the cap. The gunfire was pure opportunity fire. I don't know where you're getting that I play them as gun boats.
  15. Helstrem

    DD sanity check, please

    What the heck does "DD with gun with PEN power." even mean? The IJN 127mm HE penetrates DDs just fine. 20mm penetration. Also, contrary to your statements, it does the same 2150 HE damage that Tier X Shimakaze's guns do. There is not a boost to IJN torpedo DDs once you hit Tier VIII.