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  1. Balance suggestions

    If you have the perspective you claim then you would recognize the things DDs bring, the things that make them the second most influential ships in terms of determining which team is going to win or lose. The team that loses its DDs usually loses, even if the other team has lost a ship or two more. Not always of course, but often. Despite this you always drive the narrative that DDs are in a very bad spot and use stats that do show they are harder to play to back that up. Conversely, despite their lower impact on which team wins or loses, you constantly denigrate and insult BB players. The perspective that you claim you have does not show in your posts.
  2. After the rework, whenever that is done, would be my guess.
  3. HOOD

    Keep in mind that Hood's shells have improved autobounce angles. It is harder to angle against a Hood than other BBs. For example, I hit an angled Nelson for 45k using Hood and his reply (he used AP as well) did less than 8k despite being nine 406mm guns compared to my eight 381mm guns.
  4. HOOD

    No, no she doesn't. Learn to use armor. She has huge swathes that are immune to cruiser HE and, angled, she'll bounce even Musashi's 460mm shells from any part of her hull other than the 25mm plates at the extreme ends. Her turrets even have great angles to enable you to use this armor effectively.
  5. Balance suggestions

    It isn't all the data and it ignores fundamental differences and roles between the classes. It ignores the fact that, barring CVs being in the game, the single most influential class as to which team wins, even in the radar meta, is DDs. It does not take the fact that DDs are much less forgiving to play, and therefor much harder to play into account and does not put the low skill, short life, low damage YOLO DD players effect on average damage and survival of DDs into context. If you have proposals for how to boost DD average damage and survival numbers to match BBs, which are forgiving by their very nature, without making DDs stupidly OP in the hands of decent players, let alone high skill players, go ahead and suggest away. In the past you simply ignore that problem in your suggestions. Every post you make that I have seen is a whine about DDs being weak or about BBs being too easy or about cruisers being able to hunt DDs. Literally every post. You consistently lie with statistics to make DDs seem less viable than they are. This is not to say that DD players don't have legitimate gripes, but you go way beyond that and you never look at the issues the other classes have with anything other than apparent contempt. You are the opposite side of the same coin as the OP. His complaints are absolutely absurd and so are yours.
  6. Balance suggestions

    Cherry picking as always. You won't be happy until DDs have the highest damage, survival, experience and the biggest impact on the match. Probably still whine then too. Yes, things need to be tweaked in some areas, but if DDs did as much damage and continued to be the most decisive common ship, well, the game would be just as broken as it would be if the OP's bad ideas were implemented. The one thing DDs need to better EXP rewards for the jobs they do. That is all.
  7. Balance suggestions

    May as well remove DDs then. It is a game, some fantasy things have to be in there for balance purposes. Your suggestions would shatter that balance. Also, BBs reload faster in this game than they did in reality for anything other than the shortest ranges. The game doesn't factor the time to lower and elevate the barrels.
  8. There wasn't really anything you could do to armor it. The weakness you think you are seeing would be there even if you replaced the glass with wood, only now you've lost the more luxurious living quarters for the officers. It could also make it harder to get accurate counts of the numbers your enemy had. That is why the British used red, it blurs together.
  9. You really need to get a grip on your bitterness. You seem very myopic. For the record, what you said is not true. For example, either of the Tier IV CVs are massively easier to play and succeed with than the Tier IV Japanese BB, the Myogi. I can't speak to higher tier CVs, I understand they get much harder, but your statement is rendered false by a single counter point.
  10. Planes are a lot more lethal in WoWS than they were historically. Everything in WoWS is more lethal. Ship guns, AA guns, planes. Everything. Well, ok. Torpedoes are a lot less lethal in WoWS than they were in reality.
  11. If you have FXP saved up, get the Nelson or Musashi. If you don't and are willing to spring for a premium, get the Scharnhorst or the Hood. Don't go for a Tier VIII ship as you aren't ready to do well enough to make money with it (Musashi is so good and makes so much that it'd work anyways), but Tier VII makes you top tier usually and the ships still make good money. BBs are more forgiving than CA/CLs or DDs and Hood and Scharnhorst have speed to get you where you need to go.
  12. The seals being clubbed were not the newbie CV players. The seals were all the BB, CL and DD players who have little, or in a few cases literally no, AA defense. There is no team work that Tier III and IV ships can do against CVs. Even if they ball up it simply makes it easier to hit some ship with torps. None of them have adequate AA, and only the rare Yubari has defensive fire. With manual drops and straffing it was simply a slaughter and there was nothing the target could do. It was not ok, and it was not getting them used to higher skill play. It was simply causing new players to abandon the game.
  13. Broken game

    You don't really give a lot here for us to help you with. You allude to broken elements and balance issues, but you don't say what you see that way. Without that we can't really provide advice or explanations.
  14. Reward Whales WG

    By any reasonable definition I am a whale. Not a megawhale, I don't, and have no intention, of owning every ship, but I have spent more than I really ought to have on this game. I think the OP's idea is bad. The reward whales get is the advantages they purchased and the use of ships that offer different gameplay. No further reward should be expected or given.
  15. The explosion of the torpedo that would have sunk me was visible in the frozen victory screen. My Furutaka's shells arrived at, and sunk, the CV a fraction of a second before his torp hit me, ending the game just in time to stop it from applying damage even though the torpedo's explosion was being rendered. So, -6000 or so.