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  1. I said no such thing. I told the OP that his proposal would break the game and would require massive rebalancing work. It was an argument against making the change at all. I use an anti-fire build on my BBs. Fire is an annoyance, nothing more. This is reasonable. I see no need to adjust fire in the game. I find the hyperventilating about how overpowered it is to be absurd. Fire is low quality damage to anything that has a heal. I find fire a much more serious problem when playing cruisers and destroyers, which given WG’s recent nerf to fire on cruisers they agree with.
  2. Admiral Giuseppe Fioravanzo

    Neither of those things are about the Regia Mariana.
  3. That would, as I alluded to, require a lot of rebalancing. There aren't any offensive options that buff IJN or RN ships nearly as much as KM ships, so either IJN and RN ships would need to be more powerful than KM ships when using low point captains or changes would need to be made to enable IJN and RN ships to benefit more significantly from offensive options. I am a battleship main. I am most certainly not arguing on the side you suggest battleship mains are. That is a very large brush you are painting with.
  4. It favors smaller guns by making them do more damage than they ought to, or it disfavors larger guns by making them do less damage than they ought to. Compare Yamato's 460mm gun damage to Zao's 203mm gun damage. Do you really think that Yamato's shells only did 2-3 times as much damage as an 203mm shell? This is fine, it is a game balance decision, but it is true.
  5. The problem is that if the modules don't feel significant then they aren't a choice. Given how many people don't choose them, WG is currently at the spot where they are not mandatory, but are an option. If they don't do enough then nobody will take them as other options will be better. It is also worth noting that not all options are equal, if a survivability build is weakened, then it is a blanket nerf to IJN and RN BBs, even USN BBs, as none of those ships gain as much from a secondary build as KM BBs do and RN and IJN don't gain as much from AA builds as USN does.
  6. Yes. because for balance reasons the game over favors smaller guns. Something that boosts Scharnhorst above her historical capability. There is no reasonable justification to put DoY at Tier VI. Nothing about the KGV class suggests Tier VI is where they ought to be.
  7. Duke of Yuck no longer

    I don't understand their choice of stats. I can understand WG saying "Well, the no heal didn't work, take of the defensive fire, cruiser fire duration and put a heal on it." What I don't understand is WG saying "Well, the no heal didn't work, take of the defensive fire, cruiser fire duration and put a heal on it, but fewer charges than KGV, reduce the sigma to match KGV's and increase the reload time for its guns to be more than 4 seconds slower than KGV." At that point it is just worse than KGV and is pointless to add to the game. Given its terrible stats it makes no sense for it to also have reduced number of heal charges. Either it needs its guns buffed in reload and krupp or it needs the normal number of heal charges and a buff to sigman and either reload or krupp.
  8. What? That's absurd. Hood is lower Tier than Bismarck because she was older and not as capable. In a straight up fight. one vs one, Duke of York would have crushed Scharnhorst or Scharnhorst would have fled.
  9. There isn't too much fire. Use the fire prevention/mitigation skills and fire is much less of an issue. My anti-fire specced 19 point RN BB captain doesn't seem to have much issue with fires, even when facing RN BBs. There are in game skills. Look at the Flamu Ibuki video linked in this very thread. Watch the idiot in the Yamato that Flamu burns down. He uses his DC on single a fire every time it is up even though he is under fire by an IJN CA using HE. This means that when Flamu immediately sets him on fire again, sometimes with multiple fires, he has to let them burn their whole duration. He is doing it exactly wrong to maximize Flamu's damage and chances of sinking him, which is ultimately what happens. Spec matters, but so does in game decision making.
  10. Paper: “Rock is fine, nerf scissors.” CAs are already struggling to have a role in this game as the best anti-DD ships are other DDs. Removing radar would just make that even more evident.
  11. Then they would need to increase the damage done by fire to compensate, possibly massively increase it if it became rare enough that DC was almost always up when a fire is lit. EDIT: And rebalance all of the anti-fire skills. If fires are rare, a skill that primarily sells itself by reducing the number of fire locations from 4 to 3, well, for 4 points that'd be garbage if it is rare to have even two fires.
  12. That would break the game. Battleships would become nigh unkillable to anything not another battleship or armed with torpedoes. This would require massive nerfs to battleships as a result. This would make matches take stupidly long. This would require rebalancing to everything.
  13. Second most mobile. Kongo is the most mobile. Giulio Cesare's guns are much more comfortable to use than Kongo's though and she is more agile. Kongo's guns aren't bad, just nothing like Cesare's. Poor New York.
  14. To be accused of cheating when you are not cheating is a great compliment on your level of skill. The person making the accusation might not intend it as a compliment, but as you are not actually cheating it is, in fact, a compliment.
  15. Nelson seems good for the Op.

    Is there any reason to do the Op again after you score 5 stars?