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  1. Helstrem

    It's official Yamato Kobayashi Camo overpriced

    Very much this. I paid 0 doubloons for it and I'll keep using it.
  2. Helstrem

    High Tenure Players.

    I play fewer battles than most of you guys.
  3. Helstrem

    Report Your Local CV

    I hate to break it to you, but.....the DD players are the ones doing most of the whining and reporting.
  4. Helstrem

    Is furry taco a ship?

    Did not mean to imply that Exeter was a tech tree ship, I explicitly stated otherwise in fact, or anything about it other than it is Tier V and has 203mm guns thus making the old, easy "Furutaka is the only Tier V cruiser with 203mm guns" statement no longer valid. And yes, the whole armor speil I gave does not, in any way, apply to the Exeter.
  5. Helstrem

    Is furry taco a ship?

    Leaving the double entendres aside, Furutaka is one of, if not the, best tech tree Tier V cruisers. It was, until the recent addition of the premium Exeter, the only Tier V cruiser with 203mm guns, guns which while they turn slow and reload slow do horrible, brutal things to all of the other Tier V cruisers and can even citadel battleships such as the New York (I've done it from about 8km). Her torpedo arcs are much better than most other Japanese cruisers as well. Most importantly, she has actual armor, not enough to do any broadsiding nonsense, but enough to bounce 14" BB AP off of her sides if she is angle and enough on the deck to shatter almost all cruiser HE she'll face (I think the Tier VII German CA will penetrate due to the German 1/4 ratio).
  6. Helstrem

    The Aircraft Vision Problem

    Well, that depends on the plane. In a Spitfire, for example, you can turn left and look back enough to see your right tail plane. Where the Spitfire was blind was forward down due to the long nose and, as on almost all WWII fighters, the low mounted wings under the cockpit created large blind spots to both sides. Complications are the fact that we're not dealing with a single fighter, but rather with whole squadrons and what Jiro can't see maybe Saburo can. The other complication is multi-crew aircraft such at the TBF/TBM where the pilot can't see behind and below the plane, but the bottom gunner sure can.
  7. The most memorable matches are usually caused by overcoming the odds handed to you by the matchmaker. “Fixing” that could well make the game more bland, lacking those peaks and valleys.
  8. Helstrem

    10 Air Supply = LOL

    I want Kaga and Enterprise. No interest in Saipan and less than no interest in the utterly ridiculous Graf Zepplin. I have a nasty feeling that if I do spring for 5 boxes I'd just get GZ if any CV at all.
  9. Helstrem

    "Smolensk, Somers, Colbert and more!"

    I have Musashi and Missouri. I want a Tier IX Royal Navy premium. My three main nations are USA, Japan and UK. Russian stuff doesn't really interest me, French is only slightly tempting. Italian might be interesting as well. I really dislike the German secondary focus. They put big gun turrets weighing thousands of tons on battleships for a reason and it wasn't so they could look intimidating while their 5" guns did the damage to the enemy,
  10. Helstrem

    Non=Players POV of this game

    These are not comments that are made by people unfamiliar with the game. Understanding the game's economy is not something that can be seen without staring at comparative results screens, not something done by new players or by an old player showing the game off to potential new players. The vast, vast majority of people could not look at WoWS's ships and identify which were really built and which are designs and which are fantasy. The comments you claim are from non-players are really your issues that you are trying to present as barriers to new players.
  11. Helstrem

    Will the nelson get an armor buff?

    It requires 380mm or larger guns to overmatch the 25mm plating of Tier VII BBs, including Nelson. This means that the following BBs in Nelson's matchmaking spread cannot citadel Nelson through the bow: Tier VII: Duke of York Tier VII: King George V Tier VII: Lyon Tier VII: Scharnhorst Tier VI: Arizona Tier VI: Dunkerque Tier VI: Fuso Tier VI: Izmail Tier VI: New Mexico Tier VI: Normandie Tier VI: Prinz Eitel Friedrich Tier V: ARP Haruna Tier V: ARP Hiei Tier V: ARP Kirishima Tier V: ARP Kongo Tier V: Bretagne Tier V: Giulio Cesare Tier V: Iron Duke Tier V: Kongo Tier V: König Tier V: New York Tier V: Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya Tier V: Pyotr Velikiy Tier V: Texas Tier V: Viribus Unitis
  12. Albatross was not an end of war fighter. You're probably thinking of the Foker D.VII.
  13. Helstrem

    Conqueror 457mm proposal

    It would be nice to see the last two weeks of data rather than all time data. Without that we cannot really use those stats. The game has changed too much. For instance, raised citadel Montana and improved heal Yamato are both included in those stats even though those versions of those ships are long since gone. The stats we did see when limiting it to the prior two weeks of data always showed Conqueror middle to bottom of the pack. Sadly that site is no longer functional and this one doesn't allow shorter timeframes to be selected. I am not arguing its damage because it has always shown higher damage.
  14. Helstrem

    Conqueror 457mm proposal

    It is possible that the 419mm Conqueror is over performing and needs a nerf but that that fact is hidden in the stats by the small number of 457mm Conqueror games bring its numbers down. If that is the case then buffing the 457s to be viable should reveal the 419s, or Conqueror as a whole, as needing a nerf, which that being the case it should get. We'll see if the split happens. If it does, then consider my OP a suggestion as to how 'Thunderer' ought to be balanced. Are you an idiot? How do those stats even relate to that? The stats there do not differentiate between the 457 and 419mm Conqueror so there is no metric you can pull from those stats to say my made up numbers were off by 50% or 500% or 5000%. Note, my numbers were completely fictional and were only used for example. They were not intended to represent the actual power difference between the 457 and 419 Conquerors. EDIT: And to throw gasoline on the fire to you Conqueror whiners, WG is currently testing major buffs to Conqueror. Improved heal that recharges faster and heals a higher percentage of penetration damage, better sigma for the 419mm guns at the cost of a slightly above waterline citadel.
  15. Helstrem

    Conqueror 457mm proposal

    Your stats show Conqueror in the middle of the pack, unless you're an idiot who things damage is the real measure. HE damage is done via penetration and it is fine, same quality damage as AP that penetrates, but lower quality than citadel damage. The fire damage can be healed back 100%. That makes fire damage less valuable. The fact that Conqueror is 7-10k higher on damage than the nearest AP slinging ship despite being an inferno generator is why its win rate is lower. The fact that HE doesn't care about angling to do damage is moot. That is already factored into the total damage displayed so trying to claim it is some kind of advantage in addition to the total damage done is double dipping to make something seem better than it is. You, like most players, obsess on the damage stat and ignore the actual performance metric, win rate.