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  1. A Tier VIII premium is great for earning credits. Tier IX premiums are the best credit earners, unless you have a special camo such as Kobayashi for Kii, Roma or Ashitaka, or National for Warspite, Graf Spee or Shinonome. Note that the special economic bonuses won’t be available anymore once the next patch happens.
  2. Helstrem

    BB Kii is in need of upgrade

    I mean reliably. I’ve done it too, but it isn’t something to bank on, to plan for, or to expect.
  3. Helstrem

    BB Kii is in need of upgrade

    No ship can survive having 1/3rd or more of the enemy team focusing on it.
  4. Helstrem

    Ranked Steel reward

    Been 200 as long as I remember.
  5. Helstrem

    Do we have to pay to win?

    Explain how being in a supership makes it more likely that you will win? Remember, your answer must incorporate the fact that 50% of superships in a battle will lose.
  6. That is different. The person I was responding to was talking about retreating to Tier I to grind credits if Tier VIII+ got too expensive, not retreating to Tier I because they like it’s gameplay.
  7. Helstrem

    Opinions for a good DD killer.

    DDs are the best DD killers. Get a gunboat DD with good concealment like Haida (not available), Cossack (available) or Lightning(tech tree) or that is very fast and can ambush like Tier VIII and up French DDs.
  8. Helstrem

    How many more ways to spot dd's

    Yeah, I’ve noticed that . I’ve wondered if it is me because I got used to ignoring bot CVs as they functionally couldn’t hit, or if they really aren’t dodgeable now.
  9. Helstrem

    How many more ways to spot dd's

    DDs have the most fantasy buffs of any type of ship in the game (submarines have more, but they are boats), which is fine as it is an arcade game, not a simulator, and balance is important. DDs are the second most influential unit in the game, being a bit behind CVs and way ahead of CAs, CLs, CCs, BBs and SSes. As to what has been done for DDs. 280+mm AP can now only do over penetration damage (10%) rather than penetration damage (30%). CV rocket planes now have a delay before firing and an animation showing where the strike will happen. Air detection range was reduced on all DDs. Radar durations on multiple ships have been reduced. I am sure I am overlooking other things. What has not been done to DDs in any stealth nerf to torpedo detectability.
  10. Helstrem

    figuring out the new econ rework or trying to .

    Full sets of dragon signals for a given category is what I understand gets you the top bonuses in the conversation process.
  11. Bad teams don't have much effect on credits because credit income isn't affected by a win or a loss. Obviously if one side loses so fast most of the ships are still afloat that will have an effect, but that is relatively rare. I maintain that for players who are a bit below average and above they will, overall, earn more credits. What?
  12. About 40% is what I heard. There are worse things worse for your team than you going AFK. YOLOing and feeding your ship's points to them for no gain is worse than being AFK in the back, which is often pretty protected.
  13. That is also true of better opponents.
  14. You are saying things that are factually incorrect. You seem to be operating under the idea that base costs are going up. Base costs are not going up. Your stated preferred play style, naked Tier IX and X ships in co-op, is actually having its base costs go down and it’s income go up. None of the other changes pertain to naked ships.
  15. The only changes that are happening, if you are doing naked Tier IXs and Xs in co-op as your thing, will benefit you. I strongly suggest you take a bunch of screenshots showing your profits/losses now and then compare them to the new system. Your attitude is very negative and in my experience people with that kind of attitude are very, very prone to misremembering things as having been better than they were in the past as a way to justify being upset over something. Protect yourself from needless frustration by keeping some records to compare, or to prove that things changed for the worse. Remember, not all damage is equal in value for rewards. Rewards are by percentage of the target ship you damage and by the relative tiers of your ship and the ship you are shooting, higher tier DDs being the most rewarding thing to shoot. This means you can't simply compare one 75K damage match with another 75k damage match and expect them to be the same.