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  1. Helstrem

    I guess this is goodbye

    Maybe, maybe not. But not every post needs to be about that. Sometimes players just want to enjoy the game in the time that it has.
  2. Helstrem

    ArIskandir's last thread and Farewell

    I know not that many players use the forums, but I wonder if WG knows how much easier it is to drop the game entirely for those who do use the forums due to them being shut down? I’ve been on a soft break (still logging in for the daily reward, played a few matches) and this change DRAMATICALLY increases the chance that I’ll never return to the game. I am sure I am not alone in this. The forums were my social part of the game.
  3. Helstrem

    I guess this is goodbye

    I mostly read it. I’ve posted answers to some player’s questions, but nothing really controversial. My take on tge subreddit is simply from reading it.
  4. Helstrem

    I guess this is goodbye

    No, this is roses and unicorns in comparison.
  5. Helstrem

    I guess this is goodbye

    Discord won’t even let me make an account. WOWS subreddit is absolutely toxic and any attempt to discuss the game rapidly deteriorates into saying how bad the game is and that it is dying.
  6. So long all. I've tried to get Discord to work repeatedly and it simply will not function in any way that I can use, so this is goodbye.
  7. Helstrem

    Brisk captain skill - Agincourt

    Brisk is quite good for BBs that have decent concealment (by BB standards) and can be used to shore up a slow BB's ability to change position or make a fast battlecruiser even more flexible.
  8. Helstrem

    Happy Login Reward "Super" Container Day!

    25 Free XP +600% 1500 Research Points
  9. Helstrem

    Rebalancing Old Trees First

    Clemson? The Tier IV seal clubber of choice? Aged like milk? I am not sure I can take anything you say seriously after that.
  10. Helstrem

    DevBlog 454 - Closed Test 12.6 - New Ships

    Probably not a planned ship release, but rather a test bed for a concept.
  11. CVs still have finite planes. They only have unlimited planes in modes with unlimited time... The main reason people want RTS CVs back is because they were much rarer to encounter so they could be better ignored. More balanced they most certainly were not.
  12. That is a very murky definition and one that is literally impossible to meet. I have dev struck every type of ship, other than submarine, with every other type of ship, other than submarine and CV. The single best weapon system to get a dev strike with is torpedoes. The second best is AP. HE doesn't have nearly as much potential for dev strikes, but it provides much more consistent damage output and, unlike AP, puts pressure on DCP. If you sand everything down you get boring pabulum. Sure, BBs won't dev strike anything anymore, but there also won't be a reason to use AP anymore, nor really a reason to play BBs when cruisers simply do their job better.
  13. I know. I was here at the time. People have some seriously tinted rose colored glasses in relation to how good AA was back then.
  14. Fair play would dictate making AP stronger so that it was more evenly the best ammo to load. You advocate making AP garbage so that it is never the best ammo to load.
  15. Ah yes, the CVs half the forumites want brought back, back when AA was useful and CV players quaked in fear of AA...