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  1. CV re-work question

    Don't hold your breath, 3 years of patching and updating ... and somehow CV gameplay has become more and more unbalanced with every patch. No shortage of OP CV premiums though, to collect all that money from players ... I wouldn't be surprised if this CV rework would involve nothing but a couple minor fixes that by themselves don't address anything.
  2. I don't know what to tell you bud, I had 14,000 steel when I bought USS Black and I have never bothered grinding below rank 10 ... and even that I have done only 2 or 3 times. Maybe it was CW reward or something.
  3. Now the USS BLACK for FREE

    I had over 14k steel when Arsenal was introduced ... and picked up uss black almost immediately. If only the best players should receive OP ships, then they should only be available though Clan wars - because Ranked is not skill-dependent. I know people with WR in mid to low 40's getting to rank 1 five times in a row.
  4. Awww that's just adorable, after 3 years people still think that CVs will actually be fixed in this game. Children say the darnest things :)
  5. WG already compensated players for previous seasons of ranked/clans - so if you participated you should have had enough for at least one of the 2 ships offered (Flint or Black) especially if you use the coupon. I had 14k steel when Arsenal was introduced, and immediately got myself USS Black, haven't had the chance to play it though ... never really cared about Flint.
  6. You got a free premium ship and you are asking what to do about it? ... You should marry it and let it impregnate you
  7. I dont know about Belfast, but WG explicitly stated that Nicklai, Gremy and Kamikaze will never be sold again. The only way to get them is through SCs and crates.
  8. When you cant overmatch an enemy ship thats piloted by a good player, you should generally use HE. For example, if you are playing Arizona and are facing off against another Arizona (who is always well angled) - whoever starts HE spamming first will generally win the engagement. AP has very limited use if your opponent is well angled and cant be overmatched.
  9. You chose to gamble - and you lost. Rewards arent random, those that think they are - are either too naive or too stupid to realize that every type of item has a specific algorithm that determines its rarity. For this reason things like super containers give you 100-150 useless modules or flag loads for every 1 premium ship. Stupid decisions lead to bad consequences, if you dont want to lose money dont go inside a casino. Is this really that difficult to understand? The house ALWAYS wins.
  10. I know this site has been having issues pretty much every day since the game came out, but this time I cant even access it. Does the site even exist anymore?
  11. OMFG! Are the developers literally just throwing around braindead ideas without ever thinking them through? Jesus Christ, now Grozovoi may have repair as well? Whatever happened to being an "AA destroyer"? Do these people have any idea which direction this game is going in? First they want to put radar on DDs, now they want them to have repair ability? Whats next? Oh I have an idea, lets cover DDs with 100mm plating all around that should bring "balance" to the game. Better yet, lets put 30km deep, deep water torps that go 100 knots and have 0.1km concealment and put them on all the Russian DDs!!! Let make Russians even stronger guys, common!
  12. This is a very bad idea. I love the Moskva, but this change will allow it to easily tank any tier X BB at close range INCLUDING YAMATO (since it cant overmatch 50mm armor). Very, very, very bad idea. Moskva is about to become more tanky that a tier X BB....
  13. Heh ... I guess there's a catch after all. I didn't expect WG to stiff us like that. Those April deals were so good, I didn't realize they changed their policy after them. Taking that extra step to milk the clientele for every cent. That sucks. Thanks for the link, glad I read this post before deciding to buy this.
  14. The title is the question. I'm pretty sure it does, but I need to know for certain. 8700 doubloons + 10 pts Capt + 50x of each basic flag is a pretty darn good deal. The new changes in Eula don't refund creds in place of doubloons right?
  15. Gearing is a much better gunboat, in a gunfight it will always kill the fletcher while only losing about half its HP. Same as Yuyang and ChungMu. Fletcher/ChungMu are good gunboats, dont get me wrong, but 1 on 1 against an equally-skilled opponent playing a Gearing/Yuyang - you wont win the knife fight.