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  1. Some years from now, this game will eventually die and the servers will be shut down ... when that time comes, we'll still be waiting for a CV rework.
  2. French BBs

    Oh dont worry, WG will find a way to screw it up. Whether in a form of last minute nerfs/buff, early releases, premium drama (tier 8 Gascogne apparently is terrible) or something else. They will find a way to break something.
  3. There is no wrong answer when it comes to whether or not its worth putting 750k free Xp into this ship. Musashi is not bad by any means. Everyone's case is very different, the ship may be worth buying to someone (doesnt have Missouri and/or Yami, likes stationary playstyle, doesnt mind playing very specific-role ships, doesnt mind low cred income, etc) while at the same time be completely useless to someone else (has Missouri & Yami, doesnt like stationary playstyle, wants to be universally effective in battle, wants to make creds easily, etc). Personally, I think people are just skeptical about spending the free xp on a ship that they can already get in the tech tree PLUS the fact that French BBs are just around the corner. Also lets not forget that virtually every single community contributor recommended Missouri over Musashi, which led to people grinding the free Xp for the Mo like theres no tomorrow - these late purchases drained all the free Xp from these people, not leaving anything for Musashi.
  4. Xp doesnt mean anything since you ultimately have to pay money in order to convert it. Most people already have millions of convertible XP on the accounts already, I have around 9 mil. As for free XP, its based on a proportion, which quite frankly is virtually identical with the two ships. Mussouri is more universal in terms of its build, you are much more prepared to counter whatever comes at you, be it DDs, aircraft or other ships. While Musashi is strictly built around fighting enemy BBs, it cant do much else.
  5. No ... people have plenty of free xp, they simply chose not to waste it on such a boring ship - not with French BBs around the corner. Also, if you already have the Yamato there is virtually no reason to waste your free xp on Musashi, since its the same ship.
  6. Dude, its common knowlege at this point that the developers have no idea w.t.f they are doing with CVs in this game. They dont know how to fix them, they don't know what role a CV (as a ship class) has in a match, and they dont know how to customize plane loadout/stats for optimal performance ... if I were you I wouldn't wait for any kind of CV balance, odds are there will never be any. Few years from now this game will be dead, and CVs will still be broken when that happens.
  7. This is my million dollar idea for WG: (If you stop f*cking up the game with braindead gimmicks, people will stop leaving. If more people stay, more people will pay) ... genius, right? Told you, million dollar idea.
  8. Dry Spell

    There are always hacks, WASD are the most popular ones nowadays :)
  9. Ah, in that case its definitely possible - although sonewhat less likely.
  10. Not gonna happen ... EVER. WG already released plenty of statements over the last 2 years about premium ships and how they fit into the game, and their strategy hasnt changed. Premium tier 9-X ships are exclusively ranked/clan battle rewards OR free XP-only. There will never be a purchasable tier 9-X ship in the game. They want to avoid diluting the high tier playerbase with noobs who would jump into a tier 9 match while having zero experience playing this game. Having tier 8 premiums available to them is already bad enough.
  11. A swing and a miss!

    Yea, this Anime/HSF nonsense has been getting on my nerves for a while now. I was so happy when ARP stuff was removed, but then they replaced it with HSF - I was like "god damn it!". At least you can turn those horrible camos off in your settings.
  12. Far too many BB babies in this game. To them everything that does damage to their ship is OP - HE is OP, DDs are OP, CVs are OP ... love how they attribute their failure to EVERYTHING but their own simple lack of skill. In the words of a wise man - "Git Gud!".
  13. DeGrasse is the most universally competitive, however its just a reskinned LaGalissionaire with few minor improvements. On the other hand, Molotov and Perth may be a bit more situational but they are both very unique ships with their own playstyles. I'd buy either of these 2 ships, but I am leaning more towards Molotov since you can actually use it to level russian commanders.
  14. Can you....

    Collectibles are NOT rewards imho. Flags, camos, doubloons are rewards. Useless sh*t that you may look at/read ONCE is not a reward.