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  1. Best build for the Richelieu

    This has nothing to do with being elite or potato. Its about efficiency. 9/10 of your deaths are from cruiser HE, battleship AP and destroyer torps - NOT aircraft. There are very few carriers in the game. Therefore speccing pure AA means you are equiping your ship for a small minority of your matches. If 1/10 matches you play has a CV in it, is it really worth speccing AA when you will be burned/torped/citadeled in the other 9/10 of those matches?
  2. Best build for the Richelieu

    If CVs one-shot you repeatedly, then you need to re-examine your playstyle since you are obviously doing something wrong. Position yourself better, learn to evade, stay near islands and friendly AA ... etc. 99% of the time, if you get one-shoted by a CV its entirely your fault. There are very few good CV players, especially at high tiers that have the capacity to kill you in a single drop. Only the Graf Zepellin has the ability to one shot someone on continuous basis.
  3. Best build for the Richelieu

    I don't remember Richleu having a strong long range aura to warrant taking manual AA, BFT/AFT alone are probably more effective. Im pretty sure only the 100mms contribute to long range AA and Im pretty sure they dont do much in the dps department - this isn't even close to Gneisnau or Bismarck long range aura.
  4. Best build for the Richelieu

    4 capt point is a very high price to pay for the ability to do very minimal damage upon making a U-turn. You are giving up Concealment (extremely important) and Fire Prevention (frenchies buuuurn hard).
  5. Best build for the Richelieu

    Its about effectiveness. The better you are as a player the better you can make ships work despite their limitations. New players and scrubs die to CVs all the time - so they always spec AA to compensate for their lack of skill. Its harsh, but true. Me? I cant remember the last time a CV actually killed me - I have taken damage from them but I cant recall the last time I was killed to the point that it compelled me to change my captain build to AA. Even my Montana is specced for Endurance.
  6. Best build for the Richelieu

    Your secondaries are only dangerous if you are running away. The ones facing forward are 100mm and they cant pen anything. A smart DD player will see past the hypothetical "danger" of your secondaries while a master DD player will never reveal himself to you in the first place.
  7. Best build for the Richelieu

    Why are you taking PT? You are in a battleship - you should be expecting to be fired upon when you are spotted which is why you should ALWAYS be angled. Do you REALLY need a captain skill to tell you the obvious? Both Preventative Maintenance AND Expert Loader are much better choices. One prevents your guns from being knocked out at close range (which happens often) while the other helps you switch ammo better since you are a static ship that cant relly on maneuverability to get an angle on the enemy.
  8. Best build for the Richelieu

    This is a horrible build dude.
  9. Best build for the Richelieu

    You need endurance much more than AA. 90% of your deaths are likely due to enemy fires and AP, not aircraft. Therefore Basics of Survivability and Fire Prevention are much more useful than BFT and AFT. Concealment is also extremely important. If you are having massive problems with CVs, you should be reexamining your positioning - because thats typically the real problem (not your lack of AA). BFT/AFT/Concealment spec is serviceable, but not recommended. The best build in my opinion is Preventative Maintenance, Expert Marksman, Adrenaline, Basics of Survivability, Superintendent, Fire Prevention and Concealment.
  10. Free XP

    That, and save free XP for the next tech tree. Also consider getting the Nelson, its unique and pretty fun to play in my opinion. I'm loving mine. Musashi is a waste my free XP in my opinion, especially if you have the Missouri already.
  11. CE is always the first skill to be taken HOWEVER there is one exception. If you are playing any light cruiser (USN or Russian), you should always take IFHE first and CE second. With IFHE, you can do more damage - thus get more exp per match. It makes the grind faster, so you are more efficient in respect to how you use your time ingame.
  12. ... and it took me 1.5 hours. Social life is so overrated.
  13. Why are you still playing?

    Very nice video. It is the first time I have heard you legitimately call out people on their bull***t and take a side for a change. I respect that. +1
  14. Flags (good ones, not the crappy ones I earn daily just by playing the game), captain XP, free XP, doubloons, premium time and etc. But for reasons that are beyond me, those are extremely rare.
  15. Yea, SCs are useless. Especially for those of us who are not grinding anything anymore.