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    Why is the Wyoming so bad?

    The Wyoming is like a shotgun with no choke and bad shells. Fully aimed at moderate distance, lined up perfectly... In any of my other ships - I'd be NAILING the Target. In the Whyoming... Lucky - LUCKY - if just one shells hits. After firing all my main guns, and boiling the ocean all around the target. 1 hit. For low damage. This ship should be a devastator. Instead it's Nom Noms for Cruisers. *sigh* It's frustrating. The Dispersion is just so... bad. Seriously - is Wargaming trolling us on this ship? What can I do? I've read that Ripple Firing the guns is more accurate. I've read that firing a broadside is more accurate. People have said it's best to just spam AP in it in case you hit a Citadel. Other's HE since you are too inaccurate to aim for Citadels. This isn't just me... I don't think. I've got pretty good marksmanship in my other ships... Just not the Wyoming. It's slow. Turns like a drunken sloth on downers... But I still like this ship. If just those guns could aim in the same general direction that would be great. What can I do?