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  1. This was great to see Ahskance! Think you are an amazing instructor and although i give CVs a lot of flak(haha) I learn quite a lot from watching you!

    the worst of the worst are out tonight!

    I've had some of my worst Winrates recently due to teammates over the weekend. Its been incredible what ive seen lately. However I've also done pretty well in the games so im not too agitated about it. We've been in one big weekend since February so I just come to expect some bad days every once in awhile. Thankfully i have my stream to keep me sane but I recommend playing other games for awhile if things seem to be going too bad. No reason to subject yourself to something you are not enjoying. Next day hopefully its better!

    Absolutely Infuriating RNG Ships

    To be honest Missouri use to be my favorite ship to take out. Ive loved it ever since release. Im not particularly sure when the "buff" came but at some point i just noticed the guns became so unreliable. I hardly take it out much anymore as it feels like im playing the lotto every time i have a broadside cruise just waiting to be Dev striked in front of me and then my shells go all over the place.

    Aircraft carriers in general

    It might be good to discuss what particular traits you find frustrating about CVs so that it brings about more discussion and insight for the Community teams. Just saying their Bias really doesn't do much of anything to get them changed

    Ship Visability

    They use to have a system where ships would fade out but it was removed due to bad feedback. Honestly it just needed some tweaking but it was never done and instead was completely removed.

    Record low team score in Ranked?

    That is a pretty low teamscore. But continue to play a secondary build Georgia. Most pommerns will try and rush for torps. But pommeron is relatively easy to deal consistent damage to due to its German armor scheme they take high Pen damage on their upper armor belt. Their guns are also very easy to take out. So play it aggressively until you see a pom rushing you then kite away. not only can a pom not catch you but your big guns and good secondaries should consistently kill poms(in a 1v1 that is).
  7. There is a test going on soon with the concealment of dds and AA. Soon your detection will be cut significantly and make it harder for you to be spotted. the tradeoff will be that AA will take time to get to 100% effectiveness if you turn it off(7 Seconds). yes DDs take a ton of damage from CVs, and even other ships can get hammered by CVs. Just try and slow down if you see a cv coming your way(1/4th speed) if he spots you you can quickly pop a smoke and go into cover. or hopefully he misses the first strike and then you can pop smoke after that. just make sure that you keep maneuvering in smoke so its not predictable to hit you.

    Game install

    Yeah the Game takes forever to write. Installing/Writing the game takes forever and its been like this for awhile. I feel especially bad for anyone not on an M2 NVME drive because then installs sometimes take upwards from 30 minutes to an hour or more. Luckily since i switched over installs take generally 5-10 minutes now but its crazy how long the game takes to overwrite and add new data.

    In-Game FPS Performance

    Ever since the last patch I and many people seem to be having Frame Drops. It was not an issue before and now it seems to happen quite often. The only fix seems to be restarting for me and thats only momentarily.
  10. Yeah unfortunately that would also open up people messaging people. Remember you can message anyone in game and if you knew who reported you imagine all the hate some people would get. remember people are extremely vocal when it comes to things. I honestly dont care for the system. I have well over 200 at this point and I feel i get it less for playing good then for just knowing people in game.

    Looking for an Honest opinion

    Stacked or not it really doesnt matter. It all just depends on how your team decides to play that game. Im a decent player and sometimes i make the dumbest decisions. So that could of happened to your team and the enemy team just happens to take advantage of it. MM doesnt really balance at all in terms of stats. so it really just depends on the match and the decisions made in that match(Not focusing, being too aggressive, making poor decisions on cool downs) all of it adds up. I hate to see blowouts though. but judging by the scoreboard you had some passive ships that sat towards the back.
  12. Not sure what you tried to say there honestly. But Yes i would like more Splits down lines

    I don't believe it, after 3 years

    Dang thats quite the steal. Congrats to both of you. After playing since beta on and off, 3 weeks ago I pulled Boise on Stream with a super container. I was quite thrilled it was not flags

    modstation problem

    Anything in Grey has not been updated for the newest Update. You will need to wait till they get updated

    hey wargaming

    Yeah you are definitely cached for some reason. the forums dont even look like that for us anymore