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  1. Kellar21

    Over penetration is [edited]

    As some people above said, unless you hit bellow the waterline, which I think it's rare, because of water. There should be no flooding, and even then, most calibers would leave holes much, much smaller than torpedo hits. I think it's a balance thing, otherwise, DDs would be flooding all the time from BB hits, and many wouldn't bother with HE. And let's be honest, with that kind of realism, most small-medium ships would be one-punched by a single well hit salvo of a BB or some of the Heavy Cruisers, as in, even if it didn't hit the citadel, it would damage them enough they would have to scuttle or get out of combat. DD's would just get shredded and put out of commission by high caliber AP hits.
  2. I know I played few battles, but from all those, only two of them had any kind of negativity in the chat, one was pretty bad talking about politics and other stuff, the other one was guy ordering people around and thrashing them for not doing what he told. The rest was very friendly, though talks for me were rare. This was a first for me in an online game of any kind that's not a simulator, and even in those the frequency was greater on the first 50 sessions. I think it's a combination that people are either talking between themselves, or there's so much information going around at the beginning and then the game begins and you have to keep your attention, so save for a few respites, there's no time for more than a few words. At least for me is like that, looking at the minimap, guessing enemy positions due to speed, looking for a good route to a better positioning along with how the other people on my team are playing. I really liked this more laidback chat than the constant negativity on some global chats these days. And with US politics getting heated up...
  3. Kellar21

    What's the deal with CVs?

    Ah, I got it. So higher tier AA is too weak to stop CVs unless you group up? Or even then? I had thought the proportion is kept thought the tiers. So the solution would be to boost AA? So the problem also comes from highly skilled players than can use CV in a way that makes too unbalanced, even if the guy is good, this coupled with weak AA and the fact it's hard to coordinate proper AA coverage formations just makes them more able to strike unpunished? So, as the tiers get higher dispersion and accuracy don't improve? I mean, I don't expect Yamato to consistently blap things at 26km, but at least 18km-20km should be enough to screw the CV guy who forgot to look at the minimap or is too distracted with something. Does this include German BBs? Or BB in general while being covered by a CL? If so, it so it do is unbalanced.
  4. Kellar21

    What's the deal with CVs?

    Ah, I got, so one of the main reasons is that CV break concealment based strats, mostly from DDs? Yes, the Fuso has a very, very high pagoda, and whenever I shoot the whole map can see me(20km+ gun range), not stealthy at all. I guess that playing mostly as BBs had left me not able to perceive how concealment can affect strategies other than thinking of how can I mitigate DDs sneaking up and torpedoing me. So CVs are OP on scouting? I guess I never noticed that, I thought it was a regular thing for them to send scout planes at the beginning and we end up seeing the general(at least beginning) movements and distribution of the reds.
  5. Kellar21

    What's the deal with CVs?

    As I already said, I got 50k Free XP on my first container(or one of first five or something), then I had lots of flags with bonus XP, Free and Regular, got some days of Premium because I decided I liked the game enough to give some support to the devs, got some camos with bonus XP. Today I had a lot of XP on the Kongo, plus leftover and some change Free XP from containers and tasks and so. So I got the Fuso with regular XP, used Free XP for the Hull and Targeting Upgrade, played some games to upgrade propulsion. Now I am seriously considering spending some time on lower tiers, even if the matches have been enjoyable and I feel my aim is improving and gameplay is improving(and the American Tier III BB is not that fun, might try German's)
  6. Kellar21

    What's the deal with CVs?

    Eh, I was just confused, I had some 35+ battles with CVs in them, and the first one I was really thinking "Crap, a carrier, I am screwed." and then... not. I mean they did do some damage on both teams, but it wasn't game-breaking to me. The trending continued, on some, where the CVs were higher-tiered and/or the players better, or caught ships isolated, they did do considerable damage, but even in ones where they sunk me, I thought it was mostly my fault at not having enough SA, or was already too damaged. I have played mostly Tier V battles, with some Tier VI now. (Got a Kongo on my first day from a container with 50k Free XP, you can see I made a thread asking for tips when I saw I had bitten more than I could chew). My experience was very different from what I saw here. So I thought that in the high tiers, the CVs got much more powerful and dangerous to make the BB experience not enjoyable, if so, instead of rushing my way to Yamato, I would try and go for Bismarck to see how the German BB line played(I think I will enjoy the close and personal, pushing BBs too), or try some other ships(I will eventually do that anyway, but if CVs were that unbalanced I would just keep myself on the mid-tiers). Not a smurf. I made this account in 2015 and only now decided to play on a whim.
  7. Kellar21

    What's the deal with CVs?

    Well, I hope people don't go alone against a CV that will certainly focus all their attention on them, unless the CV is from a lower tier and the attacking ship has good AA. It is a sorcery called, 'my first container was a 50k Free XP one' and I had no idea what I was doing so I went straight through the IJN BB line because I wanted Yamato. Harsh lessons were learned on those first battles with Kongo, the first one was that I need to learn how to aim with a BB, and the second one is that I needed to learn not to use the increased speed to rush into danger.
  8. New Player here. I recently got a Kongo, and so have been playing some matches with the more capable-ish CVs in it, they are annoying yes, but I might have been playing with only bad ones or the lower tiers aren't as able, because they aren't this instant win machines people seem to complain about. I upgraded to a Fuso today(didn't even have to use Free XP, because I can actually hit moving things now, and learned to not rush and get crossfired), and played some matches with two Tier VII and VIII CVs on each side, they do change the dynamics of the game, but I haven't noticed them being that overpowered. Following some advice, I played more than some of the lower tiers CL and BBs to improve fundamentals, and I can notice the difference when CVs get in the mix, especially when we get the higher tiers, but it doesn't seem that bad. Does it get so bad at the upper tiers that they are game-breaking? I mean, CVs IRL did screw many ships, and I understand people getting mad at being attacked without being able to retaliate, but if you find them then they are screwed, especially early game when the BBs still have enough health to rush them and blap them from 15km+. Why do people complain so much about them? I thought higher tiers BBs can just nuke them from afar while being guided by their own CV, or that DDs can rush them? PS: I also wonder what people will think of subs, I hope WG balances them because if they are anything like in real life then most ships are screwed and only DDs and some Cruisers will be able to counter, or CVs could bring in ASW planes.
  9. Good to know it takes experience I was already thinking I was just bad. I didn't know about the aiming at the smoke stacks part, is it to hit the citadel? Question. Is the scale always correct? Meaning no matter the range a broadside ship moving at 30 knots will always be at that position if they maintain course? Or does it varies if we increase and decrease range, say at 18-20km would the above method still work? I installed two mods to help me out, one shows the target ship max speed, (I also try to guess it by the smoke stacks, if it's trailing behind it's either 3/4 or Full, otherwise it's 1/2 and so on.) and the other makes the crosshairs have two scales, one for 30 knots and the other 20 knots, so if it's at 25-ish just find the middle point. Another thing I saw in two videos(one in german, I had the subtitles google translated but got the gist of it) is to simply multiply the lead compensation by a certain value depending on the target's speed. If it's at 10-15kn go 0.5 to 1 times the flight time on the scale. 15-25kn go for 1-1,5x flight time 25-30kn go for 1,5-2x flight time 30kn+ 2,5x flight time. Is this applicable?
  10. That's awesome, I didn't knew it was such a popular ship, I am really glad. Thanks for the Captains Skills. On a side note, I am more of an Azure Lane Kongo guy(makes sense since she was born in the UK), and I only discovered this Ship Girl stuff this week because trying to search for Enterprise vs Akagi goes for a really weird scene with giant foxes and schoolgirls with cannons. Never change Japan.
  11. Wow, I really didn't expect that, and here I thought it wasn't that rare. Did it save a lot of time(while also throwing me to the proverbial lions)? Thank you for all those links and texts, I am saving some to read more later. I think I was already doing some crude form of flank analysis, I would try and see what the higher or same tier BBs were doing and follow them, or go with the highest concentration of cruisers to help them with BBs(scare them off because I still haven't figured out how the Dynamic Crosshairs work with different ranges, have installed the mod with the 20 and 30-knots scale but still....) and they shield me from DDs and fighters. I will try to improve on that. And I have been more able to avoid Torpedoes, I try to change course constantly, not have open broadside pointed at potential DD spots and always have another ship "scouting". It takes practice and sometimes people just spam that crap(I am also learning to avoid narrow passages through islands, especially when there's a smokescreen) I will try and learn with cruisers, I might go for DDs later just to learn how their players think(and their speeds). Are there any good streamers/YouTubers that I can watch that use sound tactics? I am watching some videos people recommended and find them enjoyable(I also pause at the aiming to figure out how they got the firing solution).
  12. Thanks, I think I might actually do that. I will try out the St. Louis. A question though, I normally use Dynamic crosshair, but there's a video from 2019( saying it has variations regarding range, so for example at 19km you have to reduce lead by 2 and so on. Has this been fixed? Is the video correct? Is there anywhere with updated information about how the dynamic crosshairs work exactly(I must have watched 10 different videos and only this one said it had this variation.) I feel like most of my bad aiming is due to me not understanding how the crosshair works.
  13. Wait, so if I go back to playing with lower tiers I will still be in "normal" Matchmaking, it's irreversible? Can't go back to "protected" one? It's not like I would enjoy playing until I get into the "meat" of BBs, but I certainly would like an easier learning curve. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, time to practice.
  14. I think it was the first container I opened on my first day(yesterday), it's probably something scripted to keep new players in. Or not. I thought it should be common. Like in Warframe, after staying some months away, the first "reward" I get when logging back in is almost always an 80% cash currency discount.
  15. I already do that, I am trying to keep good SA(very important is DCS too), after I sailed full speed into a cruiser formation while Sniping at a BB 18km away. I thought Ctrl did that. But if I go to the sides too much the cannons move, I wish I could lock them, so I can look around while keeping them in the general direction of the enemy, even with traverse upgrades it's too slow.