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  1. Our recruitment is Open still. Just check the requirements, cause we don't falter against them.
  2. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 5th, 2018

    @MrDeafCheck in Control in the settings, activate all scenario of the training room and you'll see them. ;)
  3. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 5th, 2018

    Hi Pigeon, i know my opinion may not be fun for most people, and some may call me elitist for it, but it has to be said. There is a need for more high tier competitive, CB is fine but we need more, a bit like Clan Wars in WoT and Strongholds, we need multiple modes which have different limits. (I know WoT isn't WoWS, but it may be something to look at) I liked playing Global map and all of it, so it's why i'm saying some modes like this needs to happens in ships. It could also work with the clans that don't fully want T10, as SH is T6, 8 and 10 for WoT (something like, 7, 8 and 10 could work for ships) It would make people interested in WoWS for a longer period, cause people like me who have all ships unlocked, the game doesn't have the same fun as before. (For those wondering, i could free XP to France and still have 1 million free xp, so yeah) It's what kept me in WoT for this long, and it's why i'm proposing it. KoTS needs to stay as well, and maybe make it a bit the "official" league for Warships Competitive. Thanks, Shinano
  4. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Jan 22nd, 2018

    Hey Pigeon, thanks for asking about this. For me, it'd be Azur Lane, tho some people may find it offensive because of the area it's coming from. :) Thanks, Shin
  5. Alright, our recruitment policy has changed, We opened a 3rd clan for the top players of the clan and here are now the current recruitment requirements. (Until our Turkey gets back to edit it, lazy bird) We're moving to Wows-numbers, cause WTR is unstable right now All clans members are required to get at least 50 oils a week CUTER -> 1950 PR, 60% WR, 2 T10 Ships, Typhoon CB experience CUTE -> 1600 PR, 55% WR, 2 T10 Ships CUTIE -> Tier 8 Line ship, 47% WR, 500+ battles To move up a clan, you'll pass a division test with the comp officers, and attitude is also taken into account.
  6. Clan interface not loading

    and this page was changed too, it's now clans.worldofwarships.com/clans/gateway/wows/ and you can't connect to that one yet.
  7. NIko, but it's bad for your health. (According to my doctor xD)
  8. not really, knowing we were promised 100+ rosters before this would be implemented...
  9. Processor: i7 6950x Board: Asus X99 Strix Gaming Ram: G.Skill 128GB 3200 Mhz Video Card: 2 x Zotac GTX 1080 FE with EVGA Hybrid coolers Cooling: Corsair H105i Hard Drives: 6 x 3TB in Raid 10 for Video Editing and CAD + 1 x 300GB Intel S3500 for OS + 1 x 2TB Intel P3500 for Games and Base Videos Case: Phanteks Enthoo Primo Ultimate Power Supply: Corsair AX1500i (not that needed but the power loss i have using 50% of it is almost none, so far better) Monitor: Asus PG348Q + 2x BenQ PD3200Q I disabled as much RGB LED as possible, since I hate RGB. :D
  10. Mouse's Omaha-Bot Challenge (pre-season)

    alright did it for fun with the BB i like the most. Montana: Finished with 45k HP. Had a 19 points captain on it and all flags to help out.
  11. [] Hakabase Modpack Installer ver.04 [2-19-2018]

    Hi haka, thanks for the modpacks. Just got a quick question for you as i'm trying to install 2 external mods by using D:\myWOWS and player mods for your pack, and since they have files that goes into /res it doesn't work. (Session stats and smartmarkers) Is there a way to use these, or we just can't? Thanks as usual for your modpack always appreciated.
  12. I did it in the simple way, limiting myself to play a single rank a day, and if i lose 3 in a row, i also stopped. I was playing 3-4 days a week in ranked, cause it's not always fun, as some people aren't there for the team. (And they wonder why they didn't rank out after 500 battles) Since T7 isn't a Tier i like to play at all (I'm a T8+ kind of player after all), it took me more battles than usual this season. Seasons at T8, it takes me 90 to 150 battles in Amagi and i'm done. This season, it took me 279 with about 200 in Nagato (yes, i'm the Nagato that likes to snipe smokes), because the meta at T7 isn't the same as T8, so i felt out of position a lot due to me playing almost exclusively T8s and above. Also, for those asking, playing on weekeneds in ranked isn't that bad, you need to make understand your teams that it's a team mode, not like randoms where some of us can be damage [edited]...
  13. WTR and Rank1

    Hey, i play my ship the way it's ment to be. (Amagi is where i'm at lol) For T7, i'll try some stuff out at first, because i'll be honest, i'm not sure what'd be best for my playstyle, especially that this season is epicenter only... My WTR isn't stellar but my WR shows that i play objectives a lot and if i don't do damage, well, can't do more there. Last season, I ranked out in 192 games from Rank 19 with a 60% WR. I think in Ranked, i don't check WTR of my teammates, but more how much games they've played in Ranked. ;) (It says a lot more about their teamplay than WTR)
  14. Was the training room removed?

    On that you aren't alone, Lert. Johnston also will miss it, since he plays competitively... (Competitive play was killed in a nutshell for now)
  15. Was the training room removed?

    Doing the same for me... Just tried, went into Coop. Will be difficult to finish the SL season...