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  1. I know
  2. That's a lot of premium time
  3. Birds are my favorite animals. My avatar name is derived from Falco Peregrinus, or Peregrine Falcon, the fastest animal on Earth.
  4. Depends on what you believe in! I think 13 is a lucky number
  5. The thing is, the reason why flooding damage is so rare to begin with is because of its terrible reputation, resulting in flooding damage being insta-repaired almost every time. I argue that if you allow flooding to stack up to four times but an individual flooding is no worse than a single fire, average damage dealt by DDs will increase because flooding will no longer be a need to hit that R button immediately. It's a win for DDs, and it's a win for BBs who no longer have to die from nearly full health due to taking a stray torp after just entering the damage control party cooldown.
  6. How

    Secondaries aim for the center of a ship at the waterline. At close ranges, secondaries become accurate enough that dispersion doesn't let them hit BB superstructures too often. BBs usually have too much armor on the bow, stern, and sides for HE secondaries to penetrate, resulting in zero damage. Buuut I'm also confused. You say you're in Bayern, but it doesn't get 155mm HE shells for secondaries... it only has 88mm HE and 150mm AP secondaries. If the Dunk is bow-on those 150mm AP shells will simply bounce or fail to penetrate the turret front faces.
  7. 66 665 damage dealt
  8. Just for disclosure, I play all ship types equally. 1) I don't remember which high tier DD but I think Yugumo can get down to 5.4km. Launch torpedoes from 5.5km away and the chances are absolutely slim that a BB will make a random maneuver that will throw off the torps completely. Radar hasn't been a problem with me; I know which ships have radar, and I stay away from them or I don't provoke their radar. With hydro, you'd already be spotted visually before hydro picks you up (unless you're against a German CA/BB/Z-52 and your concealment is under 5.9km, then you might have a problem but it's not like you can't spot them first), or don't sit in your smoke cloud as a ship charges in with hydro. Radio location I don't think is that common, and is a waste of 4 skill points if put on a BB; only ships I really run into with RDF are most commonly IJN DDs. 2) BB maneuverability is absolutely horrendous at tier 10. Even if my GK spots torpedoes with hydro, I have a hard time positioning myself such that I don't take a hit. IJN torpedoes are in fact the best torpedoes around; they have the highest damage per torpedo, and supposedly the highest flooding chance per torpedo as well. And if IJN torpedoes lack in concealment, they make up for it not only with the mentioned damage and flooding chance, IJN DDs make up for it with quantity. A Shimakaze can stagger all 15 torpedoes on top of each other making it impossible for a ship to weave through without taking at least a couple hits. 3) The only thing random is the dispersion. Sometimes I might get three shells up my [edited] stern that rip off half of my total health. A BB shell cannot ever get a regular pen on a broadside DD. I've never had a single shell clip a DD of mine and take off "8k." Those are just my thoughts. And if I were to be completely honest, I think the IJN DD line relies too much on luck. High risk for sure, but high reward when those torpedoes hit for so much damage. This is why I don't play IJN DDs, because there is very little control over the outcome; you have no control whether the target will make a random course change that will make your torpedoes miss. The outcome can be huge, or it can be nothing. I prefer guns on my DDs to take out other DDs, and then torpedoes are just secondary with 10k damage a piece, if not even less, after torpedo protection reduction.
  9. If everyone on the winning team got a container, then I might be interested. But right now not only do I have to fight for the win, I also have to fight for the top two spots. No thanks, I already fought long and hard to get rank 1, I'm done fighting competitively until the next ranked season. Or, keep it as it is and change the reward to a supercontainer, but that's probably asking for too much
  10. Flooding doesn't stack. I know from a CV perspective that one flooding does the same tick damage as multiple floodings.
  11. Actually, flooding is pretty deadly. Often times when I am pushing with my team in my Kurfurst, I either get 2+ fires which I use my damage control on, or I get hit by a set of torps which cause flooding which also requires a use of damage control, only to get hit by a second set of torps 30 seconds later. I honestly think that flooding damage is too excessive and/or lasts way too long. One single flood at tier 10 does more than 50% damage to a ship's health. I think that if flooding was made equal to fire (both in the amount of damage it can do and stacking), people will no longer have to instantly hit R when hit by a single torp. It will both decrease the frustration of flooding to death from nearly full health from being hit by a single stray torp as well as most likely increasing the damage output DDs can get since flooding will no longer be instantly repaired.
  12. By fun and engaging, you mean I don't even have to play the operation in order to get the rewards? That's the only downside I find for this event. Playing in the actual operation/event doesn't give you any more event containers than playing in Randoms. I played the event twice, got five stars on the second try, and now I don't really find any more incentive to play the operation. Right now I'm on the final mission for the tier 8+ mission set to get Dunkerque's camo.
  13. It somewhat makes sense for the Halloween port as it was purely seasonal. It might be possible that the Dunkirk port will get the same treatment as the New York port (the New York port was first realeased for New Year's with decorations, then the decorations were removed once the events were over), where Dunkirk gets cleaned up like it hasn't been attacked yet.
  14. I am only slightly disappointed that the operation isn't directly tied to any of the event rewards, meaning that you can collect all of the containers without playing the operation not even once. The Hunt for Bismarck campaign was a lot more interactive.
  15. Ok, didn't know that! So are all of the ships being sunk by mines "teamkills" then?