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  1. Actually, he only went for me at the very beginning since I was briefly spotted in my smoke (and I was reversing too and it takes forever to start moving forward again in a British CL so he got me with two torps, nearly killing me), and once more at the very end when it was just me and a DD left (that attack wave was completely unsuccessful). Throughout almost the entire game aircraft were flying directly over me enroute to a different target, or loitering near me trying to attack a nearby target. I guess it was just that nobody expects to see a full AA-spec Edinburgh (and I wasn't even full AA-spec, I'm missing AFT); people know how potent Neptune and Minotaur are and I guess Edinburgh gets overlooked. I've attached the replay if you're interested enough to see how it played out. 20171115_221607_PBSC108-Edinburgh_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay
  2. Right click as if you were to move the camera and hold
  3. I honestly think that Black is overrated. If you use speed boost or def AA instead of radar, it is literally just a nerfed Fletcher: slower ship speed and really slow torps. So you're forced to use radar, but with only a 20 second duration, combined with the awful USN shell arcs and it's inability to spot torpedoes, it still feels pretty awful. If radar had its own slot, then it'd be much better. If Z-46 was a premium (so that I could freely rotate in my Z-52 captain), I'd take Z-46 over Black hands down. The hydro lasts for considerably longer and it also spots torps for you, making you immune from getting torped in your own smoke. And I don't give up speed boost for hydro. Flint is worth the ranked grind (unless you already own Atlanta). Black is not; get Z-46 instead.
  4. I would hope that you can grind for these containers as much as you would like. Just like how Overwatch does it with their event lootboxes; you're not limited to a hard limit, but rather you are limited by how much you are willing to play (and how much you are willing to pay at the end of the event if you still didn't get what you want). If we really do have a limit of 5 containers, then I'm not playing the event anymore once I get my five-star completion, and good luck filling up the event queue once people start earning their five-star completions too. To me, it just seems like bad game design to discourage people from grinding and playing the game if you impose a hard limit.
  5. I wouldn't mind a MM that attempts to form a pyramid structure when it comes to tier distribution. Something like one-fifth of the ships are top tier, two-fifths are mid tier, and three-fifths are bottom tier in one battle. You might say that this will give tier 10s less tier 10s to worry about, but I think this will overall benefit everyone; I believe that it would be more enjoyable to have three tier 8s gang up on one tier 10 as opposed to three tier 10s ganging up on one tier 8.
  6. Congrats!! I really like the sailor's hat on top
  7. Pretty ship, I will buy if she ever becomes a premie. I love battleships with center turrets.
  8. Awesome! I also play violin
  9. Nice! What instrument do you play?
  10. The drop looks more like it is bugged than intended. Sigh. Will auto-drop even work? Because the drop circle has to be ahead of the ship but every other auto-drop for dive bombers has the drop circle fixed onto any moving ship. I'd say that Krasny Krym and Prinz Eugen have been the worst premium ship launches, and that it'd be pretty tough to beat that, yet it seems that WG managed to pull this off. They should have stuck with the 2/3/0 loadout; the paper thin fighters balance out the strong strike potential. Damage output with these 9-second dive bomber drops seems like it will be abysmally low (and the HE bombs won't be any much better). Might do better with a full secondary build, but because there will always be another CV on the enemy team it's a lose-lose for your team. What if GZ would be considered a CL in MM's rules...
  11. The contest results were heavily biased and we all know this. How the **** did that Lego thing even get third out of six? It failed on proportion, cleanliness, quality, and it hardly even looked like Iowa. My build has it beat on all of those qualities and it looks like Dunkerque.
  12. To be fair, I already nerf Khabs every time I point my Hindenburg's guns at them. Khabs seem to rely on the fact that majority of people can't get the right lead on a Khab. I can usually get upwards of 8k damage salvos with Hindenburg's AP against broadside Khabs; that certainly makes them panic a little.
  13. I would really love to try a secondary build on GZ. Taking all of the required aircraft captain skills leaves you with enough points to get AFT and manual secondaries, but this leaves you without CE, and +20% to secondary range and accuracy isn't worth the loss in whatever aircraft upgrade takes that slot. Now, imagine if GZ got hydro to be in line with the rest of her German sisters at high tiers (minus Tirpitz), GZ with a somewhat decent secondary build would fear no DD. Spot the DD with fighters, then chase them into their smoke with hydro if they try to hide
  14. While still on the topic of armor schemes, I found out last night that Hindenburg's AP (most likely) overpens straight through a broadside Baltimore without getting any citadel hits at 2-3km. Two salvos right at the waterline and nothing but overpens. Good thing Hindenburg has torpedoes and Baltimore doesn't