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  1. France is having her name changed.

    I personally don't find "Republic" to be any better. Napoleon or Charlemagne would be much better. Or Champagne or Paris, given that other French BBs are also named after regions/cities.
  2. Beautiful Screenshots

    I submitted this one in a player contest and got an honorable mention for it Took about an hour of going into a training room and getting my main guns and secondary guns firing at the same time and going through the replay and slowing down time to its slowest to try to catch the "perfect" broadside shot. Was totally worth the effort to attempt to recreate that one image (in the spoiler below) of Iowa.
  3. shhh, it top serect

    Can confirm. I used to think it didn't either until one day I got lit by radar and a DM beyond 8km visual range started pounding on my Hindenburg with 100% accuracy. Then a bit later I tried it out myself with one of the Russian cruisers and with a sly grin I pounded some helpless cruiser that couldn't see me but I could see them out in the open.
  4. I believe that fire chances are multiplicative, not additive. So the final fire chance for the Zao would be (19%)*(0.95)*(0.90)*(0.50)=8.12% For DE, you just have to compare the before and after. If your base fire chance is 10%, then you get 12% with DE; this is an increase of 20%. You will always get 20% more fires regardless of how much fire prevention you’re facing, because 6% is still 20% more than 5%. DE is only useless on ships with high fire chance, because going from say 40% to 42% is only 5% more, whereas going from 5% to 7% is 40% more. Again, 40% more will always be 40% more regardless of the fire prevention modifiers.
  5. German BB((Tier 7 and 9))

    ^^ Agreed, I also enjoyed the Gneisenau grind... I think I perform worse with Scharnhorst, which many people praise. As for FdG, I also enjoyed her. Probably a lot more than the GK. FdG was very consistent in terms of performance, she rarely let me down; while GK has the potential to have a larger impact, the roller coaster ride that she takes you on is also greater (i.e. not as consistent as FdG). I feel like FdG has the perfect mix of all of the pros of the Bismarck and GK without having nearly all of their cons. The 420's can citadel at ranges that the Bismarck's 380's can't. FdG also gets German hydro, which Bismarck doesn't (though when I grinded through Bismarck, she still had German hydro). And compared to GK, FdG is a ballerina; FdG is fully capable of charging the enemy, secondaries blazing, and performing a quick U-turn to get out if she finds herself in trouble. GK on the other hand sometimes can't avoid torpedoes even with the German hydro active. And finally, FdG doesn't always see tier 10 games, which are much more passive and requires a significantly more conservative gameplay from GK, forcing you to stay at range where she isn't great with the guns and secondaries don't have the range until much later in the game when you can push and face tank (assuming your team hasn't melted by this point).
  6. Grober Kurfurst

    I agree, it’s never a good idea to skip a large portion of a line and expect to do well. The OP is setting himself up for failure. @OP, please please please do not free xp straight to the GK. You will NOT know how to play that ship. Don’t be that guy on your team who free xp’ed straight to the tier 10 and has no idea what he’s doing.
  7. To the Alpha testers. :)

    In the past I've actually thought about having two ship hp bars just like we can see here. Torpedoes and flooding damage the "buoyancy" bar, while everything else damages the "structure" bar. Depleting one of them causes the destruction of the ship. It just seems very unrealistic if your ship goes from full hp to almost zero from torpedo hits, and then one overpen through your superstructure is able to destroy your ship? Also, why can't we have shallow water in the current game? It just seems very natural to have it. And finally, it does seem like the Trap map has been developed out of Shark Bait. Just look at the islands in the lower left corner, and then the center arc with the nearby islands is also very similar to what we have in Trap.
  8. Grober Kurfurst

    I might have the unpopular opinion, but I think Gneisenau is a good ship. If you play the Gneisenau as a battering ram, the dispersion really isn't an issue since you are engaging at ranges closer than what other BBs prefer to sit at. You can charge them point blank for a torpedo drop, and chances are they will try to turn around so that they don't get torpedoed and that's exactly when you shoot their citadel with 6 15" shells. Also, if you are full secondary spec, then that's even more incentive to get up close personal. I've had games with over 100k damage where my secondaries contributed a fair amount (my best game was a 180k damage game, half of which came from secondaries). Just need to know how to dance around in an environment where you are close to enemy cruisers and DDs that are trying to torp you.
  9. Grober Kurfurst

    I'd actually say that the tier 9 FdG is the pinnacle of the line. The 420's are actually capable of hitting citadels at ranges which the 380's can't German hydro Is nimble compared to GK Doesn't have to go nearly full broadside to unmask rear turrets unlike GK I found that FdG and GK actually have some pretty different playstyles. You can basically treat the FdG as a battering ram; keep your forward momentum going and try to be in secondary range as much as you can and you will more often than not cause the enemy to panic and retreat, giving your team a nice advantage. GK, on the other hand, needs to play a lot more conservatively; if she finds herself in a troubled situation, she can't turn around as quickly as FdG can. Combined with a much more passive gameplay at tier 10, your team is much less likely to support you as a battering ram and they would rather watch you get focused and die instead of helping with the push. Basically, FdG can point her bow at the enemy and charge and come out on top, while GK will find herself quickly abandoned by her team and unable to get out of tricky situations fast enough. Oh, and even with hydro active, GK can't maneuver herself fast enough to dodge enemy torpedoes in many situations, that's how terrible the maneuverability is.
  10. Stuck on a dam island

    Maybe, maybe not. If they can calculate the normal to the island collision mesh, then it would be very simple. If you have your ship at reverse or full forward and your ship speed is less than 0.5 knots, then you gain 0.5 knots normal to the collision mesh until you are, say for example, 5 meters away from the collision mesh, at which point you lose the 0.5 knot push. This should work. The reason I say that your ship needs to be in reverse or full forward is that you might want to intentionally beach yourself and stay there for cover, in which case you won't be backing out (or steaming ahead if you reversed into the island). Otherwise, you're probably stuck and trying to get out in reverse or full forward but you're barely making 0.1 knots.
  11. Z39...1 turret 2 guns?

    Getting the 150mm gun upgrade and the hull upgrade upgrades the bow turret to a double gun turret (sorry, forgot about the hull upgrade as well initially) Screenshot:
  12. Z39...1 turret 2 guns?

    Yeah, in its current form it is a complete pass from me. Pros: 5.9km max conceal versus 6.2km 3.3km conceal in smoke versus 3.4km 11.8km gun range versus 10.8km Cons: 1 less gun 7.5 second reload versus 6.7 seconds 36 knot ship speed versus 37 8.5 km torpedoes versus 9.5 km (damage and reload are the same and speed is slower by 1 knot) The cons just simply seem to outweigh the pros. We don't know what Z-39's AA is, but I'd be surprised if it's as good as Kidd's. Nor do I really want to give up gun DPM for Kidd level AA. We also don't know if Z-39 will get German hydro, but I'm not sure if German hydro alone will balance out the cons.
  13. Z39...1 turret 2 guns?

    Wow, I missed that when I first read the announcement. I just assumed the same layout as Z-23 which has 5 guns. Damn, I would really love a high tier German premium DD, but with 4 guns and a slower reload (7.5s vs 6.7s), I don't know how it will be able to compensate...
  14. Don't the German CAs also get to pen 50mm armor? Kronstadt: 305/6= 50.83 German CA: 203/4 = 50.75 So where's the problem? We already have cruisers capable of doing that without needing IFHE. You are looking at the guns way too closely without considering everything else about the ship. By your same analysis, the Molotov should be deemed OP because its guns are essentially tier 9 guns and are better than any other tier 6 cruiser. Here's a non-exhaustive list of things to consider about Kronstadt: Rounds per minute is much less than any other tier 9 cruiser (about half?) Max horizontal dispersion is much greater than any other tier 9 cruiser (somewhat less than double) Sigma value of 1.8 versus 2.05 on tier 9 cruisers AP might have really good alpha, but it still can't overmatch cruiser bows and sterns, rendering it useless against a bow-on cruiser Extremely large hull size to go hand in hand with the larger hp pool Doesn't get access to radar
  15. This guy gets it. BBs will still be able to lolpen the bow and stern like any other cruiser. Other cruisers will be able to autobounce the 305mm AP off of their bows and sterns (minus RN CLs, but Henri can already do that too). Other cruisers are better fire starters, with better DPM. If this ship ends up one on one with an Ibuki (for example), the Ibuki just needs to bow in and rush to torpedo at point blank range. And let’s not forget the horrible dispersion compared to other cruisers.