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  1. Just to sum up my experience - I ran the Tier VIIs, Shiratsuyu with normal 10 km torps and Akatsuki with accelerated 8 km torps. Did a number of games over several weeks and did not find a big difference. I.E. there is no way around the visibility nerf. These are fairly fragile ships and trying to get close enough to land the 8 km torps without being detected and deleted by a cruiser or battleship is just too difficult. A target running away from you is about impossible. I scored pretty well with both ships but lost a disproportionate number of games. Bottom line - for me stick with the stock torps & use the 2-point captain skill for something more generally useful like Last Stand or High Alert.
  2. Ultimately the IJN visibility nerf is very, very difficult to finesse. (In my opinion - very little hard data here.) Comparing with other nationality DDs, only a limited number of games: 1. 57 kt torps ("detectability" 1.2 km) on the Blyskawica seemed to hit more consistently than the TAd 67 kt torps on the Akatsuki (detectability unchanged at 1.6 km), both with 8 km range. Kind of makes sense since the target still has a hair over 1 second less to react to the Blyskawica torps. 2. Landing Fubuki TAd torps seemed easier than the normal longer range & slower torps. However, for me this involved more ninja-like tactics that ignored DD team roles such as grabbing caps and protecting team battleships and cruisers with smoke. This is the dilemma - my damage numbers were significantly higher but my teams lost 5 out of 6 battles. Being top on a losing team (2 of these games) is like kissing your sister. I'd rather win. 3. The best players can go out in a rowboat armed with an AK-47 and still do six-figure damage. (Might need some RPGs also.) We normal mortals will struggle with IJN torpedo DDs as long as the detectability range remains nerfed to the present level. IJN gunboat DDs are a lot better than they used to be, but turret traverse is still a liability. I did another version of my spreadsheet with travel times to 7 km (sort of my preferred target distance for stealthed DDs, ~ 6km visibility). WoWS Torp Accel Adrenaline Rush V2 (Excel).xls
  3. Adding please keep up the YouTube. Must be discouraging without many views/subscribers but it is a public service. I may have to get an EU account going just to get the announcer in German (which I understand passably). I am so sick of the stupid comments in English on the NA server. (Then again, maybe I can change it to German on the NA server. May have to look into that. . .)
  4. Thanks ddoubletapp1 for sharing your build (and the link to your YouTube channel). I think the 59 kt torpedoes are the hardest to land due to the combination of visibility and the time the target has to maneuver randomly while they putt-putt leisurely down the map. I was surprised by your leaving out "Expert Marksman" on your build - feed the gerbils in exercise wheels that turn the Japanese turrets a little meth to get them around faster. But I started thinking. . . The game changes. I was automatically putting in "Expert Marksman" to have some kind of chance in a knife fight with a U.S. destroyer. But there are so few destroyers in the average random battle these days that it is not worth a captain skill for the off-chance of a knife fight. Better to keep the firing rate up (and add to it with Expert Marksman) until radar or German acoustic search routs you out of your smoke.
  5. After experimenting on the Aoba I agree with Flashtirade. Using TA I landed the only torpedo hits ever with the Aoba - two on a pursuing Bismark - but it did not slow her down much. It is good for defense on cruisers but defense does not win battles and we lost the game. There are two or three two-point skills that are better for general defense - reducing the repair cool-down, last stand and maybe adrenaline rush. (I happen to like the Aoba. Not a particularly strong Tier 6 cruiser, but I just like it for some reason. I chased a Graf Spee about half way across the map once and was winning the fight when the battle ended. We lost, so taking a Graf Spee effectively out of the fight was probably not my best move for the team.) On IJN destroyers for me it is a different matter, although the jury is still out. (Again, mid-tier, 6 and 7.) I did a series of six random battles and landed torpedoes in all but two. Also ended up top of the team on two. . . But did not get a win until the sixth. So I was not necessarily doing the best for my team lining up torpedo shots. With many random battles having few destroyers, focus needs to be on cover smoke, scouting and CAPs rather than stalking stray battleships. Keeping TA on the Fubuki and Akatsuki for now but will most likely kill it on the Aoba and Myoko. Better to get the turrets moving faster and use any spare 2-point skills on more generally useful defensive skills.
  6. Attached spreadsheet includes reaction time calculations (using equation from Notser, I think) for some mid-tier destroyers and a few cruisers. To my mind it comes down to skills and play styles - for me it is less about reaction time and more about torp speed - long-range, particularly slower torps require a better ability to predict how the target is going to maneuver. I am not very good at that. I put acceleration in on the Fubuki and Akatsuki yesterday and (for about 5 games each) was consistently doing better with torps. So early days, but I suggest (for what it is worth) 1. For Japanese mid-tier destroyers some folks will do better with acceleration and dancing around the shorter range. Others will want to just plan their attacks better and pick up skills with prediction of target course variation, etc. 2. For mid-tier Japanese cruisers (primarily defensive torps) it may help to pick up the speed and shorten target reaction time. Personally plan to try that with the Aoba, maybe others. With their arcs the Aoba's are effectively stern chasers anyway. 3. For other nationalities it becomes more iffy. There attachment also has a sheet on calculating Adrenaline Rush reloading buffs. I can print these to PDF for those that don't have a spreadsheet application. WoWS Torp Accel Adrenaline Rush (Excel).xls
  7. I just upgraded to the New Orleans after earning all but about 5k of the necessary XP on the Pensacola. It was growing on me toward the end, but I pulled the captain over to the New Orleans. Not a "power" player, here are some things to consider: Upgrades - I went back and forth between accuracy and turret traverse speed. Slow turrets and you can't maneuver and keep your guns on target. But every shot has to count. Armor Angling - point well made in other posts. If another cruiser (or battleship) catches you broadside you will be dead very soon. Upgraded you have five very good guns at each end. Learn to aim them (I'm not really quite there yet.) and five is enough. Don't go for the full broadside unless there are only destroyers (or aircraft carriers). Keep your distance. I have died young & stupid many times by getting in the middle of furballs. The guns don't swing fast enough or load fast enough for a close-quarters brawl. Plan your moves. It is not quite as bad as a battleship, but you have to figure out what side your guns need to be on in advance, and sometimes hold your fire for a better shot. Wait until your opponent completes a turn before firing AP. The Japanese cruisers are easier to play - torpedoes to boot. But you can tear them up (and the Clevelands) with AP if you can get it into the citadel. There are sweet spots in every branch of the tech trees. My Cleveland is still active and its captain is my only Commodore. The Pensacola is not a bad ship, but it is outclassed by the Cleveland and equivalent level Japanese cruisers. The Myoko at Tier VII has more hit points than the New Orleans at Tier VIII.
  8. The Albany is proof of how much these WoW guys love ships - it is really cute, but there was no reason for them to do this ship. Guns are pretty good, but limited range is a problem - should have range equivalent to other Tier II cruisers, given its slow speed. You have to play it like a destroyer - a big slow visible destroyer, which is not easy. The St. Louis is just about as quaint, but it can still win fights and points if played carefully.
  9. The Albany is proof of how much these WoW guys love ships - it is really cute, but there was no reason for them to do this ship. Guns are pretty good, but limited range is a problem - should have range equivalent to other Tier II cruisers, given its slow speed. You have to play it like a destroyer - a big slow visible destroyer, which is not easy. The St. Louis is just about as quaint, but it can still win fights and points if played carefully. The Carousel of Death has been nerfed from time to time, but it can still hold its own.