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  1. Highly doubt it.
  2. Actually, that's a point. Would there be a difference if I had got Gallant in a large Dunkirk container (those that can be purchased at the premium shop) as opposed to the standard Dunkirk container?
  3. Yep, it was your thread where I read this info originally. I've PM'ed him, thanks.
  4. I remember reading just before the launch of 0.6.8 that if you already purchased the Gallant and it happened to drop in a Dunkirk container then you would get a random ship from the container instead. Is this correct? I've checked the front page for the NA site but not seen this mentioned. However, it is mentioned on the Asia site. The reason I ask this is because I've just received HMS Gallant in a Dunkirk container, even though I had already purchased it. It looks like I've been given 6,750,000 credits instead, as well as a port slot and a 10 point commander. I remember for the Santa containers that if you already had the premium ship you were awarded, then you'd get the amount of doubloons that ship cost. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather have at least the doubloons for the ship instead, seeing as this is a premium and silver can be earned without paying a penny. I'm guessing that it works differently for NA...
  5. Parks is Sean Bean; he has to die! Sean Bean is from Yorkshire, Parks has a Yorkshire accent. It fits!
  6. You might want to calm down a moment, son. Many of the average players won't pay attention to that, or to the video that UrPeaceKeeper took the trouble to make, however, those that do take the time to properly watch the video may want to know about the point I just made.
  7. And?
  8. @UrPeaceKeeper There's another point that is worth mentioning: when your ship enters a circle to rescue drowning troops from a sinking ship, even if your ship is full, the troops stop drowning. I remember doing this in PTS, while the civilian transports were unloading the 3,000 troops, I sat in a circle preventing troops drowning allowing us to rescue just over 7,000. I don't think you mentioned this in your video. Apologies if you already did.
  9. I think Jingles said it was the better of the two ships to use in general because of its better reload time and shell velocity against the Schnellboots, as well as its DFAA consumable. But I agree, I have noticed that the AA of the Cyclone, in general, is better than the Anthony's. Anthony's AA is best utilised with good positioning and the correct timing.
  10. No clue. I wouldn't mind seeing them again though, perhaps with a buff or two to make them viable for PvP.
  11. @LittleWhiteMouse What, in your opinion, do you think this ship needs to be elevated from Mehbote to Gutbote?
  12. Okay. Firstly, without Gallant. You earn 2,000 base XP (over any number of matches) and you get a Dunkirk container, one per day. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can get an extra Dunkirk container if you win a match and place in the Top 5 XP earners on your team, in any ship once per day for those three days. The event runs for three weeks, so there are three weekends when you can earn extra containers. With Gallant, as well as the containers mentioned above, you can earn extra Dunkirk containers. In Gallant, win a match (in random, ranked, or scenario) and place in the Top 5 XP earners on your team, once per day. You can also earn large Dunkirk containers, one per day. Win a match and place top of your team in XP in the Gallant. That's it. URL guy strikes again. You can earn only one large Dunkirk container by winning a match in the Gallant and placing top of your team in XP.
  13. You're supposed to help the allied fighters with AA while they're dogfighting the Luftwaffe fighters. The idea is that some of the RAF squadrons survive and help shoot down that last wave of bombers.
  14. This operation is like herding sheep. 'No don't go into the red, you'll blow up!' 'Don't rush on ahead, we need to concentrate our AA.' 'Why run speed boost at the embarkation point? The soldiers won't be able to board if you're that fast.'
  15. Anyway, thank you for the review. I bought it anyway since I've been wanting a true RNDD for a while now.