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  1. As the title says; 50% off the doubloon cost of permacamos, but the discount does NOT cover Tier 10 permacamos. Sale lasts for a week.
  2. Noble_Taipan


    T1: PT T2: LS, AR T3: SE, BFT T4: CE, IFHE You will not be able to do much damage against an angled T8+ DD without IFHE. Who knows, maybe they'll buff the HE pen so it can pen 19mm of armour without IFHE... I run MBM3 as well to maximise the gun DPM.
  3. Noble_Taipan

    PSA: Get Cossack. Do what you have to...

    I liked Cossack before it was cool #cossackhipster
  4. Noble_Taipan

    Icarus's Wings - Poetic's Tier 6 RN DD Review

    I believe that only the 4.5 inch guns on Jutland and Daring have improved ricochet angles. Thanks for the review. I've been grinding my way through the Icarus the past few days and I actually quite like it. I'll be keeping it with a captain that is spec-ed for the Icarus and Gallant.
  5. What's your time zone and what do you mean by the event crashing?
  6. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/october-missions-2018/ For those of you who have a tier 7-8 RN DD already, stage 3 of the RN event awards 15 standard RN containers but none premium RN containers. This means that if you complete all directives for stage three (but not getting within top 25% of the hall of fame), you can earn a maximum of 75 sovereigns, not the 80 that you can in stages 1,2, and 4. Remember to take this into consideration.
  7. Claim your compensation by following link below, clicking 'claim compensation' button, log in to your account, and claim them as you would your PTS rewards. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-079-royal-navy/
  8. Noble_Taipan

    PTS 7.10 round 1 patchnotes

    Yes, but I have the ship and then I get 9,600 doubloons for 99 cents. Having Cossack allows me to maximise the number of sovereigns I can earn during the event. Sovereigns that can then be used to purchase Bert Dunkirk and Warspite for 6,500 Doubloons.
  9. Noble_Taipan

    PTS 7.10 round 1 patchnotes

    @Jester_of_War Yes, sorry. I forgot that two of the directives that award containers required either the Jervis, Lightning, or Cossack in order to be completed. Then you've also got the extra three containers that can be awarded by getting in the top 25, 10, and 5 percent in the hall of fame. However, it's a lot of effort for up to an extra 15 sovereigns. I would see how many you had left towards the end of the event and then purchase a couple of the premium containers to make up the cost, but don't spend silly amounts of money on them. I opted to get Cossack, which gives me a ship that can complete those two directives without having to rely on RNG drops to give me early access to Jervis or Lightning. In addition, I get 9,600 doubloons for 99 cents. All I'm looking for from this event is Bert Dunkirk and a bunch of doubloons. Getting early access to any of the RN DDs is just a bonus.
  10. Noble_Taipan

    PTS 7.10 round 1 patchnotes

    Well, the missions/directives/stages will still need to be completed in 0.7.10 and 0.7.11 if people want their Guineas for Cossack.
  11. Noble_Taipan

    PTS 7.10 round 1 patchnotes

    320, unless you happen to get top 5% in the hall of fame, where you get three extra standard crates per week, adding a potential maximum of 60 sovereigns. So I'm assuming you cannot win royal navy crates by completing the RN directives in the next update. So, those of you that were wanting to get both Gallant and Warpsite for free are going to have to make a choice. Feel even worse for those that bought the alternative Gallant camo. I expected that we could still earn sovereigns in the next update but that seems like it's not going to happen now. I'm honestly pretty vexed about this.
  12. Noble_Taipan

    Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    I've not received anything so far. You can see the previous week's hall of fame league results; you're sitting at 67, well done!
  13. Noble_Taipan

    How to get the 48 Guineas

    Try logging into the website then checking the premium shop.
  14. Noble_Taipan

    How to get the 48 Guineas

    The next stage will begin on Wednesday. There are 12 stages. Completing all directives in all stages will net you the full 48 Guineas. I recommend logging into premium shop and buying the 10 Guineas for 99 cents deal as it is still cheaper than buying two individual Guineas. Also means you can acquire the 50 Guineas two weeks earlier than if you didn't but them.