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  1. Last I heard was not to expect them any time soon. It was from a post on WoWs FB page just after the Operation Dynamo event ended.
  2. They're magnetic, obviously. Observe
  3. Either that or you can stick a 19 point captain in it and farm elite commander XP for use elsewhere. That's what I've done with almost all my ships that have premium camouflage so far.
  4. That depends on what characteristics you prefer your cruisers to have. Are there any you're particularly interested in?
  5. Pretty much. Whenever I was playing the QE I wished I was in Warspite instead. And that slightly improved AA isn't enough to save you.
  6. @NoZoupForYou For use in future ;)
  7. I was originally planning to grind them up to the Gadjah Madah but the concealment of the Hsiangyang has peaked my interest.
  8. I'm always interested to meet people from all walks of life, particularly those from manufacturing industries.
  9. I wonder if planes will be able to detect DW torps...
  10. I'm sound, matey.
  11. No, I don't. You've clearly never been to the UK.
  12. Isn't that the pirate voice we already have in game?
  13. Do you mean teetotal?
  14. Konig Albert Edit: beaten by a hair