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  1. Do you mean teetotal (abstinence from alcohol) or tea total, something you just made up? Also, post-brexit scones become the national currency and Cornwall will secede ever since scientist proved that Devon's method of creating a cream tea is superior than Cornwall's.
  2. The guinea was originally worth 1 pound sterling but fluctuations in the price of gold relative to silver meant that its value increased over time, up to as much as 1 pound 10 shillings (30 shillings). Its value was fixed at 1 pound 1 shilling (21 shillings) from 1717 to 1816.
  3. Good to see Dynamo back with the option of playing it with a wider variety ships. I am curious if they'll assign you a specific commander for the operation so you don't need to respec your existing commanders or allow for a free skills respec while it is running.
  4. Does it strike anyone else as unusual that earning an ingame currency would allow for a monetary discount in the premium shop? Does this suggest that Cossack will be available for ingame currency - doubloons, FXP, coal, steel(!)?
  5. Maybe WG's gimmick for battlecruisers is for them to have stronger AA. Just look at Hood and its DFAA. :|
  6. HMS Cossack news?

    I doubt that the RN DD line will be coming out that soon. The Kitakaze and Harugumo are due first, perhaps in late August. I expect the RN DDs to come much later, maybe late September or October. I hope Cossack comes out some point this month and that they don't leave it until they release the RN DD line, if they do come out during Autumn.
  7. Give RN DDs Speed Boost

    There's an argument for the Lightning to have better HE shell damage as it does fire a much heavier shell than the previous 120mm/45 guns. Buffing the the HE shell damage from 1,700 to 1,900 (same as Haida's) would improve her DPM to 136,800.
  8. Just to correct you, 19mm is actually the shatter threshold. 114mm HE can pen anything up to and including 18mm of armour, anything 19mm or more will shatter. So these guns are going to be incapable of damaging the hulls of pretty much every DD they encounter without IFHE. I'd like to think that they may get a buff to have 1/4 penetration like they did with the IJN 100mm seeing as part of the reasoning for that buff was to allow them to penetrate the armour of any DD (barring Kharb's 50mm plating) without needing IFHE. But I can see them being reluctant to do this considering the high base fire chance and the ROF of the Jutland and Daring. Even with IFHE, the shatter threshold is increased to 25mm which makes the skill a questionable investment for the cost. I don't like this concept of a 'defensive' DD as it feels like there are better ships in the game that can fulfil this role such as US or UK cruisers. They need to have at least the option of taking speed boost. It's currently the only line of DDs in the game that does not get the speed boost as an option. Of course there are DDs that are slower than even Jutland but at least they get speed boost. And then there's the Tier 2-5 DDs which just get shafted because 'national flavour'. Also, if speed boost was an option instead of the hydro then at least IJN DDs have an increased chance of landing torp hits on UK DDs seeing as it's likely so few will take hydro over speed boost.
  9. Give RN DDs Speed Boost

    These will be the only DDs in game that will not get access to speed boost. All well and good saying that you don't run speed boost on your USN DD, but at least you have the luxury of having the option. Still too early to be throwing toys out of the pram as this is only the first round of testing.
  10. RN DD - Daring DAT 1.7 Sec Reload

    I just checked the WG wiki and you're right.
  11. RN DD - Daring DAT 1.7 Sec Reload

    No. Base reload on Fletcher is 3.3 seconds. BFT would get it down 2.97 seconds. Using the reload module would reduce the 2.97 second reload by 12% = 2.6136 seconds. If you run AR and lost 50% of your health it would give you a further 10% reload boost = 2.35224 seconds. If you lost your remaining health then your theoretical reload would be 2.117016. Not sure where you're getting 1.9 seconds.
  12. Royal Navy DD. First Impression

    Anthony and Acasta are both A-class ships. However, I remember that Anthony in game had DFAA specifically for the Dunkirk operation, not that it would be any use in random battles.
  13. Aigle upgrade decisions.

    Aiming systems, rudder.
  14. Sharks with laser beams attached to their heads Vs ill-tempered mutated sea bass.
  15. I got a Gallant and 10 point commander from one of the award crates last year. Hoping that they'll reintroduce the Dunkirk operation again as well.