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  1. Noble_Taipan

    Daring Cpt Question:

    Since you've not taken it already, I'd recommend SE over SI if you're wanting more HP. One heal is 2,430 HP, or 2,910 with the India Delta signal flag, while SE is 3,500 HP. Unless you want an extra smoke charge and hydroacoustic search, go with SE.
  2. He's since moved on to being a youtuber, going under the moniker The Mighty Jingles.
  3. Noble_Taipan

    British torpedoes

  4. Noble_Taipan

    British torpedoes

    So the two launch options are single fire and wide spread? Why on Earth do they always have wide spread as the default alternative for single fire torp launchers? They did it with Gallant in testing and after the feedback they switched it to narrow spread. The same thing played out with Haida. Fairly certain it was the same case with early iterations of the RN DDs. You'd think WG wouldn't need to have been told, again.
  5. Noble_Taipan

    The Skull Throne

    @LittleWhiteMouse What was the wisdom behind WG's decision to keep Exeter at T5 in a nerfed state instead of moving it to T6 like you and other CCs suggested?
  6. Noble_Taipan

    Jervis — British Tier VII destroyer.

    As much as I like Jervis, Gajah Mada is the better ship. The extra 1km range on the torpedoes and the slightly better concealment means that the Gadjah Mada has a really comfortable stealth torp window of 1.9km against Jervis's 0.7km window. I find that Jervis's torpedo armament plays a secondary role and rarely have much success with it, whereas Gadjah Mada's torpedoes are used more often and with more success.
  7. Noble_Taipan


    Firstly, I would definitely take SE over BFT and SI first. You could run both SE and SI to improve your survivability (adding a total 5,300 HP to your ship providing you use all your heals). On my Jutland captain I run BFT along with MBM3 to get the reload down to 2.772 seconds. While SI will provide you with an extra smoke and hydro as well as the heal, I don't run it in my Jutland (or on any of my DD captains) as it is incredibly rare that I burn through all my smokes and I have not yet gone through all the hydros wishing that I had one last one to use. I would recommend you get Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1 if you have the coal to spare as it gives you an extra 36 seconds of activation time for your hydro per consumable. With that upgrade and three consumables you can have hydro running for a total of 10 mins 48 secs per match. Secondly, with regards to your choices for upgrade slot six, MBM3 or TTM3 are both good choices. Get TTM3 if you feel more comfortable doing damage with your torpedoes. You're right in saying that the Jutland is not a pure gunboat and I believe that it is similar to the Fletcher (and the Z-46 to a lesser extant) in that it is more of a jack-of-all trades destroyer. However, the Jutland's gun system is slightly better than the Fletcher's whilst having slightly worse torpedoes, and so I prefer to buff the gun ROF using BFT and MBM3. Numbers below: 3.5 second reload (Stock) - 17.14 salvos per minute 3.15 second reload (BFT) - 19.05 salvos per minute 3.08 second reload (MBM3) - 19.48 salvos per minute 2.77 second reload (BFT & MBM3) - 21.64 salvos per minute Taking BFT and TTM3 allows your Jutland captain to be more well-rounded against a variety of threats, but I still think you're better off taking BFT over SI. An increased gun ROF usually allows you come out better when trading damage against enemy destroyers.
  8. Noble_Taipan

    Captain skills (in order) for Fiji and Leander?

    My build T1: PT T2: AR, SSE, EM, JOAT (any order) T3: SI (first), SE T4: CE I've not adjusted anything since the CV rework.
  9. Noble_Taipan

    New Ship

    Translator is drunk. 'New Imperial Japanese Cruiser is in testing. This is the Mount Osore (恐山), a heavy cruiser with Akizuki (秋月) guns. Her AA is top notch at tier 10. His (ship suddenly switched gender here) characteristics are: 12x2 100mm/65 dual purpose guns, 4x5 610mm Type 93 Mod 3 torpedoes. There is also a secret, will this be the first Japanese ship to have radar?'
  10. As the title says; 50% off the doubloon cost of permacamos, but the discount does NOT cover Tier 10 permacamos. Sale lasts for a week.
  11. Noble_Taipan


    T1: PT T2: LS, AR T3: SE, BFT T4: CE, IFHE You will not be able to do much damage against an angled T8+ DD without IFHE. Who knows, maybe they'll buff the HE pen so it can pen 19mm of armour without IFHE... I run MBM3 as well to maximise the gun DPM.
  12. Noble_Taipan

    PSA: Get Cossack. Do what you have to...

    I liked Cossack before it was cool #cossackhipster
  13. Noble_Taipan

    Icarus's Wings - Poetic's Tier 6 RN DD Review

    I believe that only the 4.5 inch guns on Jutland and Daring have improved ricochet angles. Thanks for the review. I've been grinding my way through the Icarus the past few days and I actually quite like it. I'll be keeping it with a captain that is spec-ed for the Icarus and Gallant.
  14. What's your time zone and what do you mean by the event crashing?