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  1. What's the best carrybote?

    Leningrad. Gadjah Mada.
  2. PT, JoaT, EM, SSE, AR, SE, SI, CE. Job done. Don't need LS. EM is not necessary but it's nice to have when you've got points spare. AFT or BFT are options if you want to beef up your AA, but I wouldn't count on them for secondaries; if the enemy is that close then you're better using your torpedoes.
  3. Just got the Minotaur

    For Mino, I wouldn't bother with either EM or AR (if you took MBM3). JoaT is useful as you can get the window between your smoke dissipating and the consumable reloading down to 31 seconds (providing you have the -5% consumable reload flag and take premium smoke). I wouldn't recommend ManAA nor AFT as planes will tend to avoid you, though I would stick with AA mod 1, allowing your AA range to match your air detection range, anything beyond that is a excessive. However, if you want to extend it to 8.6km then it could provide a nasty surprise to any planes. For my build I took PT, JoaT, SSE, SE, SI, CE, RPF. Survivability Expert - if you're using this and your health every drops below 3,500 but still manage to survive the unfortunate encounter that dropped your health to this much, then it's done its job, allowing your to at least heal some of that damage back and remain in the fight for a little while longer. I know some people scoff at this skill for anything but DDs, but it's helped me out in some tough situations Radio Position Finding - this was the last skill that I took. I considered taking this, MFCAA, or Vig (+PM). I settled on RPF because I found myself having to hunt DDs near the end of matches where. I also find it useful to know if any DDs are sneaking up on a flank that's been left unprotected and I can orientate my ship to be pointing in that direction in anticipation of torpedoes. That's just my recommendations but it depends on what you want to do with the Mino. It sounds like you want to spec it for AA, but keep in mind that it will be wasted in matches without a CV.
  4. Keep dreaming. I wouldn't mind a small buff to the sigma though.
  5. I am close to getting a captain for the KGV and one for the Lion trained up to the 19 points and I am looking for some input on captain builds. I intend to use both Captains with Warspite, Nelson, and Hood as well (I have DoY, but it sits in port). I'm average when it comes to playing BBs and I don't have much experience in BB builds. Currently, my captains are set out as: KGV (with MAM1, DCSM1, AAM2, SGM2): T1 - PT T2 - EM, AR T3 - SI T4 - FP, CE For the last three points, I'm considering either BoS, Vig, or HA/JoaT and EL. I also intend to use this Captain on the Nelson (MAM1, DCSM1, ASM1, SGM2). I have tried to prioritise survivability for this captain. Lion (with MAM1, DCSM1, ASM1, SGM2, CSM1, MBM3): T1 - PT T2 - EM, AR T3 - SI T4 - AFT, CE For the last three points, I'm considering either BoS, Vig, or JoaT and EL, but certainly leaning towards the latter. This captain will also be used with Warspite (MAM1, DCSM1, SBM2, SGM2) and Hood (AAM1, DCSM1, ASM1, SGM2). I did try this captain without AFT on both Lion and Hood which had AAM2 instead of ASM1 and I found the dispersion frustrating. Does anyone have any suggestions or alternative builds that has worked well for them? Any help is appreciated. Cheers!
  6. China Can Produce Larger Carriers

    Thanks for sharing, @Sventex. Do you travel to China frequently?
  7. HMS Cossack is a proper Tribal Now

    I'm assuming you're referring to shell trajectory. They'll be the same as the Gadjah Mada's if you want to test them out beforehand. Unexpected news, but very welcome! They should have done this change after the initial round of testing instead of buffing the stealth, torpedoes and giving it hydro. Those things didn't redress its biggest issue: doing reliable damage.
  8. Blyskawica IFHE

    I tried it out over the past week and I'm sticking with it. I found it gave me pretty consistent damage against BBs and CAs without a noticeable drop in the number of fires being set.
  9. If they were going to give Cossack a gimmick, then repair party would be a better choice than hydro with the shortest ship detection range. Better yet, give it the 4th 120mm turret! At least reducing the torpedo launching angle to narrow spread is a step in the right direction. But the other buffs are just... bizarre. Buffing the torpedo range, damage and speed are generally unnecessary since they're not the Cossack's primary weapon system. I don't see why they're trying to buff the torpedoes when the bloody class was designed to emphasise the gun armament over torpedoes! The detection range buff is just unnecessary. The ship already had very good stealth originally putting it just a little better than Gadjah Mada and on par with Gallant. Now this thing has better stealth than Gallant despite being larger IRL.
  10. The smoke firing detection range correlates to the ship's base detection range, which is why it has got shafted so much by the smoke firing nerf. It would require a base detection range buff for it to get a smoke detection range buff.
  11. KM weekend tomorrow, no T61?

    Looks like Aigle is due to be released tomorrow. The T-61 has been hinted as due to come out not soon after according to the Aigle reviews by LWM and Notser.
  12. Replace the 4 inch secondary gun with the 4.7 inch X turret, allow B and X turret to traverse 360 degrees (if this is possible), and change the torpedo spread options to single and narrow. I assume that X turret would have the same firing angles as the Gadjah Mada rear turret, but I could be wrong. I'd honestly prefer this as a fix over giving it a gimmick like torpedo reload boost or repair party, because that will not fix the poor firing angles which is its biggest flaw. The torpedo firing angles are also problematic but then you shouldn't be playing this a torpedo boat anyway. The Tribals were designed to be gunboats; WG, let them be gunboats!
  13. You got me thinking that the T-61 may be better placed at T7 instead of T6.
  14. HMS Cossack WiP

    Thanks for your response. I agree that simply replacing X turret would be the easiest solution to balancing it out, and perhaps having B and X turret traverse 360 degrees. The only other way they could balance it is give it repair party like the Kidd, but I'd much rather have those 8 guns. Honestly, if they were that intent to give us a 6 gun RN destroyer as a premium, I'd much rather have a copy and paste of the Gadjah Mada but with regular smoke and torpedoes. However, it's likely the JKN class is going to be the RN tech tree T7 destroyer.