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  1. Ok so where is T 61

    Nothing. That's something they have up on the wiki before a premium ship is released.
  2. January Alerts

    "Something new to collect and mission to go them" - this is likely to be the Distinctive Insignia that were in the public test for 0.7.0 https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/pt070/
  3. I've been most looking forward to seeing a Dido-class cruiser; it would be interesting to see how it would be implemented into the game. A Tribal-class destroyer with 8 guns instead of 6 would be nice, hint hint.... Also like to see the RN DD tech tree soon.... HMS Sheffield; even though it's similar to the Fiji, Belfast, and Edinburgh, WG aren't shy about releasing premium clones of existing tech tree ships. HMS Repulse HMS Agincourt Any heavy cruiser
  4. Small Buff to HMS Gallant?

    I asked LWM about this a while ago and she suggested one of the following: Decreasing torpedo reload time Decreasing torpedo detection range Increasing torpedo range Currently, it takes 24 seconds to reload per torpedo tube (on any RN ship + Gadjah Madah), so to decrease her reload would also possibly mean a buff to the reload on all RN ships. However, looking at the T-61 and the difference in reload between its torpedoes and those on the Ernst Gaede (a 22 second difference) despite being the exact same torpedoes and having the same number of tubes per launcher... why not? Decreasing torpedo detection range would be reasonable as her 61 knot torpedoes just cross the threshold between the 1.2/1.3 km detection range seeing as the Anshan has a 1.2 km detection range with 60 knot torpedoes. Increasing torpedo range could be an option with it having the Mk IX** torpedoes that the Edi gets with a 10 km range and 62 knot speed.
  5. Socialism with Chinese characteristics, comrade. It's great, you can buy anything there. Exploding kettles Baby foetus soup Thirty year old beef Melamine contaminated milk powder Babies Barbecued cat (or it could be rat) Dog meat There's also an app that works like Uber except you hire goons to assault/intimidate someone. I don't know about being more capitalist, but Kong Zhong Wang are certainly greedy, even when compared to WG.
  6. Battle of the North Cape, Mission 4, Task 2

    Didn't work for me either. Double checked I had actually knocked out a main battery turret and that I met the task conditions. Seems like it is bugged.
  7. RN destroyers - time frame?

    Last I heard was not to expect them any time soon. It was from a post on WoWs FB page just after the Operation Dynamo event ended.
  8. Islands of super glue

    They're magnetic, obviously. Observe
  9. Tier 10 Permanent Camouflage

    Either that or you can stick a 19 point captain in it and farm elite commander XP for use elsewhere. That's what I've done with almost all my ships that have premium camouflage so far.
  10. Tier 7 cruisers

    That depends on what characteristics you prefer your cruisers to have. Are there any you're particularly interested in?
  11. Your experience with Queen Elizabeth?

    Pretty much. Whenever I was playing the QE I wished I was in Warspite instead. And that slightly improved AA isn't enough to save you.
  12. @NoZoupForYou For use in future ;) https://forvo.com/word/cesare/
  13. The new Pan-Asia destroyers

    I was originally planning to grind them up to the Gadjah Madah but the concealment of the Hsiangyang has peaked my interest.