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    Colorado — American Tier VII battleship.

    I've been putting off getting the Colorado for...God, years all because I've heard nothing but bad things about it. Few days ago I went ahead and bought it and lo and behold I've had consecutive good games in it. People complain about the speed, which it does suck being stuck at 22knots with the speed flag at Tier VII, but when you spend a shitload of time playing the Wyoming, Texas, and Arizona beforehand I just kinda got used to it. So now I have a ship who's primary negative is something I've since gotten used to, but now I have eight 406mm guns that are pinpoint accurate and delete just about anything they see. Of course I do look forward to the North Carolina, Iowa, and Montana, but the Colorado has so far been a definite high point of the line rather than a dark low point to free XP past. Also I think? it has been buffed a good deal since the game's release so maybe those initial complaints were 100% spot-on and it really was hot garbage, but it definitely doesn't feel like it now.