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  1. Godlessdonut

    Upcoming Charity Stream Guide

    Do you have any concrete problems about Save the Children or Tiltify or are just spouting off vague, unfounded fears? Save the Children is a very highly rated charity, with only 14% of the money they raise going to overhead costs. Tiltify is a trusted method of raising money for charities on Twitch. They take a very small percentage for their overhead and the vast majority goes to the charity. Not one penny touches the streamer/company who's running the charity drive. So you're willing to punish an unrelated charity over the PR? Cool.
  2. Godlessdonut

    Upcoming Charity Stream Guide

    WG gets itself in trouble with the community by guilt tripping people into donating to a charity? lmbo what? Nobody is baited or trapped. Also the PR has literally nothing to do with this charity stream.
  3. Godlessdonut

    Where Would You Ship?

    Haida is in Toronto.