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  1. Whompity

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    Love Helena. Keep her safe, and you can farm a lot of damage. Even if your team isn't a ton of help and you only get 3 stars. :P
  2. I've gotten 18 RN crates from just grinding the missions. Haven't bought any premium crates or any with doubloons. 0 dd missions so far.
  3. I'd really like to chat with you about our clan.    I'm the oldest member (77 today) and we are a fairly new clan that has almost completed all our facilities on our base.    This coming Clan Battle Season we are planning on becoming far more active.   Our current clan members are a very congenial group who would assist and work with you in any way you desire.    If you'd like to chat you can contact me at dbwright86@yahoo.com, or we could do a facetime chat directly via dbwright86@gmail.com.    


    Hope to hear from you and wish you every success in what ever you decide to do.