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  1. SgtBeltfed

    Incorrect Ensigns on the German Tech Tree

    Not being illegal, and not being able to market it because it might anger someone are two separate things. The Germans don't think highly of the Kaiser either. IJN ships don't fly the correct flag, and instead fly a generic Japanese flag, even though the JMSDF still flies the Rising Sun today. They did special flags for Russian, Pan-Asian, and Commonwealth ships. Russian, yea, low hanging fruit, Pan-Asian angered some people, the countries in that line don't like each other, and Commonwealth I think players just asked for it. As the code for it exists, and it's not a game play issue and would just be something fairly quick for the art department, I don't see any reason for them not to do it, especially since the PEF just came out unless there was an actual reason.
  2. SgtBeltfed

    Incorrect Ensigns on the German Tech Tree

    Probably something about not being able market the game in Germany if they were flying technically correct German flags, even if it was only for the non-Nazi ships. Easier to make a fictitious obviously German flag and not have to deal with it.
  3. SgtBeltfed

    Why do you play Ranked?

    In a normal ranked season, I play to get to rank 15 early, where the commemorative flag is awarded, then I get out before the stupidity catches up with me. The signals and such getting there is a nice bonus. For ranked sprint, the only reason for me to play is because I need something for a mission, though I'm not going to say no to the rewards while I do it.
  4. SgtBeltfed

    WWII Naval Aircraft Ordinance

    I've never heard anything about it, at least it's just a rocket with a time fuse on it, instead of the rocket launched aerial mine hanging from a parachute on a cable that hopefully won't drift back to the launching ship.
  5. SgtBeltfed

    CV in Operations: is it even viable?

    Of the current operations that CV's can get into, only in Narai and Ultimate Frontier are they questionable, if only because of the stupid levels of AA. They're still worth a lot for recon, and hitting secondary mission targets. In the Tier 6 operations, CV's are excellent if played properly, spotting torps, spotting DD's, achieving secondary objectives, killing stuff before it's a threat. They are far more useful than destroyers, if the rest of the team knows how to behave around them (for example, in Raptor Rescue, if the CV's gonna kill the Zuiho, there's no need for half the team to go CV hunting to the south) With 0.8.0, CV's will no longer be able to get into Narai and Ultimate Frontier as there's no tier 7 CV's, and their utility in the tier 6 operations will be seriously reduced due to the lack of an alpha strike, low damage potential overall, lack of ability to spot torps, and overall lack of an ability to multitask.
  6. SgtBeltfed

    WWII Naval Aircraft Ordinance

    For the US in WWII, Corsairs, Hellcats, Avengers and Helldivers and anything similar of the same generation or later carried rockets, either the 3.5" or 5" FFAR's. I've never seen a Wildcat, Devastator, Dauntless, or Buffalo with under wing rockets. As far as I'm aware, the IJN's use of rockets is limited to the Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka dropped by G4M's, and an AA rocket on CV's, which probably wasn't a bad idea, unlike the British version.
  7. Any surface ship that you have to hot bunk on is terrible, doing so on a small DD is bad, on a capital ship it is almost unheard of.
  8. Entirely because of the treaty battleships, she had the least bad features of all of them that stayed to the treaty limits. North Carolina: Vibration issues, and not enough armor. South Dakota: Some Vibration Problems, fixed the armor problem, habitability was terrible, being on par with a submarine, secondary battery was packed too close together. King George V: Great Armor, good speed, under-gunned. Nelson: Hilariously Slow, and had blast damage problems Bismarck: structural problems aft, and 10k tons overweight. Littorio: Also, about 10k tons overweight. The Iowa's are escalator clause battleships, built to 45k tons, and Yamato's only concession to treaties was the designation of her main guns "45 caliber Type 94 40 cm Gun" which we all probably know what happened there.
  9. 350mm L/42 SC C/14 is probably a British authors "correction", the guns are actually 42 calibers long by British standards, even though Germans call them 35 cm SK L/45 guns. You see this a lot with German naval guns, American ship classes, and a number of other designations. The SC I'm guessing means "Ship Cannon" even though in German it's SchiffsKanone, and officially "SK" as per German standards.
  10. SgtBeltfed

    Prepping for CV update

    As long as you aren't spending doubloons on it, there's no reason not to.
  11. SgtBeltfed

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    There's not many ships left in the reserve fleet, down to under 100, and looking at the list, maybe half are roll on/roll off ships, which can be done in in short order, they're maintained, and looking at their entries, are active somewhat regularly. The US has been recycling the mothball fleet since about 1987, right after SS American Victory was reactivated, for 2.5 mil or so and they found out it was a pointless endeavor. The old ships were built for bulk cargo, the modern military moves cargo by container and roll-on/roll-off. As far as building large numbers of new ships quickly, it's not gonna happen, the infrastructure isn't there any more, and neither are the people.
  12. SgtBeltfed

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    Last time they tried it, as an experiment (SS American Victory, back in 1986), it wasn't worth the time and effort. They'd be better off hiring or otherwise impressing into service a bunch of US flagged freighters, likely Jones Act ships, if Military Sealift Command didn't have enough ships in service to move troops as fast as they can be mobilized.
  13. The French didn't design 15 inch guns until 1935, her 13 inch guns were newly designed in 1931. Strasbourg was the most heavily armored ship the French had built to date, and they were first class of battleship the French had actually completed since 1916. The Dunkerque's were also the largest battleships the French actually finished up to that point as well. The French might very well have been unable to build a QE style battleship if they had wanted to. It looks a lot like the French were building the biggest and best in every category they could while gaining experience and upgrading facilities to build the Richelieu. The French didn't really make any compromises, they just couldn't make anything else and have it useful. Also, no sane person could have predicted how the Italians upgraded their older battleships, much less the French with their "special" track record of ship design.
  14. SgtBeltfed

    CV rework and the premiums

    from Jan 23rd to the 30th. The delay was specifically for some UI and Visual changes, and a mechanics change to reinforcing sector AA. If they take advantage of the extra week for more, it's a bonus I guess.
  15. SgtBeltfed

    Your very first Premium was?

    Yubari, back in the closed beta.