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  1. Looks like all the armor values are vertical armor. Just weirdness comparing A higher velocity gun with a lighter shell v/s a lower velocity gun firing a heavier shell. the guns on the King George V http://navweaps.com/Weapons/WNBR_14-45_mk7.php Navweaps doesn't have as much information on the Italian guns, but Scharnhorst's guns fit the high velocity - light weight shell http://navweaps.com/Weapons/WNGER_11-545_skc34.php
  2. They could also do the New Jersey or Wisconsin in the future with very little change to the model, Missouri was in a class of 4.
  3. The HSF Graf Spee has +100% to free XP regardless of which premium camo it uses in addition to whatever the normal Graf Spee uses, and can use HSF captains in addition to German ones. That's about the difference.
  4. With the longer ranged torps, good if not great for launching torps from the flank, and punishing ships that are bow tanking your team. Either they stay broadside and risk getting hit, or turn bow on to your torps and give your team the broadside. It's also good at breaking up battleship/cruiser huddles behind islands.
  5. Damage saturation, your torpedoes probably hit the bow or stern, depleted the HP's in that area, and stopped taking damage after the first hit or two.
  6. Probably a difference between the casemate mounting and the turret mounting. The trunnions on the turret mounted weapons need to be far enough inside the turret to allow the breach to drop inside the turret ring when the gun elevates. On a mount in a casemate, elevation is seriously limited anyway, there's no reason not to shove the trunnions against the casemate face and get all the room behind the gun as possible. Assuming the guns are balanced on the trunnions, the casemate guns will stick further out of the mount.
  7. Game balance, and trying to keep CV's from all looking and playing alike by giving them some national traits. Also, within 2 seconds of giving CV captains the choice, there'd be exactly one load out that would work, and everything else would simply be a way for a captain to make his ship nearly useless. There's too many ways for players to do that with captain skills and upgrades as it is.
  8. I set mine to "Standard" and they work fine in normal game play. If you set then to "National" you get whatever the nation it's based on is. In Replays I've needed to set them to the correct voice because for some reason, standard doesn't get the job done there.
  9. Well, lattice masts are rare in the Italian navy, I only found one class of cruiser with them, and that was only the foremast on a post WWII rebuilt. Looks a lot like a cross between a bunch of Italian cruisers and or battleships, with lattice masts from a newer vessel.
  10. Ah, the month of the Derpitz, how I miss that special act of stupidity. It made DD drivers look good, and I pity anyone who was near one, friend or foe alike.
  11. Good to know, shooting the director tower is useless too.
  12. Well, the bottom 2/3rds of the beer can overlaps the 3 layer wedding cake director tower, which also isn't part of the armor model. So the real question is, is the director tower part of the hit box?
  13. The 100 Club

    Kongo, 365, ARP Kongo 114 Fuso, 202 Nikolai 191 Nagato 108 Amagi 108 Tenryu 145 Shimakaze 107 I've got too many ships to pile up the kills on just one.
  14. Setting my voices to standard seemed to work for my ARP and HSF captains. National seemed to override the captain with whatever nationality the ship is.
  15. I'm pretty certain I didn't lose any in Co-op and if it wasn't awarded for every game, I would have only missed them when I didn't survive till the end of the match, and went and ran a different ship while I waited.