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  1. SgtBeltfed

    Why Oklahoma and not Nevada?

    I was thinking more along the lines of Oklahoma looks like a proven combination that's been dropped a tier, so it should be easy to get a nicely balanced ship. After all, crap AA, but can't see tier 8 CV's. As a tier 6, a refitted Nevada could see tier 8 CV's, which wouldn't be bad with the late war AA suite, but at best she's only 20.5 knots and down two barrels from Arizona. So you get in a match where a CV doesn't come after you, or just isn't there at all, and now you're really a tier 5 ship that doesn't get the benefits of being a tier down. Arizona, even if the AA isn't good, and her speed stinks, always has her dozen very nice guns. If WG did a Dec41' Nevada, then we'd just do another lap around the same road that WG just did with West Virginia, why didn't we get the 1944 version?
  2. SgtBeltfed

    Why Oklahoma and not Nevada?

    Oklahoma can easily fit at tier 5, in her final configuration. She looks like she could be a tier 5 Arizona (slow, good guns, limited AA, and should be really tanky) Nevada, in her final configuration, is a really strange beast, tier 7 AA/secondaries, with solid tier 5 guns, and tier 4 or 5 speed. Armor could range from tier 5 to tier 7.
  3. SgtBeltfed

    Help Me! Horrible results against Enterprise

    Just bad luck? You should eat her alive shooting her broadside or at a slight angle with AP, aiming just below the waterline, from just in front of the island to just aft of the island. She's not that well armored other than her hanger, which still isn't that heavy. She doesn't really have a belt, but she's got just enough armor to keep most ships other than Roma from overpenning.
  4. They do not dilute AA, as every squadron in range takes the stated amount of damage, so, all the fighters are doing is allowing you to do more damage to aircraft and get more kills in that regard. There's a couple of reasons to drop them during an attack though, defending floatplanes and fighters might attack them first, they might shoot down the defending fighters before they can shoot down your attacking aircraft on the way out, or lastly, when your last aircraft attacks, is destroyed or is "F" keyed, you stop spotting almost instantly, so the fighters will provide spotting until they are are destroyed, attack something or the timer expires. As far as not dogfighting, that's sort of true. It's more like dropping a mine for the other CV player that he can watch you do it. Now there's an area on the map that he has to either fly around or lose airplanes going through it. If the CV pre-dropped, those losses might stop that attack, if he didn't pre-drop, he's usually going to be limited to one attack. If you drop them on top of the other CV's planes, he will usually be able to exit the area before the fighters are active.
  5. SgtBeltfed

    New T6 premium German CV

    I think Graf Zeppelin's uniqueness is pretty safe. Tier 6 doesn't have the plating to tank small caliber HE, so even if they copied the guns exactly, Zeppelin's got the durability to make it work. Also, Zeppelin's got tier 10 torpedo and dive bombers, so a tier 10 version would need Me262's or something. It's interesting, all the German CV's can comfortably share captains as long as you aren't going for a meme build, while both premium CV's don't play like each other, or like the tech tree CV's.
  6. SgtBeltfed

    Quicky Loewenhardt Review

    Took her into Raptor Rescue, and she's ok. Probably not as good as Ryujo in it, but there's plenty of Kuma's running around to hit with rockets.
  7. SgtBeltfed

    French Cvs

    With the limited options available for CV's, I can see that getting stretched out some with alternate USN and IJN CV lines.
  8. SgtBeltfed

    Can we quit with the double CV?

    Having one squadron that I don't have to wait for it to come back, V/S having planes in 3 places at once that I run in a cycle so I don't have a traffic jam on the flight deck. The RTS CV's were a lot more powerful as spotters.
  9. SgtBeltfed

    Can we quit with the double CV?

    The forums represent a small fraction of the player base. Even if everyone threatening to not spend a dime was telling the truth, the vast majority of players don't care enough to even come to the forum's.
  10. SgtBeltfed

    New T6 premium German CV

    As a tier 6, she was cheap, I picked her up, did one Co-Op, then Raptor Rescue. Torps take a little getting used to from grinding the German tech tree CV's, overall she's "ok" but not great. She gets a passing grade on Raptor Rescue, with a little bit of practice with her, I think she could be an good operations CV. Not Ryujo or Ark Royal level, but probably above Furious and Ranger. She doesn't have Graf Zeppelin's durability, and the secondaries are exactly that, secondaries. Not Clevelands strapped to each side that shoot better than 3/4 the player base. Don't expect her to pull off Graf Zeppelin level antics and survive.
  11. SgtBeltfed

    Should islands make radar blind spots?

    Even the Japanese had radar by the end of the war, not as good as the USN, but they did have it. IJN torp reloads took longer than the 20 minutes the match lasts, so they could be safely ignored. Also, they wanted realistic, they'd have to change the spotting mechanics, Kongo and Fuso would be terrifying as scouts, with DD"s being nearly blind, as how far you can see or be seen from is determined by mast height.
  12. SgtBeltfed

    Should islands make radar blind spots?

    If realism was the goal, yes. However, realism isn't the goal. With radar's function and other limitations in the game, no, it shouldn't.
  13. SgtBeltfed

    This was fun

    True, I had not considered heavy v/s light cruisers. The Des Meme's count as the best of both worlds I think. The CV's are almost the worst possible CV's to have in that match (slow planes, and the extra health won't matter), only way it could have been worse for them is if they were Implacable's as sacrificial tier 8's.
  14. SgtBeltfed

    This was fun

    I'm going to go with "Which side has 7 radar cruisers?" Not like either CV is gonna spot anything for long with all that AA.
  15. Never had that happen myself, always seems to happen to me with guns of questionable penetration, at long range or questionable angles. Now, I've had Yamato bounce off a broadside cruiser or battleship at point blank range for reasons that don't make any sense other than stupid RNG.