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  1. SgtBeltfed

    Shell type changing from HE to AP on it's own

    Wonder if you got a key on the keyboard going bad. Got a spare one to swap it with to test it? Could also be that you're grazing "2" when you hit "W" to change speed or think you want to go faster, doesn't help when you're at flank, but I do it in my Shimakaze every time I run her.
  2. SgtBeltfed

    Italians are coming!

    The Brits and later French had at least on paper good AA. (By virtue of covering the ship in AA guns) It didn't stack up in reality. The Italians didn't cover their ships in AA guns, and if you did buff the Italian guns to unrealistic levels, then how would it look for them to have better AA guns than the US Navy. If you cover them in AA guns, they won't look like Italian ships, which had fine lines and little deck space for such things.
  3. SgtBeltfed

    Italians are coming!

    Italian ships had pretty bad AA historically, so doubling almost nothing is still almost nothing. It's from both poor AA gun designs (lots of gas operated guns, bad for vibration) and general lack of fire control. The existing premium ships have pretty poor AA as well. Hopefully we'll be able to trade the smoke for hydro, because SAP/smoke and someone else has to spot for you looks to get stale real quick.
  4. SgtBeltfed

    Italians are coming!

    Not like DFAA would do them any good anyway with the AA guns they have.
  5. SgtBeltfed

    Italians are coming!

    MMMMMMM pasta boats, have to check that out when I get home.
  6. SgtBeltfed

    Teir X CV play

    I try and stay away from tier X games myself, just less fun in general. I think that tier X CV's are soft capped at one CV per match, so if you're in a tier 8 CV, you'll almost never share a match with them.
  7. SgtBeltfed

    Karma - I have to laugh at this one...

    I'd agree, but mine's been slowly going up with Graf Zeppelin, must be the end of game secondary brawling or something.
  8. SgtBeltfed

    More and More Passive...

    Camping has been getting worse, mostly because players will not move up to support teammates. BB's hang back because it gets old being turned into a seaborne bonfire by cruisers you can't shoot at. Cruisers stay back because it's easier and safer to hide and farm damage on BB's. Moving up to support a DD can result in being deleted by a BB. DD's stop moving up because they've been hung out to dry way too often. CV's actually can help this because, you can minimise the effect of a CV by making the match shorter. Also, sitting stationary next to an island makes you an easy target for air dropped torpedoes. However, people blame the CV's for their existing passive habits.
  9. SgtBeltfed

    p2w clan wars

    I can't think of any premium tier 8's you can still buy that will bring anything to the table that a tech tree ship can't. It's not like tier 7 where you can buy radar.
  10. SgtBeltfed

    The CV nerf was a indirect nerf of American ships.

    How implies the mechanism for doing damage is important, be it spotting for others, doing it yourself, fire, flooding, blind firing torps to see who finds your toys, reds sinking each other because they're bored, ect... That doesn't really matter, damage is damage, however it gets applied. In the end what matters is who that damage was to. Who's more important to winning? The player that does 150k damage farming bottom tier battleships and comes in 7th, or the player with 50K damage that was hitting top tier DD's that came in first?
  11. SgtBeltfed

    The CV nerf was a indirect nerf of American ships.

    Completely wrong. It's not how the damage gets done, it's to what. 100k damage to BB's is pretty worthless, 20k to DD's and you've accomplished something.
  12. SgtBeltfed

    Attacked by CV while smoked

    Hitting a DD in smoke can be challenging, if the DD isn't making it obvious where it is. AA fire comes from the smoke visually, so in itself doesn't give the CV an exact location. It does tell the CV that you're still in the smoke cloud. Your main guns, if you fire them, will give the CV an exact aiming point. If you're hiding in smoke, and your capping, and only a small amount of smoke is actually in the cap, well, that's not making it difficult. There's also educated guess work, for example, if you're heading North East, drop smoke and slow down, you're likely to be near the North East edge of the smoke for a while. If I've got torps, to hurl them from the North West or South East first, to try and catch you broadside.
  13. SgtBeltfed

    How Did 8.5 Affect CVs?

    The real numbers that you'd need to see how CV affect the game are: Average base XP for winners and a losers, and average damage for winners and losers. (to see where CV's come in on the team, and to give some idea of what they are actually doing, does a CV doing well really help, or is it just hot air from those that blame others for their own failings.) Average number of ships that died before the CV in both wins and losses. (does early loss of a CV mean the team loses?) As far as balancing spotting, it has to be balanced against how much time the CV has to spend spotting v/s doing damage. You can make it so that only the CV sees what the planes can see, and I'll be putting red ship locations and headings in chat, because winning games pays the bills better than anything else a CV can do. If normal players can do damage, they will do so over anything else. If you make them blind and unable to do damage, what are they here for?
  14. SgtBeltfed

    How Did 8.5 Affect CVs?

    Except for tier 8, winrate doesn't mean much at all, as CV's are mirrored, and there's only 3 horses in those races. Can't have a game with CV's and not have a CV win. Tier 8 there's enough premium CV's that there can be some variation between them, but winrate is still useless outside of comparing CV's against each other. Spotting is inversely proportional to damage, The harder it is for a CV to do damage, the more time it will spend spotting if the CV driver is being productive.
  15. SgtBeltfed

    How Did 8.5 Affect CVs?

    Audacious got pounded by the speed boost nerf, with her planes being so slow to begin with, she's the worst of the T10's as far as actually playing it. You can drop fighters ontop of her aircraft, and she can't get away from them before they activate and wipe out the flight. The extra health on her aircraft doesn't mean much with her aircraft speed. The double tier grind doesn't help either.