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  1. Worst design flaw you can think of?

    Superfiring a secondary turret over a main battery turret requires a longer ship, just like a main battery turret. US Navy pre-dreads were small ships, and they tended to pack more firepower than their displacement should realistically support.
  2. Worst design flaw you can think of?

    Not an entirely a bad idea, but whatever gains you got from them was lost quickly due to advancing technology, leaving you nothing but drawbacks The idea is you save weight by superimposing quick firing (relatively speaking) 8 inch guns on top of very slow firing 12 or 13 inch guns. In theory, you can fire the 8 inch guns several times between firings of the larger guns, and just re-aim the turret when you want to fire the big guns. You save weight in that the 8 inch guns can shoot to both sides, giving the effect of having 4 twin 8 inch turrets on the Kearsarge's , or in the Virginia's, the ships had the equivalent of 6 twin 8 inch turrets, for the weight of 4. The other part of the theory was, the 8" guns are really going to do all the work and disable the target, the large guns are used to sink ships that have been disabled as they don't fire fast enough to make spotting fall of shot meaningful against a moving target. Technological advancement improved the rate of fire of the larger guns to the point that they were useful against a moving target, and made the big guns on the ship the main guns. The only real flaws are that mutual blast interference limited the usefulness of the guns and the tall turrets caused topweight issues. In the end it lead to the US Navy adopting superfiring turrets early on, and USN turrets could actually shoot over each other, unlike most other nations.
  3. What is WG trying to tell us?

    Would be realistic, but we already have wrecks sinking into the beach.
  4. What is WG trying to tell us?

    Before calling someone a child, check the website, neither of us hid our age. Most of the battleships that go that way end up out of the fight for most of the match. The only ways it works is with a fast ship, so you can get to the other side of the map in a reasonable amount of time, or if both teams have ships run that way and hide.
  5. What is WG trying to tell us?

    lol, too bad half the BB players wouldn't understand it.
  6. Worst design flaw you can think of?

    Actually, most medium tanks are built to take on other tanks. There's a mix of speed, firepower, and armor that different countries took slightly different takes on it, and some worked better than others. Also, the medium tank concept evolved into the modern main battle tanks, so at it's core, was pretty good. RN battlescruisers are, by the purest definition, screaming eggshells armed with sledgehammers. Hood's better than a lot of them, the RN paid for some lessons at Jutland in blood.
  7. Worst design flaw you can think of?

    Hood's problem wasn't a "design" flaw, she was built around an entirely flawed concept. Battlecruisers were built to hunt down cruisers, support the fleet like a frigate of old with scouting, and to run away from battleships. She was perfectly well suited for those tasks. There's just one tiny problem. What happens if someone else deploys battlecruisers? Or, even worse, builds light, fast battleships, which are bascially what German battlecruisers were. The entire concept of the battlecruiser never accounted for someone employing an equal ship.
  8. Worst design flaw you can think of?

    The Royal Navy had torpedo bombers in the inventory until at least 1953, I'm not really certain of how useful they would have been, or if they were even serious about using them in that role by that point. There wasn't much use for them in Korea anyway.
  9. More AC options

    Useful abbreviations for ships. CV = Aircraft carrier BB = Battleship BBV = Hybrid battleship carrier, see IJN Ise, you'll see it talked about from time to time BC, CB or CC = Battlecruiser, CB is "Large" cruiser, blame the USN, CC is the correct USN designation, but you usually won't find it used. (some que as battleships, like Kongo, some que as cruisers, like Graf Spee) CL = light cruiser (any cruiser with 6"/155mm guns or smaller) CA = Heavy Cruiser (any cruiser with guns larger than 6"/155mm), came from AC for Armored Cruiser, of which there aren't any in game as of yet DD = Destroyer DDL = Destroyer Leaders (some of the DD's in game are actually leader variants, not that it really matters much) SS = Submarine, because well, there's that Halloween thing.
  10. Wayback Wednesday - Your first T10

    Was the Yamato, I used to enjoy PvP in battleships, especially IJN ones, so it was the logical choice. Found out I don't like what tier 10 BB play has turned into. Then got the Shimakaze and have more fun now.
  11. Yugumo is definitely a keeper, it fills a different niche than the Shimakaze at tier 10. It's shorter and handier when trying to take caps if that's what you're trying to do.
  12. Gotta go with my Shimakaze, hit rate may not look like much, but quantity has a quality all of it's own. Doesn't hurt that she has a 19 point captain and she's the only high tier ship I play anything resembling regularly.
  13. Musashi Variant

    4 that I know of, Yamato (BB), Musashi (BB), Shinano (CV) and the Unnamed Hull 111 (Scrapped early on) Wikapedia also lists Hull Number 797 as canceled in planning, I don't remember anything about it.
  14. Worst design flaw you can think of?

    Anything involving the Novgorod, being a floating Frisbee doesn't make for a good ship. Pretty much every French Pre-Dreadnought, they were all pretty bad, from the longitudinal watertight bulkheads (instead of taking on water and being down by the bow or stern, they just capsized instead) to the top weight problems so bad that the ship isn't safe to pull away from the pier. Too easy to throw darts at those. The tumblehome hulls didn't help much either. As converted into aircraft carriers, the USS Lexington and USS Saratoga couldn't have their underwater protection system properly filled and sit on an even keel at the same time. From the war loss reports, this may have contributed to the Lexington's loss. Kaga, as originally converted, with the worlds largest side pipes, a Hot Rodder's dream, pumped so much heat into the aft part of the flight deck it was uninhabitable, and she wasn't fast enough to keep the exhaust fumes out of the hanger.
  15. I used to run the 20km torps with torpedo acceleration, cutting them down to 15km with a reasonable speed. The 12km ones are the same speed without TA, a little less detectable, a couple skill points cheaper and what I run now. If you're not overly aggressive, radar cruisers aren't much of a problem. Just don't over commit while trying to cap early, a live Shima is a monster late game after the map has been thinned out a bit. If you dive into caps early and try to fight it out with other DD"s, you're gonna have a short game. My Shimakaze in action