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  1. SgtBeltfed

    Are t10 cv more work or fun?

    I actually found the sweet spot for CV's to be tier 8. The only real drawback is getting stuck in a tier 10 match as the sacrificial tier 8. I won't blame the tier 10 CV's for being more work than fun, it's a tier 10 match in general problem.
  2. SgtBeltfed

    T8 CV for Clan Battles

    That's exactly why I'm not sold on the carpet bombers in a reduced size match. Same goes for Implacable, but at least she has torpedo planes, as lackluster as hers may be. They are dead last for a reason.
  3. SgtBeltfed

    T8 CV for Clan Battles

    1) Enterprise if you have a CV driver with her. Might even be recruitment request. If you're a clanless Enterprise owner, or looking for a new clan, this might be a good opportunity for you. Combination of good enough rockets, good triple torpedo drop, and a very nasty load of AP bombs (she drops 6 at a time). She's also scary in the air defense role. You'll see why she isn't for sale. Her only drawback is her slow aircraft. 2) Lexington, Somewhat better planes than Enterprise, good rockets, good triple torpedo drop, the HE bombs have some utility, but not the ship wrecking potential of Enterprise. Also has pretty good fighters. Like Enterprise, her only drawback is slow aircraft. 3) Graf Zeppelin, not for the secondaries, but for the plane speed. Rockets are only ok, triple torp drop with passable torps, but the AP bombs are a joke. She'll be the champion of recon, she's also good at air defense because she has completely disposable AP dive bombers to drop fighters off quickly. 4) Saipan, Gets a quad torp drop, ok utility with HE bombs, but she's stuck with Tiny Tims, so not so hot against DD"s (she'll murder thin skinned cruisers though). However, she has tier 10 planes, and there's fewer ships to shoot her planes down which will mitigate her biggest problems. She's also the only CV with no secondaries. 5) Shokaku, She's stealthy, planes are generally quick, rockets are ok for anti-DD work, torps are ok, AP bombers might be useful if there's enough suitable targets. Her only real drawback is the two at a time torps. 6) Kaga, The other quad torpedo dropper, rockets are passable, and she has HE bombs that work but you probably won't use them. Excessive reserves that it's unlikely you'll need. Can be stealthy. The torp drop while devastating has a long arming distance. Her biggest drawbacks are her own speed, and her 2 at a time rocket planes for anti-DD work. 7) Implacable, All her attacking flights are two at a time. The rockets are good, the torps are at least very handy in confined areas, but I'm not sold on the carpet bombers in a reduced size match (I don't see her having the time to burn ships down) 8) Indomitable , Her planes are fast, rockets are fairly good. She's got the same recon and air defense benefits as Graf Zeppelin. Like Implacable, I'm not sold on the carpet bombers in a reduced size match. Lack of torpedo bombers really hurts her.
  4. SgtBeltfed

    WG how about another bathtub event.

    The bathtub boats were absolutely great. Wish they'd expand on it, the possibilities are as endless as they are insane.
  5. SgtBeltfed

    Fat Ships

    Wee-Vee, filling a drydock
  6. SgtBeltfed

    What is this thing?

    With the amount of time and money wasted on making ships look good over the years, I wouldn't doubt the expense made in something silly like this. It's not like the Royal Navy didn't skip gunnery practice back in the day because it would chip up the paint work. Also, it's likely that the cover actually protects the check valve from large ocean waves, to keep a large wave from back flushing the system and making a rather foul mess in the head. It may have been her sister ship ran the drain internally, and Trento's exposed drain was an oversight at design that was fixed after construction had progressed past the point where they could simply reroute it. I've dealt with enough of those on modern ships where the ships were designed in CAD and takes years to build. I can imagine it was even more common back when it was done on a drawing board and ships were built faster.
  7. SgtBeltfed

    What is this thing?

    A), you links broke. B), the OP is looking at the box on the hull at the waterline, not the paravane on the barbette of B-turret.
  8. SgtBeltfed

    What is this thing?

    it's likely a cover/outlet for an overboard drain, probably from a large crew head. It ends at the waterline, and would be open at the bottom. It's not like there's a sewage treatment plant on board ships of this era. I doubt it's from the hanger, as there would be one on each side.
  9. SgtBeltfed

    Kaga Commander Skils

    Survivability expert, it's a flat 200 extra HP per plane at tier 8, and Kaga's planes all have less than 2K hitpoints, so they'll be more than 10% tougher against both continuous damage and getting winged by flak. Kaga's squadrons are rather large, so clipping flak is fairly common, at least until you've dropped your first attack. Eating a flak burst to the face pretty much ruins your day anyway. Aircraft armor is just against continuous damage and has no impact on flak.
  10. SgtBeltfed

    Kaga Commander Skils

    Looks a lot like mine, which seems to work for me. That build will work well for any other IJN CV as well, so if you want to double dip on the XP, put her in a Ryujo and hit up operations.
  11. SgtBeltfed

    Kaga Commander Skils

    I don't know what being top tier is either, I think it's what happens when I'm not the only tier 8 in as otherwise all tier 10 match. I just run my pretty much standard CV captains build with Kaga, and when I start running low on planes I want (just torp bombers, usually still have rocket planes, and plenty of dive bombers left) I can look up and see I'm just about out of time as well. You don't notice the difference when your taking the losses, I noticed it end game when I had partial squadrons of aircraft v/s a full squadron with a couple extras that I could perhaps milk two strikes out of if the time allowed. It also helps some when facing higher AA DD's. with them I'm probably getting two strikes, without I'm gonna make one strike and be left with some aircraft that won't survive long enough to make an effective second.
  12. SgtBeltfed

    Kaga Commander Skils

    Kaga's torps are fast enough, you don't need Torpedo Acceleration, and the increase in arming distance makes it a detriment. (The target has the exact same time and more room to dodge) Dump Torpedo Armament Expertise, it no longer helps torpedo bombers at all. I'd add more of the skills for aircraft survivability and regen, Kaga's planes are fragile, her squadron's are big and not the fastest, so she's gonna lose more planes than other CV's. She's got huge reserves but a bad regen for the losses she'll take, so a little bad luck in a tier 10 match and you can run her low of the aircraft you want. I also wouldn't bother with torpedo bombers mod 1, the extra 5 seconds of aiming time isn't really needed, especially with the enforced stand off range of Kaga's torps. It's probably better to get Attack Aircraft mod 1 for an extra 2 sec of attack time on the rocket planes, it makes it much easier to engage DD's
  13. For me, teir 8. Usually don't have so many teir 10's in match that you get the teir 10 campfests, and there's plenty of ships available.
  14. 53% is pretty close to 50%, just like 47% is mathematically. The more games you play, the more each percentage means. I've got enough games that a hot or cold streak isn't going to more the win rate by much. I think things are really looking up when my win rate goes up by 0.1%. I simply don't expect people with thousands of games to have solo 70% win rates or solo 30% win rates. 90% of the server is probably within 5% either side of 50.
  15. Rigged, no. The basic math of system that will put a random group of winners and losers together with almost no chance of a tie, yes. Eventually after enough games, your Win rate will be hovering around 50% if you only play solo. You're only 1/24th of the whole match. If you want to improve that win rate by any meaningful amount, play almost exclusively in divisions. If you're with 2 other reasonably skilled players, your team now represents 1/8th of the players in the whole match and can have a far greater impact.