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  1. SgtBeltfed

    HMS Nelson Removal?

    The Hawaii actually was considered, I don't know why it wasn't carried out, I suspect the operating costs being somewhere around an Essex and lack of spare parts might have been an issue. The Baltimores and Clevelands had a lot of ships in mothballs that could be stripped for parts. The Alaska's shared machinery with the Essex's, so I suspect they were stripped for parts to support the carriers.
  2. SgtBeltfed

    Barrel Twist

    Invented 1498, wasn't common till the 1800's for small arms, Rifled cannons started showing up on ships in about 1860. HMS Warrior and a couple of US Navy Monitors had them. but they weren't common until a little later.
  3. Considering how much better Warships handles skills than Tanks, I don't really see a point. In warships, it doesn't take much time to get a 3 point or 6 point captain. Even getting a 10 point captain isn't too grindy, and in the upper tiers, you'll have one if you started from nothing by the time you have the XP to research the next ship. There's also various signals that Wargaming throws at you to speed this up, and the signals don't go bad. Play as much or as little as you line, what you didn't use is still there. In tanks, even with using the tanks elite XP to train the crew, it seams to be painfully slow to get a skill. There's some consumable for your account to boost Crew XP earnings, but it's in 1 to 3 hour increments. Pop one of those boosts, then play for 15 minutes before real life intervenes and you have to do something else. There's a lot of potential crew XP down the drain.
  4. SgtBeltfed

    CV Rework Feedback

    if you have 2 to 4 CV's per team, that's fewer cruisers shooting at you if the CV's spot you and keep you spotted. it's not like the CV's can do anything meaningful to a DD in the test. Also, with the rework, 3 CV's on the other team equal 3 flights of planes in the air that will be busy trying to make the CV skippers some XP and credits, The Hiryu on live right now launches 6, 2 of which aren't that important to the Hiryu doing damage and paying the bills. Half the team would have to be CV's to equal what a Hiryu can do right now.
  5. Yamato is very much the exception to the rule. What actually killed Prince of Wales was the torpedo that knocked off the shaft support. All the other damage she suffered to that point could be dealt with, the loss of the shaft support allowed the shaft to wobble around and destroy the watertight integrity of the ship for a good percentage of her length. Bismarck in an interesting case that I've heard put few ways: 1) She was effectively sinking since the Battle of the Denmark Strait. It wasn't going to be quick, and she might have made it to port first, but she had underwater damage from Prince of Wales and she wasn't keeping up with the flooding. It's also possible she no longer had the fuel to reach port as a result of that damage. 2) The Golden BB was the torpedo from Ark Royal's Swordfish that jammed the rudders, Bismarck couldn't deal with the damage, and was just waiting to die at that point. Bismarck was already doomed at least twice over by the time King George V and Rodney caught up with her, what followed was simply an execution.
  6. SgtBeltfed

    I think the rework might be canceled?

    I just went browsing though the EU forums, at first glance, it's not that different than what you see on the US forums. Very few people that loved it (and might need their heads examined, I'm pretty sure they were playing a different game) Most people very frustrated with it, either the buggyness of it, or the massive effort on the part of the CV captain for total lack of reward, or harping on as to how the test was done. And of course there was a few frothing at the mouth about how WG is ruining CV's, ruining the game, they want their money back, blah blah blah.... I didn't browse though the non-english parts of the forums, as I speak and read 'Merucan, and with some difficulty can parse actual English into something I can understand. The really short answer is, test one was clearly an early alpha test and test two was a badly done waste of time for the testers at best, or a slap in the face at worst.
  7. It's probably fair enough to call the H.L. Hunley a manned torpedo, even if that wasn't quite the intent. That was actually the first plan, dive under the target and drag the explosives into the ship. It might have also shielded the Hunley from the explosion of it's own bomb some. Enough to survive? Who knows. The towed "Torpedo" had a habit of drifting into the back of the Hunley in tests, so was abandoned in favor of the spar torpedo.
  8. Which is normally the case, very few ships actually succumb to cumulative damage, they normally get shot up until "something bad happens" and that can usually get traced to a single hit. If "something bad" doesn't happen, the ship ends up looking like SMS Seydlitz after Jutland. If it does happen, it doesn't really matter if it's HMS Invincible or HMS Hood
  9. Hood was hit at least 3 times, probably twice by Bismarck and at least once by Prinz Eugen. Prinz Eugen probably started the fire on the boat deck. Bismarck hit the spotting top and the fatal shot that hit aft.
  10. There's a whole lot of ships sunk by torpedo or other means. that only one torpedo really did the damage, even though they may have been hit by more than one. Being left without power/or steering and slowly sinking is a common trend after a torpedo hit, frequently followed by more torpedo hits finishing the job. Strangely enough, some of the DD's I listed were sunk by the Germans (or possibly friendly fire) so the one hit and sunk from a Long Lance appears to have been pretty rare. It may simply be the result of overkill, one hit would have done the deed, but the DD was unlucky and was hit by two or more.
  11. SgtBeltfed

    IJN BB buff (secondaries will be HE only)

    This has a bigger impact in the lower tiers with ships like the Kongo, where much of the secondary armament was held in check by the nearly useless AP ammo. This basically doubles the effectiveness of Kongo's secondaries. I don't want to think about the Nassau and Konig Albert.
  12. In reality, it depends entirely on where a ship gets hit, how large the torpedo's warhead is and exactly how the ship is built. Generally speaking, on a smaller ship, a hit to the stern is fatal. It has a nasty habit of blowing the shaft seals, and therefore flooding the machinery spaces, which in most cases are the largest spaces on the ship. Also, there's plenty of locations on a ship that one hit is all it will take, getting hit on a watertight transverse bulkhead running between engine rooms is almost always fatal. IJN CV Taihō was sunk by a single torpedo due to poor damage control, IJN CVE Taiyō had her avgas tanks blown up by one, and IJN DD Urakaze got in the way of a torpedo that was headed for Kongo and paid for it. USS Liscome Bay, USS Blue (DD-387), USS Bristol (DD-453), USS Cooper (DD-695), USS Porter (DD-356), and USS Rowan (DD-405) were also victims of single torps, USS Porter, not to be confused with Willie D, may have been hit by an air dropped torpedo from an Avenger, so a USN CV, so that sort of thing happens in real life much as it happens in game.
  13. SgtBeltfed

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    How bugged is the test session/mechanics? No bugs to report, in the technical sense. Is the new UI and mechanics playable? The UI is what it is, niether bad nor good, the mechanics are terrible, and worse than the first test in many regards. Torpedoes are worse, the only way you will hit a moving target is if the captain is asleep or raw stinking luck. The torpedo arming line is still too difficult to see if the lighting's wrong. Bombs are easier to hit with, the IJN AP bombs are totally ineffective. The "repair" for dive bombers is useless, aircraft rarely survive long enough for it to take any effect. Rockets, much easier to hit with, still almost no effect. The new hanger mechanic is pointless, you're now just turning a CV with no alpha strike into a CV that can do nothing, especially with the insane AA. The AA is worse, where's before the AA bursts would just appear ontop of your aircraft and you would lose a bunch, now you just get a soild wall of AA for you to fail to fly around, flying through it just results in loss of all the planes. How does the new aircraft and ship gameplay feel? Surface Ships, not much change, still the lack on a float plane of any kind is annoying, the AA seems to still matter little (my actions with cooldowns, selecting sides to strengthen AA, ect... do not appear to correlate with AA being more effective or less effective) For the Carrier Aircraft, they're still extremely sloppy, the IJN "attack aircraft" (AKA, fighters with rockets strapped to them) handle like bathtubs full of water, yet actual real life IJN fighters are quite maneuverable, and rather nice to fly as I understand. Overall, the results aren't worth the effort when driving the CV. If you don't play aircraft carriers now, would the proposed rework encourage you to try more battles in CVs? Not Applicable, I have some carrier experience. If I was to hazard a guess, some people that haven't tried CV's will try this, get frustrated by the lack of results and then leave. If you are a current CV player, would the new game play appeal to you or turn you off from continuing to play CVs? If it went live as is, I would uninstall, and find something else to do with my time and money. The first test felt like it might have some potential if it was cleaned up a lot. This test seems like it was done just to slap the players that volunteered to test CV's in the face.
  14. SgtBeltfed

    Yamato 20 inch guns

    I don't think enclosing the mounts is the problem in itself, Yamato started out with enclosed mounts for her AA guns. The IJN 25mm open mounts were slow to traverse to begin with, I can't imagine the enclosed mounts were any better.
  15. SgtBeltfed

    Kaga's Secondaries

    The rate of fire on Kaga's 200mm secondaries is low enough that they don't really matter. In real life they were a waste of tonnage for obvious reasons. Kaga's 127mm battery actually isn't bad as IJN secondaries go.