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  1. Developer Blog: Graf Zeppelin

    Check your ship, and I suggest you put in a ticket, mine received the camo a while back. WG probably had to award it manually, and it may have been missed.
  2. Fritz-X bomb or missile

    Well, Fritz-X has stub wings, and travels at least as far horizontally as it does vertically, so it's definitely gliding, however poorly. After it's dropped, the launch aircraft climbs to slow down, so that the bombardier can keep the weapon in view. The weapon will arrive on target before the launch aircraft does, a very missile like quality. Guided bomb, glider bomb or missile, they're all probably technically right on some level.
  3. Well, she's named after Mount Ashitaka, and would had been the 4th vessel of Amagi class, had the name not been changed to Takao. As the ARP Takao and Atago are already in game, and are the more famous heavy cruisers, Amagi is in the tech tree, and if Akagi shows up as something other than an aircraft carrier, people would be seriously confused, there's not many options.
  4. DD players - a question if I may.

    Lets see, better to secure a flank and then advance, than to get shot from both sides. The middle cap is usually the least valuable cap, and paying to take it will usually cost you the game. Case in point, if the Fletcher had not tried to cap B, and had instead hunted me down, this would have been a different game. Dealing with radar cruisers is an art, getting lit up and shot at by 7 or 8 ships is a bad way to practice it. That flanking Shimakaze is usually spotting for you, plus if he's doing his job right, is giving the reds two bad choices to pick from: Stay broadside to the Shima's torps and find out how much damage they can do, or turn bow in to the torps and give the Shima's team shots at his broadside. It's usually bad for a Shima to try and cap early, it doesn't turn very well, and until the torps are loaded, isn't much better off than the Fubuki at tier 6.
  5. Why American Carriers are so Bad

    One, CV sniping goes out of style at tier 8, if not earlier. CV defensive fire puts the last nail in that coffin. Sneaking your air wing around the map edge, where it might get spotted, is not exactly a good use of your limited launch rate. Two, IJN v/s USN fighters boils down to several small fragile flights v/s the brick of fighters. IJN fighters normally won't survive a click on engagement with USN fighters. IJN fighters have limited ammunition, and a limited number of strafes each. You get more flights. The USN brick-O-fighters has lots of ammo, is tough relatively speaking, and can do stupid amounts of damage. You're usually outnumbered. I see where the attempt at balancing it came from, IJN fighters require good micromanaging skills, USN fighters require well timed and aimed strafes. One Idea might be to remove fighter ammo entirely, and put strafes on a cooldown. (IJN and GZ on a long cooldown, USN on a shorter one) The only reason to bring the fighters back to the ship is to replace losses. Might make it easier to run the fighters for newer players, while keeping the experts from getting out of hand with them.
  6. HMS Renown, post rebuild
  7. Really good noobs?

    In ranked, it's harder to do this, as both accounts would need to be in the same bracket. In theory, they would quickly get into different brackets. Regardless, if I see it, I will do two things: 1. Document it, and file a ticket. Maybe it will do some good, maybe not, but I'll give it a go. 2. Bring out my CV's, and throw a wrench in that idea.
  8. Correcting the Misinformation

    The additional levels of punishment aren't really a big thing to 99.99% of the players. The non-problem children will be more careful and scrub the pink off, and go along their way. The actually problem children will end up orange and be easier for WG to deal with. I think adding AFK'ers and Quitters to the system is a small plus, it'll be interesting to see how many AFK'er and Quitters end up orange or banned compared to Team Damage/TK's.
  9. Has this happen to anyone?

    Got in a short match recently myself, a 7v7. I wonder if this has been happening more recently for some reason? That 7v7 match
  10. Just A Thought On BB/CV

    CV spotting is a function of CV player quality. A good CV player will spot because they want to win, and will do so when it will help the team do that. Bad CV players will be selfish, and you aren't going to beat that one out of them. CV's already hunt lone wolves, that's the number one target. Why should cruisers and DD's that are exhibiting the same behavior be exempt? Achieving destroyer superiority is one of the most important things in the game that will get battleships to move up. Making it so that a CV contributes less is counter productive. Seems to me it would only make things worse.
  11. Graf Zep release date

    The end of the 3 months should be end of June (the 28th to be exact), so she could be on sale for July 4th.
  12. Add to this, striking the designated targets along with the aircraft from the aerodrome. Being able to get that objective quickly does wonders freeing up the team dealing with the ship's in general. Kaga 2/2/1 and Hiryu 2/2/2 are both excellent for this, Saipan is overkill for the fighters, not so hot on the strike end, and Ranger's DB's are too much RNG to be trusted, you'll be busy with the fighter brick though. I gave up on doing it with random teams, too many DD's, yoloing cruisers, ect... to make the frustration worth it.
  13. Please remove CV's from the game for now

    One, as a CV, it's almost impossible to kill anything in the first 3 minutes. It takes about that long to get the air wing loaded, off the deck, stacked up, and going down range to go punish stuff. 4 or 5 minutes, sure, they might be dropping on a target. You pretty much have to Yolo into the cap for that to happen.
  14. Really good noobs?

    Could be re-rolls, maybe with steam accounts to benefit from whatever they get. Could be a small sample size and their stats will bounce up and down quite a bit and you caught them on a good day. Could be they did the research and understood the basics before playing. Not turning broadside to a battleship, because "That's a Paddling" goes a long way. Not every new player is a "Clueless Noob" Lots of could be's, can't read much into it.
  15. Radar doesn't give early warning on torpedoes, isn't active for as long and has the same reload. Spotting aircraft have a shorter duration and a longer reload. It might not be a bad idea for the rare player to bring one in matches that are flooded with radar/hydro equipped ships like space battles. Probably not as odd as a Norma bringing radar instead of smoke, but with that much radar/hydro around, is the smoke that useful?