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  1. You also spotted for more damage in the loss, all adds up in the end.
  2. In game, the base hull Essex in game carries 75 aircraft, the upgraded hull carries 90. with 4 or 5 squadrons, BTD-1's appear to be pretty chunky aircraft, so 90's about right, especially if you don't include the dismantled aircraft hanging between the overhead beams in the hanger (you break them out overnight, so you have something to fly in the morning, and that may be impossible with the BTD-1 anyway). From what I've seen, including dismantled aircraft, the max was 108 (72 F6F's, 18 SB2C's, 18 TBF's, arranged in 4 squadrons) The Taiho has 83 in game, regardless of hull, with 6 or 7 squadrons, with the B7A's she gets in game (the aircraft she was supposed to carry, along with the A7M1's) it's believable, The most she carried operationally was 73, and she was down to 56 by the time of the battle of the Philippine Sea. I was unaware the D4Y lacked folding wings, so I'll add that to the short list of non-folding wing aircraft on carriers (A6M5, F2A, A-4 and the Sea Hurricane are the only operational ones I know of without going to WW1)
  3. Probably ACR-2, would be the right era.
  4. Could be, except the gattling guns of the era gravity fed from the top with long clips, and the ammo boxes sit higher than the gun. The gun also looks a little too big on the carriage
  5. The tier system in WoWS isn't nearly as bad a WoT's, in WoWS, at least a ship can hurt or kill anything that it can run into according to matchmaker. in WoT's, you can easily have situations were a bottom tier heavy tank can simply do nothing to a top tier medium.
  6. Something to consider: Servicing costs are fixed by tier, regardless of how much damage or lack thereof you've taken. You don't get paid to bring your ship back. So if you want to earn more, controlled aggression is key. Die too soon, and you have shorted yourself damage and XP earning opportunities. Not being aggressive enough, and you waste those same opportunities. With the potatoes I've seen lately in randoms and operations, you can't really do much about win rate. My back's been getting sore in operations carrying people with the Ryujo.
  7. They're "landing guns" for the ships marines. Warships used to carry marines not only for their own protection, boarding other ships, ect... but also for landing a force on shore and conducting raids, capturing things on shore, ect...
  8. With the USN CV's, only the Saipan and Enterprise can cross drop. Saipan with 2 groups of 3 torps with ok patterns, Enterprise with 2 groups of 5 that sort of end up with torps going all over the place.
  9. Of the IJN fleet carriers, only Akagi and Kaga were conversions (Shinano would also count if she was ever loaded out as a fleet carrier) , Ryujo, Hiryu, Soryu, Shokaku, Zuikaku and Taiho were all purpose built fleet carriers. along with the Unryu class(mostly unfinished at the end of the war). The US Navy was in the same situation, Lexington and Saratoga we both conversions. The Yorktown's, Ranger, Wasp, Essex's and Midway's were all purpose built, The Independence's were ordered as Cleveland's but reordered as CV's and the Saipan's were ordered as modifications of the Baltimore. They're something between a conversion and a purpose built CV. As far as not having folding wings, only the A6M5 truly lacked them (the A6M2 had folding wing tips to fit the deck elevators, the Japanese basically left the wingtips off on the A6M5). Everything else that served the IJN on aircraft carriers in WWII had them. Some IJN CV's didn't have hangers tall enough to fold or unfold the wings while in the hangar, however they went below decks is how they stayed. Nothing the Japanese built folded up as tight as the war built Grumman planes. With the US Navy, only the Brewster F2A Buffalo didn't have folding wings, and it's wartime career with the US Navy was mercifully short. As far as damage control, the biggest difference between the US Navy and IJN was the US Navy was better equipped, and US Navy CV's had side mounted doors going into the hangars even when there was no deck edge elevators allowing the crew to push the aircraft overboard in case of a fire, IJN CV's had to move the aircraft to the flight deck in order to send them over the side.
  10. A tier 8 CV on it's own has the worst AA in the match when everything else is in groups with higher tier cruisers. My Shokaku has a 57 with a cooldown, Most cruisers tier 9 and up have better, and have a cooldown available to them. Add to that, they probably aren't alone. Now, I'm not going to say that CV sniping is a smart thing to do, if the other CV skipper is paying any attention, the strike lex is going to lose everything he sent, for no gain. (If I don't see the lex's aircraft after a couple minutes, I'm pulling my fighters back)
  11. Well,I don't think it's really a change, if it's mostly strike Lex's trying it against you, they might not see much of a choice, especially when up tiered. You probably have the worst AA in the match (not that it's much consolation to to the Lex, it's still gonna be expensive), and he might get lucky and you're asleep at the wheel. Otherwise the Lex is just in for a bad game watching his aircraft evaporate when he spots anything.
  12. Mostly WOWs, rarely play WoT, and if I'm drunk enough, WoWp
  13. I don't think it would help. The huge clump of ship's hiding behind (pick island of your choice) is pretty much impossible to attack with aircraft. A combined AA rating of 400 or so, not including a cruiser with a cooldown hiding somewhere in that makes it impossible. All it does is tell the Shimakaze where to put the torps when it's lucky enough to be on the team that actually does something.
  14. Had a really wierd bug, I was in map view using the stock graf zeppelin bombing bots. in discord with a division mate. all of a sudden, the map freezes, but apparently I can still launch aircraft, type in chat, and receive replies. Secondaries still work as well. Talking with my division mate, he's got the same problem, as well as another player in the match. (probably all of us had the problem) the surviving bot DD proceeds to torp our tirpitz, and eventually dies to my secondary guns, the enemy graf zeppelin eventually goes down to my division mates secondaries, none of this we can actually see, except for the ribbons popping up. really, really weird, we're checking out the replay now. replay from my point of view from my division mates it does appear in the replay near the end
  15. The P-47's were shot off of catapult lightly loaded, and were brought aboard with a crane. I would never describe that as operating from a carrier. The navalized Bf109G was supposed to be the Me155, which would have had wide track landing gear, a new wing, ect... after the Graf Zeppelin was put on hold the second time, the program got repurposed to a high altitude fighter, and handed to Blohm & Voss.