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  1. Another problem with doing that it, for people like me, my "incoming fire indicator" and "how many people are targeting me" is shells landing in the water and I'll spend those points elsewhere.
  2. That's what got me started, check out some of the guides on the forumns, and check out guides from iChase and some others. 1. German Battleships are forgiving, they're not effective at sniping, have good speed at higher tiers, and are best used for brawling. US Navy cruisers have good guns in good turrets, excellent AA, ok speed (for cruisers) and have nothing else going for them. They've got nothing bad about them that they don't share with other cruisers (sudden cruiser death syndrome affects all cruisers that go broadside to battleships) IJN DD's are very hit or miss, in general they have ok guns in terrible turrets, the torps go a long way and hurt a lot when they hit, but are visible from far enough away that they are fairly easy to dodge. They have good stealth, good speed, and generally good at turning. 2. 51k damage in a tier 2 isn't bad, and you didn't get into a slugging match with a Saint Louis, so you're thinking, all very good signs. I think your fairly safe from being featured "Stupid Noob Captains"
  3. Stage 3 is indeed 10 fires and 50k damage with ship torpedoes to battleships. They are tracked separately.
  4. I'll take -5/+5 in my Kongo, I miss some of the fail division weirdness back in closed beta anyway
  5. The problem with Killer whale right now, is all the ships for Operation Dynamo running around in it. Too many DD's and your hosed even if they're good DD, more than one is usually a recipe for disaster. Players that don't or can't move in, get the job done, and move out will screw you over. And did you really need to start a new thread on this?
  6. surveys

    I'd have to say no, not for game balance issues, but because it would overload the player trying to control the hybrid if the carrier portion functioned as a carrier in game. It might work if it just had a double float plane consumable (max 4 planes in the air at once, two from each consumable with the skill)
  7. 5 starred it a few times, most recent time was without a carrier, and a Cleveland that did something truly weird. I've 5 starred it without the weirdness. Things not to bring, destroyers and slow battleships, they just make things harder. Way too many people are bringing the Dunkirk DD's, so it's rough, and it's painful to carry them. A CV with a clue is nice, but not required, Best ships for Killer Whale are Battle Cruisers and Light Cruisers. The most important thing to do is "Get in there" and not mess around once you do. Problem is, there's too many passive players
  8. Well played and fully upgraded Kongos are awesome in on Operations, can't say that for any other tier 5's though.
  9. Had to uninstall and reinstall myself on my desktop. Went a played on my laptop while it reinstalled.
  10. 37101XP on Bogue + 4897 Free XP = 41998 XP, in short, you are precisely 2 XP short of being able to get it if you burn free XP.
  11. You can enable voice chat in game for your division, which can be a nice thing. You will usually spawn together (CV's can make interesting things happen with this) and you can ensure that you face a CV when you're trying to shoot down aircraft by divisioning with one. Plus the obvious bonus of bringing teammates with you that have a clue what they're doing.
  12. The Virginia class pre-dreadnoughts only had 12 inch / 40 cals. The double-decker turrets did end up leading to the superimposed turrets on the South Carolina class and later battleships.
  13. If the standard of play I've seen tonight is typical, I wouldn't be surprised if people have been sinking teammates by ramming them. It's like they've been hitting the wood alcohol or something.
  14. CC would be Battlecruisers, and fall under Battleships
  15. Karma Affects the number of Compliments and Complaints you you can issue per day. I don't have the chart handy, but it's been posted several times on the forums.