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  1. SgtBeltfed

    Saipan and Lexington share the same captain?

    +1% to fires for rockets, +5% for bombs, and +2% for HE shells. Not a complete waste, but like the aircraft regen and recovery skills, not really as important to Enterprise as they are to Saipan and Lexington, who can both be deplaned (especially Saipan, for Lexington it's only bad if you're bottom tier.)
  2. SgtBeltfed

    Saipan and Lexington share the same captain?

    There's no reason the Saipan and the Lexington can't share captains. The skills for one should translate well from one to the other. That captain might be suboptimal in Enterprise, with E's plane reserves and AP bombs, but it still wouldn't matter that much.
  3. SgtBeltfed

    Were Yamato’s Final Escorts Refitted?

    The IJN's version of an AA upgrade for DD's didn't remove any torpedo tubes, they removed one of the aft 127mm turrets and replaced it with a couple of triple 25mm mounts. The US Navy, Fench and Royal Navy's were in the habit of removing torpedo tubes for AA guns. Japanese heavy cruisers had even less extensive modifications, Aside from Maya, you're looking at just an increasing number of 25mm guns, on most of the heavy cruisers the torpedo tubes are under the aircraft catapults and the platform for handling aircraft. Aircraft wouldn't be removed as the role of the heavy cruisers in a carrier force was to provide recon, which is what the float planes were for, the ultimate example of this being the Tone. Maya lost her number 3 turret (or "C" turret if your British in favor of an extra pair of twin 127mm mounts. There were some AA conversions of the old light cruisers, but they don't appear to have been successful.
  4. Kongo, definitely Kongo. Intercontinental gun range, and she sees tiny maps. It will make you think you can actually hit something that far away. Also, her speed, on said tiny maps, means she can get into trouble faster than you think she can. If you pop her spotter plane, and are somewhat near the middle of the map, her gun range will be, the entire map, the range circle will disappear. It also means that when you fire, you will likewise be spotted by anything with line of sight to you, which isn't much worse than her usual, "spotted from low earth orbit".
  5. SgtBeltfed

    Screwed up CVs

    I hope I'm wrong too, but if there's something that WG has screwed up time and again, is what players will do when you hand them a ship. Best example is Royal Navy battleships, to actually get the most out of them, you need to be intelligent about ammunition choice, broadside targets get AP, angled and end on targets get HE. Pretty simple. What do players actually do, spam HE, all HE, and nothing but HE. Wonderful concept, players completely destroyed the implementation. German BB"s are the same way, not a week goes by where someone isn't screaming about German BB gun dispersion. They can't hit anything across the map, they suck at at long range. That they're supposed to be secondary battery brawlers that should be getting in peoples faces just seems to get forgotten. At 8 or 9 KM those guns work pretty well. Even CV's, which if you really look at it should force aggressive game play, the faster the match, the less damage a CV can do, it's hard to hit targets between islands with planes, being in groups is good protection against aircraft, ect.. What actually happens, fleets ball up away from the caps, with some people scattering, and others reluctant to cap, leaving CV's 20 minutes to pick on lone wolves or until someone gets the nerve to cap and actually end it. What you're going to see with submarines, is them become Tank Destroyers from World of Tanks. They're gonna camp a choke point, and pump guided torpedoes into whatever comes through for big damage numbers. DD's won't hunt them, because they'll get spotted and killed by cruisers. Everyone will move back and it will be an even worse camp fest.
  6. SgtBeltfed

    Any Reason For No CVs in Armory?

    Oh, I'll agree there's been some good come out of the rework. But pre-rework we didn't have this level of hatred. Maybe it was the 1 game in 10 or 20 you actually saw a CV V/S now CV's are a constant like they should have been from the start. Pretty much meaningless, WG put restrictions on how many CV's are in any match, if you work out how many high tier matches have CV's v/s how many battleships are in a match on the average, you've got about 50/50 odds of having a CV in a match (which is probably healthy from a keeping things from getting stale and making choices sense). Which is a lot higher than it was pre-rework which basically boiled down to the only way for me to see a CV was to bring one myself. Players, like yourself, drive people away. Players that tell others what to do, while camping behind a rock while their team dies, the ones that camp in the back uselessly while whining about how unfair CV's are, the players that suicide at the start because they didn't get the MM they wanted drive more players away than CV's ever could. At least a CV will spot for you and give you a heads up on that radar cruiser with friends that's on his way to a cap to tear your DD in half. Of course, DD players seem to think they are better off without CV's, blindly driving into a cap to 1V1 another DD, and the radar cruisers that came to back the red DD up, while your own cruisers hide where they can't help you. Maybe there's another reason that DD's have the lowest survival rate of any ship in the game.
  7. SgtBeltfed

    Any Reason For No CVs in Armory?

    They'd probably like to, but I'm guessing WG is being very careful with them. There's only 5 premium CV's, one of which has been relegated for the foreseeable future to santa crates. The rework didn't really work, you've still got people out with the torches and pitchforks in numbers you didn't see pre-rework. A bunch of people getting them for 5 bucks and then crying about how bad they are and how they got ripped off wouldn't help WG. WG only makes money on Doubloons they sell, not on the ones they give out.
  8. SgtBeltfed

    Any Reason For No CVs in Armory?

    You can get them through other means, out of containers, as rewards for events ect... depending on how many you have built up this way, and what coupons you have in the armory laying around, you could get a very cheap tier 8 CV indeed.
  9. SgtBeltfed

    Any Reason For No CVs in Armory?

    The only Logical reasons that I can come up with are: A:) WG doesn't want a flood of Free Premium CV drivers running around, lacking the skills and/or investment into making the ships work. At least if someone spent money on them, hopefully they'd be either motivated to not waste the investment, or be more careful about making it in the first place. WG doesn't actually want anyone to buy a ship and go "what a turd" because that would make you far less likely to spend money in the future. After all, they're a business, and want your money. B:) CV's are more expensive to model than other ships both in terms of modeling time, and research. You not only have the ship, but you have the planes and the makings. C:) WG threw a bunch of completely free Premium CV's out to the players back during the rework, and has probably noted how many became port queens or were sold instantly. I don't see WG waiting for CV's to die off, they recently released the Ark Royal, and have kept 3 other CV's in the store. They're probably distracted by holiday events and impending chaos of submarines once they learn what the player impact will be.
  10. SgtBeltfed

    Screwed up CVs

    The game was released with the RTS or "Real Time Strategy" CV's RTS CV's could and would: (Here's the a video of the old RTS CV's in action, back from the Graf Zeppelin rework) A: Wipe out either the opposing CV or Deplane it, therefore gaining the ability to run the map killing anything they want without opposition. Good CV duels were rare. B: RTS CV's were the kings of spotting. You hear the cry's of the DD players now? You'd think that they've never been spotted before. RTS CV's could do this casually while they did something else. The rework CV's if they want to perma-spot a DD must devote everything to that, and can't slaughter BB's on the side. RTS CV's could also spot torpedoes. C: RTS CV's had an "ALPHA STRIKE!" with all that entails. The ability to slam 8 to 12 torpedoes with very little the target could do, or simply erase them with AP bombs. D: RTS CV's could control the CV, it's consumables and all the aircraft at the same time. The balancing factors were, you could run out of planes, the interface was buggy and otherwise terrible, and you needed to be part octopus to manage all this. Also, you good players could counter them quite effectively, but the level of play has fallen so far, current players can't handle them, and can't handle the post rework carriers either. The Post rework "Action" based CV's are a pale shadow of the RTS CV's: (same ship, just the new action version, a few patches back, before they nerfed the plane speed) A: They can no longer actually run out of planes, but most of them can "practically" run out and be rendered ineffective due to plane losses. B: Can not walk and chew gum at the same time. Automatic consumables, special fire and flooding rules because the player has no control, no fine control while you have planes up, ect... C: No alpha strike of any kind. Only way for a rework CV to dev strike something is to detonate it. D: Has been nerfed again and again to the benefit of DD players that do not have the skills and will not change their playstyle, or for that matter act intelligently (they still drive straight into the cap with no support and die to radar cruisers). The real reason you see players crying about the highly nerfed rework CV's, is just a function of how people think in the world today. Cry, shout at scream enough, and you'll get your way. Doesn't matter if it's fair to anyone, just that someone will cry till the system gets changed to "make them good" As far as which class should be gotten rid of, the best, most fun games I've had in recent memory had a complete lack of DD's, didn't matter if there was a CV or not. Was great fun watching Cruisers and Battleships try and figure out how to cap, there was sniping, there was brawling, there was cruiser brawls, it was glorious. There was no complaining and everyone appeared to have a good time. So, toss out the DD's, it's their fault it's turning into a campfest. Now, Subs, weren't launched because of technical limitations, and it didn't fit the gameplay. WG has dealt with the technical issues in theory, players have been screaming for it for years (remember, these players want the I win button), and it still doesn't fit the gameplay. It will get rushed through testing, go live, and that will pretty much be the end and the game will go the way of World of Warplanes, because every game will turn into a game of subhunt, where you spend the first half of every match killing the opposing subs. It's gonna get stale quick.
  11. SgtBeltfed

    Graf Zeppelin owners, is it worth it?

    My build is, For Skills: Air Supremacy (better regen) , Improved Engine Boost (longer boost), Last Gasp (last skill I picked up, only really useful on TB's if I've pre-dropped a wave to let me boost the survivors out after an attack) Improved Engines (Even more faster) Survival Expert (It's a flat 200 hp per planes at tier 8, that's about 10 to 15% extra depending on planes), Aircraft armor (-10% to continuous AA). Sight Stabilization (yea, for the TB's) and Concealment Expert (little more room to move the CV around, and a little less warning for someone to react to my TB's) For Upgrades: Air Groups Mod 1 (gets the planes back 20% faster) Aircraft Engine Mod 1 (10% more boost time) Attack Aircraft Mod 1 (helps the aiming time for rockets, between that, sight stabilization, all the engine boost, and the built in 10 sec engine cooling one, they're fairly handy at hunting DD's) Torpedo Bomber Mod 2 (more HP's for the TB's) Flight Control Mod 2 (deeper reserves and faster regen)
  12. SgtBeltfed

    Graf Zeppelin owners, is it worth it?

    I'm not aware of anyone building for secondaries, the scary thing is, you don't have to. Don't even have BFT or AFT because those points are trying to keep the air wing alive. If I remember, AR works weird with the new AA system, you gain and lose speed as aircraft get damaged and die. If you want to run her as a secondary boat in Co-Op, toss your Bismarck captain in her for the LOL's
  13. SgtBeltfed

    Graf Zeppelin owners, is it worth it?

    I try and avoid using the secondaries. Just flipping through a few screenshots I've got from some recent games, my max was 153k, with the average much lower because I spend a lot of time hunting down DD's to hopefully help the team win. I'm usually getting top 5 finishes in randoms with her, except when I'm the sacrificial tier 8 in a tier 10 match, so it's doing something right. They'll do 226 knots these days, with a cruise of 185. She's still a fun boat, even if I miss some of the stupid stuff she could do.
  14. SgtBeltfed

    Graf Zeppelin owners, is it worth it?

    I enjoy her, and she's turning out to be my favorite CV. The Dive bombers, even with the unique drop pattern, are mostly useless. They don't often Ricochet or Shatter for me, they either miss completely, overpen, or on rare occasions citadel something. I don't even see normal pens with her. They're useful for dropping fighters and finishing off ships with good armor. The attack aircraft, are "Meh", They're slow, fragile and don't have a lot of rockets. The rocket's themselves aren't bad, having good pen and damage. Killing a DD with them is a slow process. The torpedo bombers are her number one weapon. The torps are pretty typical for non-IJN air dropped torps, dropped 3 at a time, from as close to a jet as you're going to find. They appear fragile, except that you spend so little time in AA aura's. I can usually pre-drop 3 aircraft, and dash into tier X AA to get 3 torps off all game long. Her regen is nothing special, it's not crippling though. Her fighters are nothing special, and her AA is passable. Now to address the elephant in the room, her secondaries. Her secondaries are totally awesome, and you should do your best to not use them. She doesn't have the armor to get her through slugging matches that her guns will make you think you can win. They're good at ripping apart DD's that get to close, and for winning brawls with other CV's. Interestingly enough, her secondaries in addition to being very powerful, are also obscenely accurate, out-shooting many player operated main guns. She's also a good looking carrier