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  1. Just changed my name...was tired of the "but your not a battleship" crap anytime i played the other 3 classes...so now im staying true to who i am while hopefully lossing some of the crap behind me

    1. Azur_Bismarck


      Just gotta brush them off :P

    2. Abyssal_Flagship


      well, it was that...plus in-game in the pre-game list all you could ever see was "The_Battles" ...couldn't even see Nagato...

      On a separate note, did you know that in GTA V you cant name your characters "Nagato" because R* thinks its offensive? Just found that out a few hours ago lol

    3. Azur_Bismarck


      I find the fact that they think that name is offensive extremely offensive. Heh