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  1. Currently training for the US Air Force.

    1. Abyssal_Flagship


      In other words...I'm quite busy. Sorry if it takes me awhile to answer questions or to respond to messages.

  2. Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) recites Unlimited Blade Works

  3. 1 Year Later

    How DARE you boop me?! *boops you back* In all seriousness though, I was just thinking the same thing...over a year already...so much wow...
  4. As I was wasting my life away on Imgur today, I came across an amazing post of pictures taken during WWII, but from today's point of view. I have seen a few of them before, but many of them were some that I had not yet seen. Thought it might be nice to share these with the WoWs community for anyone who is interested. For the entire album, the link will be below. Here are some of the pictures: Link to the full album on Imgur: http://imgur.com/gallery/g0v46
  5. Germany is George Washington's head

    You just made today's visit to the forums WORTH IT good sir. Here...take this...
  6. Looking for a clan

    Are you 15 or older? If so, you can apply to the Abyssal_Fleet! We are all otaku and weebs we just play for fun and sometimes we play together
  7. I have a bias. ...But I say Nagamon >.<
  8. Flying Two Flags

    Yea, this really grinds my gears as well. Nothing more to add. ... .. .
  9. On a more serious note...just saw this posted on Imgur It's nothing visual...but I would advise those with a weak stomach or who cry easily to maybe not open this box..
  10. Idk about that... However allow me to make an alt suggestion. What if we sneak some WG Staff into ISIS and get them to become high ranking ISIS members. Hypothesised Result: ISIS would stop all attacks for a year at least...and when all of the ISIS members ask "Come OOONNNN ...when are we gonna shoot some more people?!" the response would just end up being a nice, sweet, short, "Soon™" followed by 6 more months of nothing
  11. Let me be very clear..I am not saying they are not religious. Your views on them are not much different from mine. ...however, I was just clarifying that there should not be any religious vibes here just because we are talking about them. I can talk about the Papal States, the Holy Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, Isreal, and any other country without religion really having to play a part in it enough to get the topic "removed". My topic does not have anything to do with their religion. I discussed their actions, and my feelings/actions regarding them. It is for these reasons that I disagree that this topic should be locked, and why if it DOES get locked, there is something very wrong here. I wouldn't have created this post if I thought there were any valid reasons to lock it
  12. Me and my wife have had the discussions on this. She will be staying at home until I am assigned to a base. Once I have my base, then we will talk about what to do as far as moving, depending on what makes sense. Knowing my otaku of a wife, if I happen to get assigned to Okinawa...she will commit murder to get moved out there with me lol
  13. Trust me, I am more than aware of these things. I come from a LONG line of military family. Thanks for the advice anyway, and thank you for your service.