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  1. Currently training for the US Air Force.

    1. Abyssal_Flagship


      In other words...I'm quite busy. Sorry if it takes me awhile to answer questions or to respond to messages.

  2. I've come back from the deep...the Abyssal Flagship has returned...

    1. Carrier_Taiyo


      Welcome back! :)

    2. Abyssal_Flagship


      Glad to be back...although I just got sunk in a match against mr3awsome :(

  3. RIP Abyssal's computer you were used for a good deed.

  4. I find your new avatar oddly scary...

    1. Carrier_Taiyo


      Come back to us when you're feeling better, Nagato! :)

  5. Troll = anyone you can't understand due to your own stupidity.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Abyssal_Flagship


      No no no, you see I was called a troll today...by someone who could not understand what I was saying, at all.

    3. HerrCommandant


      Lol that's a fail on their end. I prefer to keep it classy. x3

    4. Carrier_Taiyo


      Oh, I see what you mean.

  6. Am into the peepings but not of into the videos. Hue.

    1. Abyssal_Flagship


      ...not even the first one? But...its...so...awesomes! You speak blasphemously! >.< hehe

  7. Changed my name from Flagship_Nagato today...for the first time ever, my username is not related to Nagato...this might get a lil wierd now :P

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    2. Flagship_Amagi


      nice new name there!! ^_^

    3. CaliburxZero


      Grats on your new name ^^

    4. Angel_With_A_Shotgun


      Awesome name change and avatar. ^^

  8. OH! You forgot to answer- Do balrogs have horns? XD

    1. Abyssal_Flagship


      Last I checked, yes...unless you are asking a very clever, insider joke that I don't get o.o

    2. Carrier_Taiyo


      Nope, nothing clever! Just making conversation.


      You DO realize that, if you start an Abyssal theme, all the role players from Kantai will have a field day, right? THERE SHE IS!! 8D *opens fire*


    3. Abyssal_Flagship


      Hehehe...yeeeess I do...I hope to have quite a bit of fun with that as well :P all in good fun of course

  9. So, I watched one of the videos as instructed. Thunderstruck was cool :D

  10. This person volunteers to be the first Alpha Tester for "Call of Onii-chan: Advanced Imouto"

    1. Abyssal_Flagship


      ...and will be the first to play "Yandere Simulator" ;)

  11. What means "Nekomimi" please?

    1. Faeriedust
    2. Abyssal_Flagship


      Literal meaning is "Cat Ears" but it is the term used for "Catgirls"

    3. catsmoke


      Thanks very much. I like.

  12. Just changed my name...was tired of the "but your not a battleship" crap anytime i played the other 3 classes...so now im staying true to who i am while hopefully lossing some of the crap behind me

    1. Azur_Bismarck


      Just gotta brush them off :P

    2. Abyssal_Flagship


      well, it was that...plus in-game in the pre-game list all you could ever see was "The_Battles" ...couldn't even see Nagato...

      On a separate note, did you know that in GTA V you cant name your characters "Nagato" because R* thinks its offensive? Just found that out a few hours ago lol

    3. Azur_Bismarck


      I find the fact that they think that name is offensive extremely offensive. Heh

  13. WoWs resident Nekomimi, Anime/Manga/Gaming Otaku, and Supplier of Kawaii Moe Factor Nya~! Viva La Nekomimiloution Nya~!

    1. Oliver_Clothes_Offenbed


      Shokugeki no Souma... foodgasmic...

    2. Abyssal_Flagship


      NO Nya~! This is a kawaii only zone...all food, mecha, and h*show's must find another place to call home 0.0

  14. Currently not playing the game...waiting until my new gaming system arrives!...because I've had it up to ^HERE^ with gaming on this dell laptop