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  1. Sorry...but I really cannot get past the issues with the PTS server enough to really evaluate the patch itself. I guess the reload booster is a neat idea, but it just seemed useless in game. But I really can't tell because my ping was so horrible. The gameplay was almost like a slideshow, and that was even after I lowered the graphics settings on my PC. The worst part about the PTS is the in port UI...it is even worse than ever. Adding modules and upgrades and all else to a ship was exceeding laborious...with some actions actually taking seconds to get a response on screen. I do not have these ping and port UI issues to nearly this extent on my regular client.
  2. Frans von Jutland problem

    I had an actual issue with the Franz von Jutland missions...I am actually unable to progress on the citadels requirement. I started today with 5 of the 10 required...and got three of them in a game in my Kutuzov. So, needing 2 more to complete that requirement, I went to battle in my tier 7 Nelson...you can see the result of the game attached. Yet...the mission still says that I have 8 of the 10 that I need. I even played another game in my Missouri, and got 1 citadel, but the mission still says that I have 8 of the 10 I need...and I have already restarted my client a couple of times. I filed a ticket with Wargaming.
  3. The User Interface is awful...it has always been awful, and you folks are making it WORSE. Stop adding things to the game for just a freaking minute and please please please fix the UI. It is slow, not responsive, and a real detriment to the game. I am especially upset by the way you have messed up the loader for the operations, as me and my friends have continued to have problems accessing scenarios when we gather together as a group. This is not cool...please fix the damn UI...please please please please!
  4. That's pretty much what WG said I should do...it did not help. Still cannot get the system running the Clash page to recognize that I am already logged in. Whenever I log in to Wargaming, and then travel to the Clash page, the system no longer recognizes my login, and the indicator in the top right corner goes back to asking me to log in or create account. Any other ideas?
  5. Beuller? Bueller? Bueller? Should I just give up and file a damn support ticket? Is that what Wargaming wants? What is going on?
  6. All that happens for me when I click to actually register is that it tells me I failed and that I need to log in or create and account...when I try to do that, nothing happens You are one of those lucky people who things actually work for
  7. I can log in to Wargaming, but whenever I try to go to the CLash of Elements reg, I am automatically logged out Then, I click on the link to log in time after time afrter time after timne, and nothing happens Ple3ase fix this
  8. Not A Single Supercontainer

    Sure thing...you just go ahead and donate all your containers to me...thanks sunshine
  9. Not A Single Supercontainer

    I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars...I bought the Indianapolis, for f***s sake, how much more spendy can I be? I spent at least $50 during the holidays on those silly gift containers, and the only ship I got was one I already had. Some evidence that I have some luck in the game would be nice...just a little token...anything.
  10. Hey folks...anyone else out there not received any Supercontainers? I got 3 back when I was still selecting the option to get more Supercontainers, but since I switched to looking for consumables, I have not received a single one...to my recollection. It has been months since I got anything special...starting to wonder why I bother to maintain a high karma...it seems to do absolutely no good whatsoever. Is there anyone else with luck as bad as mine? Just curious. Also wondering if there is any way to look up the statistics on how many Supercontainers a player has received...so I can verify that I am indeed cursed? ;-) Also...can anyone at Wargaming tell me what my new chance will be to get Supercontainers in patch 0.6.1? Your notes say the chance is increasing by a multiple of 1.5, but as far as I remember, 1.5 times zero is still zero. Sincerely, The Accursed
  11. And once again today...I cannot get any match below tier 8...but they are not "FORCING" us to play top tier...fine.
  12. You are required to win 10 random games in Destroyers to earn the day of premium time on the main server...and they start you at tier 8. How is that not requiring us to play top tier DD? I even tried to buy a Nicholas and Farrgaut to try and get a lower tier match, but could not. No tinfoil hat here...trollers...just a guy who avoids playing top tier DDs like the plague, and therefore does not appreciate being required to to earn a reward. I said I was gonna complain to WoWs...not my Senator...take a collective pill...thanks.
  13. Yeah...I guess I meant disgruntled...they are jerks for making me even try to play top tier DD.
  14. I hate playing top tier DD with the passion of a thousand suns. The only thing I hate more than top tier DD is carriers...and I NEVER play them. I have some very choice curses to put upon the folks at WoWs that thought it would be a neato peachy keen funtime idea to force us to play top tier DD to get the main reward. Not to mention that this is yet another patch that does not add anything to the enjoyment of the game, and does not fix the high tier economy. Ugh, WOWs...just, ugh. Look forward to an earful in your next evaluation form...folks. You just keep making me more and more gruntled.
  15. Ranked battled has convinced me that I do not have what it takes to be a WoWs player in the long term. Now I just need a way to get over my addiction. I may have to try going cold turkey and seeing if I can take the seats and vomiting. [edited]you forever WoWs, for slowly killing my spirit. I wish I had never heard of you.