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  1. OppressorUnion

    Wow....Got Sinop

    You know the drill they won't nerf her till next line comes out so you got like 4 months then when French DD come out they will nerf Russian BB like they do every line. Carrot on the stick, remember shes is a tech tree ship. Enjoy the games why you can.
  2. OppressorUnion

    Possible computer with the new update

    Also check new egg for referb or unbox got a sick deal a year ago and be patients and great stuff will come up. The guy who said best buy s#&ks doesn't know what he's talking about unbox stuff can be great it's just patients. Also alien has some great deals around holiday there trying to dump all that 1060 and 1070. Here is something I found with 5 min looking I don't know how low you want to go but this would be a good start 64 bit 1050ti I5 $459 https://m.newegg.com/product/9SIAHT38MD7290?m_ver=1 Also I am sure you could even find one in the high $300's if you look hard enough
  3. OppressorUnion

    The Kirov has made me fall in love with Russian Cruisers

    One word:: Molotov
  4. Graf its easy torp planes and bombers are WAY faster 260kt vs 180kts and when a player calls for a spot across map on a DD, dive bomber are usual pick . Now if its me wanting to kill a DD close it's rockets.
  5. OppressorUnion

    Soviet BB drop chances

    4 premium 14 regular boxs all but tier 8
  6. OppressorUnion


    Let me first state I do not have the Vlad but I do have the Sinop and have played her in tier 10 with teaming up. The Guns are very similar. If you do not play Russian cruisers I would say playing these ships might seem rough. On the other hand if you like Russian cruisers style gameplay bow and angle covering you sides and slow push or retreat in mid to close range she will treat you well. Russian BB are just more damage and less versatility compared to Russian cruisers. Very well angled and anchoring she will hold up pushes quite well. If your lucky enough to be on the Push side she shines even more. If you play her like a USB BB or don't have the B#$ls to push and you are a sniper she will fail you . If your smart and have the flanks covered for your push she will double citadel on a greater consistent bases but citadel really don't matter as much as the consistent strong AP damage these shells do at all angles. Skill aim is rewarded 10x fold. She has a very high ceiling with good players and a very low floor to new players.
  7. OppressorUnion

    Yoshino Preview - Powerful T10 Cruiser

    BAD ARMOR Pass ,Pass, Pass Ok whatever I see all these people saying this, when you know they won't. Come on people you know how to play the angle and kite game. This is a big damage kiter with 20km torps your going to pass on that because of armor that complete [edited]. If you pass it's because of play style don't scare these new players from a great ship.
  8. OppressorUnion

    Why the Hood is currently so uncompetitive

    They nerf the AA in 8.2 Killed it for me no need it had a nitch now it doesn't. Thanks WG! It had 2 long range aura for 9 flak clouds. Its not super bad now in AA but its not special any more.
  9. OppressorUnion

    When will Slingshot Drop Exploit be fixed?

    As a exploit it's very weak if that and extremely tough to pull off. Against multiple ships it's useless. Using against a lone BB is pointless unless your super good at applying it but it's a waste of speed boost and you could overshoot. The only application to really capitalise on it is to use it on a camping bow on cruiser. Thats its only claim to fame. This is no game breaker
  10. OppressorUnion

    GZ feedback

    Graf is one of the strongest t8 cv even after nerf. She just plays different than US , and ijn counterparts. Bombs are alittle underwhelming but hit are very consistant once you get use to drops1 hit 7k 2 bomb hits 14k Torps are zoom in zoom out speed boost drop close. Very fast just use them smart and don't wipe your torp groups. Fighters are slow but good avrg fighters, very avrge Used correctly her floor is high and so is her ceiling. Just don't Rambo your squads into AA find the stragglers and make them pay Burn, flood roation and when it's broken AP bomb them for multiple 14k hits till death and repeat.
  11. OppressorUnion


    WG beating the CV community senseless Who wants to play like this, its getting out of hand; change the game then back track off a cliff. They need to commit to there changes and grow some cojones. They wanted to introduce more people to CV now they made it so hard for the little guy to do well in CV, this is becoming a sad joke of a game now. DD have no issues with CV. I play both if you have a issue with CV you have not adapted to the new game meta, WE CANT GO BACK NOW WG without reverting 8.0 your just making the game worse.
  12. OppressorUnion

    DB drop altitute

    Gaishu super good, I ve played against him a few times. I believe he always goees for dot damage. Sets fires once damage con is used he comes in with torps to flood. Dropping higher spreads your bombers out allowing more fires to be set because of the large spread. If I come from the bow or sturn I do this but from the side I drop low like you. This could be the reason I do not know. Although in my Groz he did drop low on me I think it's also in the moment decision. Usually, right before the pull up is the max penetration. Also tip and tricks Speed boost dive will increase penetration. Throttle down / Throttle down +Speed boost to decrease speed on light targets like mino helps not to over pen with AP You can use landscape to increase altitude which allows you to dive longer and faster. Works better with AP on battleships. Question :: Does speed boost decrease time of escape after pressing F. I believe it does but I am not sure.
  13. Is it a Groz with one less gun at tier 9>?
  14. OppressorUnion

    AA damage

    Last tick of damage gets the plane kill.
  15. OppressorUnion

    The Hood - So broken

    Long range flak buddy they don't overlap med. 9 flak clouds at long range is what everyone is saying not + med. Thats one more than NC with same consistant as NC and same number as Hindy. With also the added DFAA. If you havn't played her as a AA build you are not spec right. She is hands down still a beast at AA.