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  1. OppressorUnion

    Large Cruisers Legendary mods? 8.0

    That is exactly what I was trying to potray. Not looking for a better ship but a different style, because Legandary mod Moskva after the fire nerf goes through would just be clear cutter better than Stalingrad. I believed a Legandary mod would give that little extra push to a diffrent playstyle than Moskva.
  2. OppressorUnion

    Anyone hit over 5 mil potential damage?

    Nice! Bow tanking or kiting?
  3. OppressorUnion

    harugumo is OP!

    Blind fire at tracers She lights up the sky, it works Just no one does it.
  4. OppressorUnion

    Anyone hit over 5 mil potential damage?

    Just curious if anyone has hit over 5 mil potential damage in a cruiser yet. I've come close twice but can't seem to crack it my highest is around 4.2 mil. 4.1 in Moskva 4.2 in Stalingrad I've cracked it in a BB but I am pretty sure someone out there's done it in a cruiser. Also don't you think this stat should be present in Main stat page and not just personal so 3rd party sites can record statistis and compare ships and players?
  5. OppressorUnion

    Neptunes and Minotaurs completely gone

    Last night 4/5 battles where a mino was present. It was deleted for first blood. Citadel every witch way
  6. My reaction to this post...….. Pls WG...... Just do it …. No Regrets..... And because no Regrets Name her los Vegas
  7. OppressorUnion

    Large Cruisers Legendary mods? 8.0

    Bravo great trolling lol. I respect your feeling on the subject but you've attack multiple people in this thread by trying to drum up emotion. With out giving any factual argument. We call that here in the states fake news . What's the plus for Stalingrad after 8.0 over the Legandary mod Moskva? Constructive argument I am waiting... Personally idc, I'll drive my Moskva it's just a shame for the people who earned her. Ship like her deserve a legandary mod when 8.0 changes go live. I was hoping some cool Legandary mod idea would come up from posters aswell. Please don't attack my playstyle I have driven both ships far more than you have with all do respect I know it's a game I hope you do to lol.
  8. OppressorUnion

    Large Cruisers Legendary mods? 8.0

    Never really played bow on tanking till Clan battles but usually each clan has at least one Moskva or Stalingrad to anchor a position. To make it really hard for the counter team to push them out. Its area denial because they cant move you. When applying this concept to Random it extremely fun to tuk in a island or take a flank turn your nose in and say move me. When flank is taken no on can get to your side and the only counter is fire. To push you out takes a lot of fire but anchor are anchor when set up its do or die you never show broadside. This is what Moskva and Stalingrad excel at currently from what I have seen from good players.
  9. OppressorUnion

    Large Cruisers Legendary mods? 8.0

    They should both be great at something, they play very similar roles. Moskva with legendary mod has almost the same alpha potential as Stalingrad and better dpm. Moskva and Stalingrad are very close to being the same tanking abilities currently, Moskva wins because of smaller 25mm gap and less fire currently. Post 8.0 This gap widens Its only fair in my opinion Stalingrad get a similar legendary mod now you have Post 8.0 Moskva best bow Tank Stalingrad best Alpha cruiser Giving them there own playstyle and then you don't have to play one over the other because of power. You can choose one based on style or want.
  10. OppressorUnion

    Large Cruisers Legendary mods? 8.0

    4 +Mil potential damage in a Moskva I am good on advice on how to put out fires thank you lol I have given you a educated experience of someone who specifically plays bow tanking Russian cruisers. This is not a emotional rant. This is clear cut and accurate observation. Moskva will become clear cut better bow tanker. 30sec fire for Moskva= 5,886 60sec fire for Stalingrad =13,041 This was drumming up awareness Moskva will become king and to make up for this I believed Legendary mod are needed for large cruiser and would be a constructive counter. All that is ok ! I made it clear I am ok changing the role of large cruisers but compensation should be given to Stalingrad because tit for tat Moskva will do it better when changes go live ,its already very close for players who play both. Stalingrad will be out performed in its own role, and will need a new role I believe the only category it has left is its alpha potential to broadside targets and what accomplish this is even better would be -dispersion Legendary mod similar to Moskva.
  11. Where are they? Should we get them after 60 sec fire nerf? This is in reference to the confirmation on dev blog to Nerf Large cruisers Stalingrad and Azuma. Give them a glaring weakness ok I get it, Great! Right now Moskva is a better Tank by a slim margin, now she will be the best tank bow on hands down. Now post 60 sec fire nerf the gap between Moskva and Stalingrad widen by a fair distance in bow tanking. Moskva does carry a Legendary mod which when received now will edge out Stalingrad after changes I am all for checks and balances She should be compensated in a different department. Same with Azuma Whatever the case is, the player base who have Stalingrads should be compensated with some hope to gain with legendary mods to compensate in other area to make up for the nerf to survivability. I believe that both Azuma and Stalingrad. Should get there sister ships counter parts in Legendary mods. Azuma should get Zao and Stalingrad get Moskva to compensate for the 60 sec fire nerf. You now get Tier X Large cruiser with a glaring battleship weakness to fire but now get more comparable alpha damage similar to battleships, but still 305 AP shells that cannot penetrate bow on target but make broadside targets pay with -dispersion. What are your beliefs in this subject? To dethrone a ship position shouldn't it get something in exchange?
  12. OppressorUnion

    Looking for a Tough Cruiser

    Moskva, Stalingrad Best Tanks Bow on playstyle lower dpm, insane alpha damage Hindy Great all around tank, more long distance kiter but can do a little bit of everything. Can play back and get consistent damage Zao Little armor but Trolly armor Low concealment to get in close turn and proceed to kite back. Trolling team that shoots her but can also be Insta deleted wired armor Super trolly at long distances Great fire starter and damage all around and 12km torps.
  13. OppressorUnion

    Moskva Concealment should be buffed

    Moskva bow is Amazing your both right the bottom half is 50 and top is 25mm. The 50 mm is larger and also covers the deck of the ship. In reverse bow Tanking you are almost immune to citadels. In my experience 1 out of 25 battles I get citadeled bow on. On avrg that's over 38million potential damage before I get a citadel bow on in a Moskva. What makes the Moskva so Great is a combo of 50 mm and being a narrow ship. The difference between Stalingrad and Moskva bow tanking is huge. Believe it or not Moskva can tank better because of the width of the bow and has less of a area to be citadel bow on. Where I would take little to no damage bow tanking with Moskva, Stalingrad still takes penetration bow on, but not citadels. Stalingrad does have a larger health pool to make up for the pens. Would 1 km less concealment be great yes, but the ships are so potent as is. Once in position it's the hardest ships to bully or move. That's why almost every clan has a Moskva or Stalingrad because no other ship can anchor better.
  14. OppressorUnion

    Proposed buff for the Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    I say leave everything the same and give it a gimmick. Like most others German BB I believe increase the secondary range is the answer. At tier 6 and 7 there is no real king or queen of secondary BB. With flag she get out to 7km let's say buff her to 10-10.5 range leave damage the same it's pretty meh anyways. There you go a nitch bb thats not op and has a different playstyle at tier 6 Right now this ship has been the worse grind I have done since starting the game and I usually like bad ships because at least there usually good at something the Friedrich is good at NOTHING!
  15. OppressorUnion

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    1 mil credits a match with flag and camo any tier 8 + give or take a match 20-30 matches 3 -4 days work