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  1. OppressorUnion

    Pre-orders during Alpha/Beta?

    Below is a WG article on the 3 ships that could be bought in the beta. There was also Arkansa beta and Iwaki alpha as free gifts to testers World of Warships Exclusive Pre-Order Packages Available | General | News | Wargaming With the Open Beta on the horizon, World of Warships has dredged the deep and hauled some awesome pre-orders bundles onto dry land. In these exclusive packages, captains get their hands on rare warships, Premium Account, and Gold Doubloons (in-game currency). With select pre-orders packages, you can take the helm of three versatile and impressive warships. The Japanese cruiser Yubari lets players scoot across the waves in a swift and flexible ship that’s powerful anti-aircraft capabilities make her a deadly shooter. The agile American Sims destroyer is a great all-rounder; dodge enemies with her high speed and turn foes into flotsam with her powerful guns. To keep enemies at bay, she can engulf the battlefield in cloying fog with smokescreens, and her torpedoes can save help out allies stuck in dire straits. Finally, the tricky USSR Gremyashchiy is a destroyer perfect for sneaking up on foes unawares, launching deadly torpedo strikes and escaping before they know what’s happened. She’s fast, agile, and maneuverable, the perfect recipe for sending opponents to a watery grave. The several packages available for players include combinations of exclusive warships, Premium Account, and Gold Doubloons that can help prepare you for whatever the seven seas have in store. Captains can buy these pre-order packages for their account. Closed Beta testers will have access to purchased packages immediately, helping them test out World of Warship’s economy and unlockable content. When the Open Beta commences, purchased packages will be credited to players again. However, captains must note that buying a pre-order package does not grant them access to the Cl
  2. OppressorUnion

    Premium subs - which subs?

    USS Stingray Balao-class submarine Tier X Steel Instead of Enhanced Rudder the ship gets Researve Battery. Also gets Engine boost consumable. Down Periscope began shooting on May 6, 1995, and finished on July 27.[4] USS Pampanito, a Balao-class submarine from World War II, now a museum ship and memorial in San Francisco, played the part of USS Stingray.
  3. OppressorUnion

    rockets need to be changed back

    Let the gun fire on rockets destroy modules and call it a day.
  4. OppressorUnion

    PSA: New Dockyard Update 10.7 (De Zeven Provinciёn)

    Her Butt thats what she has to bring to the table. Her glorious BUTT of 60MM plate ( wrap around ;). All her armor is sexy, but that butt "omg Becky look at her Butt". This will be the number 1 anti flank ship you just cant kill if the captain knows how to angle away. Best kite ship in game according to armor not damage and its tier 8.
  5. OppressorUnion

    Wows Culture

    During match 90% of the time the loudest people are the lowest stats, it is best just to ignore chat. Now after game if you want to give positive advice to a player it is really well recieved and Ive been doing it for about a year now. 90% of the time people just do not know game mechanics or are old players thinking old mechanics. Alittle bit of advice can make the world of diffrence and if people really want there team to get better if everyone gave alittle bit of advice to help each other everyone would get better. Let's be real though that's just not the world we live in today but for the few of you that try this, the feeling is alot better than raging at a screen mad at a player who just dosent understand.
  6. OppressorUnion

    Wows Culture

    Thats not true. When I first read that comment first thing that came to mind is the guy just wants to know to check missions. Nothing stated in exchange of that one comment was negative, but you assumed it to be bad when you could of just asked. "Gale, you good bud" kill people with kindness dont turn negative because you assume negative. It will feed bad vibes.
  7. OppressorUnion

    There 100% are cheaters, and more of them than you think

    Oof Try being a CV player. PQ video on mini map shots changed my game. You can blind fire last known postion and get hits even in smoke or cyclone. Also shells auto curve going vertical to help bad players so sometimes its better to stay Horizontal in speedy DD's
  8. OppressorUnion

    what will WG ruin next?

    You forgot Flags. WG ruined the way of obtaining flags. Cascasde WG ruined Achievments, there now empty and hollow. Past 6 months have been really bad for the game. It started with Christmas crates, they ruined them and then things just went crazy.
  9. OppressorUnion

    New stage of submarine testing

    WG Great work on subs I really believe your almost there. There needs to be a huge change though on CV being ping imune its not fun and adds no mechanic to the game. CV should not have damage control immunity wipe but instead get a 10km cosumable depth charge planes that have 3x charges of BB depth charge planes but CV has to leave regular planes to use cosumable. Consumable has short CD. This lets CV defend it self without ignoring the sub and sub even though it might not kill cv it stops cv from using planes normally, helping the team. Also CV would get a loud ping notification This would add a mechanic to the game and would actually be fun to play and play against. Also there needs to be a more sub vs sub captain build for example when spotting another sub turn is increaces, torp reloads fasater, better sub detection and or better torp homming vs subs. This would have some players build just to fight against other subs making sub vs sub gameplay faster and more fun. Now its like a slow dance that takes up the whole match. Last Call Dive capacity battery pls on release. Also if you are going to leave time of battery please make it all above 8 min on all tiers anything less is rough. Also you could do 7 min with 3 cosumable chargers that only work on surface to add another 30 sec to battery. That's at the minimum and I would say maximum 11-14 min combination of consumables and regular charge. Also someone said at a earlier post maybe snorkle level shouldnt use dive capacity/battery charge that might work two. Coming from a closed beta tester till now very excited for the changes. Wants Consumable for premiums Dark mode sub at max depth can shut off power and be dark to hydro or radar upon activation. Sub is dark as long as you do not move or shoot. Depth charges do 25% less damage. Blow tanks surface by jumping out of water can go from max depth to surface in 5 sec can can not dive for 20 sec.
  10. OppressorUnion

    Shiki or Ohio?

    Ohio plays better in competive because it has its nitch ( not secondaries fyi) shiki does not have any nitch in competive because Yammy could fill that same roll. So it depends on what you want big flashy numbers with great sound or a ship that you can play in clan battles. Second why are you comparing theses two there diffrent resources?
  11. OppressorUnion

    Abusive purple players

    Is it flawed absolutely is my sample size small yes. Is it a better theory than WR I do believe so. You can call it stereotyping but its what I have experienced. The good old verbal troll or original sarcastic nature in chat which you use to see from a US player base has been replaced by straight abuse. I don’t see other players from other countries do it as often as US players. Please don’t get me wrong I am not saying all US players. I myself am based here I am just referring to that nitch of players who are always angry and am referring to the way that player base expressions have changed over the years to what it is now.
  12. OppressorUnion

    Abusive purple players

    I know I am going to catch a lot of flak for this but going to say it. There’s red orange, green, and purple that talk mad smack in game. Maybe its because were on the NA server but in my experience its 90% of the time a angry US players. CAN are passive aggressive and joke sarcastically in chat, AUS have a more of a dark sarcastic in chat, Asians are always trying to please in chat nicest I’ve met and follow direction to a t maybe even to much. I don’t think you can categories abusive players by WR in my opinion it goes much deeper than that. Where society is going, creating and nurturing some norms you do not see in other societies. Which then spreads through other avenues which leads us to warships. Focusing on one bracket of WR is not the right path when you have just as many lower WR people barking orders in chat and the flaming when you do not follow. Coming from a older generation this is not just warship exclusive but US gaming community as a whole. If kids are not taught right and able to express themselves in a proper or sarcastic tone all they know is one tone which is abusive. Sarcasm as a whole is dying in US culture because it is two politically risky and what has emerged is tolerated abuse, which the US has taken tolerant society upside down. So blaming abuse on a WR is a micro issue and you are missing the macro problem. Last but not least WG will never fix CV because of how people react to them which is abusive. Even if they took 80% of the damage away which they did do by removing RTS. Dying and not being able to do anything makes people upset which you can even site David Myers paper back in 2009 which he wrote a paper on trolling in video games. In which he killed people using tricks and legal methods to kill his opponent and they could not respond. What he learned was people would get enraged if they could not retaliate and unable to respond in the game they would retaliate in verbal threats. CV will never get fixed because the community feels like CV are one big troll and they can not respond to them so the only way they can is in abusive chat. The problem isn’t the CV it’s the player. The only way WG can fix this is somehow letting the player retaliate against a CV but that leads to another post. What I was trying to explain why people really hate CV’s and the only way the player can respond is a abusive chat against the CV. It’s been well document how a majority of people react to situations in video game. Unfortunately WG will only focus on the WR, damage stats to adjust there game and not on the phycological issue why people really hate CV and why people are going to hate subs even more.
  13. OppressorUnion

    coal winners

    61 mil did not win
  14. OppressorUnion

    24 cits on a cv

    Listen bud I am sure your wife tells you size don’t matter and tonight it looks like you got the job done. You today are a champion of all the small calibers out there. A true hero amongst men.
  15. Sorry bud it was me that match at 7est against your Roon. Same question in chat as forum. Just wanted you to be aware only 1 bomb ever hit you. Your whole flank died and you were getting pushed 7 vs 2 unfortunately you were going to die. Just to make it clear I did not kill you the DD torps did on top of that a 10k salvo hit before the torps. Even missed my bomb drop and only landed 1 out of 8. Pretty embarrassed but Ill post the vid to show you. I wanted others to chime in before I did but to answer some of your questions. https://youtu.be/c-K2HB5-QX8?t=103 1. Does FDR drop the same as other CV’s? No, the FDR can bank drop and come in at any angle and get a perfect drop with torps and 180* with bombs. Takes a lot of practice ( Practicing for next season of clans as backup CV if our 2 mains don’t show.) BTW Bombs do have RNG in them they are not perfect but do good most of the time hit target but have different pattens even with perfect reticle. Trade off super slow planes almost 100kts off a German CV. 2. FDR has most durable planes, True most HP of all CV planes Tradeoff largest plane squad size can’t avoid flak clouds as easy and slowest to leave bubble. German planes can leave AA very fast. 3. FDR to GZ drop. Bad idea 8 bombs smaller reticle downside small forward drift . After a skilled CV player trains his shot for forward drift it will be far more devastating. Each CV has there strength except the Brits that one is just a bad CV. But Hak has damage record 550k no other CV comes close. No one cares because it's alpha is mediocre. Midway is in the middle ok dot ok alpha best at neither still good. Rich was competitive king alpha super-fast planes for spotting map now 2 nerfs later 1 with coming rockets and last with ap bomb nerf don’t know where it would land. FDR has great alpha but slow planes to spot in competitive it will be used for that alpha but it doesn’t have that spotting potential the cv's are hated for it can’t spot the entire map just its side. Each ship has its quarks and for the gentlemen that said Immelmann laughed at the strongest CV comment it has the most potential dpm with the spd of planes and fire and flood capabilities to overtake the damage record from Haku if Gaishu comes back to the game I am sure he will take that record to. Best of luck you did good but a strike from a skilled carrier is no different than from a skilled DD or BB. 14k over 3 min's was the FDR the BB and DD took a lot more in sec but it must be the Carriers fault this prompt a visit to the forums “ fix CV's" " PLS WG replace their weapons with rainbows of love and they can sprinkle pixie dust on all the ships to make them look beautiful." This is not RTS days when a CV could dictate a match no matter what people say.