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  1. Why not Remove strafe but add additional fighter squads and fighters in hangers. For example:: If a IJN carrier has 2 squads of 4 now , give her 3 squads of 4 If US carrier has 1 squad of 6, give her 2 squads of 6 Without strafe a increase fighters will create a playstyle of chess giving more direct air cover to ships. I do believe they should also allow fighters to be able to disengage fighter combat to attack torp and bombers, with a huge penalty to defense. Allowing air cover to properly protect ships. I also think strafe should be change to attackk ships not planes to destroy AA mounts, secondary mount and torp tubes. I love and hate strafe. Even if you know how to use it properly. Its a dumb mechanic, one split sec of lag or missed strafe and you will pay the rest of the match. Its to stressful and doesn't lead to fun gameplay. Also what would happen if they removed strafe but allowed you to release all your fighters at once having multi squads out, but say they added fuel to the mechanic where you have 5-10 min of fuel to each squad.
  2. OppressorUnion

    USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    AA needs a buff and I say up the damage of AP shells to represent the super heavy shells the Alaska carried. Mark 8 was of considerably higher quality; in fact, it "was by far the most powerful weapon of its caliber ever placed in service." I hope the shell dynamics are diffeent than any other ship. Heavy by weight = good falling penetration at long range slow velocity fastest reload for caliper I would like to see18 sec or less If the Alaska is super squishy that fine with me if wargamming gets the shells right. I would even be ok with AP only if they give it Heavy Shells.
  3. OppressorUnion

    [-TAB-] is looking for new members

    Joined these guys 3 months ago after reading a hilarious exchange in general chat between them and a player with a huge ego. There sensarity of sarcasm with respect and integrity reminded me of past groups. After debating between many invites I accepted [ -TAB-] invite I had in my box from a few days prior. I wasn't disappointed , the crowd is so diverse from x-vets, college students, Canadians, Australians but the best part is everyone can take a joke and most nights your laffing hysterically. With the great environment the leadership is top-notch getting a bunch of hooligans in order and providing the resources to successfully execute plans of action in clan battles is priceless. I joined a clan to try and work towards Stalingrad but what I got was much more. What I found were players that new the mechanics of the game and working together to implement basic mechanical knowledge of the game led to new gameplay and strategies. The top things I gained from joining TAB ->I progressed my gameplay something I did not think was possible even being a beta player. ->I have constant teammates now. That's right I almost never play alone anymore and I generally hate people. It's Amazing! ->Come on start the tearducts now if you havnt figured out the last thing I gained joining TAB it was friends. Sailing with these guys is like being intoxicated at 4am looking for food and find a place open. When it's good, it's really good but when it's bad....... It's still pretty good!
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    Closest non CV was Mr_Hurbert in a Atlanta with 96 planes https://na.wows-numbers.com/ranking/?order=max_planes_killed__desc&p=4
  5. OppressorUnion


    For me: BEST = 71 -> Full AA spec LYON Recently= 42 -> Helena aft&bft Both were in double carrier matches
  6. It wasn't a AA div it was a AA spec Kidd in a div with a Cleveland and Kutsov not AA spec. If we did a AA div it's usually with 2 kidd/akizuki with a Kaga. CV can't spot caps because his planes are decimated by DD they don't know what to do LOL
  7. OppressorUnion


    Ones your spotting gone Worcester advantages just disipates. Play with some good DD friends people cry OP but it's really the ultimate team friendly glass cannon.
  8. I was div up with the Kidd that match. The Kidd is AA spec . Twice that match I remember the Kidd saying "He's dropping on a AA destroyer" laffing. He Holds fire and then lights them up with DFAA. We run AA div all the time with CV but not that match he just brought the Kidd out and op targeted a AA Kidd. There not many AA destroyers and when you run them it's so much fun against a CV. They don't know what to do when you have 2 AA destroyers and they can't spot caps LOL