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  1. OppressorUnion

    If you live in Florida..

    Blue Monkey Bar still open, Dunken just closed, Cops just went back to station, powers flickerin and here we go!
  2. OppressorUnion

    If you live in Florida..

    Nap town reporting in. Had a funnel cloud go over my house but winds arnt even up to 90mph yet so real Hurricane party is still some hours away. Threw some rager for Charley but now Iam old and just happy to get off work lol
  3. OppressorUnion

    2023, year of the Submarine

    2024 guided missile cruisers and destroyers from shipdomus
  4. OppressorUnion

    CVs and Subs

    To learn how to dodge young grass hopper you must put your self in there boat shoes. Playing the classes you learn how to protect yourself and strategically deploy depending on the carrier. Hmm carrier, cant camp now must play freely. Or OMG a FDR Hold me close cruisesrs. If you play every map the same a smart CV will feed. With Subs it's playing them and watching how others dodge and how to manipulate the tracking torps to dodge. Will this work 100% no. But it will greatly increase your survivaility. This is not the old RTS days where a good CV vs a bad one could dominate a game. Now even with a good CV vs a bad CV the game can still be lost because of your team. Ive been saying this a long time even if you nerf a CV into the ground someone will still complain because its a mind set "he hurt me and I cant hurt him." You can even see it today with subs when one gets spotted watch your DDs and whole teams pull away from objective and loose the game just to kill the sub getting revenge for previous sub trama.
  5. OppressorUnion

    Rochester - Worth Owning?

    Alot of people consider the Kutuzov a powerful ship for its tier. I have both. Rochester has less dpm but a harder to hit citadel. It also can hold hydro and def AA. So not as much DPM as Kutuzov but it is alittle bit more well rounded and can punish a side. That being said Wichita and Rochester play diffrently. I have both and there both good in there own way. Just based off the op ship list he has I would recomend Rochester just based on playstyle it's diffrent than what the op currently plays. Wichita play like a normal US cruiser with really low detect and short radar. Where Rochester plays diffrent with the smoke.
  6. I aquired the tier 9 in a lucky role. It's like a better gunned Alaska and has reload booster with less armor. I mean I would give it 8/10 stars its a solid ship but the armor is really weak on the front and to flat your taking a cit threw the nose. The wiggle and acceleration is good to deflect a lot but it takes cit a lot more than Alaska. Pretty balanced imo.
  7. OppressorUnion

    1980's version of wows?

    There already a pretty resent game with very similar mechanics and gameplay called dreadnought that is not as popular as wow. Using that as a metric and the already saturated space market. Is doubt they go that route. https://store.steampowered.com/app/835860/Dreadnought/
  8. OppressorUnion

    1980's version of wows?

    I see cruise missiles coming to the game similar to Dutch bomb drop. Maybe they will lock in radar to tracking missiles similar to subs but air. I mean lets be honest that's the only way for the game to head or it could go backwards to ironclads and sail. The question is how well or bad do they implement the changes.
  9. OppressorUnion

    Silent majority

    I wish they would of taken player skill into account before the CV rework. Like CV ranking effect matchmaking between CV. Back in the day if you put 2 good RTS CV Players against each other they would slaughter each other planes with fighters. Nullifying CV from the match. Only 10% of the population knew how to strafe good and 90% of the matches were one RTS CV dominating another. I know my opinion is a unpopular one but it was fun engaging an dynamic. Iam not going to die on that hill. What I see is a progression to quicker matches by giving up imo the experience. Where you really see this is tier 11 ships the balance between tier 11 and 10 is great than the other tiers. If it was just the ship not a big deal but these gimmicks with the tier 11 is just not good for the game. SO imo CV don't care they are so water down; besides spotting having a huge effect in competitive. Subs don't care seem WG getting there, WG needs to teach players how to dodge and clear ping. I ve talked to players who have no idea they can clear ping or dodge when torps loose track. Then complain how much they hate subs. Maybe a forced tutorial is really needed. Testing of Tier 11 was not nearly as thorough as when subs were implemented, these super ships were just thrown onto this game and imo have had the most negative effect. Quicker matches at a large sacrifice of quality matches. Same principle as old RTS CV just not as bad. 1 good super ship player vs 1 bad super ship player has to large of a effect. Which lead me to the balancing between tier 10 and 11 is not where it should be.
  10. OppressorUnion


    Everyone thinks the sap is its nitch its really not other DD will out DPM you because the reload is bad. Where she really shines is the fuel smoke with French torps but you only get 6 but you should hit all 6 using fuel smoke. So comparing wise its a tier 7 Palo. Tier 7 DD's as a whole are very weak. Compared to other tier 7 DD the FR25 is pretty good. When compared to the game its just a ok boat pretty avrg. I noticed if you run with another DD it helps and guarantees your yolo runs because they should have the spots for you. Best advice she is fast, stay out of trouble early she can gets out ahead fast and that can get you in trouble. Stay patient and take those swings at the BBs with fuel smoke and take what the game gives you. Def a nitch boat but that nitch is pretty fun imo but everyone I know hates this ship lol.
  11. OppressorUnion

    What about tier zero?

    I am right there with you op. IMO they should go back not forward pre dread, iron sides sail ships, all the way back to full on man of wars. These super ships are very lame and IMO make the game worse. I understand what we doing by reducing the time of matches by adding super ships to appease the industry average of what they think people want. If they go in reverse they will tap in to a under served market vs tier 11 and 12 ships no one wants. The economy would have to change to accommodate if they go reverse.
  12. The Dutch air strikes do work on subs above 10m. The Gouden Leeuw needs both IMO to make up for the 60sec fire duration on a low hp ship . Give it the best sub planes while also having air strikes and give the Gouden Leeuw that little extra boost she needs.
  13. OppressorUnion

    Coal ship: Napoli or F. Sherman?

    With Napoli 10.3 detect you should be able to position yourself on a flank or leverage a close spot before you get spotted. Also run rpf so you know if there's a DD near you. Once you get into a close position on a flank or otherwise turn out with stern pointed to target and wiggle shots. Do not take shots flat on your stern. The trolish turtle back should block most shells. Be aware or radar locations and you will not have to worry about game returning in fuel smoke while radared. If you are staying at max range shooting HE Napoli is not the right ship, many other ships are better at long range HE. Try to get into great angle positions and make them hurt if they push. Stay flued, not nose in and island camping and you can dictate most fights on your terms. The main advantage of Napoli is being able to switch from kite to push and push to kite and catching your opponents off guard. Fuel smoke allows this and Heavy cruisers hurt if they can get on your side. When a opponents is in a 90 degree kill zone between you and another big caliber ship they are going to make mistakes or they're already dead.
  14. OppressorUnion

    Coal ship: Napoli or F. Sherman?

    I did it that way. It's about 175k. I had some of the pieces before so I spent around 130k its pretty close to what you would pay.
  15. OppressorUnion

    Coal ship: Napoli or F. Sherman?

    I think everyone has already said everything. Napoli tanky and can get out of sticky situations with that fuel smoke or get into some juicy positions with that smoke. Now when it comes to Napoli guns I think there amazing. They punch so hard if someone’s broadside and you can get broadside a lot easier in a Napoli because of smoke and armor. It’s He is ok nothing to right home about same with the reload. Sherman is very daka daka but if you have a spotter it can be fun. If your solo your at the wim of random players spotting for you and it turns out a lot rougher than people think or expect. When it comes down to it play or get what you like. If you like playing a heavy cruiser get the Napoli. If you like playing gunboat DDs get Sherman. Last week I realized I have so many boats I don’t play anymore because even though they might be good I hate the style of play. Hope this helps.