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  1. Best build for the Richelieu

    When a CV one shots you I don' want to hear they are overpowered or anything. The rich is one of the few boats I have a weird capt combo. For it's tier she has very good AA and long-range 7.2 km. I know it sounds crazy but I run Manuel secondaries and Manual AA with aft and bft 19 point captain. Why it's so balanced on this ship it' makes it awsome. 2 biggest weakness to BB are DD and CV, on avrg a regular Rich secondaries are ok but when fully spec aa and manual secondaries it turns rich into great at everything not the best but number 2 in every category.
  2. LoL you make it sound like the ship so op the planes are made or titanium and the secondary's shoot gold. Let's be honest anything can happen in this game but cruisers with defensive fire the AP bombs are a waist and USN anything is highly resistant to AP bombs and DF and AA of a spec cruisers will shred planes even a Kidd will. They are rare but they exists. My AA Rich with manual AA took out 1 1/2 squads before they reached me and the other squad on departure that's 2 1/2 squadrons. A AA des will decimate the planes before it gets near anything. The US new cruiser will be even better.
  3. CV player who play CV and play her say its balanced (Enterprise is still king) Non cv players scream bloody murder You know what I am going to do on release day of the Graf Zeppelin? Play the new tier 8 Cleveland AA spec: with manual fire and farm the new clear skies and watch most the new graf players fail. She is not a easy boat and people don't relies they want to release the Graf the same time the usn light cruiser line is coming out. That line is going to be aa minotaur on steroids with defensive fire as the cherry lol. If BB don't want to go aa spec fine then stay with the cruisers and the usn range will be big no fly zone. Yes if you get a low teir with no aa wow 1/20 matches you got the short straw.
  4. Its even more specific than that I have done test on all tier 8 + BB against Graf AP bombs The 2 most specific countries are German and French all Tier 8 ++ BB can be onshotted but the French have amazing AA capabilities if spec and can negate most damage if AA spec. IJN is mix you will get great hits but amagi is slim = less bombs, Izumo is fat = great target but armor is weird with turrets so great damage but not usually one shot potential. Yamy is perfect to one shot if sitting still or bow tanking. Target superstructure. RN Armor configuration and slim size of the ship make it a less desirable match up. USN BB are wasted attempts its armor to ap bombs is amazing\not worth the time and AA. Its a waste of planes now below tier 8 - perfect AP bomb targets; so new mex and Colorado are tasty targets. So 1/3 of tier 8+ BB can be one shot, 1/3 can be moderate damaged by ap, and 1/3 of those are almost immune and undesirable targets. The limited scope of this should show the over all flaw to this. Just because one nitch can be one shot a huge portion are almost immune DD, and most cruiser, some BB. A smart Graf capt will usually hold ap bomb till a German or French BB messes up, AA cruiser depart, the BB sails off or bow tanks all those thing should be punished its proper game play.
  5. OMG, just turn people. That all you have to do. It will negate most damage. Don't get me wrong Graf might get lucky even turning but most cases it works to negate a one shot yes you will still get hit because there are 18 bombs falling On top of that turning prevent most players FROM MANUAL DROP 3rd American BB armor deck take ALOT less damage. Last it has limited hangers and is 2nd last in air support right above lex Btw the most basic thing to do to negate CV is placement behind AA cruisers or any cruiser with DF. Now I understsand people displeasure with being one shot, but its not as much as in testing and it only take place when they are usually driving in a straight line or stop bow tanking both equal easy manual drop. Yes you can auto click but auto click doesn't get as many one shots. On top of that, most one shots are German and French BB because of armor configuration. If your CV cant provide protection and your not near AA support + you have to be a non usn BB then thank you for letting the stars a 'line for me to get a good strike on you and if you don't turn is that really my fault. The main issue with Graf is hanger capacity if not smart she will be out of planes after third wave. It's rough being one shot but there are far to many counters in this game to lower the chances of that happening. In test I tried point out one shots and community displeasure but this went on def ears. She is not op in damage she has many counters to her. She just plays a mechanic that will make people rage. Some will love this ship because of it but at the same time you can be neutered in this ship very easily by other CV and smart team play, so at the same time she will make her capt rage just as much. To be honest the strategies you have to employ on Graf is one of the hardest CV to play for this you get a type of gameplay that is also the most enjoying if played correctly.
  6. Let all get one thing straight all cv are about to be fjdjdhdubdhd real hard by US light cruisers massive AA and it looks like Brit DD AA. This should be taking into consideration to. It shouldn't be cv fault for lonely players by themselves with no aa spec to cry murder.
  7. Republique and the Belt Armor Hole

    IT wasn't just the Republic it was all tutlebacks. It was a flaw in the previous update where they tweaked all shells. WG called it dynamic control or somehing it was sapose to be a more realistic on how shells penetrated. It caused a unforseen side effect with plunging fire and turtlenbacks. They corrected it last week. So any citadel you been getting now are all you not the bug.
  8. Demolition expert and/or IFHE on high tier BBs?

    So I have the Republic and went straight secondary build with module for rate of fire and manual secondary with aft and bft. Asewell as DE . Why DE? I am getting 15% fire from 155 and 12.7 from 127 with main battery at 52% with flags. It all builds up to be devastatig combined. I am on my phone so I can't go into great detail but with getting up to a 19point capt and getting DE. I am now farming witherer on a nightly basis. It's that stupid. It all depends on your playstyle. I don't take the tanking stuff because great placement on the battlefield will be your best mitigation. If I am in my Republic and am getting HE by 2-3 cruisers I am SOL no matter what fire prevention or not with 32 mm of damage sponge armor. I am dead because of misplacment. So 2/10 matches I am out of placeent due to me or situation. The other 8/10 I am a fire spitting monster avrging 150k. My best advice do what works for you. You can crunch all the numbers but in end nothing beats the eye test. Everyone plays different
  9. Graf Zeppelin finalized

    ^^ Above is a tester, how do I know this because he is trying to tell the community what I said 15 post ago about hanger capacity. Below is a gentleman looking at stats and screaming op, when they have no idea what there talking about. Better stats = win. What they don't understand is your opponent can just keep spamming aircraft and you cant. There is a huge difference. Oustion to the player base: What is the most Important trait for a CV? If you thought damage you were wrong. It is spotting ! This is where the Graf Zeppelin falls apart. What wins matches is spotting for your team not damage. Who usually wins the match is the team that gets caps first and the team that has the enemy DD's spotted to be target to maximum effect. The Graf Zeppelin can not do this effectively and because of this she will also fall apart in ranked battles. Which is sad. Why does she fail in this? The main reason is air supremacy the reason she can not hold air power is the hanger capacity. With 2-0-3 up against a strike Shokaku you have the edge but besides that AS Shokaku and Enterprise will kill you by attrition. The Reason a lot of people are focusing on Enterprise is because she is completely op compared to every other cv at that level .The only ship that can contest the sky with her is a AS Shokaku and still the Enterprise hanger capacity will win the war of attrition and devastate with consistent damage and none stop striking potential because of hanger capacity. Comparing great player to great player I am not talking about people who don't know how to play CV's. This is amplified by the Graff Zeppelin smaller hanger capacity in fighters. Even more Amplified by the 1-2-1 spec where if you loose the 1st squad you only have half a squad left. Leaving you at even more of a disadvantage. The main point is she is going to make bad players worse and great player struggle against a Enterprise, you can win the first 2 engagement and kill over 24 fighters just to be left with another 20 some to go. you have to kill 4 of his to 1 of your and it is almost impossible played perfectly against another good opponent. Not saying you will fight bad players and win but against another skilled CV your smashing a keyboard in that game because you will do everything right in the engagements and still lose the air. Using AA of your team is key in any of the spec 1-2-1 or 2-0-3. The Graf Zeppelin actually does better in up tier matches. If properly executed you can bait and use your team AA bubble to win multiple fighter engagements with few losses and your striking powers is not diminished as bad as other tier 8 cv are in a tier x matches. The 1-2-1 Is amplified with great teamwork. The one large wing is a strafing king will kill everything and anything in one strafe. But locked it is your biggest weakness one mess up and you will never recover. The last night of testing I grouped up with 2 kidds AA spec and had a play day with them in center caps my 1 squad and there AA murdered the Enterprises first 2 fighter waves after 2nd wave of fighters were dismantled it gave me a 2nd run on there Enterprise the first strike was half damage because of Defensive fire panicking strike, 2 strike with no defensive fire = no contest. Which leads me to the striking potential does she have more potential than enterprise yes, but potential and actual are 2 different stories. Where as the Enterprise can keep throwing planes, you can not. Which also leads to her play style if you don't play her with patients you will have a bad day with her. Opportunistic and strategic is the best way I can explain it. Grouping up TB and AP DB or on 2-0-3 all AP DB and wait to see the break in AA or lonely BB, against single target in open ocean there is no recovery for a BB of any tier 7/10 it will be a one shot. Especially a BB not moving with 3 APDB Manuel drop in him. Graf zeppelin has one job picking his targets at the start of the match if there is German or French BB I sole focus on them, It sound selfish right. Not helping the team kill DD, focusing objective and so on. Which lead me to the over all point; objective play, is not the Graf Zeppelin strength or point she is a LOLZ ship her main point is devastating alpha damage on BB's. That's it . Throw ranked out the window , thow objective team work out the window down a flight of stair to the curb. "Now wait" you say, She has great secondary and can run HE to kill DD's. She can be a DD hunter. Yes you are right she could be but still its a lulz build. To go full secondary build you have to give up aircraft survivability to get the secondary module, so now your fighters are even weaker. Yes you can go either build but most people will go 2-0-3 for escort carrier build with 3 HE bombers she is fun. What happens is in low tier games it is playable but at tier x you just threw the whole game out the window. The deck armor will bounce most cruiser shells and all DD shells but BB's will still destroy you so in a tier x game its not fun. In low tier games its a very fun build and some what playable. If ranked actually limited the BB's more it might be viable but not now. Me personally I focus AP bombs but I run secondary build without module I think its like 7.9km with manual secondary's. I do run a 19pt captain. The secondary's are great; DD's should be afraid, If one shows himself close don't be afraid to charge! Your deck armor is almost immune to there shots most of your secondary's are forward if the DD smokes you have hydro many DD kills with this ship. I hope this helps, everyone she is not op. Jut very focused on one thing alpha damage. She will make great CV captain laugh with fun LuL nights with things no other ship can do multiple one shots. Other time she will be completely shut down by other CV. The Potential is there but it very hard to actually achieve and maintain. If you are bad or new to CV get Enterprise If you are a experienced CV captain get Graf Zeppelin to just do thing no other CV can do and have selfish damage games but be warned 2/10 match you will get games you will want to quit the game over. That's how bad you can get shutdown. One mistake its over. She is no Kaga when it comes to forgiveness. Now you might play her completely different but this is how I saw her and played her and it was very effective for me, I played to her strength because why not. If I wanted a dot build I could go play something else... Btw I did not mention cruisers much because at high tier the AA and defensive fire makes it not worth the loss in planes to strike them if its the end of the match or I am in danger then I will but Ap bombs are so finicky and not consistent on moving cruisers to be worth the loss in planes imho.
  10. Graf Zeppelin finalized

    What is this cry me a river thread. GZ has been in testing for over 4 months. Think of her as a Kaga in strike and Enterprise as a Saipan. When I get to pc I will try to do a better explanation. The main drop back is air supremacy even played perfectly against a equal player in a enterprise she will loose the sky. Why hanger capacity compared to other ships. Yes her strike is devastating; but even winning a 2 fighter battles you will eventually loose the sky due to attrtion. She is very capable ship but she has her drawbacks when I get to a pc I will explain more.
  11. Premium Ship Review: Gascogne

    I have the Graf Zep and the Rich and tested it on both sides. The Answer is Boom goes the AP bombs... her turtle back is just as vulnerable as Germans but the AA of the Rich is great if spec with manual. So you can mitigate a lot of the damage, worse AA on the Gas = Pass I really want to buy the Gascogne , but it seems its inferior to the Rich in every way. All the review are bad, they should of made the rich a premium and Gascogne the tech tree ship.
  12. Kitakami

    Let it be available with the 2% chance in Christmas crates and wargaming rake in that money , cha ching....... $.$
  13. AA rating

    AA rating is based off of a number of things for examples AA rating of 76 on a DD Tier 8 and a Tier 7 BB is going to be roughly the same DPS BUT each ship is different that DD could be a Akizuki and have 7.6km long range AA guns vs a stock Lyon BB that has massive mid range under 5km AA. Each ships different
  14. Friday night down?