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  1. AA rating

    AA rating is based off of a number of things for examples AA rating of 76 on a DD Tier 8 and a Tier 7 BB is going to be roughly the same DPS BUT each ship is different that DD could be a Akizuki and have 7.6km long range AA guns vs a stock Lyon BB that has massive mid range under 5km AA. Each ships different
  2. I have all 4 French BB, Lyon awesome , Richelieu it took me awhile to warm up to this perma bow tanking/ push playstyle but darn is it fun and at the right time your chasing down the runners or push with engine boost, very unique playstyle. So now I understand what you Dunkerque boys been playing with. What I do not understand is with this front weapon load out becoming the flavor of the French line at high tier then you get to tier X and its a 4 gun bow and stern makes me think ?.? Why? Why wouldn't you give us a Richelieu with 431mm and 30 sec reload and call it a day its a very fun playstyle unique to the French and its quad turrets why not give it the same layout. Now I have not played the Tier x French BB but I do believe there should be a Tier X Dunkerque/ Richelieu playstyle at tier 10 it would be a shame if there wasn't.
  3. Tier 7 is the sweet spot these days for AA spec with all the KAGA and Saipans
  4. Play a tier 8 Akizuki AA spec I think its 7.9km range and 76 AA on spec sheet even without Defensive fire it has long range AA that protects all DDs in Cap and once you kill one group of planes they will never come near you again.
  5. 2-3 AA spec ships = Tough game for CV AA spec destroys planes. I believe a rework is in order but I don't think you would like my suggestion, Buff strike lookouts Buff AA modules and captains Eventually they will run out of planes if you have AA spec players I believe 3 AA ships should be able to protect there whole team but who spec AA anymore above tier 8 you might get 1 out of 24 matches of use. With High tier CV a ghost town its hard to balance the game. How can you balance a game with people crying nerf when there already is a counter but no one plays the counter because the chance of playing against a CV is rare at that tier. Do you see the conundrum. A proper AA spec can reach out between 7-10km shredding planes I mean shreds them like paper, so before you complain there is a counter. Even some DD can shred planes with a AA spec but why play it if you gimp yourself 9/10 matches waiting for one.. PEOPLE STOP CRYING NERF BAT when there is a counter already just no one uses it on NA servers
  6. Switch Speed Boost on French BB

    I have all 4 French BB's and I've been playing them a lot, at Tier 8 you get speed boost on Richelieu although she needs one thing to change to fit the bow tanking playstyle. Running AA spec on the Lyon or Richelieu is very fun but with all the speed boost in the world I would rather have one charge of Defensive Fire AA, with capt spec you get 2 charges. It just fits with the bow tanking of Richelieu On a side note French BB are taking serious damage from AP or at least German AP bombs. Been testing it with my Graf Test 1, almost same turtle back deck armor as German BBs. On the positive if spec into AA Lyon and Rich shred planes. With the re-release of the Graf Zeppelin coming around the release of French BBs. I think it would be wise to counter Anti-BB CV playstyle of AP bombs and deep water torps with French BBs and there AA. Just my thoughts what do you all think?
  7. Let's talk French Tier 7 Lyon

    Lyon is a very powerful ship but not op. She fits as a mid range ship. The 340mm are perfect against cruisers,, 16 AP shells on a broadside cruiser is devastating insta-delete. Lyon vs BB is a little more tough if u stick with ap its 4k-10k chunks and takes a few reloads to take down a BB. 1 Things I was not expecting from stats sheet She is very tough well angled and can turn good enough to get angled in between shots One thing I haven't felt yet is AP bombs her armor looks perfect to be deleted by some AP bombs
  8. Kaga vs Saipan (Some Specific Questions)

    If you play a Saipan you will have air control and spotting power If you play Kaga and you are a great player can carry the whole team 1/10 matches in a Kaga you will face a similar skilled Saipan an you will have to just take it , nothing you can do. Even snipping Saipan is so fast they should get plane back in time . just take it 1/10 matches and dominate the rest Go KAGA if you rank as a great CV player Go Saipan if you want to be a great CV player
  9. Phase 4 Graf Zeppelin Testing

    At first I did not like the idea of one giant fighter squad. Thinking people will just strafe lock me but It actually not turning out to be as bad as I expected. The Giant squad makes quick work of engagements + strafe is devastating and if you are tangled in a fight and see a strafe coming strafe out into his strafe and will devastate them as much as you. Unlike the other phases this one can hold its own against a enterprise none of the other phases could do this, and a couple well placed strafes you will wipe all enterprise fighter. Against a AS Shok we still don't stand a chance but I think this will be fixed in usn CV rework with they take away all AS builds giving the ijn just 2 fighter squads which can end in a stale mate. Even though I feel Test two is balanced Test one outperforms in damage in game after game. I feel if given both options both of theses will work the only tweak I strongly recommend to give a 3rd playstyle is upping secondary's to 11.7 KM like Trip/Bismarck's This allows people to make a strong sacrifice on the Test one build they Can A take the fighter hp module buff which is needed to compete or go secondary's and HE bombs to be a real up close support carrier with secondary / HE DD killer. That slight buff will allow for 2 play styles for Test one Secondary/HE bombs= DD killer support carrier Air support/ AP Bombs= BB killer T
  10. I herd all AS specs are getting wiped usn and jap so no 4-2-2 for jap when usn goes live .
  11. I just want to give up....

    You see all, after playing awhile you should know what to, spotting and plane placement is your priority. You shouldn't have to rely on people who don't play CV to dictate your hand. To be honest 80 % feedback of people in matches are asking for AA support why they sail by themselves far away from objective and then when they die bash the CV captain while you are playing spotting for objective. But your are absolutely right asking to spot a DD is helpful in a perfect world but that not always the case and that not the only thing you see in chat. Its just not worth it in my opinion.
  12. I just want to give up....

    First rule of CV captain don't read chat people are ......... in this game.. What wins games is DD support protect your DD's from being spotted and spot there DD . That is what wins matches 2nd is air superiority. You have not made it to tier 7 so strafing has not become big but it will. How it works is have a fighter 10km near your 1st fighter squad, tie up his fighters with you 1st squad , strafe on both of you with 2nd squad , and then 1 fighter squad exit strafe out of the way. That's for advance users 3rd is damage::: for heavy AA matches group up all damage together and do one alpha pass, on low AA matches you can stager damage for dots with fire and torps. 4th play sober if you come up to a strong CV capt one slight mess up = loss of air; and micro managing intoxicated don't go together believe me ...... Last no matter how good you are everyone wants you to be there bodyguard they do not relies you can not be everywhere at once focus on the main priority's first, you play for your team not individuals.......... Good Luck
  13. Test 2 is still my favorite of the two. First game with a test 1 which is the full loaded strike build I was up against a good AS shok. He destoyed two wave only 1 wave left I sat on them till storm came 1 shotted 2 battleships, and scored 100k in 2 waves of aircraft. The main issue with this load out is not being able to protect your DD and its DD that wins cap matches. Enterprise is still a far better ship. Graf Zepp still needs some love you cant have one overpower the other with that great of magnitude. Even with fighters Enterprise wins the day.