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  1. BSquared62

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    This event is utterly ridiculous, and is nothing but a cash grab by WG. It is an impossible task for anyone who doesn't play 8 hours a day, every day. IChase laid it out very well in a YouTube vid, and manage to keep his temper until the very end. Come on WG...what sadist made this event, and who approved it? Tell you what...you have one of your staff make a video doing this event, and lets see how long he/she lasts before they throw up their hands and quit.
  2. BSquared62

    Full Pumpkin Event Statistics

    Big congrats to @TxCowboy1 on the 150+ battles! My second place with 122 is way behind...you are a MACHINE. :) I had a blast, hope to get to do another in the future! *Pumpkin #288* 0>
  3. BSquared62

    My Sincere Thank - 25k Sub 30 Ship Giveaway

    That is awesome! Congratulations!
  4. BSquared62

    A message from the Pumpkins

    Hey all, Pumpkin #288 here. Had a great weekend, played 120 battles, and met some really great players. Met a few salty folks on the way, but on the whole the community was awesome. Many thanks to the team members who were giving me ship tips in high tiers, made the game a lot of fun. My play of the event: I was in the Kleber, and a Jean Bart and I were behind an island; on the other side was parked an enemy Big MO. The JB started around the island...I accelerated between the island and the JB, dodged a slew of torpedoes, and got around first, totally catching the Missouri off-guard. Put about 6 torps in him, dropping his hp to about 1500, JB finished him. I then got Blapped, but it was worth it. 😎👍 I had a blast guys, thanks for a wonderful event—hope to do another someday. BSquared62
  5. BSquared62

    Identifying Very Important Players

    That is a winner. Will yolo with you any day, my man. :)
  6. BSquared62

    Bot Cheats, For Those That Always Want Replays...

    I don’t disagree, but it cannot be easy to program the AI.
  7. BSquared62

    Bot Cheats, For Those That Always Want Replays...

    I’ve seen too many Bot ships driving in straight lines evade torps as soon as I drop them (well beyond visual range), but I get it. You have to make them challenging or it would be a boring turkey shoot every match in Coop. I was going to say this was a bad thing for new players trying to learn the game, but on second thought it’s good to learn that players can be unpredictable. Now I’m in the middle, I suppose. It’s a necessary evil in Coop, where I find myself chilling and playing about 50% of the time at least these days.
  8. BSquared62

    The Italian Cruisers are PATHETIC

    Lot of good comments here. I’ve had some really good games with Genova, but you have to kite the hell out of it...smoke would be super nice...it is a premium ship after all. The Monte is so undergunned (IMHO) it feels awful to play; you hit 200 times and get very little damage. The rest are ok if you play the kiting game as mentioned above. Reload times and turret rotation are biggest sore spots for me. I wish my DDs loaded torps as fast as Genova. 😊
  9. This. I'll admit I was pretty salty when I wrote it, but it's still true.
  10. Career complainer? Where did that come from? I do play CVs as well, but have never been on a team with 2 other CVs. I brought the issue up, sure. It IS frustrating...you should have seen the chat light up (both sides complaining). It’s a bloody turkey-shoot for the CVs, so of course they are not complaining. Now I know how the IJN guys felt in Leyte Gulf. Career Complainer? Hardly.
  11. I thought it was rather funny. Lol Ive done an informal poll of several streamers that regularly play WoWs, and all agreed that 3 CVs per side in any tier is excessive...so I am not alone, apparently. I’ll have to hit up iChase next time Insee him streaming. 😊
  12. You should go on tour and be a comedian...second thought, don't. You'd starve in a week.
  13. No, running missions for a change, and running through all the ships to get there. I haven't played for a while, and getting back into the game. Happy now?