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  1. kitty_cat_swag

    Your best Big Hunt game(s)

    Fun game I had last night 1,914,289 Damage 29 kills
  2. I figured people would like to show off their good games in the new temporary game mode, and perhaps we could keep track of the damage and kill records. I have been having great fun in the Whirlwind with the plasma torpedoes and very short range secondaries. I would like to hear what ships/builds other people have set their records in :D
  3. Don't make false claims, you are doing yourself no favors. You have never broken 200k in Lion in randoms and that is a fact according to wows numbers. You discredit yourself by doing this. I am not stat shaming you, I am calling you out on your blatant lies.
  4. I bet the game would last 5 minutes or less XD
  5. kitty_cat_swag

    JB and Kaga missions

    ur the one who is spreading misinformation genius. The regular JB still exists. I have one sitting in my port in fact. *suprised pikachu*
  6. I would suggest Bourgogne over the other ships, she has not really been power crept by the 457 BBs as her strength never really was her gun caliber. Her strength lies in her MBRB and speed boost imo. The ability to reposition quickly all over the map is very powerful as it allows you to get broadsides where the caliber of your guns is not as important. I would definitely recommend watching some good BB players play Bourgogne before counting her out. Potato Quality is an expert BB player, I would recommend watching him play some Bourgogne to understand its true power. John_The_Ruthless also is a phenomenal player who I would also recommend watching as he does ships requests when he streams. Either way I would definitely watch gameplay of all the ships extensively before making a choice. I have Bourgogne and Black myself as my own two steel ships at the moment and I enjoy both very much. I'm no mean BB player but I'm still averaging 142k per game in my Bourgogne. I'll be getting Plymouth as my next steel ship for what it's worth but I'm a cruiser main so its not a hard choice to make. I never got Stalingrad earlier because the play style does not suit me, it is far to stationary to be entertaining for me. I'm sure you will be happy with whatever you choose!
  7. kitty_cat_swag

    What do your stats say about you?

    ENO, Thank you for the taking the time to look at my stats, what you have commented on is actually something which I have been trying to improve on myself in the more recent months. To often I end up being killed early game while trying something overly aggressive. It was nice to see that my stats reflect that as being on of my major flaws as that indicates I am working on improving the right things if you get what I'm trying to say. About that thing where my stats suck up into T6, I only shot AP before that point and it had a rather predictable and drastic impact on my ability to influence the game. It was after I watched a couple of how to improve videos that I understood the importance of switching ammos types and what not. You were also correct in you assumption that I haven't gone back to the lower tiers to clean up my WR and PR, I never really enjoyed low tiers and haven't gone back because quite honestly I don't think that I would do *that* much better now that I did then. I always struggled in low tiers because I don't play much of it anymore and I couldn't be bothered. Most of the fun I have is from Clan Battles, Ranked and diving up with clan mates which all happen at tiers 8-10 for the most part and as such I have only really worked to improve my skills at those tiers. I am aware that getting out my low tiers ships and playing them again could help me improve but I don't really have much free time right now and will only get around to that later. You mentioned a plateau in my stats but still a gradual upwards trend and I think that has mainly been caused by me branching out into new ships and trying them all out without actually mastering any of them. This is something I have done to help increase my knowledge in fighting against those ships rather than any particular want to play them. For example I struggle dealing fighting against USS Black and Hindy so I got them in order to understand their play better. Funnily enough I have really started to enjoy the Black and the Hindy and have hopes to master both and maybe even end on the leaderboard for Black (fingers crossed I can pull it off). Unfortunately clan battles has left me little time to play the ships I do best in so hopefully I can start that upwards stats trend again. I enjoyed reading you analysis of my stats and found it to be very useful, thank you again ENO. kitty cat
  8. kitty_cat_swag

    What do your stats say about you?

    _ENO_, I would much appreciate any advice, conclusions you can draw from my stats. I am looking to improve my game play but unfortunately have been busy recently so have few recent games for you to look at. Hoping to get some time off during holidays and start improving my stats again. Thank you in advance. and when you look at my top played ships I actually haven't play either kutuzov of wooster in a very long time, i have since lost interest in both and spread out my enjoyment to many other ships.
  9. kitty_cat_swag

    Bourgongnne - Get or not to get?

    Bourgogne is definitely one of most fun ships to play at T10 because of its ability to punish mistakes so effectively. Its ability to reposition in quickly in a BB is quite powerful. However I do not recommend using a secondary spec on this ship like other people are talking about in this thread, it is far to squishy to squander your captain points on secondary's. I often start off playing mid-long range and the slowly move in closer as the battles goes on this ship is most powerful at mid range because at super long range (20km+) your AP pen is not enough to cit most BBs. That being said, you can still cit monty, ohio and some others up to max range and still get great its on ships like kremlin by hitting their upper armor belt. It can excel at closer quarter fights because of how maneuverable it is as well as its MBRB but I would not say that it is by any means a brawling ship. It is my highest average damage boat by a decent margin(143k) and I am by no means a phenomenal BB player. So if you like seeing those big damage numbers and toping the scoreboard regularly than I can't recommend it enough, a great ship for having a blast in and dishing out the pain. TLDR: gud bote
  10. I would argue that T10 is the most fun of any tier in the game because of healing potential of ships. At mid and low tiers DDs and CAs don't have heals so mistakes are more permanent that mistakes at T10. At T10 you can pull far more aggressive maneuvers because you have a heal to help recover health for more plays. Sure mistakes are punished harder at T10 but in return you also get far more potential to recover from those mistakes. I almost exclusively play my T10 ships now, because of that. It also helps me improve my skills in those ships so I am a better player during CB and ranked which are often T10 as well. For me the grind is not the fun part, it is playing my T10 ships in divisions of clanmates. So I just skip the grind my fxping my way to almost all my T10s. If you like the grinding part of the game then just grind the RB. If you don't enjoy T10 just don't play it; play what makes you happy.
  11. kitty_cat_swag

    First Tier 10 - Frustration

    So are not not going to talk about the fact that this guy has a total of two battles in his Midway??? he must be trolling lmbo
  12. kitty_cat_swag

    Mail Buoy Ep. 2 - Ask Your Questions here

    Hey Zoup! Do you think that the upcoming star battle game modes for April fools will be implemented as additional game modes permanently if they do well? Is it likely that Arms Race will return in the near future as a normal battle mode (not ranked)? When will the Legendary upgrades for the Daring/Harugumo be released? Will the Tier 10 premiums, Stalingrad, Salem and Bourgogne get Legendary upgrades? Thanks for your great videos! o7 kitty