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  1. Scarheart76

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Well, I have no intention of picking up the Yukon. I love this game. I enjoy the community (for the most part). What I don't enjoy about this game is how it feels like the top cats in Wargaming are constantly ignoring feedback from players and community contributors. This game would probably be a heck of a lot more popular if the product was built on the grounds of trust, community, and a genuine interest in what contributors have to say about what goes on or is coming to the game. This company would make what they're pulling in right now look like chump change if they would just pay attention, communicate, and get a little more involved with the CCs and the player base. Right now, it seems as though they continue to be out of touch with the community as a whole. I enjoy this game because there is nothing else out there even remotely like it. It feels as though it's being run into the ground by people who have their eyes on their bank accounts rather than the long term health of this game.
  2. Scarheart76

    IFHE All Night Long

    Soooo....IFHE is essentially useless on 90% of the ships out there. At least it frees up four points for, say, radio location. The bouncing boob avatar is distracting...
  3. Scarheart76

    Another ship setting sail...

    Good luck, Fem. May the Schwartz be with you!
  4. Scarheart76

    WG enough bending the knee to DD!

    Actually, people who play dds needed things like the CV rework to make their play something more fun and less a self induced panic attack. It is not fun at all to be in a dd during a carrier match and have planes follow you all over the place like demented paparazzi.