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  1. I'm looking at stats of T-61 and the ship looks way too strong right now. It's better than Gaede in every way. It's also got same concealment as Fubuki. For some reason the torp reload is faster than Gaede too. I want it because it looks cool but how is this ship balanced?
  2. The Type 055 Collection

    So is this a cruiser or destroyer? A cruiser should have flagship facilities, no?
  3. Simple Buff to Izumo That Solves All

    So just because you had to grind through Izumo when it was garbage, means everyone should experience the same? Balancing the game is more important. Izumo now is pretty decent because it's got average concealment and good piece of 32 mm buffed. But problem is Musashi totally overpowers Izumo and every other T9 BB.
  4. Warspite is good, but she's got bigger guns that can overmatch 25 mm stuff and that makes a big difference. Tirpitz got smaller and less guns than Alabama.
  5. I love Tirpitz because it's such a good looking ship and it's famous for being Germany's last BB, but recently Alabama replaced her as my workhorse T8 BB. Alabama just has better skill ceiling and most of the time Alabama will beat Tirpitz. Alabama is also much better at pulling her weight when uptiered. I do so much better in Alabama than in Tirpitz because the Alabama main guns are that much better. Alabama's maneuverability is awesome too. German BBs aren't that strong but not because it's underpowered but because the current random meta doesn't favor them. It's sad because Tirpitz was always my go-to T8 premium when making credits, but now she's been replaced by Alabama which isn't as cool or good looking but it just does the job better.
  6. Resurrecting this thread because now with Izumo buff the FDG is the worst T9 BB now. No need for huge buff, just fix the rear gun angle because the aircraft launchers are empty most of the time. Also sigma increase to 1.9 but that's optional.
  7. Because this is not a typical game? My average in this ship is not anywhere close to this good. Besides, Lion got similar damage number with similar number of games but WG ignores that?
  8. Iowa/Monty Captain

    I hear Alabama plays a lot like Iowa and bit like Montana. I use these skills. Priority Target, Expert Loader, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent, Fire Prevention, Concealment. You need one more point for it but that's good overall build.
  9. Lot of other high tier BB I played when I was worse at the game. The Izumo is also getting a big buff so nerfing Alsace isn't the way to go. Buff the FDG too because it needs help the rear gun arcs are terrible for no good reason.
  10. Summer Sale Day 10: TIRPITZ

    Time to put the derp in Derpitz?
  11. I'm sad to see WG giving such a heavy nerf to Alsace. I didn't think the ship was overpowered, it's certainly fun and strong but it can be countered because the shell caliber is small and even some cruisers can bounce it. I'm even more sad because I even got the premium camo for it. Anyways, that's more motivation for me to finish the Alsace grind and get to Republique, but Alsace decided to treat me to a monster final game tonight. Not only that, Alsace's final gift was finishing task 11 and unlocking Halsey for me. Wow! What an end. So this is a tribute to the Alsace, which gave me some of the most fun I've had in a battleship. I meshed so well with this ship, so it's sad to see the end. It was wonderful 39 games in this ship. Au revoir Alsace, you've served me well and allowed me to set my record XP in the game.
  12. Summer Sale Day 9: ALABAMA

    Alabama is really solid. It's one of my workhorse T8 premiums. If you need something dependable and can carry weight and still be pretty competitive then Alabama is great choice.
  13. Just got Bull Halsey This Evening

    I just got him too. I have him on Des Moines because the expert loader is amazing for Clan Battles and even randoms. Switching to AP in 1 second so I can punish broadsides at will.
  14. How do you play solo in Des Moines?

    It's rarely just a 1v1 in randoms and at longer ranges it's easier to dodge shots from a DM.
  15. How do you play solo in Des Moines?

    Should I take propulsion mod over rudder?