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  1. RadDisconnect

    Ranked ...breaking the mold!!

    Considering you're not even at rank 10 yet, what do you have that's worth bragging about?
  2. RadDisconnect

    USS Iowa

    So instead of actually making useful discussion, instead you post a bad and obvious attempt at sarcasm.
  3. RadDisconnect

    Any New T10 BBs On The Horizon?

    Repeating the same thing over and over doesn't make something true. There are some noob friendly BBs just like how there are noob friendly DDs and noob friendly CA/CL. Depends on the line.
  4. RadDisconnect

    MM Working As Intended ?

    These kind of matches sucks but it's not that rare or surprising anymore especially at late night hours. WG is working on reducing how much this happens though, because some T8 ships don't uptier well at all.
  5. RadDisconnect

    Any New T10 BBs On The Horizon?

    The WHOLE POINT is that BBs are designed to do more damage on average than DDs, because that's their role. On the other hand they can't contest caps or control vision like DDs. Then for some reason you're challenging that statement and say that you can average as much damage in a DD as in BB. If it's so easy to farm damage in a BB, then how are you average as much damage in a DD? I'm talking average, not some cherry picked matches. I consider myself fairly decent BB and DD player, and I would consistently average about 33% more damage in BB than in same tier DD. And what are you defining as skill? Skill floor or skill ceiling? They're not the same. BBs have lower skill floor than most other classes, but the skill ceiling can be very high for some BBs.
  6. RadDisconnect

    Any New T10 BBs On The Horizon?

    That's not how burden of proof works. We called YOU out when you keep saying that it's easy to farm damage as a BB, while at the same time saying it's easy to average as much damage in a DD as in BB (same tier, for obvious reasons). You made the claim, now prove it.
  7. RadDisconnect

    Any New T10 BBs On The Horizon?

    Then I have to question how well you play BBs then. If you're not averaging more damage in a BB than in a DD then you shouldn't be calling playing BB easy.
  8. RadDisconnect

    Any New T10 BBs On The Horizon?

    Do you really average as much damage in DDs as in BBs? I doubt it. Of course you can have a few individual games in DDs that rival BB in damage. But on average a DD does not do as much damage as a BB. That's because damage farming isn't a DD's role outside of a few exception like Khabarovsk.
  9. RadDisconnect

    Any New T10 BBs On The Horizon?

    DD is not supposed to do as much damage as a BB. BB can never contest a cap like a DD, or scout.
  10. This can easily be fixed of Conqueror gets better AP and accuracy instead of the broken HE. Then use the concealment to make ambushes instead of camping in the back line. Either way, the game doesn't need battleships with nearly impossible to hit citadels. German and French BBs having that is already enough.
  11. Actually the raised RN BB citadels are a good change, with how stupidly hard KM and MN BBs are to citadel having a broadside that can be punished is welcome for a change. The problem with Thunderer is it can't deal with HE spam like Conqueror can because of the poor heal and it also has bad firepower. 8 457mm guns with 30s reload is not enough at T10 unless there's something else to make up for it, like Kremlin's extra tanky hull. Even Republique had reload buffed to 24s.
  12. RadDisconnect

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    This is frankly poor slippery slope logic. You're implying somehow that by being able to nerf premiums, WG MUST bait and switch. WG can just as well not and apply nerfs judiciously. And the ships banned from sale won't be making any money for WG anymore. WG can make meta changes by altering game mechanics. Or what if they make a "general" change where you can't have radar with smoke at same time, or no T7 can have the 5th upgrade slot? That will also change the in game experience of the product.
  13. Is there anything legal or institutional that doesn’t allow WG to nerf premiums? I missed the chance to get Belfast back in the day (didn’t have the spare finance) and now that ship won’t be released anymore in the current state because it’s pretty broken, with the smoke and radar combination and IFHE. But I’m surprised and honestly disappointed by how strongly some people have defended the OP nature, like here. I would buy a Belfast even if it wasn’t OP, just for historical or collector value. And to be clear, I’m addressing all premiums, not just ones that are banned from sale. For example I won’t oppose changes or nerfs to ships like Haida or T-61 or Kutuzov (the latter two which I own). I know some might argue that the problem goes away if WG would allow cash refund of nerfed premiums, since that’s “changing an electronic product”, but what is the actual justification here? Also, since you already played the ship in it’s OP state, then didn’t you already get what you payed for in the games you already played? And what about when WG buffs a premium? On WG’s side, while some would demand cash refund, wouldn’t additional customers of formerly OP ships that were removed from sale balance that out? It would also be a much less devious way of generating revenue than underhanded Santa crates. I agree that WG using the OP status of some ships to advertise containers is very bad practice, but should we keep using that as a justification for keeping those ships the way they are? Some might argue that WG should not have released a broken premium in the first place, so the situation is their own fault. That may be the case, but then why should WG not be allowed to fix their initial mistakes by balancing premiums that are already released? I’ll bring up the example of the Guilio Cesare. When released not many people including CC’s thought she would be OP, and how strong she was only became known a while after she was released. So can we really fault WG here in this case? Not being allowed to go back and balance ships after release especially when the power level isn’t known very well is not good for game balance. I'm pretty disgusted by how much vitriol Sub_Octavian got over the whole GC affair. To owners of OP ships and in particular those who defend their current OP state, I’m genuinely curious. What do you personally get out of keeping them in the current state and also out of hands of newer players? Do you consider your own enjoyment (at the expense of others at the receiving end of your ship) more important than overall balance and health of the game? Is that what you’re paying money for?
  14. RadDisconnect

    Soyuz and Kreml need a tad more torp protection

    Kremlin is fine, the torpedo protection is one of strongest in game. Sovetsky Soyuz is okay, but the dispersion could be a bit better, maybe 1.8 sigma like Kremlin. They should buff FDG dispersion to 1.9 sigma, that ship suffers so much.
  15. I just got Sovetsky Soyuz and I'm wondering if it's worth putting the Damage control party mod that increases DCP duration by 40%. I know Soviet BB DCP lasts short but you only get limited charges, so I think every bit would help. Is it risky to not take the usual main armament mod 1? Do turrets on Soviet BBs get knocked out a lot?