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  1. I also want at least a T10 for every country, so I have GK, Hindenburg, Yamato, Moskva, Minotaur, working on Worcester and Republique. I'm too crap at DDs to get Yueyang.
  2. I keep ships with historical value or are cool would-be designs or are fun to play.
  3. You still consistently citadel Iowa and Missouri with Baltimore and Des Moines. This clip shows that very well. https://clips.twitch.tv/PlainAntediluvianFoxWow
  4. Is Hindenburg too strong?

    I will come back after my 100th Hindenburg match but I don't see my stats changing dramatically unless the meta changes.
  5. Is Hindenburg too strong?

    I got Hindenburg recently and got 30 games in it so far and mostly solo. This ship feels a bit too strong right now especially in the random meta. It's really good at burning down BBs because of the HE pen and it's pretty tanky because of the turtleback. My stats in this ship is really high and makes me look much better than I actually am. When you kite in the Hindenburg you can tank a lot of damage and with the HE pen you deal consistent damage in return. So Hindenburg either feels too strong now or the other cruisers need some buff. No wonder this ship is the staple of any Clan Battles lineup.
  6. Are cruisers in KOTS specced into full AA build with BFT, AFT, and MAA? Or is it a hybrid?
  7. It's King of the Sea. You also have Supremacy League here in NA.
  8. So in KOTS you know which map you'll be on so you don't need jack-of-all-trades ship like Hindenburg as much. Also it seems like Moskva concealment is too much liability in KOTS especially with a CV? How much do ships spec into AA in KOTS? Do they do full AA and even drop skills like CE or LS?
  9. Pretty bad average player stats.

    Yeah some people are bad because they're casual players and nothing wrong with that. Like if you have real life commitments and this game is just casual way to relax then you'll have bad stats and that's okay. It will annoy good players in a match but that's just temporary and if you're really competitive then do tournaments and competitive modes. Problem though is when casual players with bad stats try to claim something they're not and then that's a problem.
  10. Pretty bad average player stats.

    My point is if you're bad, you either don't want to put in the effort to improve (can be for a variety of reasons like real life commitments, casual attitude, etc.), or you're just not good at this game.
  11. Pretty bad average player stats.

    I was pretty terrible at the game when I started, but if you try to learn and improve your stats will gradually improve. Though if you have 47% win rate after a few thousand games, then you either don't try to put in the effort to improve, or you're actually bad at the game.
  12. I watched several KOTS matches up to semifinals and noticed that among top teams like O7, OPG, ZR and PSV, the cruiser composition seems to be heavy on Zao and Des Moines, with not much Hindenburg and very little Moskva, while less common choices like Henri IV and Minotaur were popping up. This is strange because in most teams during Clan Battles the Hindenburg would be the backbone of most lineups because of the versatility. How is the KOTS tournament meta different enough that the Hindenburg isn't as favored compared to Clan Battles?
  13. I'm absolute trash at this game

    That really depends on the ships you play. If you play lots of battleships especially lower tier ones then they have pretty bad accuracy so you can get a lot of straddles even if your aim is good. Aiming takes practice, you'll get there.
  14. Admiral Hipper DPM is still not good but better than before. Prinz Eugen heal is welcome. But I see lots of Prinz Eugen getting overconfident with the heal and showing broadside and getting deleted. For competitive the best cruiser is still Chapayev because of the long range radar and it can kite and spam HE.
  15. One more thing, it's also good to play different nation lines so you better know the strength and weakness of each. But I understand some people don't have the time to level so many branches.