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  1. RadDisconnect

    Soyuz and Kreml need a tad more torp protection

    Kremlin is fine, the torpedo protection is one of strongest in game. Sovetsky Soyuz is okay, but the dispersion could be a bit better, maybe 1.8 sigma like Kremlin. They should buff FDG dispersion to 1.9 sigma, that ship suffers so much.
  2. I just got Sovetsky Soyuz and I'm wondering if it's worth putting the Damage control party mod that increases DCP duration by 40%. I know Soviet BB DCP lasts short but you only get limited charges, so I think every bit would help. Is it risky to not take the usual main armament mod 1? Do turrets on Soviet BBs get knocked out a lot?
  3. RadDisconnect


    If GC is getting uptiered, maybe this is the chance to make Belfast T8? It won't be as OP and might be sold again.
  4. RadDisconnect

    Favourite Paper Ships

    H-39 (FDG) has special place in my heart. It's not that great but it's my most played silver ship.
  5. RadDisconnect

    T5 ranked needs more maps with 3 caps

    1 cap might prevent passiveness but it might snowball things too quickly and reduce opportunity for comebacks. I think 3 caps is the best compromise. Map size and how close caps are to each other also matters. Problem with some T10 ranked maps is some of the caps are too isolated. It does mean you need to predict movements better which is good for clan battles but in ranked when there's not much coordination you can feel isolated and without support.
  6. From public test most T5 ranked maps are the same as the old T6 ranked maps which means symmetric 2 cap layout. Personally I think this layout is passive and stale because it encourage people to bunch up together and snipe and becomes a waiting game to see who whittles each other down first. Personally I like more maps where there are 3 caps so you can't just bunch up and it forces you to split your forces carefully. I didn't like T10 ranked much but at least 3 cap layout makes things more varied and dynamic.
  7. RadDisconnect

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    Never said they are. That's also not the point. Point is calling Worcester citadel below water is wrong. Zao citadel is also quite low and even harder to hit but even that's still a bit above water. Worcester is not easiest to citadel but saying it has below water citadel is factually wrong.
  8. RadDisconnect

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    It's not lower than Cleveland or Helena. It's low for a cruiser, true. But below water is false. That's a fact.
  9. RadDisconnect

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    Then by your definition every citadel is below water. There's no citadel in the game that's entirely above water.
  10. RadDisconnect

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    Below water means none of the citadel is above water. Like KGV, Lion, Conqueror. Worcester clearly got some of the citadel above water.
  11. RadDisconnect

    Ranked/CB Maps Too Fragmenting

    Maps can do better to allow ships to swing back to other side to reinforce, but there’s nothing wrong with splitting up. That’s point of a crossfire.
  12. RadDisconnect

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    Only KM BB with nerfed hydro is Bismarck, FDG was never directly nerfed. FDG’s biggest problem is DPM and bad gun angles.
  13. RadDisconnect

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    Worcester citadel is NOT below water. You can easily see with armor viewer. If you think Worcester is hard to citadel, then you’ll have even harder time against Zao or Hindenburg.
  14. RadDisconnect

    Something to Brag About

    Nice, I’m at rank 6 and I don’t have patience to grind to rank 1. Though only people that rank out in less than 200 games can really brag, IMO, but still, good work.
  15. RadDisconnect

    Idea to fix MM and Karma

    Says the guy who spammed 378 ranked battles in 3 weeks.