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  1. Potater_

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    as a former ksc/anker member, i feel your pain on a physical ad spiritual level
  2. yea the wooster game, jingles called someone from 07 a potato i believe lmbo
  3. now this is something i can get on board with
  4. well said, im not calling for instant deletions, but just a small fraction of shells to capitalize on a broadside, not an out right deleteion but just a sign that your current position is wrong. but for comp play such as kots and CBs, i think there needs to be a change
  5. maybe, but you cant say youre qualified to have a stance on a topic, and then not even be close to having the time and skill under your belt
  6. wish i could say the same for myself. not saying i get shotguns every salvo but its enough for me to stop playing the ship in randoms. please gimme some of that juice u got hahah
  7. i appreciate this well thought out response, some of the points you make make good sense. do you think that something like my proposed change may actually help worse players improve? too many people go full broadside and dont get deleted, so they prob think it is ok, reinforcing their poor playing abilities. what do u think, just a thought
  8. i feel as if yammys guns are more accurate at range, my yammy seems to completely shotgun at anything under 12-14km. do you notice this?
  9. i wouldnt mind giving torps a buff, getting rid of rng gaps and buffing shima torps
  10. you have 60 games in t8 plus BBs, get out of here. dont even have a t9 or 10
  11. but youre win rate and lack of bbs played.
  12. you must not have a lot of time and or skill in this game to think that this is some sort of godly buff to bbs
  13. arguing realism lmbo. wrong place my friend