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  1. crzyhawk

    WG going do something about HE cheese?

    I have a problem with both. That feat of being wrecked is what causes camping. Lower damage imo, would lead to more dynamic gameplay.
  2. crzyhawk

    WG going do something about HE cheese?

    Yes I absolutely could. I found one with 22k fire damage on it. One. What I notice a lot in my games is I'll set a fire, it gets put out and I think, ok, party time. Then 3 other ships volley it and boom, lots of fires, none of them for me. Fire is just not reliable. If they just hard nerf fire chance with the IFHE change, I will be ecstatic. Pen alpha is where the good, consistent damage comes from.
  3. I'm not going to buy something that I don't really want just because it's 30% cheaper. It's tempting, but I am being strong.
  4. I don't feel she's OP, I feel like she's kind of universal. While some DDs tend towards gunboating and other tend towards torpedoing, T61 is comfortable in both styles. It's kind of a t6 Fletcher.
  5. crzyhawk

    Are discontinued ships given away often?

    Atlanta is only a threat to people who make mistakes. It's far from broken.
  6. crzyhawk

    Help on Baltimore

    You're detected for 20 seconds, then your stealth comes back and you can cloak up (assuming no cheeky DDs are spotting you). Sometimes, you have to not shoot in order to live. I don't like to live without it. Just like in DDs, stealth is life. You have to pick when to shoot and when to go dark and just get out of Dodge.
  7. crzyhawk

    Boise no Good

    They don't offer that mission any more.
  8. crzyhawk

    Haida Bragging Right - 7 ships killed

    Very nice game. I've gotten 8 once, in a Dresden. I doubt I will ever get to 8 again, especially not in something like a DD. Very well done. I don't think I have even broken 6 in a DD.
  9. crzyhawk

    Weekend spree

    I was glad to see a player I knew could be counted on in that game. I'm not very strong as a DD player, but I felt like I needed to have more influence on the games because the teams I was drawing were generally so bad that I reached for what I consider to be my weakest ship type in desperation. It worked out. I topped most of my teams, but I don't confuse that with me being good at what I was doing, I was just less bad than the enemies. Having a known quantity to back me up allowed me to play with more confidence and aggression because if I got killed, it's not an auto-loss. I'm generally not good enough to carry a team. Feeling like you have to do that royally sucks. In a way, I don't envy you unicum guys who probably go into just about every game thinking you need to carry a bunch of dead weight.
  10. crzyhawk

    WG going do something about HE cheese?

    Whatever. You have a nice day.
  11. crzyhawk

    Weekend spree

    Ranked out, but saw some of the absolute worst play I've seen, all the way back to CBT.
  12. crzyhawk

    Ranked Sprint finish

    I had to resort to Gremyaschy myself. I tried to play my Krasny Krym again, but good lord, the teams were the absolute WORST have seen since CBT. I'm not a strong DD player, so going to a DD to try and carry in my eyes says something. To give an idea of how bad the players were, here's a screen shot I grabbed from a replay. I was in my Kamikaze R trying to get a win while my Gremy was in another battle dead. My BB abandoned me by running behind the island as you can see (hiding from an Emerald, lol). That's the the beginning of the bad though, as you can see, the Emerald proceeded to LOSE a gunfight with my Kamikaze at point blank range. How the heck does THAT happen?
  13. crzyhawk

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    I think that's a sign that the two ships are well balanced against each other. Different people have different preferences. I don't think either are wrong.
  14. crzyhawk

    WG going do something about HE cheese?

    I care about winning. You jumped into this argument well after it was in progress. It started out with whining about HE. Read the first post in the thread if you disbelieve that. You're pretty selectively skipping the part where I said that fire only needs to stay if BB AP stays as is. You're really going out of your way to justify BB power, while advocating cruiser nerfs. It looks pretty self serving, but I really expect nothing less from BB mains at this point. I've seen years of BB players crying about every other ship type in the game that hurts them. If you were willing to talk about BB damage you might have an argument to stand on here. You are not. You want to maintain BB power, and drag everything else down. Don't sit on your soapbox and preach to me about MY damage while you are trying to keep your own.
  15. crzyhawk

    WG going do something about HE cheese?

    I know exactly what cruisers are capable of. I've got over 12k games of experience. I'm not the one who came in here sobbing about cruiser HE. I just pointed out that if BBs don't want to deal with that, then they need to have their own offense toned down. I deal with BB AP on a regular basis. I know how to deal with BB AP. It's time that BBs learn how to deal with HE. The unicums can do it. Even scrubs like me can do it. It's time for the baBBies to put their sippy cups down and realize that other people are allowed to hurt things too.