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  1. Abruzzi is not impressive at all to me. I like seeing them on the red team. I didn't buy Abruzzi because to me, Duca d'Aosta looks better.
  2. I dont play CB, so no dog in this fight. I highly doubt your lack of rewards is consolation for getting curbstomped repeatedly. I would imagine drawing a few games against you guys would be extremely demoralizing, and I am 100% going to vote with my feet and go back to randoms rather than keep up with that. I tend to not beat my head against the wall on things, if I am not having fun, I roll on to something else. I absolutely loathe losing, and I won't do it over and over.
  3. crzyhawk

    Premium Ship Review #107: Boise

    I absolutely dismantle Atlantas in my Boise. Then again, I think Atlanta is the single most overrated ship in the game. I rarely play mine anymore, but I play against them a lot. They're generally not much threat to me.
  4. crzyhawk

    Premium Ship Review #107: Boise

    AA is quite nice on Boise, actually. You hold the lack of 38 cal 5-inch guns against the ship too much. She rips things apart that close into 40mm range, even without an AA build.
  5. crzyhawk

    re: Proposed changes to HMS Hood

    Right now Hood makes her living on superstrutures and upper belt pens on battleships. Taking away some of those superstructure pens for very rare citadel hits on a small handful of ships is a bad trade. Turning cruiser pens into overpens is a bad trade. Just give Hood the sigma buff and leave the rest alone. For all BB drivers complain about the Hood's guns, it seems there are plenty of defenders who do not want this change, which you admit is likely to have at best very little positive impact anyway. We're just disagreeing on the negative impact.
  6. You're more likely to get more fires by more shells, than you are pumping the chance of fire per each shell slightly.
  7. I can't agree with this enough. Hood has a PEBCAK issue. You can't think of her as a battleship. She's a huge cruiser with armor. When you use her guns as though they are cruiser guns, they are extremely rewarding. The problem is 100% BB drivers getting into it and trying to aim as though she's got battleship guns. They are not. They are 15-inch cruiser guns. BB drivers need to adapt, not call for nerfing the hardest hitting T7 cruiser.
  8. Fires are generally not a reliable way to make damage. That's why I don't use DE anymore, I'd rather spend 3 captain skill points on something else. Usually, anything else.
  9. crzyhawk

    How to support DD

    It's easier to understand how to support a ship, by playing them. Once you play them, you know what you hate the enemy doing to you. You then proceed to do those things to the enemy. As pulicat mentioned earlier, it's always situational. When I play DDs, I want help killing threats to me so I can move forward. As a DD, the biggest threat to me is another DD spotting me. Once I am detected, I will get focus fired down. So, as a cruiser main, I want to support the DDs. The best way to do that is to be close enough to deliver accurate and overpowering gunfire on the enemy DD on short notice, so MY DD can re-stealth and advance. So I have to know where enemy DDs are likely to be. Then I have to kill the things that are a threat to my DD before my DD gets scared and runs for his life. BB drivers are where things fall apart. They don't understand that they need to support the cruisers on their team so the cruisers can support the DDs. I can't live close enough to effectively support a DD when I am being focused by enemy battleships. I can kill enemy cruisers myself, I do not need a battleship to do it for me. If there are enemy cruisers shooting at my DD, I have a decision to make; if I can kill fast, I can try to drop the DD. If I dont think that I can drop the DD quickly, I will come off the DD and engage the enemy cruiser. Cruisers do not like being shot at, and they will often disengage the DD to try and get away. In a battleship, I need to be flexible. If I can't delete an enemy cruiser quickly, I need to protect my own cruiser and enable him to do his job. He can handle enemy cruisers, so if the enemy cruiser is angled on me, I need to ask if shooting at the cruiser is the best play. Sometimes shooting at the enemy battleship is smarter, because it will cause him to stop picking on my friendly cruiser; BB drivers don't like getting shot at any more than cruiser drivers do, and they tend to like bugging out when they start taking heat rather than angle up and continue to support their team. Basically, WoWS is a colossal game of chicken. You do things and try to make the other team flinch. Once they do, you have the initiative and you can push their backsides in. To support your teammates, you try to make the other team uncomfortable, or do things they do not want to do. Usually that means making the enemy afraid to go to places that they need to go. The old wisdom of DDs kill battleships kill cruisers kill DDs is wrong. You play objectives, and you kill things that threaten those objectives. You shoot at things that are immediate threats to your teammates. The more teammates you have alive, the better your chance to win.
  10. crzyhawk

    T5-8 to consider keeping

    I don't ever play any of my silver ships, mostly I prefer to play my premiums. Ones I would consider playing if I didn't have something else to play: Helena, Cleveland, New Orleans. I kept Buffalo and found it enjoyable although I dislike T9 and 10 games so likely will never play it. Myoko is worthy of keeping, I sold it because I have my ARP clones. Farragut is worthy. Budyonny is worthy. Chapayev is worthy of keeping. I remember enjoying 155 Mogami, although she's long sold. I'm not a BB guy, but Amagi is fantastic. I'd have kept Fiji if I didn't have Belfast. Ditto Leander/Perth. Kongo would be worthy if I didn't have ARP clones.
  11. crzyhawk

    T5-8 to consider keeping

    No, they had unique skins and are unable to equip any camos at all.
  12. Don't confuse the issue with FACTS here.
  13. crzyhawk

    re: Proposed changes to HMS Hood

    The problem is that the longer fuses will turn pens into overpens. The short fuses are very consistent performers, even when shooting at battleships. You simply use cruiser tactics and aim above the belt and shoot for pens. The problem is, BB drivers are too stupid to adapt like cruiser drivers have and they keep shooting at waterlines. You have to treat Hood like a very large cruiser, and when you do, she'll reward you with consistent games if not big alpha strikes. It's no surprise to me at all why as a cruiser main, Hood is my best T7 BB.
  14. crzyhawk

    re: Proposed changes to HMS Hood

    It's because people don't understand how penetration works.
  15. It's not an intuitive concept either. He is thinking that the reason a shell breaks up is because it detonates before it completes penetration. That's a logical conclusion to come to, even if it's incorrect.