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  1. Are T7 and below CLs still going to be unable to pen T8+ battleships? That's a non-starter for me, and I haven't played since they announced that they were going down this path. I will not return if that's still going to be the case.
  2. I don't know whether I feel bad for the WG employees who have to spin-doctor this stuff and try to justify it, or if I feel that they probably should take showers.
  3. This is why I left this game. It appears that there will be no reason for me to return. I can accept CL nerfs. I cannot accept a large number of ships being immune to me.
  4. crzyhawk

    Puerto Rico grind thread

    Looking at this makes me pretty happy with my decision to leave this game. WoWP is much more fun. It's got issues, but none of the naked cash grabs you see here.
  5. crzyhawk

    WOW! Yahagi is so cheap!

    because it's a steaming pile of dung with no business at T5. Krasny Krym is better.
  6. Except she changed no games. I'd rather have a regular 8-inch treaty cruiser of the non British variety.
  7. Nope, inglorious jobs win wars. The RCN's contribution was certainly crucial; if nothing else, they freed up other folks with bigger ships to fight those bigger, more interesting battles. ASW is boring, but certainly important. Maybe with subs coming, there will be more room for things like flowers and DEs. Aside from that though, given the game we have today, there simply isn't much room for ships the RCN actually had. As I mentioned, a couple of modified Fijis. A CVL or two, but there isn't much selection of Canadian ships that actually fit the game we have now. Zero BBs, no heavy cruisers, or non-colony CLs. I fully support adding an RCN colony to the commonwealth "line", but "when is it going to get the respect from wows"...with what?
  8. I don't disagree. I never said that ASW wasn't crucial. I said it wasn't interesting. Again though, this is a game of surface combat. Flowers are too small for this game, you've got a Canadian tribal. The only thing the RCN is missing is a couple of modified Fijis. There really isn't much to add for the RCN. I think you RCN fans need to manage your expectations a bit better.
  9. Some people don't understand that HOW they do things is important.
  10. Frankly as a cruiser main I'd rather get BB AP shot at me vs BB HE. I can try to angle AP at least.
  11. If they did something to curb BB firepower, I would be all about sending some nerfs towards cruisers....said as a cruiser main.
  12. It's much better when BBs just get to blap everybody, right?
  13. crzyhawk

    Ship Petition: Admiral Scheer

    I think the Scheer would be better suited to T7. Give her late war AA, and perhaps some gun buffs (I personally think that Spee is a little strong at T6) and she'd be a solid T7 cruiser.
  14. Sorry shore bombardment isn't interesting, neither is sub hunting. You've offered up zero naval battles outside the Haida battle that I already spotted you. If you want to talk up things that the canadians did that are interesting, then talk about the RCAF. Perhaps 401 squadron in the Battle of Britain. Or the contributions the canadian army. Those are intersting. Your navy fought ONE surface action, and you got that ship. Put a skin on the Fiji, call it Uganda and vote yourself out of here. EDIT: for the record, before transferring to a heavy cruiser and going to the Pacific, my grandfather was a gunner aboard merchant ships in the Atlantic. Guess what, that's not very interesting either.
  15. yeah that's exactly what it is. The RCN fought which battles exactly? There was the one the Haida fought. Which others? RAN had some interesting fights. The Dutch fought some surface actions. Hell, even the RNZN got some surface actions in. Which ones were the Canadians participate in? Or are you just going to throw darts with out tossing out crap like "at least we were in it the whole time" when I never claimed that the Canadians didn't participate. They fought in a lot of land battles. They sailed around in some British designed and built ships and sank some subs. What else did they do naval related? Educate me oh wise one. Tell me what battles the RCN fought.