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  1. crzyhawk

    Who will actually uninstall and quit?

    I did. Game's installed, but doesn't even tempt me. I said that the CL/HE nerf was inappropriate, and I 100% meant it. On the heels of the CV rework and other poor decisions from the WG dev team, I decided that things were only going to get worse, so I cut the cord. I miss the game occassionally, but not enough to come back unless some major changes were made. I doubt they'll make them because they don't listen, so...best wishes to everyone who stuck around.
  2. crzyhawk

    Who have you seen in game

    Seems that a lot of familiar names still pop up in this thread. That's good to see.
  3. crzyhawk

    This is why I almost always play CV

    Here's the truth spoken.
  4. The US never approved a full VF loadout for the CVs. CVLs had a full VF airgroup approved in '45 to deal with the Kamikaze threat, but none of them ever actually deployed that way. US VF employment /did/ go up as the war progressed, and the space came from the bomber squadrons. I'm not aware of VF ever being removed from an authorized airgroup in favor of more VB or VT. The one exception is in '43, the Saratoga and HMS Victorious were operating together. Victorious being smaller ended up hosting Sara's VF, while the VT from Victorious operated from Saratoga. Sara was still assigned VF officially, however. The change was made at the task force commander's discression.
  5. crzyhawk

    Who have you seen in game

    Just saw this. That was a long time ago, I haven't played since May of '19. I got mad about what they were doing to T6 and 7 CLs. After the CV rework, and submarine announcements it was the straw that broke my back. I check back from time to time, sounds like the same old problems exist, then I nope back out.
  6. For me the last straw was when they announced how they were planning to change IFHE. Sacrificing T6 and T7 CLs because of the IJN AA DDs that they never should have put in game, plus Worcester was a bridge too far. Walked away a year ago, do not see a reason to return.
  7. crzyhawk

    Have you taken a break yet?

    I walked away a little over a year ago. They insisted on moving forward with the reason why I left so, I presently see no need to return.
  8. crzyhawk


    Which is the reason that I quit in the first place. Much like that Chinese DD that they nerfed (Yue Yang maybe?) they have no idea what causes issues, let alone how to address those issues. Oh well, I'm enjoying planes. For all of it's issues, it's generally more fun than this game by a long shot. A side benefit of no development due to low population is...they can't screw things up with development.
  9. crzyhawk


    Is that actually in their plan?
  10. crzyhawk


    So they didn't make T8+ BB superstructure also 32mm?
  11. crzyhawk


    OK thanks. No need to consider a return then.
  12. crzyhawk


    They way they were changing it, T6 and 7 CLs wouldn't have been able to pen superstructure with IFHE either.
  13. crzyhawk


    Did they move forward with making T6 and 7 CLs unable to pen T8+ BB even if using IFHE? Thanks.
  14. crzyhawk

    Puerto Rico grind thread

    Looking at this makes me pretty happy with my decision to leave this game. WoWP is much more fun. It's got issues, but none of the naked cash grabs you see here.
  15. crzyhawk

    WOW! Yahagi is so cheap!

    because it's a steaming pile of dung with no business at T5. Krasny Krym is better.