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  1. I have no reason to think she will be bad. And yes, I ground it twice. Once in CBT and again post CBT. I've also played the Arizona, which will be similar.
  2. salvo or single gun firing

    I switch depending on target. I fire salvo if I am confident with my aim. I ripple fire at targets that are showing a lot of movement.
  3. You're trying to argue semantics. Also, Belfast is not as powerful as she is because of the T8 equipment slot. Shes powerful because the the combination of things she has. Svietlana is still an "as completed" hull for another ship of higher tier. The order if release is completely irrelevant. You're making excuses because you don't WANT to believe the ship will be good. A good ship takes away a lot of the crybaby foot stamping about her not being WV 44.
  4. It worked fine for Mutsu. Just because IJN fans stamped their foot and cried doesn't mean that it didn't work. It worked out super well for Belfast. Ashitaka sucks a bit, I'll give you that one, but she's a soft battlecruiser. Svietlana is a Krasny Krym, as completed and she works fine. Kidd works great as a down tiered Fletcher. So sorry, I don't care about what happened in WoT. WoWS track record with these ships is pretty good.
  5. Hood is the best T7 BB in the game. You just have to have an idea what you're doing. It's guns are SO BAD that you do more damage in your Hood than you do in any other T7 battleship save Nagato.
  6. I know exactly what the West Virginia was. She was a Colorado class ship, with 8 16-inch 45 caliber guns. She has 1.8 sigma (BB standard) and has better concealment than the Arizona. She has better armor than the Arizona. These are already released numbers. She's keeping the same shells that he has now, so pen will stay the same. I don't think dispersion is released yet. There is literally no reason to believe that this ship is not going to be very good for a T6 BB. People simply want to cry because they are not getting the WV 44 edition.
  7. This. Asashio is not good at the things that DDs need to be good at.
  8. "Pirate Bounty" Flag

    That's too bad, that's a pretty good looking flag.
  9. Cruiser Concealment

    IFHE is far from required before concealment.
  10. It can have a word, then Arizona'll push it's backdoor in. Warspite wins less, and it does less damage per game. It averages less frags/game and has a worse k/d ratio. It's better at shooting down planes than Arizona is though. I guess that counts for something. Arizona's going to be dethroned by West Virginia/Maryland though. 16-inchers with better armor and better stealth is going to be a nasty customer.
  11. Acasta is just a worse Nicholas

    Now now, I find that they are quite good at donating kills to my other ships. They are quite capable at getting waxed and the point is for your teammates to be challenged by the wasted team spot.
  12. People complain about the Hood's guns because of the short fuse timer and poor penetration.
  13. HMS Vanguard

  14. HMS Vanguard

    I won't touch it, and I like RN ships.
  15. Tech issue

    I'd recommend backing up the install directory, and re-installing. It's crapping itself when it tries to access a file that it doesn't like.