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  1. Ah I misunderstood. Thanks for clearing that up.
  2. USN Cruiser Split Question

    It's not critical really. People emphasize the Baltimore to get the most "free" ships. Since you need to grind anyways, you might as well just wait and make the T8 grind with the Balto rather than the NOLA. Using the Balto should theortically be an easier grind because it's a more powerful ship.
  3. Do I need to explain everything? The in game 50 cal gun has 792 m/s. The old 45 cal gun has 838 m/s firing the same 260lb shell. The USN was interested in high velocity guns, and thus would have never built the 50 cal gun. The 55 cal gun was designed in 1922. The fantasy 50 was never more than a proposal by BuOrd, when the USN was trying to decide what kind of cruisers they wanted; Omaha equivalents or Hawkins equivalents. The designs for the Pensacola class were /always/ 55 cal guns.
  4. She works best in a div, where she can put high ROF guns onto her radar target.
  5. No, Cleveland's shell velocity is historical. It's not going to change now.
  6. The point is, the USN would have never put the pile of garbage that WG passes off as the 50 cal gun when they already had a better performing 45 cal weapon in their inventory. A 50 cal gun may have been planned for, but it would not perform nearly as bad as WG gives us.
  7. That's actually a change I wouldn't mind seeing on Indianapolis. Personally, I don't find her radar to be overly useful. I think a heal would be very useful. I'd make that trade without question, but since she's a premium, the choice would be the right way to do it.
  8. You could give it to Kutuzov too...in the smoke slot. Give them a choice to make.
  9. yes, they like the radar and the SHS with improved auto-bounce angles. They are skilled enough to take advantage of those things, while more average players cannot.
  10. Almost assuredly this is the case. Highly skilled players like the USN cruisers.
  11. Sigma is not tied to shells
  12. mining CV salt

    Really the best thing to do is go Texas/Texas/Langley or Hosho if you want to mine CV tears. You also may prevent some of those players from continuing up the CV trees.
  13. mining CV salt

    Sure it does. Saipan/Kidd/Kidd won't see T10 unless the enemy team also fail divs, because the MM requires it to be matched against a T7 CV.
  14. Selecting Ship Names in Class

    There's no reason why they couldn't add a check box for people to select to show "class names only". Everyone can win.
  15. I don't see much chance of the USN 6-inchers /not/ having floaty shells. The USN scrapped high velocity guns in the 30s. They /loved/ their 6"/47 with long (SH) shells. Cleveland and Helena both have the same guns, Worcester's guns have the same shells and velocity and Cleveland. It stands to reason that Seattle's guns will be the same. Dallas is really the only potential for higher velocity guns, but would give up the SHS. the 6"/53 from Omaha is old, I can't see the USN reusing them. That means a 6"/47, and the only hope of velocity boosts is with the MK17 6"/47. Since the MK16s on the Clevelands/Helenas came first, I think there's a pretty low chance for seeing those on the Dallas.