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  1. Fixing HE and fixing cruisers goes hand in hand. You can't ask for meaningful cruiser fixes while HE burns people to death.
  2. Sub-Octavian said it's being worked on in one of his Q&As
  3. I don't agree this is a problem. It can be countered in many ways. It's not nearly as brainless as staying just outside of detect range mindlessly spamming guns.
  4. Voted CV players should be able to guide their strikes. I know that not controlling them would be more "realistic", but seriously, there would be NOTHING for CV players to do other than drive their ship around if they couldn't control their planes. I hate CVs as much as the next guy, but that's definitely a bridge too far.
  5. This. Please, no more.
  6. say no to autokillers pls.
  7. It's a preserved Canadian ship. The Canadians are the ones really pushing for her. I can't blame them, I'd want to have it too if I were Canadian.
  8. Yeah, I took mine out this weekend too. I did a lot of damage, but Vampires are a real threat. There's a part of me that really wants a nice Wickes premium, Ward, or a Destroyermen USS Walker collab, or even a down tiered, stock Clemson, such as John D Ford or Edsall.
  9. If it's performing as poorly as it looks in the videos I have seen of it, that's a good thing. D'Aosta went back too, and came out better for it; I think it's one of the more balanced releases for a ship they have had. Ships at T7 are pretty tough, and what I have seen of the guns on D'Aosta, I'm not sure that 10 of them will be enough of an upgrade for t7.
  10. That's a skill I really need to work on. I tend to get frustrated when people make simple mistakes. I don't set out to be a jerk, but it happens far more than I am proud of.
  11. I really think that what they need to do is restrict captain skills in the lower tiers, if they want to lower seal clubbing. If you restrict captains so that only the first 7 points are counted, newer players won't be impacted, but the guy dropping his 10 point Shima captain into the Tachibana isn't going to have the same kind of edge when his CE is taken away. It will also cut back on the professional seal clubbers who just park 19 point captains in their Umikazes.
  12. You've only got 821 games in. Don't write yourself off. Here's a screenshot of my beta stats, with ~150 more games, I had a whole 1% better win rate than you do now, so our performance was about the same. Now, with more experience, I am up to 57% win rate.
  13. Honestly, I think the community would be better served if stats were only made available to the player who earned them. Letting people see others stats, provides little to no benefit, and creates a good deal of toxicity.
  14. I've been saying this since beta.
  15. I'm happy with the NA WG team. I think the grass is greener here.