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  1. Player_1183363175

    I will sink you

    Self reflection damage exists to prevent team killers from causing damage to allies because they "feel like it, because they want to," etc. Don't see your justification. What were the other allies reaction? Seems like you are use to causing team damage because it is a rare occurance, I've seen it twice after thousands of games. WOWS is an arcade game not a historical simulation.
  2. Player_1183363175

    French event is not fair for some players

    When I first started WOWS, I didn't have enough ships, including high enough Tier ships to participate in getting a "free" Kamikaze R and Graf Spee a few years back. I didn't think it was unfair back then. If I didn't have the ships, I didn't qualify. Through the years I've gotten enough free ships and slots, that it doesn't matter to me anymore. The events are built to encourage people to play a game.
  3. Player_1183363175

    This happens too often to be "random"

    Also use Last Stand Commander Skill on DDs. Never a complete sitting duck with it. It allows you to move and steer at a reduced rate.
  4. I did it with the Farragut, Sims, Gallant, and Lightning while getting the 50 percent for first of the day. It's restricted to US, Uk, or Commonwealth Tier V to VIII DDs or cruisers, must be a glitch if Kami is allowed.
  5. I maxed out loyalty points with Sharks and switched to Eagles a few days ago. For whatever reason, I'm still getting an extra Eagle container the next day when I log on.