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  1. I've been a Pirate, I've been a Turkey, now's the time to be a Rogue.
  2. GMG2_Jester

    WG baited me with their 200% XP on a win

    Nothing better than a Big Mick with a shake.
  3. GMG2_Jester

    Who have you seen in game

    Just got out of a battle with Ducky Shot while he was testing the Kearsarge.
  4. GMG2_Jester

    Gunboating in Z-46/52

    Would you please elaborate on how they know the direction and distance to you if you’re using RPF? Are you meaning if 2 or more of the red team have their own RPF they can triangulate you?
  5. It might be your virus software. I was running Webroot and started having problems a few patches ago like you are describing. Got rid of Webroot and have been fine since with WOWS.
  6. GMG2_Jester

    Rejoice Skill Based MM is Here!!!

    What mod are you using that shows those stats?
  7. GMG2_Jester

    Remember the days

    I remember when you could have a Yamato in a div with an Erie.
  8. GMG2_Jester

    Frequent dropped connections

    I was having the same problems. Once I turned off my Webroot the game has been running smoothly.
  9. GMG2_Jester

    OPENBUCKS how does it work?

    You could try depositing money to your Paypal account. I keep a credit balance in mine. That should obviate the need to use VISA/MC for the purchase to be completed.
  10. GMG2_Jester

    BUYER'S REMORSE Kronshtadt

    Lipiru, Thanks for saving me 750k in FXP. Where do I send your commission payment?
  11. GMG2_Jester

    Ranked Battle Solo Warrior

    Bravo Zulu.