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  1. fixento_1

    [edited] - Penalties

    There was a network drop that took be out of the start of a game when it came back up I could not join the game. So I get a notification from a two-bit nation game company that I have a 3 game, whatever penalty. This is a joke, they made this into a typical x communist block cold war rules game.
  2. fixento_1

    Killing PINK ships...now I'm PINK?

    I thought the pink was party ships!
  3. fixento_1

    Why Introduce Semi Armor Piercing Shells?

    Then there are the me think you protested too much. Translation, you are intercepting our revenue flow and yourresponse will bel selective banded
  4. fixento_1

    Why Introduce Semi Armor Piercing Shells?

    World of Warships is game, nothing more than an arcade game. The type of shell introduced is nothing more than revenue to the Russian developers. The Italian navy either surrendered or was destroyed in WWII and had little effect on the war. Like all the other unrealistic [edited] games that sucker in the paying. They have produced a game that the more you pay into it the more successful you will be. Do you really think that the ships listed perform as shown and in addition, there are ships that these POS produced that never existed? The Russian's are going to the bank with your stupidity.
  5. fixento_1

    Paying for orders crap

    Thanks, guys, didn't understand it. I don't play much, and I was born when a lot of the keels of the ships were laid.
  6. I repurchased a destroyer that I had turned back in so I could play at a level, now it was me to pay for orders, what the hell going on.