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  1. Hi! Three phases are required to obtain a ship. Steel was given for each subsequent phase after the third.
  2. I think we need to get back into a constructive track. Thanks.
  3. MIrall

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    Hi! This information is listed in Armory. Please try scrolling below.
  4. Hi! Your friend has two options for solving his problem: 1. Contact support using an "anonymous" request. In case of problems with filling in any field - indicate the problems in the body of the application in the first paragraph. 2. Create a new account and contact support by applying any section where you do not need to fill the fields. In the application, he need to indicate all the information that the usual account return form asks for and write about his problem. This application will be redirected to the correct specialist.
  5. Hi! Try to reconnect (globally) your Twitch account with your WG account. This usually helps.
  6. Hi. Non-constructive messages (offtopic) have been removed. Please do not force me to moderate the topic deeper. If you want to argue - try to do it in PM. Hope for understanding.
  7. MIrall

    Feedback for Wargaming

    Thank you for your interest, but my answer hasn't changed. Take a look above, please. When you read it, you can stop waiting.
  8. MIrall

    Game Crashes

    Hello, could you please create a WGCheck report (https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/22989/) and create a ticket to Player support? Thank you in advance.
  9. All at once. There are temporary files of the internal browser. Removing it will force the browser to reload the cache again. This usually helps in a situation like this.
  10. There is only one game folder for all accounts. But if you have three - delete "cef_cache" folder for all.
  11. MIrall

    Ships sized decreased!?

    Then I don't even know what to assume.
  12. MIrall

    Ships sized decreased!?

    Picture resolution - 2560x1440. If your monitor resolution is less - this may mean that the "virtual resolution" is turned on in the video card settings.
  13. MIrall

    Ships sized decreased!?

    Hmm... Can we take a look at the screenshot of "this"? What is your video card?
  14. MIrall

    Feedback for Wargaming

    "Can you share this post" - takes it out of context. Alas, if you are really interested, you need to read the whole topic. Yes, you may not like this answer, but I do not want to be guilty for some possible semantic distortion. Plus, you need to understand that there is a difference in mentality, and what seems rude to you is normal in a different region.
  15. MIrall

    Torpedoes Are Broken? (Flamu)

    Please stop taking phrases out of context. You can always go and study that topic with a translator. By the way, it describes in some detail how decisions are made and how feedback affects them.