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  1. Bye. I'm closing this topic because there are already some violations of the rules.
  2. MIrall

    Game crashes

    Hi! Forum ticket without WGcheck/Network Diagnostics also isn`t helpful. If you have disconnects you should do WGcheck with Network Diagnostics (use checkbox before WGcheck start). Additional info: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/34564/ https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/10252/ But it will be much better if you contact support.
  3. The problem is in the automatic shutdown of the video card under load. The game tries to reset the list of video adapters and generate a new one. At the same time, the driver crashes .. well, the madness begins. The topic is closed. So that no one gave such new "advice".
  4. Your error (887A0006) in the solution requires a systematic approach and rechecking of all computer components. One piece of advice will not solve it. If support could not help you, I will not tell you advice/solutions. .. especially knowing that if you do it wrong, you could damage your computer. Hope for understanding.
  5. Hi. To answer this question, I or support needs to see the WGcheck report.
  6. MIrall

    H = Ship parameters

    This range is on the minimap. Pressing a button to find it, and then tracking the range on planes is strange for me. Or am I missing something?
  7. MIrall

    How did your bids go?

    I will stand aside with my 2k bid xD
  8. MIrall

    Birthday Coupon

    https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/ Here are they.
  9. MIrall

    Lighthouse and the Schlieffen

    2000 exactly. Why not?
  10. Hmm.. If we are talking about Forum Guidelines, then I will remind you of this:
  11. Damage / (base HP + repair HP)
  12. They did not promise to return the ship immediately after 6 months. Read: And if they did not promise, then they could not break the promise. "Later" is expansive.
  13. MIrall

    Server overloaded?

    https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/10252/ ^^ servers are at bottom of the page...