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    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    Here is some feedback on Submarine gameplay, as I know if this makes it into PVP much of it will be tweaked. So initially on my first run in a submarine I found the gameplay and aesthetics to be awesome, this was more of less me being blinded from the issues due to the detail that has gone into the mechanics. On my second run I started playing no longer for the 5 Stars but instead tested different mechanics, seeing what was, and what wasn't working well. My thoughts are as follows. 1: Watching a ship sink is emotionless. Let me iterate on this topic a little. At first I found watching a ship sink awesome, the initial moments are truly awe inspiring. However after about 10-15 seconds you notice that there's no bubbles, no underwater explosions, and then finally as you dive to try follow the ship down to its watery grave I found something almost immersion breaking. I noted the ship hovered at about the same depth underwater, before slowly disappearing. While the sight of the ship sinking is amazing fun to see from underwater, seeing a north Carolina in a motionless nose dive position before vanishing is a little bit odd. I would Suggest having the ship sink into a black abyssal depth, bubbles pouring from it, with a few explosions bellow the surface before vanishing bellow a black layer. Right now it just breaks the experience. 2: Emergency Blow, or Emergency No? I will once again explain. When you have an Emergency blow there is no audio, of visual effect aesthetically. Its almost like your just floating back up with no worries. I would like to in future hear an alarm or siren sound effect, before seeing bubbles emit from the submarine. Visuals are half the joy. 3: Missing Sounds? For me when diving from the surface I really wanted to hear some form of alarm or bell go off. I wanted to visually know "Yes, That's me diving from the surface." 4: Rear launched torpedoes. I just found this mechanic to be counter productive honestly. It often forces you to turn away from an engagement just to attack. Now i'm not sure if these will carry over into a PVP build, but I'm definitely against them. As you can see most my concerns are detail, and polishing issues which frankly means you've done a great job making these submarines. Though I do hope in future updates on this topic we can see more audio and visual ques.