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  1. The_Illusive_Payfast

    Richthofen is a joke

    Ah yes here we arrive at the often fabled first opinions of a true world of warships expert. You know I wish I was more like you. You have such strong and factual insight that I can't help but be taken back by the pure majesty of your review. Now as much as it pains me to write my opinions (mostly because they will surely be shadowed by your impressive intellect of this ship) I shall try my best. Firstly I'd like to start with the AP rockets specifically the Sprenggranate which is the payload carried on the Me155G. Her rockets have 184 mm of pen, meaning that any cruiser except for Puerto Rico and Alaska can be citideled at any angle above a 70 degree strike. You have 9 Aircraft in the squadron, 3 of which will attack per run, and these aircraft carry 4 rockets each. You are literally launching 12 AP shells with 184 mm of pen, at a slightly downward angle, from point blank range. Your complaint is "Ships just turn!" well let me ask you this. Would you sit still broadside to 12 AP shells with 184 mm of pen? If so you may be playing the game in an unfavorable fashion. Now for your AP bombers. You have 12 aircraft per squadron, 3 aircraft per strike, each carrying bombs that pen 331 mm of armor. They have a maximum damage of 8800. For comparison the Hakuryu has a maximum bomb damage of 6800. The Richthofen has 2,000 higher bomb damage than the only other tier X aircraft carrier equipped with AP bombs. I want you to let that sink in for just a moment... Now I want you to imagine these planes coming in at 219 knots... Not scared yet? Well you should be. Finally her torpedo's are pretty self explanatory. She has 9 aircraft per flight, 3 per attack squadron, each armed with 1, BT1000 torpedo. They do 4533 maximum damage and travel at 55 knots, which for a DD vs a carrier is a living nightmare. Now combine that all into one ship, armed with rather impressive secondaries for a carrier, and what do you have? Ill leave you to figure that out~ Here's a hint though... (It's not balanced) -Payfast
  2. The_Illusive_Payfast

    Why there are no CV's in Clan Battles?...

    CV’s in general aren’t ready for competitive. Now if we are being honest Wargaming is eventually going to put them in clan battles no matter what we say. It’s one of the long term promises they made, and yes what’s been said by a few people here is correct. They don’t like seeing one of their mainstream classes excluded from a gamemode. Now personally I’d rather drink the finest bleach in the realm than to see CV’s become apart of clan battles. As a CV player I haven’t felt joy from ruining peoples lives in a long time. It stopped being funny long ago, and now is just a painful reminder of how far down hill the situation has gotten. I’m having to be somewhat cautious with my words this is the forums after all. But you get the point.
  3. It was never his to give. Read the name in the bottom right hand corner...
  4. The_Illusive_Payfast

    CV Deplaning -- See it for yourself!

    Going to make this brief and simple. No CV unless they are complete and utter sewer garbage at the game is going to get deplaned. Even when I was practicing and trying out the rework for the first time I never reached below 50% hangar capacity. I have physically lost more brain cells than I knew I had reading this post. Please before saying “LOOK! LOOK AT THIS! I GOT DEPLANED BY TRYING!” Consider this. The fact that you only managed to do it in 3 speaks volumes. Every CV not one, not two, and oh no not three! But every single CV in the game SHOULD have the likely possibility of running out of aircraft and waiting for squadrons to replenish. I have work now. Good day, farewell, talk to you later, Or will I?
  5. The_Illusive_Payfast

    clan battles paused because no updates get tested

    Throughout all my years on the forums, never has my brain expanded to such a degree. I can feel the cells clashing as the cogs of self discovery twist in wonder. No one would have believe that in the early years of the 20th century, that a mind immeasurably supperior to theirs could be formed. In short I am the messia and this post is god.
  6. The_Illusive_Payfast


    This sounds magical, My spine quivers at the thought of it.
  7. The_Illusive_Payfast


    We are missing the obvious issue at hand. Don't you see? Kingpin is that lost orphan needing a home, can you not find it in your heart to guide our lost weeb child to a loving family? A home where he can flourish, and allow him to stroke his erect manbun in peace? How dare you show him such scorn, hes trying to be the man he always wanted to be and yet hes oppressed, silenced, censored from his true self. Do we mortals dare try to silence such a heavenly voice of guidance? Or do we bring him to the place he truly belongs, the one place where he can prosper, yet that place to which he will never achieve entry. I'm of course talking about the Community Contributer program, the forbidden domain in which he will never call home. For now 90th will have to do.
  8. The_Illusive_Payfast

    Do top clans get secret buffs?

    I can physically feel my brain enlarging at the title of this thread whilst all my brain cells multiply to help me understand this divine intellectual superiority that I am witnessing. There are no words that can possibly describe my emotions, Only tears.
  9. The_Illusive_Payfast

    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    Here is some feedback on Submarine gameplay, as I know if this makes it into PVP much of it will be tweaked. So initially on my first run in a submarine I found the gameplay and aesthetics to be awesome, this was more of less me being blinded from the issues due to the detail that has gone into the mechanics. On my second run I started playing no longer for the 5 Stars but instead tested different mechanics, seeing what was, and what wasn't working well. My thoughts are as follows. 1: Watching a ship sink is emotionless. Let me iterate on this topic a little. At first I found watching a ship sink awesome, the initial moments are truly awe inspiring. However after about 10-15 seconds you notice that there's no bubbles, no underwater explosions, and then finally as you dive to try follow the ship down to its watery grave I found something almost immersion breaking. I noted the ship hovered at about the same depth underwater, before slowly disappearing. While the sight of the ship sinking is amazing fun to see from underwater, seeing a north Carolina in a motionless nose dive position before vanishing is a little bit odd. I would Suggest having the ship sink into a black abyssal depth, bubbles pouring from it, with a few explosions bellow the surface before vanishing bellow a black layer. Right now it just breaks the experience. 2: Emergency Blow, or Emergency No? I will once again explain. When you have an Emergency blow there is no audio, of visual effect aesthetically. Its almost like your just floating back up with no worries. I would like to in future hear an alarm or siren sound effect, before seeing bubbles emit from the submarine. Visuals are half the joy. 3: Missing Sounds? For me when diving from the surface I really wanted to hear some form of alarm or bell go off. I wanted to visually know "Yes, That's me diving from the surface." 4: Rear launched torpedoes. I just found this mechanic to be counter productive honestly. It often forces you to turn away from an engagement just to attack. Now i'm not sure if these will carry over into a PVP build, but I'm definitely against them. As you can see most my concerns are detail, and polishing issues which frankly means you've done a great job making these submarines. Though I do hope in future updates on this topic we can see more audio and visual ques.