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  1. R0ck_n_R0ll

    PSA - FYI on "Festive Tokens"

    Have they said what will happen to unused "Festive" tokens? Usually tokens automatically get converted to silver, but that (unfortunately) does not seem to be the case here, as there is not option to buy silver with these. Which sucks cause I am always short on silver.
  2. R0ck_n_R0ll

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I hate to see this. Thanks for all your hard work on this game, and good luck in the future! Fully support your reasons for leaving. I will continue to play, but I will not spend another cent. #WalletClosed.
  3. R0ck_n_R0ll

    Epic Games Testing - Warning

    I'm totally confused. I installed the "test" via the Epic Store/Launcher. Got into the game fine with my existing IGN. But it wants me to create a WG account, and won't let me use my existing one. Do I have to create a new e-mail just for this test? How dumb is that. I want to see the "Epic Games Premium Shop" with up to 80% off, which is the whole reason I installed. Supposedly anything purchased for the test will be mirrored to my main account. Not a good start.
  4. R0ck_n_R0ll

    ST, Unique Upgrades in 0.9.5

    THIS REEKS!! I busted my [edited]to get the mods on Monty and GK, and Monty is getting screwed. The mod for GK sucked anyway. I have been working on getting the mod for the DM. No longer. Losing concealment is a big deal for a cruiser. Just damn.