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  1. Does it need to be tier IV or higher?
  2. Had been letting the initial fervor die down (while I used some DDs to have my fun) but played 1st serious games in the II, IV, and V RN BBs. Fires do start easily with HE, but the AP is good as well. So I will start a fire and make sure it stays lit (post DC activation) but will swap to AP for good effect there as well. I liked the results I got last night, although the heal at lower tiers is not as good as it apparently gets later.
  3. Yes you can. Since I rarely play CVs (normally just for a mission like this) I just took my air superiority Bogue into Co-Op and got my kills. (I actually took it into random first, was licking my chops as I was matched with a tier 5 IJN CV, but he was savvy with his planes and I only got 19 before he was sunk and/or my team mates killed the other I decided to do the sure thing and secure the mission in CoOp)
  4. While a big deal no doubt, my mind went immediately to a couple of tsunamis (2004 and 2011) that I'd suggest were far worse (just maybe not in our face). As humans our memories tend to be short and limited to our personal sphere of contacts. All that said, it certainly is a big deal for Texas and the United States.
  5. You do understand that this was a real ship and 27 knots would be higher than it's real speed of 23 knots (from Wikipedia). It is supposed to be slow because the actual ship was slow.
  6. PC Game Haven I used this site as a guide base plate for my price range, then used PC Partspicker to make the actual selections (some tweaks based on my preferences). I built my system last winter (always wanted to build one) for ~ $700 and it is doing fine. No idea on the lifespan, but you can play on fairly low end machines so it can probably stretch as long as your discretionary spending budget will alllow. Good luck.
  7. With the ability now to use Arpeggio (and, Southern Dragon) captains on IJN ships and vice-versa, can we get the ability to dismiss Arpeggio Captains? I have several duplicate Arpeggio captains, and now with interchangeability there is even less reason to want a duplicate. It is simply more to sort through and adds clutter. Thanks.
  8. OK, I guess I can buy that.
  9. Is it really that bad? Looks like potential to get rewarded 2x and between generous time allotment and relatively easy requirements (unless I'm missing something further along) it looks like a mission I'll finish in the course of mostly my normal game play. I can appreciate the frustration of losing recorded progress, but if you were done that quick is it really that bad to do it again in the remainder of the week.
  10. I finished on a high note yesterday--not by advancing my own rank or ranking out, but in a comment from a player who died midway through as he realized (before I even did) that we would win. The player was gushing that they were going to advance 1 more rank, they had been yo-yoing to get 1 more rank higher. It was not a super high rank, but a personal best for them and I was happy to help in that as I pursued the BB that had taken me out of the previous match (got him). I simply don't devote enough time to ranked to rank out, and frankly the past 2 seasons the rewards beyond 10 are not all that tempting until you make top few ranks. I set a personal high this season at 9 (and a "how did we manage to lose that one" game away from 8), which was fine for my work-life-gaming balance in summer. My win rate this season was fine and I think with enough time I could rank out, but just is not worth it to me. Seems like in the past a lot better prizes were given out (more flags, camos, and stuff like that).
  11. Your reviews and contributions are always appreciated (deeply) by the community Mouse. I love your reviews and rely on them to guide my decisions and thinking on premiums. Thanks for all you do!!
  12. This is me as well. I have an 18 pointer who is ~ 1/3 of the way to 19, several 14-16 pointers. Key is to graduate them through the lines, but I keep far too many ships and really have a lot of captains overall. Now with more premiums to train on, I have been more aggressive in purging out captains who are under 6-10 points unless I'm starting a new line or have few captains in a line that I foresee needing more for (RN, French). With a few more days of the 19 point captains from Dunkirk event, I'm trying to play them and bank their elite XP. I know I have enough now to get at least 1 19 point captain.
  13. More detail on the issue if interested.  Again, it has been reported to WG but I'm not sure it gets much attention on forum, but it killed my lag.
  14. Try this post and see if this could be the issue (and fix)
  15. Do you have the "Game Center" installed? I downloaded WoT and it installed on me (previously had not alled it on my computer) and the lag became unplayable. Cost me (in my opinion) several ranked battles before I realized this had changed in my set-up, uninstalled, and I'm back to normal. To my knowledge this issue with "Game Center" or whatever they call it is known to them but as of yet unresolved. Hope that helps.