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  1. I've been playing WoWS since open Beta, still grinding up some lines for the first time. I simply don't have the kind of time to dedicate to a game at this point in my life to complete all of them. Now the concept of regrinding some of the lines a 2nd, 3rd, or event 4th time to get buffs is hard to swallow. I was hoping to finish more lines and then be able to circle to spending more time with ships I want to play (not feeling obligated to focus on advancing a grind, feeling like I have to give myself permission to play something for fun only). Interesting times...
  2. groomsiebelle

    Savage Sinking - 1st - 8th

    In the low-tier Messer:
  3. The inspiration for my running 8k torps...I only wish I ran them as well as @Destroyer_KuroshioKai. In this case some frantic running and risk taking to avoid what at one point appeared to be (and should have been) a certain loss. As they say..."Never Give Up". Also, at the 13 minute mark (12 minute game time) you can enjoy a "Maximum Teamplay" Des Moines (someone is a fan of @YURO / @Eurobeat videos?).
  4. groomsiebelle

    Top 5 Achievements List

    637 - Devastating Strike 330 - First Blood 163 - Dreadnought 161 - Flesh Wound 124 - Close Quarters Expert Interesting question, and some of the responses surprise me (nice @hangglide42 on 7 solo warriors...I'd like to earn 1, although once I considered doing a team kill that should have then earned me one). I think my 5 are pretty typical in award, maybe not order.
  5. groomsiebelle

    Georgia vs Missouri

    In seriousness, I think @Battleship_Elisabeth kinda nailed it. I have a similar situation, with a ship coupon coming every 6 months I had enough coal to buy the slightly lesser cost Jean Bart at full rate and was waiting for the coupon to acquire Salem. But I'm not super enthused about Salem since I have a Des Moines and I don't feel Salem brings enough extra to the table to be really excited about her. With Georgia now available for coal, I have to decide if I'll plan to use my upcoming coupon and saved coal on her. In all truth I likely will, just for something different to play, and wait longer to purchase Salem, if I ever get around to her. After all, saving coal takes a long time.
  6. groomsiebelle

    Georgia vs Missouri

    Will you be able to sleep well if you don't?
  7. I came into the wargaming realm courtesy of my son, @LilBlueAardvark. He started me with World of Tanks / World of Tanks Blitz and I dabbled wit that, but my personal interest is ships. So, I eagerly awaited the start of open Beta (I was too late for closed Beta short of buying a premium, and at that time I could never imagine paying that much for virtual goods) to try out the ships. Once I started playing World of Warships my son then jumped over into that as well so we both play (although he isn't a focused on one game at a time as I). I like to watch him play and try to help as another set of eyes, but the truth is he doesn't like people watching when he plays so sometimes I have to do it quietly from the doorway and hope he doesn't notice. My favorite memory was actually relating to a scout merit badge and he had to report on a movie of his choosing; the counselor had a pre-approved "suggested" list but he had something else in mind. He felt he could convince the counselor and so we made a bet. Well, I lost the bet and so I paid up...buy buying him a Haida that he had his eye on. I know he really enjoys that ship. He also has a great eye for detail and so he was the one who pointed out the koala bear on another of his favorite ships (a detail on Perth I had never picked up on). We do spend time comparing ships and the game, so it gives us some common stuff that is fun for us to discuss. As for a number, I'll go with 6. Thank you zath!!
  8. groomsiebelle

    Warships Leading Ladies - 3rd - 10th

    I'm going with the majority and nodding to Commander Dasha...I already have French and Pan-Asian, took them because those were the lines I most could use a 10-point commander. But my favorite is German Dasha by a slight bit over Russian and American. something about that hat. Not sure anyone has favored German Dasha yet so I'll differentiate from the pack there.
  9. groomsiebelle

    Compliment a Captain - 20th - 27th

    @Lord_Sunder1337 enjoyed the cooperative DD play (you were in Kitikaze, I was in the awful Minsk)where we were able to share smoke and push enemy out of cap. I'm still struggling to make Minsk work but was a win where you finished top of leader board and I was 3rd. Very pleased by the game and the sharing of smoke. Well done!!
  10. I would agree the drop rate is low....I took 2 of the "4-packs" for doubloons and got no missions from those 8 containers. For tech tree ships I would not buy containers unless you wanted/needed something else from them (ie: tokens to acquire Lazo, camos, whatever).
  11. Ultimately that is where I've come down...my game time is better spent on my live account than it is testing. Sometimes now when I have more time / better and reasonably achievable rewards I'll play more PTS, but for the most part the grind on PTS can really get prolonged by factors out of your control. Such as needing to tank out on the PTS...I could sit for 5-10 minutes waiting for enough to muster on that mode, and when we do battle (if I wait that long) it is then a 50-50 on if I get the win. No, I'm with you that I'm glad PTS rewards are now better--at least WG is trying and maybe even listening--but still not enough for me to devote serious game time to this mode.
  12. groomsiebelle

    The Kill Trio - 6th - 13th

    My entry to the camo, maybe get lucky on the random drawing...