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  1. My son has just downloaded WoWP and has been playing (recall it just got revamped). He seems to think it is pretty good now and seems to be enjoying it (he's been playing WoWP constantly, no WoWS or WoT this week at all for him). I may try it myself. Maybe it really has been corrected.
  2. Congrats! I managed it finally last night in my 1st game, also a complete random team with no one in a division. I ended up ramming Rasputin to induce flooding as my team was in great shape and I wanted to kill Rasputin before the Transylvania could be damaged too much. It is a tough scenario to 5-star.
  3. Yeah, as said the way WG posts the dates leads to some confusion I think, so I always try to think of it as essentially need to complete the day before (because it only ends the day of in the most technical sense, as most people are not playing in the midnight to 4 am time frame and that is the only window that is in the final day listed). I had given up on completion as I seemed to be just coming up short on the 1600 base XP game (good game on losing side, etc). Last game of the night last night I got my 1600 base XP (and in this case, plenty to spare)...considered what I'd need to do to complete and decided for me it wasn't worth trying to work today on a few hours sleep. Oh well.
  4. I noticed as well, seems to be dropping fewer items. I don't have records or data, but seems like I was getting items previously at around 2 out of 3 containers. Now I'm thinking it is more like 1 out of 3.
  5. Got a late start, but here goes (180 clan oil goes without saying): (Totals for the event: 1,750 doubloons / 4 days premium / 35,000 free XP) 6th --> 250 doubloons 7th --> 250 doubloons 8th --> 250 doubloons 9th --> 1 day premium 10th--> 5,000 FXP 11th-->250 doubloons 12th --> 250 doubloons 13th --> 5,000 FXP 14th --> 5,000 FXP 15th --> 1 day premium 16th --> 1 day premium 17th --> 5,000 FXP 18th --> 5,000 FXP 19th --> 250 doubloons 20th --> 5,000 FXP 21st --> out of town, no games 22nd --> 250 doubloons 23rd --> 5,000 FXP 24th --> 1 day premium
  6. This. But, given that WG will not likely increase the chance of winning a premium ship, I'd be fine with elimination of the special modules, or, increasing the general frequency of super containers. Free stuff for simply playing is hard to complain about, and this system is better than the previous system for rewards, but super containers have in general become so rare that I'd be fine with a bump in frequency even if it were "just flags".
  7. Saw it was ending yesterday and picked up my 2 duplicates to finish it off. Would have been nice to have more notice of end date. The notes for the patch do seem to indicate an extra day to complete, so my guess is WG will make it right if you can show you would have earned the needed duplicates (ie: you need 2 achievements and so you have screen shots showing you would have been awarded the achievements, I'm guessing they will award it to you--after all what are they out to grant it, but to deny it they lose some customer loyalty).
  8. Does it need to be tier IV or higher?
  9. Had been letting the initial fervor die down (while I used some DDs to have my fun) but played 1st serious games in the II, IV, and V RN BBs. Fires do start easily with HE, but the AP is good as well. So I will start a fire and make sure it stays lit (post DC activation) but will swap to AP for good effect there as well. I liked the results I got last night, although the heal at lower tiers is not as good as it apparently gets later.
  10. Yes you can. Since I rarely play CVs (normally just for a mission like this) I just took my air superiority Bogue into Co-Op and got my kills. (I actually took it into random first, was licking my chops as I was matched with a tier 5 IJN CV, but he was savvy with his planes and I only got 19 before he was sunk and/or my team mates killed the other I decided to do the sure thing and secure the mission in CoOp)
  11. While a big deal no doubt, my mind went immediately to a couple of tsunamis (2004 and 2011) that I'd suggest were far worse (just maybe not in our face). As humans our memories tend to be short and limited to our personal sphere of contacts. All that said, it certainly is a big deal for Texas and the United States.
  12. You do understand that this was a real ship and 27 knots would be higher than it's real speed of 23 knots (from Wikipedia). It is supposed to be slow because the actual ship was slow.
  13. PC Game Haven I used this site as a guide base plate for my price range, then used PC Partspicker to make the actual selections (some tweaks based on my preferences). I built my system last winter (always wanted to build one) for ~ $700 and it is doing fine. No idea on the lifespan, but you can play on fairly low end machines so it can probably stretch as long as your discretionary spending budget will alllow. Good luck.
  14. With the ability now to use Arpeggio (and, Southern Dragon) captains on IJN ships and vice-versa, can we get the ability to dismiss Arpeggio Captains? I have several duplicate Arpeggio captains, and now with interchangeability there is even less reason to want a duplicate. It is simply more to sort through and adds clutter. Thanks.
  15. OK, I guess I can buy that.