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  1. Best use of anniversary tokens

    I may pick up a few commanders (either Dasha, or the space commanders...Dasha as a UK captain does nothing for me), but honestly eyeing up the Leviathan flags mostly. I find I have enough captains in the 10 point range and only a few nations do I need more (and mostly those are nations where no captains are available). I did also grab the Edinburgh winter camo but not sure about the other ship permacamo. Off Topic to OP, did you also do Torrey's (looking at profile pic)? Scout troop (my son & I among them) did Gray's & Torrey's in 2016.
  2. Map Mondays - Strait

    Without getting into if it is a good map or not, my preferences are: Standard -- ideal is to get the fleet to the same side where the cap is...easier said than done as there are always some who do their own thing, and even when it is executed many times slower ships or ships that are further away from the north-south lanes get spotted and focused by enemy pushing forward. Which to me is why this plan doesn't usually work great (need faster ships getting out of there, or smoked by DD on that side to screen their escape). Domination -- I stay on the side I spawn and typically angle to go outside the cap, keeping a good angle and being ready to react when the enemy appears. Unless I'm a DD I typically run 1/2 speed (BB) or 3/4 speed (cruiser) until assessing the enemy force layout.
  3. @enderland07I looked up your account and random + co-op is just over 5k (you & I are in the same neighborhood as it turns out battle total wise). But my forum post also shows over 6k battles. Not sure where the discrepancy is, but I suspect the difference must be ranked + operations. If you send a ticket let us know how it comes out...as I mention, it looks like I should get the same number as you but I'm at work and have not checked mine yet. So I'm interested in what you discover.
  4. Experiencing lag spikes and frequent disconnects.

    @SnipeySnipes Thanks, will try that out tonight and see if that helps. I'm reluctant to play ranked if I don't have a reliable connection.
  5. Experiencing lag spikes and frequent disconnects.

    I have been experiencing severe issues lately with lag spike, and now escalating to disconnects at times. I've never had that. I have rebooted my router but doesn't seem to help.
  6. Three-point Thursday - Cruisers

    Without trying to cover all aspects, my general start for a cruiser captain would be priority target (PT) and adrenaline rush (AR). Situation can change depending on nation and such, but this would be my first thoughts.
  7. Tech Tree Tuesday - The Grind

    This. I finally did exactly that and FXP'd the remaining 75k or so to Yamato, as I was finding the experience frustrating and no fun, and I'm ultimately playing to have fun.
  8. Welcome back to WOWS?

    Wow, my son got a similar e-mail but it was different, offered a free 7-day rental of Kidd after fighting 20 ranked battles, with no mention of the PE or Mass, nor of any mission for special flags or camos. Plus it sounds like these are waiting in your port (no need to fight 20 battles in ranked). Wondering if WG sends these out (slightly different offers) to see what kind of offers get best response, or if there is something about the account that differs. My son plays WoWS for a while, then plays something else and lets his account go idle. Currently his account is idle so I figured when he showed me this that was why he got the offer, but sounds like you got one and I *think* you are an active account.
  9. 10 Tips for ranked play beginners

    Here...I quit mods (Aslans) because I hated the update every time. This one also needs ot update but is smoother, I like it. Has worked flawlessly for me. Highly recommend.
  10. Oh I dunno I like this one, and the original (black) ARP Kongo as well.
  11. Yes, this is my personal favorite (ship and camo).
  12. Day 1 to 7 reward

    If you have 4000 doubloons you can have it today (and get the refund on Monday).
  13. Day 1 to 7 reward

    @hangglide42 I agree that was the intent and I can read it that way now, but the human brain takes shortcuts to speed things up and make things easier, and in this case clearly it led several to misinterpret the wording. It's all good, other than last night I did not do much different than what I normally would so I'm really not harmed. Just mildly annoyed.
  14. Day 1 to 7 reward

    I'll get that done tonight. Submitters of an entry for camouflage got a bonus daily mission that is very easy to allow them early access to the camo. As of now I'm at 18 (would have been 17 if I had realized maintaining the chain of missions and being a full completionist would not get me a bonus of extra rewards...).
  15. Day 1 to 7 reward

    Stayed up last night to complete my 2nd chain and keep my streak alive, getting less sleep than I would have liked and all the while wondering if it was really worth it. If I'd have known that this was simply a clumsily worded summary that made it seem like a bonus reward I'd have correctly decided my sleep was worth more than what was being offered (it always was worth more, but completionists out there can likely identify with where I was in my thinking...).