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  1. groomsiebelle

    Wait, WHAT? (snowflakes)

    No. The snowflake present is an indicator of a reward yet to be claimed, and is only claimed on a win. As noted by others, co-op is likely the quickest and surest way to grind through it, but for some high tier ships may become dicey on credits (I stripped my down of premium consumables so east the drain and was finding with that I could keep the credits positive as well).
  2. groomsiebelle

    Completed the PEF event

    Never done the full out rank grind in regular rank, congratulations to you for looking to make it 5 this upcoming season. So I'm not a ranked expert. That said, I thought with the conversion to using steel for rank rewards the payout was already done in steel (at implementation of the steel system) and getting a 5th rank out in the future will just...get you more steel (and not automatically a ship like Black, but rather a reward--either to save for a bigger one or whatever--of your choosing, which could be the Black). Again, I'm not an expert (I'd love to be able to say I'm in a position to worry about the details on rewards for rank-out, but I'm not), but I'd look into it before forgoing the Black this season if you think you'd play her if you had her. Just my 2 cents.
  3. That is how I read it initially, but I think it is use any camo (or combination) of camos listed for 20 battles...hopefully some clarification will be coming.
  4. groomsiebelle

    Spotlight - Twilight Battles!

    I've liked it ok, as pointed out I've also been mining elite captain XP with it (pile on the flags!). Big issue I think ultimately is understanding the consumables you have and making full use of them for the team. I have seen several Steel Rat players forget they can charge up other's consumables, run away from the fleet to play as lone wolf and then can't help heal either. Similar for other consumables, have to understand what you can do and your role--like regular mode. But you do have to think differently. I like the change of pace. And it is good that it counts for campaigns / missions.
  5. Of course everyone has a different experience, but I took 20 of the $3 crates after watching Zoup's video (he noted he felt like last year best value was there). For $48 I received: 6 Type 59 camo Le Terrible Z-39 2000 doubloons Asashio (since I got Asashio B in Black Friday crate, I'll use the mission to make this 2500 doubloons now) 15 Red Dragon flags 15 Dragon flags 40 New Years Streamer camo Ashitaka 15 Leviathan flags Prinz Eugen 15 Wyvern flags 7500 coal 15 Scylla flags I'm happy with this for $48. I was happy to get Eugen, and mild interest in Z-39 and Ashitaka (really wasn't interested in Le Terrible or Asashio). For full disclosure I have a lot of ships and I know some of these were duplicates of ships I had that re-rolled when drawn to deliver a different ship (as I understand having a SC come up denotes). I considered buying a ship, but Prinz Eugen was the only ship out there I had much interest in and didn't really want to buy it. For me the drop rate was 25% which is higher than average (I thought I read somewhere it was looking like a 10% drop rate for $3 crates although data is being updated as more collected).
  6. This. For those who feel crates are gambling, it probably is if you are saying "I'm buying crates for a Gremy" or something similarly specific and with lower odds. If you purchase saying "I'd love to get a Gremy, but I can use most of the guaranteed prizes and am cool with any of them." then it is all upside.
  7. groomsiebelle

    PSA: Damage Inflictor RN Mission

    Thanks for the PSA. I usually am pretty good at watching this on the daily missions but my last few have gone to waste in similar fashion rather than helping me advance a line I'm grinding.
  8. groomsiebelle

    December 7, 1941 - The United States Pacific Fleet

    My great great uncle was killed in the attack and remains aboard USS Arizona. Learning about this when I was a young boy (and combined with my uncles stories of life on a diesel submarine) led to my interest in history and the Navy and eventually to my naval service. Quite moving to pay a visit to the Arizona memorial.
  9. I think it depends on what you expect to get. if you are buying hoping for a specific prize (a ship, or whatever) you will likely be dissapointed. If you look at the possible contents that you are guaranteed to receive one of (which is the part in my mind that makes it not gambling, the guaranteed receipt of something) and are satisfied with anything in that list, then it may represent a good deal with a possible high upside at low chance as said by @paradat
  10. groomsiebelle

    Warship Wednesday - The Commonwealth

    Haida, she can be very fun playing aggressively.
  11. groomsiebelle

    Mission Critical Monday - Standard Battles

    I'm heading out to attack, but, I tend to shift to the side with fewest ships of my type. If when things shake out that shows a lemming train going the opposite way I am I'll hold up near base, find a defensive position, ad try to delay that side while calling for assistance. If I end up having support I'll push out a bit more trying not to overextend.
  12. groomsiebelle

    Cross Realm Server Test Cancel

    Well worded, I agree.
  13. groomsiebelle

    A reddit post is NOT good enough WG!

    Agree, would be good to post here on the forums.
  14. groomsiebelle

    Clan Battles?

    @BaronVonTom thanks for the update. Kinda sucks but good to know the cause and timing of resolution (we hope), which of course is "Soon®".
  15. groomsiebelle

    Clan Battles?