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  1. That said, on North I agree D is to be left alone except for maybe 1 DD early in match...guns are blocked from support for too long.
  2. Installed game launcher earlier this week and started having major lag issues, just uninstalled it tonight and game is OK. Glad to see I'm not crazy or the only one.
  3. Agree Ducky_shot, having name tags from the start would have been cool. I started making it a point to ask "Staff" their name to see if I recognized any, which is the only way I knew that I met Trevzor. I might have met Niko or TragicLoss but I have no way to know for sure. I'd definitely consider attending another one of these type of events. For us it was a 5 hour drive so it was a father-son weekend, and I'd probably do it again. Maybe Wargaming should consider one of the Great Lakes Museum ships (Cobia in Manitowoc, WI; Silversides in Michigan; Haida in Hamilton Ontario?). Of course, having an event at a submarine would be ironic considering their position on submarines in game (which I happen to agree with).
  4. Agree. It sucked me in at first, but looking closer at the math I'll be bailing before I finish, as realistically given my schedule and playing time available I can't do it, so I'd rather spend my gaming time doing something I like better. To really inflate French line numbers they need to make the rewards more achievable so they actually constitute a carrot that players want and feel they can achieve.
  5. I would have thought that as well, but if you made it to the event I'm sure you were dissuaded from that notion.
  6. Agree, 60,000 for BASE experience per stage seems awfully high. To complete the 3 phases, you need 150k base experience in about 2 weeks, which seems really unrealistic. Granted the rewards are very good, but not sure it is achievable to most. It did entice me to start the French line and now up to tier 4, but likely about to bail, especially with ranked in progress. Not worth it to me for ships that seem to have nothing special going for them that I have seen yet.
  7. Ducky summed it up pretty nicely. Arrived with my son ~ 5:15, surprised at the lines, was about 6:20 before we got in. Had some good discussions with new people. Food was plentiful and good. My son wanted to ride the Sherman (that was taking 3 at a time, 5 minutes per ride, about 6.5 to 7 minutes when factoring in load and unload + ride). I was looking at numbers in line ahead and doing math and figuring if they stopped tank rides at 10 pm we were out of luck, if it went to 10:30 we probably would be fine. Trevzor was trying to find out exactly how long they went (I'm not sure in the end how long they went with tank rides). Anyway, my son was getting a bad feeling that we would not get a ride when a dude came through the line offering a Benjamin to take 2 spots in line. So, my son was ready to jump, we took the money and rode the half track (no idea if the guy with the Benjamin got to ride, but my son felt like we got the better deal). Same deal with printing, we are trusting we will get our gear mailed. Was a very confused scene as to how they were going to handle and how they were handling it, clearly something went wrong and they were trying to deal with it on the fly. The idea of making the gear (order triggered by arrival ticket scan) seemed good but with the numbers there it sis not work (and with tickets, they had to know how many were expected). Surprised at the number of "World of Tanks Blitz" players were son is a Blitz player and Blitz on tablet is how I got introduced to Wargaming. Turned out they had nothing for Blitz stations, no bonus codes, no nothing. They had codes for Warships, Warplanes, and 2 sets for WoT, but nothing for Blitz. Given the numbers we talked with who play Blitz I know that is a decent sized base of players / attendees, so I was a bit surprised at that overall. Only other issue I had was the "drawings" was only 1 item in the end, a ride in the big Russian tank, so for other prizes you needed to post on twitter or Instagram; I have neither of these and with slow-to-no internet there wasn't the time to set one up...criteria were easy but missed on a lot of other freebies / drawing items so advance notice that we needed one of these accounts before arrival to be eligible for any prizes would have been good.. Still, it was only a $20 ticket, of which my understanding is Wargaming was donating to charity, so we felt like we easily got $20 worth of stuff assuming the gear is shipped. And, for all the complaining people do about Wargaming I personally feel that they usually more than make things right in the end. As far as the issues with lines and printing, I wonder if the venue made this tough--the Drive a Tank staff were pretty professional but the venue (due to cost) I doubt usually sees a crowd like this, whereas other venues are used to handling and routing large crowds. I may be wrong there. Overall, a fun event that had a few glitches. I agree, I think these will be ironed out by next stop.
  8. No ribbon indicating he set his team mate on fire
  9. no, but typically they come around a week after the update goes live. Since this PT spanned 2 weeks I'd expect to see the rewards in the next few days for both sessions.
  10. This happened to me as I did the CV part of the classy marathon. I rarely play CV anymore so while I knew we had no manual drop it is still different. Still my fault, but I did exactly this and had to work off the TK, as a torp made its way to a friendly (after killing the target intended) and he had already burned repair so flooding did him in.
  11. Are these "worth going to" if they are not tailored to the game you play? The Minnesota venue works well for me location, but that seems geared to tanks and I play WoWS. My read is yes, just the "event focus" may not be your first choice (ie: tank vs ship). Also, are these suitable for a 15 year old to come along? Any insight / input would be welcome. Thinking father-son weekend...
  12. Apparently someone thought they were painted yellow or red, as the interviewer asked specifically about this point. Maybe it was planned but never done? Also, didn't they paint over the "Baltic Camouflage" while in Bergen--what does "Baltic Camouflage" look like? That said, this survivor seems adamant that the turret tops were always grey. Thanks OP for posting and sharing.
  13. Actually, you would not be able to "view/not view" like the Arpeggio ships. This works for the Arpeggio skins because they are based on a ship already in the game (ie: Kongo, Myoko) so if you have them toggled "off" then in battle you see a plain ship of that model (ie: a plain Kongo or Myoko), which means the battle is not really impacted for those who don't like the Arpeggio ships. In this case, to preserve the teams the pre-dreadnought would need to be included in some form, so you would not be able to toggle it off. That said, I'd be fine with including some, and expect at some point we will see more.
  14. I have no sound associated with my own ships guns firing since patch. All other sounds and controls seem normal, but my guns are silent (they work, just...silent).
  15. I clicked on it and it crashed out, would not open. So I have no idea what the offer was