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  1. $99 Bismarck container?

    If you don't have the collection completed is the main reason you might want it, I think that results in some free camos for the Hood and Bismarck (which if yes and you don't have a perma camo then it may have use, but the worth...that would be up to you).
  2. When laying smoke to protect others or to screen, use engine boost if possible--you are not worried about outrunning the smoke and it will allow you to cover a longer area.
  3. bought for the wrong game

    I did this last year, accidentally bought a world of warplanes box. Send a ticket, customer service will refund it I think (provided you don't play world of warships, which they can look and see).
  4. I just sent some gift boxes and noted the boxes expire on Jan 25th. May be worth clarifying what happens after that but I don’t think you will be able to hold them until April.
  5. My son bought Atago for me and I was about 6 months before I played it because I did not feel I was ready. It is a good ship, but you have to keep some distance early, stop firing and go dark when you need to, and keep angled.
  6. Can you gift them some doubloons to cover it? Or a package with doublooons? So that your friend can then buy the CV from the tech tree?
  7. Ranked Rewards Nerfed- why?

    I'll likely do what I typically do, play until I reach rank 10 or thereabouts, at which time progression really slows. Last three seasons I have put in 60-75 games a season. I can't imagine devoting more of my limited gaming time to this. I appreciate the rewards we do get, as I use the camos and such, and I like competing against better players as a change of pace, but objectively they are not enough to keep me in beyond about the point I go. When I hear how many games people devote I can't even imagine how to do that with a full time job and activities outside of work and gaming. Some good suggestions in here, but I don't really expect much to change (format has been basically the same for several seasons now, only the tiers and the rewards adjust). That is fine, I'll make my choices accordingly.
  8. Glad to find someone else views it like I do...your "birthday" really marks the completion of a year, not the start. So, when I turned 50 earlier this year it really marked the completion of my 50th lap around the sun, and I am well into my 51st lap (today is for example the 51st December 11th I have been alive on this planet), yet I am "50". Go figure. My wife hates me looking at it like that though, as it makes us "older" than we think we are.
  9. AFK to the rescue!

    Not necessarily. XP & credits are proportional to the full HP of the ship, so for the same damage done to a DD, a CA, a BB, and a CV you would get more XP/credits for the damage done to the DD (because the overall HP pool is lower and thus the damage is a higher % of that). However, my understanding is that the bonus for a kill is the same regardless of class.
  10. Camo question

    You can check by mounting it, open the ship parameters to view the detection range, then demount it and check the same parameter. My understanding is that all it does is give you 200% FXP though.
  11. I'm hoping you are right. Last year was the first "shipsmas" event and my take is that is was successful beyond expectations for wargaming. So by playing it a bit cool on deals now, they may be able to extract some funds from new Steam players and then appeal to all in about 3 weeks. That's my hope, anyway. I too was hoping for the premium time bundle.
  12. Well that was a nice container

    My son has just downloaded WoWP and has been playing (recall it just got revamped). He seems to think it is pretty good now and seems to be enjoying it (he's been playing WoWP constantly, no WoWS or WoT this week at all for him). I may try it myself. Maybe it really has been corrected.
  13. 5 stars

    Congrats! I managed it finally last night in my 1st game, also a complete random team with no one in a division. I ended up ramming Rasputin to induce flooding as my team was in great shape and I wanted to kill Rasputin before the Transylvania could be damaged too much. It is a tough scenario to 5-star.
  14. Yeah, as said the way WG posts the dates leads to some confusion I think, so I always try to think of it as essentially need to complete the day before (because it only ends the day of in the most technical sense, as most people are not playing in the midnight to 4 am time frame and that is the only window that is in the final day listed). I had given up on completion as I seemed to be just coming up short on the 1600 base XP game (good game on losing side, etc). Last game of the night last night I got my 1600 base XP (and in this case, plenty to spare)...considered what I'd need to do to complete and decided for me it wasn't worth trying to work today on a few hours sleep. Oh well.
  15. "Yamamoto Isoroku" Collection

    I noticed as well, seems to be dropping fewer items. I don't have records or data, but seems like I was getting items previously at around 2 out of 3 containers. Now I'm thinking it is more like 1 out of 3.