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  1. groomsiebelle

    Cross Realm Server Test Cancel

    Well worded, I agree.
  2. groomsiebelle

    A reddit post is NOT good enough WG!

    Agree, would be good to post here on the forums.
  3. groomsiebelle

    Clan Battles?

    @BaronVonTom thanks for the update. Kinda sucks but good to know the cause and timing of resolution (we hope), which of course is "Soon®".
  4. groomsiebelle

    Clan Battles?

  5. groomsiebelle

    Clan Battles?

    was going to chime in that it says season is ended...not the usual "clan battles is not available" but "season has ended" when you hover over it. And, being a weekend, if they did not adjust the dates (the test dates shifted several times) it may not happen. Which sucks.
  6. groomsiebelle

    Clan Battles?

    We are seeing it too...greyed out button, you can't even get to where to select clan battles let alone server prime time
  7. groomsiebelle

    Tales of Nuclear Cruiser USS Long Beach

    Was that the model you could remove a section and see the reactors (or what the model depiction of the reactors looked like)? I did that one too, had the reactor all painted up and left it unglued so I could lift it out.
  8. groomsiebelle

    Tales of Nuclear Cruiser USS Long Beach

    Impressive ship. Never stepped aboard her but we did conduct some exercises in concert with her. Big cruiser.
  9. groomsiebelle

    Mission Briefing Monday - Situation Report

    My primary focuses right now are (in no order): Daily progress on my Mogami (with Admiral Yamamoto onboard, so leveling him from 17 up as well). Running a few scenarios to bank some elite commander XP. Royal Navy Mission grind Making sure I have coal in the bank as I await Alaska's debut (I have the FXP to buy Kronshadt, but holding to see if Alaska is FXP, Coal, or steel (or none of the above)).
  10. groomsiebelle

    Fighting Friday - Destroyer Dance of Death

    Lower tier I seem to do well in US DDs (Wickes/Clemson/Nicholas), but I feel like someone else said my Kamikaze is good at indirect cap contesting, especially if I get an opponent who turns away when spotted and I can skirt the cap edge undetected capping & spotting for my team. Mid tier I feel Haida is pretty decent, but looking at my win rate I may still have a ways to go in her. High tier surprisingly my best is Yugumo, although my experience in non-IJN high tier DDs is minimal.
  11. groomsiebelle

    Supply Lines Competition---Oil Rewarded When?

    Did anyone confirm they had received the oil they are due? @Gneisenau013@Radar_X@Pigeon_of_War I can't say for sure for our clan but my suspicion is (based on numbers) that we did not. The event itself was fun, but, for future awards like this it might be good to have some means of signing off on the receipt of oil (ie: a clan officer has to accept the transfer, or all participants are sent a note saying transfer has been completed, or the clan representative signing the group up signs off on the transfer / get receipt). Seemed like there are too many questions on this one.
  12. groomsiebelle

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    I had no issues with the test session. My only bug was I had an enemy Fuso I was taking flack from and showed on my mini-map but would not render visually so I could attack. You can see a Fuso from space and I was about 4 km away (estimated), eventually brought the bomber back to the ship and started a new run, which allowed the Fuso to render. New UI takes some getting used to...visually it is great, and I really think torpedo bomber runs are likely very much like they were in real life. I struggled with dive bombing, but I'm not versed in manual drops and I tended to start my dive too early so perhaps better "manual-droppers" with DB on the live server did better here. The attack planes were very "meh"...some use for low health DDs but I didn't see why they were added to be hones. I felt there was little CV control, did not like the need to recall a squadron to make a change to the CV--really encouraged the "don't move" or "park it in a corner and forget about it" mentality which worked OK in test server with Bots but in actual game play you will be hunted and killed doing this. Aircraft control took some getting used to as in looking around the planes wanted to follow (until figured out the RMB). Frankly, the rework would not make me want to play CV more. I play very little now (mostly just to fulfill a mission requirement occasionally, preferably then in Co-op so my team is not burdened with my rusty play), my future play would likely be unchanged.
  13. groomsiebelle

    Maritime Monday - Preferred Ammunition

    I pretty much echo this. May decide to start with AP loaded in BBs if very few DDs, but often my first salvo is HE for this reason regardless of the ship I am sailing. I'm interpreting what he said the way I do it...I almost never reload ammo type if I am already loaded and have a target lined up (exception would be if I think I can make the switch without losing the shot, like a grounded broadside cruiser and I'm not detected yet). What I do (and what I interpreted this response as too) is trigger the ammo change on the reload and fire what you have loaded.
  14. For me it is holding off on Salem until I see how Alaska becomes available.
  15. @LoveBote I'm with the OP (although I rarely play CV in live server), I'm struggling a bit to get consistent hits. Only a few games played and just putting together the use of consumables and flying. Torp runs are intuitive and I like how they feel, rocket attacks are...OK. Dive bombing I believe is more like it actually was, but I'm still starting my attack too soon and thus not landing hits much. I think I need to be more nearly overhead for DB (like in real life). Anyway, I am agreeing with the OP that I'm not finding it all 100% intuitive, but, I also think part of it is for those of us who have dabbled in CVs it may be that we have to unlearn then relearn. I'm reserving judgement. Could also be the higher level CV players (who have mastered aspects like manual drops and such) are used to some of the aspects I'm mentioning and so it maybe is more intuitive and not much of a change.