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  1. groomsiebelle

    T7 BB Yukon... Seriously?

    I hadn't read Yukon was in the works, but am totally behind your thinking on historical. I personally would hate to see a CV placed in but like the idea of a QE variant. I'm not a fan of the paper ships, and definitely not the ones that are "complete fiction".
  2. groomsiebelle

    Twitch Drops Changes in 0.10.1

    Same issue, Twitch says I claimed a container drop, no sign of drop in game @Hapa_Fodder.
  3. groomsiebelle

    Use Caution on the Italian BB "Random Bundles"

    You sacrifice much in the name of "science". Thanks for sharing and I'm sorry for your loss.
  4. Or to have allowed multiple "full resets"...I'm not sure why that was such an issue, but WG knows.
  5. groomsiebelle

    Special Signals

    I missed this as well. I didn't think WG sold these types of signals / camos, and maybe they don't normally (especially if a 1x offer). The prices looks kinds steep though so I may be taking a pass. Thanks for pointing out.
  6. groomsiebelle


    Well, I received 1 e-mail and it was the one associated with an inactive account. The code noted the 5 containers / 7 days premium / 2M credits but I suspect that is for the account associated with the e-mail (inactive). I input the code in my active account and it seems to have taken it, will wait until I get home to see if it gave full rewards but I suspect it will be just the 2 camos.
  7. I have been either manually redistributing as I play them or playing them as the came after the skill update. I'm reserving my "1 chance" to to a global reset (the "nuclear button") for near the end, when I'll plan to reset all of them and respec as I play them without having to look at every obscure ship and captain I have and rarely use...basically will have the option later.
  8. groomsiebelle

    [ALL] ModStation

    I am consistently getting this; Previously unless there was an update I'd open ModStation and then log in via that. Now it forces you to open the game center and then try ModStation--this seems to consistently work, but is a change from how it was prior to the last update. I'm curious as to why.
  9. groomsiebelle

    How to prep for the commander rework!

    Yeah, the way they set this up (and it could be worse) instead of playing ships tonight I'll be shifting captains so I have generally higher tier captains where they need to be versus wherever they ended up (like in @Ensign_Cthulhu's example of the 19 pointer on the New Orleans...I have a few like that as well). Kinda like doing paperwork instead of having fun...
  10. groomsiebelle

    Time to move captains around before rework?

  11. groomsiebelle

    Stevie Nicks, Jr. ?

    Your point on age is fair, but I think Stevie Nicks always had that (she wasn't 50+ in the heyday of Fleetwood Mac). I too really like Stevie Nicks' voice, and I've come to appreciate it even more with time, this artist has a great voice that stands out in her own way. Very good, could not go wrong either way.
  12. When I first started my son bought me an Atago (when it was only one of a few premium ships). I actually only played it a few times for a long time (and in co-op) as I knew I wasn't at that level. I think as long as you appreciate where your skill is and keep that in mind when hitting the battle button you are fine. As far as Georgia, she is a very fun ship to play. Her speed can get you into trouble if you push too early without support, but she is definitely one of the better premiums in my port.
  13. groomsiebelle

    Results — Operation: Red, White and Blue Steel

    I have actually not minded the new US BBs (although I agree there are in the US Navy case a lot of real BBs you could make a line from so why this?) and initially thought I'd do the event. But, I finished my Minnesota grind and got Vermont before the event started and taking a look at the leader boards near end of day 1 (total damage means I need to play a lot of one or more of these ships for 2 weeks) and decided my time is way better spent on continuing to grind lines I don't have than spam ships I'm past in hopes of a T-shirt I won't wear (I'd rather have the supercontainer). So in the end I'm not sure I'll even have an entry (oh wait, I still need to knock the snowflake off Kansas so if I elect to play it in random I guess I'll have "an entry"). The grind needed to compete in this, feels reminiscent of the Puerto Rico last year (with crappier reward unless you get the Mizzou maybe).
  14. groomsiebelle

    Jean Bart Wont Fire!

    Was watching Boggzy stream last night and he was experiencing it when I was watching...I believe he was playing Bourgogne.
  15. I run it on my Minnesota and plan to buy one in a few days with my next coupon and install it on my Vermont. The reload is long and I'm firing when I have a target so to me it makes some sense, at least enough sense to try it and so far I'm fine with it. I think it can be viable but consider why you want it and how you play.