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  1. Tier for Tier The Better BB RN vs Da French

    Why did you buy her? I'm assuming you free XP'd by her, but I thought you could do that without buying her? To the OP question, which is personal subjective opinion and not what stats say...I have comparisons up to Tier 8 and my 2 cents: Tier 5 -- Iron Duke...Great with HE but also good AP when the time is right. Tier 6 -- Queen Elizabeth -- Really liked this ship, and if you are not suing her AP I think you are making a mistake. Tier 7 -- Lyon -- KGV / DOY haven't done much to wow me, and while I agree with the poster who commented that when bottom tier it seems you have to rely on HE I found that overall she did well for me. I mean 16 guns, watch out! Tier 8 -- Richelieu -- So far Monarch for me has been "Meh" but Richelieu has been a pleasant surprise. Hopefully it is also a good habit trainer for me in defaulting to being comfortable with using only front turrets. The speed boost is nice to save for a rush in on an unexpecting enemy or to escape trouble (works well for when torps are coming in to scoot out of the danger path if needed). The Alsace looks amazing to play, but no thoughts on either line higher than tier 8. YMMV.
  2. Aigle Marathon mission is to vague!

    Actually, even if you have the Aigle you will have these missions. And if you complete the 18 missions required to earn the Aigle you will get the credits equivalent.
  3. SuperContainer Change?

    So about 3% chance of a SC on TYL. If other containers are about 1/2 the chance of TYL then about 1.5% chance for other containers to be a SC. This seems consistent with what others have come up with. Personally I feel I'm in a drought, so as of yesterday I resumed tracking to get some data (to satisfy my own curiosity if nothing else).
  4. Any chance of extra Algie missions?

    This. It was gifted to me on the day it released as a clan reward, and it has limited and niche use IMHO. I try to always earn the free ships and I get what you are saying, but don't feel like you are missing out on something that is must have. It isn't.
  5. Give someone a pass sometime.

    I find it does help to "own the mistake". Several months ago I sank a teammate by firing behind him then realized to my horror he was backing. Aack! Totally my mistake, he was fine with me owning it, and he actually ended up giving me karma points for owning it and making a point of apologizing via direct message. It helps, and bottom line I'd say the majority of the player base has had at least one instance of accidental team kill. Simply own it and learn from it.
  6. Yeah, but I gotta side with the OP with some frustration and surprise that the challenges focused on the French line go a day longer than the scenario designed to highlight them. Seems you'd do the weekly rotation (or end the challenges) at the same end time. Admitting to some frustration logging on to find this not to be the case.
  7. Izumo Chronicles: Day 6

    My initial impression of Izumo was much the same as yours. Unfortunately, it did not last. I finally with around 55k XP to go decided to use FXP and end my suffering. I hope your grind through Izumo is better than my experience, which was a grind in every sense of the word. I was so glad to sell that ship.
  8. [Ship Review] Kelorn on Asashio [WiP]

    Kelorn, thanks for the review and it was good to encounter you in game last night (since I was in a BB, was happy you were on MY SIDE) while you played this ship. Keep up the good work and keep putting out good podcast content. Oh, and go Cyclones!
  9. You are welcome to check out TSG4 here. If after review it looks like something you'd like to investigate further, stop by on Discord and talk with a clan officer about the process. Mention I referred you if you wish. We are an assorted group, varying degrees of experience and competitiveness.
  10. Got the Lyon mission from a reg french crate.

    Congrats on the Lyon, I like you have been playing the Aigle mission and taking the daily crate but had not received any missions from 2 premium (1 free w/ Aigle, 1 purchased) and 30 regular crates (between Aigle and the progression missions). Just before sign off last night I bought a single premium crate and got a mission (Bretagne) + 500 doubloons. So I finally have hope for a French BB in crate. And now you are affirming to me it is possible to get them from regular French containers too!
  11. To Musashi or Not to Musashi

    Isn't the HSF promo campaign running giving the equivalent of a free premium camo? I'm counting on that going onto my Yammy when I get her.
  12. To Musashi or Not to Musashi

    Your title and topic are the same as mine.  You may find added info in this thread (as I am in yours). In case you want more info on the same topic. FWIW I am reading this one for other (new) comments / insights along the same lines. For now, I am taking a wait and see...I need 90k XP to get Yamato outright (and be rid of the albatross WarGaming calls "Izumo") and I figure Musashi will be around for a while, so I can afford to wait a bit. Good luck with your deliberation.
  13. To Musashi or not to Musashi?

    I finally have the FXP to claim the Musashi, but not sure I really want to do that. See, I am about 1/2 way throguh Izumo to Yamato and I have the Missouri. I'm thinking that what the Musashi really gives me is a chance to shoot Yamato guns at tier VII ships (sometimes). I'm not sure there is anything else it gives me that I couldn't just use a lot less FXP, have the Yamato (OK, Yamato will cost me a bunch of credits as well) and still have FXP left to use on other lines as needed. Am I missing something? I have other IJN battleships to train IJN captains, so Musashi doesn't really help me there either. Make the case that I really should get the Musashi, or that since I'm so close to Yamato to simply get the original and be done with the Izumo grind. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and comments on this.
  14. French BB Missions

    I'm having similar luck, as in bad...7 containers from missions so far and 5 from Aigle missions. No BB mission unlock yet for me either.
  15. French Battleship Missions

    Opened 12 so far (7 free plus 1 per day for the Aigle missions), no BB missions as of yet.