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  1. groomsiebelle

    Disconnects after matches...

    Having the same issue tonight. @Gneisenau013@Femennenly
  2. groomsiebelle

    Sharing a significant personal achievement

    Congratulations!! Awesome professional (and personal) achievement. Thank you for your service.
  3. groomsiebelle

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I'm thankful for the general level of help in the forums and from Wargaming itself; I find that while there are many times when Wargaming draws the ire of the playerbase, I find wargaming treats the playerbase fairly. My best memory so far has been traveling with my son (who got me into wargaming) to Minnesota to "Drive a Tank"--while that event was a miserably hot evening and there were several hiccups, everyone was so friendly and wargaming did all they could to make the player event memorable that it came across as a really positive memory. I'll definitely go again to a wargaming event if opportunity comes up. As for a "wish", I'd say an "Ohio" would be my first pick.
  4. groomsiebelle

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    My tip is to learn to use the shift key to zoom versus wheel on mouse. I was unaware of this option until I sent in a replay to Lord Zath and he noted I was "a scroller". I asked and he explained it consumes a small but sometimes critical piece of time getting view full zoom to wide field and vice versa. It took a while to train myself to do it but it has helped me once I became aware of it and forced myself to do it. For skipper, Moeka C I suppose.
  5. groomsiebelle

    Like kissing your sister

    Made me think of this...not quite the same, but still funny.
  6. groomsiebelle

    Like kissing your sister

    Very rare these days. Used to happen more frequently (although not a ton then either) when the game first came out, I forget what they changed to make it less likely.
  7. groomsiebelle

    WG can you chill please?

    Very true. Many (like me) are feeling unmotivated to play, but there may be others who are equally eager to play. Will need to trust WG to figure out if what they offer is overall building the game or destroying it. As individuals we simply need to choose what and to what degree we participate.
  8. groomsiebelle

    WG can you chill please?

    I feel the same way. I have gotten to the point where I may go days without playing, or any desire to play. That did not happen before.
  9. This season went well for me, managed in 25 games I believe. I ended up running the most in Z-23 and was often top of the leader board. Tried to stay close enough to spot, keep sending torps, disengage and look for help when better DDs showed up. Seemed to work well for me this season.
  10. Flint would be great.
  11. groomsiebelle

    Tier 6 Ship for week 4 directive completion.

    This. Not that I mind.