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  1. groomsiebelle

    shooting down allied aircraft

    Just had it happen to me, playing the tier 6 Pan-European DD and no CVs in game (I actually noticed no aircraft).
  2. groomsiebelle

    Full Broadside

    New Mexico
  3. groomsiebelle

    Update 0.9.2 - Bug Reports

    @Gaelic_knight I noted that late last night and hadn't moved it yet. Thank you, I apparently missed the correct update category when I made my original post.
  4. groomsiebelle

    Public Test - 0.9.3 - Part 2 - Bugs Report

    Sorry I accidentally posted in wrong PTS update. Link to this is for the current PTC, not 9.2. Sorry.
  5. groomsiebelle

    Update 0.9.2 - Bug Reports

    Adding onto above post, I got credit in a win (with fewer fires)...maybe the wording needs to say "Win a battle"?
  6. groomsiebelle

    Update 0.9.2 - Bug Reports

    New campaign bug-- Issue: Needed 2 fires in random or co-op to complete task, tier 9 or 10. I fulfilled that in Hindenburg. Expected Result: Expected 3 stars and award of flags.. How to Replicate: Play Hindenburg in new campaign, light 2 fires. Screenshots/Replay/Supporting Info: See below--should be enough there to show the game referenced, campaign condition, and actual number of fires lit..
  7. groomsiebelle

    Enjoy the scenery

    Bomber and fighters, but they never fly sorties...I'd guess maybe Swiss (neutral) but the hangar says otherwise.
  8. groomsiebelle

    NY, NJ, PA and CT shutting down everything like bars...etc

    agree with @GrandAdmiral_2016 and @BrushWolf, those of us in the united States need only to look to Europe and Asia to see what is coming. I was like many and suspect of the early info coming out of China, but take a look at Italy (and by all accounts northern Italy has great hospitals) to see what is happening. While I chaffe a bit at the inconvenience and even infraction on my "civil liberties" this is a time to act. My mind has shifted dramatically the past few weeks on this, I'd ask if you are reading and disagree to dig a little into various accounts and sources and be open to the possibility that you are incorrect.
  9. groomsiebelle

    Ranked Battles - does the math work?

    Another thought--have you tried another ship type? Even one you aren't sure is a good fit or is "out of meta"? I'm not an expert, but sometimes you try to force a ship in ranked that just isn't working in that format. A few years back I recall a season where I was playing a ship that "everyone said should be good" because the other option for me at that time was a ship that was said to be "trash, don't bring it". Well, I struggled in ranked and finally got so frustrated I brought the "trash ship" to shake things up. I found I was able to win a lot more. So, before you give up consider trying a different ship type and/or ship to see if that helps...after all, your playstyle has a major impact and a ship considered by and large a "don't bring" ship may in fact click for you. Good luck.
  10. groomsiebelle

    HMS London, my new Port Queen

    This. Crazy to me it seems how far the detection is while firing in smoke. I hated Hawkins, not a fan of London, but I so far am liking Devonshire more, not sure why.
  11. groomsiebelle

    New Tier 10 German Battleship?

  12. groomsiebelle

    How to keep your win rates up

    One issue with matchmaking and divisions that I have and do see and I would think would be easy to fix is trying to even up the total numbers on each side in division. It seems to match for example numbers of divisions (I have A & B on one side, and A & B on the other, so all good, right?) without looking at the total players in division, so the result at times is 2 divisions of 2 on one side (4 divsioned players) vs 2 divisions of 3 on the other side (6 divisioned players). To me, you may always have times with an odd number of divisions in battle and thus so be it, but I do feel the total number of divsioned players on each team should be as nearly equal as possible.
  13. groomsiebelle

    What is your most-played ship with a perfect win record?

    Interesting question. I'm enjoying the responses to get a flavor of the experience of others. For me: CV --> Enterprise 16 wins BB --> Nelson 35 wins CA --> Zao 34 wins DD --> Kitakaze 24 wins