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  1. Rear_Admiral_Benson

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    Still only available via loot boxes bought with doubloons in the armoury. I dropped too much and never got the Gin Palace.
  2. Rear_Admiral_Benson

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    Is it just me or can the video with the info no longer be viewed? I can't locate it on their Youtube channel and the video doesn't play on their site.
  3. Rear_Admiral_Benson

    HMS London Review

    Anyone know why WG hasn't given her ASW capabilities yet? Tried her in ranked and literally have no counter play to a submerged sub.
  4. Rear_Admiral_Benson

    Dutch Cruisers Event Part 1 & New Cruisers Review (PVE Thread)

    You'd think. I had to go into settings and bind it after first game.
  5. Rear_Admiral_Benson

    Airstrike observations forT6 Kijkduin

    I had to go into settings and manually assign 4 to the airstrike. My first game WG defaulted me with no key binding for it. Was a bit annoying.
  6. Rear_Admiral_Benson

    Dutch Cruisers Event Part 1 & New Cruisers Review (PVE Thread)

    Is it just me, or do you have to assign a key to the airstrike consumable? It was a - in the button assignment for the image. Nothing I pushed would work. Was a bit baffling or, stranger yet, that WG wouldn't assign a default key binding it.
  7. Rear_Admiral_Benson

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I just launched the game, downloaded and installed the update last night and no modern Canada flag nor is it an option for me. So, I have no idea what you're doing to get that unless this is just a lame troll attempt.
  8. Not true, the design of the hull and the amount of armour affected potential speed. There's a reason the period BC's of the RN existed as being roughly 50-100' longer consistently with no remarkable difference in draught or beam to their BB contemporaries. It should also be obvious their intended role when the concept was tabled, used to ill-effect at Jutland. It's patently obvious by the time Hood saw combat, she was not used by any stretch of the imagination as such (unlike Gneis and Scharn who also suffer this inane debate of BB vs BC) as the idea of the BC was long obsolete due to the advent of the fast battleship.
  9. No, she wasn't by any metric and is the case of nomenclature only. Fallout from Jutland saw her armour increased and revisions to the class design in several facets of her protection. It's why the Admiral class only ever saw Hood completed and why she ultimately sat lower in the water than predicted. Designed as a BC and slipped off as a BB. Even her principle designer compared her favourably to then extant American BBs while calling her a BB.
  10. You don't think Incomparable might be a dockyard ship with x number of phases requiring doubloons to finish? Was my thought given the mutual announcement of a British dockyard toward the end of the calendar year.
  11. Rear_Admiral_Benson

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Not an option, as stupid as that is they equate pixels and digital info as being "used" as something they can't take back. It's not underwear bought during a heatwave... I know they've even done it before irrespective of that used once rule.Am hoping that when the dust settles, they do right by Mouse et al and this thing needs a buff - hopefully gets one.
  12. Rear_Admiral_Benson

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I bought it before I realized what drama had unfolded and regret it after seeing this. Yet another oops and empty apology from WG for a ship that lacks any redemption beyond its absurd heal. As you say, it's still difficult to salvage this product on a whole on that caveat alone. I'm sorry you wasted so much of your time on this endeavor.
  13. Rear_Admiral_Benson

    Armada: Tiger '59

    I thought when I suffered what was to become Belfast 43, even after the "buff", that it would be impossible for WG to release a more underwhelming ship. I was wrong. Maybe if it was Russian?
  14. Rear_Admiral_Benson

    Jutland containers opened

    30 containers, got the Konig Albert and a crapload of flags, camos and free XP. No Gin Palace. Literally the only reason I'm doing the event and bought the containers. Just my luck. Too bad WG doesn't allow trades...
  15. Rear_Admiral_Benson

    Battle of the Beasts

    So I take it you can only get a max of two Jutland containers for this coupled with complicated restrictions and time frames... How else are we able to earn these containers? I seriously am only into this for Agincourt. I feel my answer lies in direct or indirect monetary transactions for them... Will it be an actual, genuine random roll to drop a ship or is it set up to force one to basically buy the extent of the collection to get "lucky" enough?