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    I personally think we should be able to buy steel. Maybe what they could do is only allow a one time purchase of 30000 steel so you could buy any ship you want after having maybe 1000 battles. Because for me i play warships everyday for over 5 hours on weekdays and as much as i can on the weekend and i still can't get a stalingrad which im wanting but i try as hard as i can and i still can't get a lot of steel. My other idea is they could allow coal be exchangeable for steel. I would pay lots of money for steel for 30000 steel pay over 100 dollars. So many people want steel i think it would also help wargaming make some money off of it and they could use it to deveple more ships for world of warships.
  2. I know the mikhal kuztuz is gone now but i'd like a russian tier 8 premium cruiser because the soviet tech tree doesn't have any and it would be nice have it in ranked battles ill make a poll pod for it to see if people want it but i think the game needs it maybe wargaming you could try adding it before 2019 its just one ship i'm not expert in modeling and making games but it doesn't seem to hard to do so please add it in this i a suggestion.