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  1. Jakob_Knight

    Forced into Azur Lane now?

    I am glad this seems to be a bug, as it didn't seem to make sense for WG, after putting so much effort to accommodate player choice on such things, to drop that all of a sudden. As several recent threads attest to, this is always a volatile subject, and WG is well aware of that. The opt-out and conceal features I completely support, and I don't think it really should matter to anyone how a player prefers to see the game. If they choose not to get ships and captains they don't want, then what of it? If they miss a collaboration because they didn't keep up with game news, then who should the blame fall upon? I think the OP's question has been answered and that is the important part. The rest just gets into opinion and/or agendas, so I would hope any further discussion is respectful and mindful that the facts have been established, a solution found.
  2. Jakob_Knight

    In game recruiting is NOT "Misbehaving in chat"

    Let's consider the situation here. One person posts a recruitment message as the battle is starting (there is no 'before the battle' because the battle is already begun by the time all the players on a team are loaded in). Two people post a recruitment message as the battle is starting. Four people post a recruitment message as the battle is starting Ten people post a recruitment message as the battle is starting. Twenty people post a recruitment message as the battle is starting. Five people from the same guild post a recruitment message as the battle is starting. Ten people from two different guilds post a recruitment message as the battle is starting. Ten people post recruitment messages and ten other post requests for assistance in getting to Tier 10. Five people post recruitment messages and three other people post a request to go read their forum poll on CVs. Where in all of this (which adhere to the OP's justification that 'it isn't specifically said it's against the rules') does spam and misbehavior in chat begin? In-game chat is certainly allowed for recruitment, but in-battle chat is for tactical and strategic use for that battle. If you use it for something other than the battle that you are in, you are misusing it and getting in the way of actual battle conversations that may be attempting to occur. Even if something isn't spelled out specifically (how big of a list do you want?) , it should be rather clear to someone with common sense that something is not a right thing to do in the circumstances. If it not, then you must allow that others with differing opinions that are just as valid as yours (there's nothing in the chat rules saying I can't report someone for putting up a recruitment message during battle as misbehavior) are going to have the option to exercise their own options in this regard. My own two cents on this.
  3. Jakob_Knight

    Trying to identify specific music

    The track is called "Great Day For Freedom". My personal favorite is the track for the Hawaii port, which was the original port music for WOWs. That one is called "The Last Sunset", though different versions of it play as you switch between the various tabs in the port.
  4. Jakob_Knight

    Hiding stats

    Just remember to not let your faith in the value of Human existence on the planet plummet when you do so. I understand that's a hazard of looking too deep into the workings of the Human mind in relation to their actions in a lot of cases.
  5. Jakob_Knight

    Cartoonish game

    Actually, that touches on a salient point in regards to the subject of anime content being offered in WOWS. Back in the dim early days, WOWS featured events that featured special reward ships ( Eastern and Southern Dragon are examples of this I believe, as was Takao at one point) that were only offered on a specific server, and other servers did not run those events. I remember the cries of players asking why only Asian server players got this event, or why only Russian servers got that event. Many were the players who wanted the same events and rewards made available to all servers. And, here we are, with anime ships and events offered to everyone, with even the option to opt out of seeing that content in the game. And players are now complaining that they are being offered such. I guess it's true that you can't please everyone.
  6. Jakob_Knight

    Hiding stats

    Indeed. Everyone has the right to hide their stats, and the behavior of some people in the game certainly reinforces this is not necessarily a bad idea, nor a sign of cowardice or shame. When someone actively attempts to stat-shame someone or lean on their experience with a certain type of ship while also hiding their stats, however, that is indeed hypocrisy, and deserving of rebuke. The only other time I check a person's stats is when they speak about a certain ship type in such a way that seems to indicate ignorance from my perspective. I'll check to see if the person has had enough experience (or any) in that ship to help frame my response, since you don't talk to someone who is ignorant in the same way as someone who is simply mistaken (or you know may have more experience than yourself in something), seems to be playing the fool, or who may actually know something you don't. Other than that, stats are really only the business of the person they are about, as a tool to help them figure out how they are doing in the game. There are too many factors and variables in the game to really know why a person has the stats they have. Otherwise, this game is about playing ships and trying tactics, and stats play almost no role in that. I'd be a fool to think a player can't sink me because they have a 35 percent win rate...those shells and torpedoes hit just as hard from them as from a 75 percent win rate player. If the OP wants to hide their stats, that's their business and their choice.
  7. Jakob_Knight

    Cartoonish game

    I do find it interesting that the same people who seem unable to deal with animated women who they believe are being depicted suggestively and speaking in provocative ways seem to have no problem with (and indeed probable are calling for even more captains of in their port selection) a certain Russian-speaking woman introducing each new update who acts and is depicted in exactly the same way they seem to have such a problem with in an animated form. Yes, very interesting indeed.
  8. Jakob_Knight

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    You wrote exactly what I quoted, and had it such for over 15 minutes before I replied. As one other person in this thread can attest, I have a real problem with altering quotes, and do not do so myself. If you have a problem with what you wrote not being complete at the time I replied when more than enough time existed for you to correct it just by looking at it yourself, then please don't throw blame anywhere but at yourself. As to your 'question', you again have made assumptions not borne out by the evidence as presented to this point. We are not dealing with children, but women (who are, by definition, not children) depicted in the anime artform. Therefore, your first criteria is completely wrong, and I believe I made that clear in my initial post. You clearly did not read that post, or willfully ignored it. Then, you throw in the insinuation of my being a [edited] is the only way I could get irritated at your post. Hmmm. That you decided to take the character assassination route is telling as well. But, I will let that slide, as I think I already know you speak about what you do not understand. But, the most damning thing is that I gave many valid reasons and explanations to your question. And your reply only holds prejudice, false claims, and an inability to address even one of the points I made. Instead, you went off on your own agenda, and strove to turn the conversation in the direction you obviously wanted it to go and did not get. No, I don't think you have any concept of 'normal', or any idea what a 'grown man' is. You need to grow up, and open your ears as well as your mind. Right now, you are only proving that you haven't done any of this, and are not worth any further reply to.
  9. Jakob_Knight

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    A similar and just as valid a questions would be "Why should a grown man have any interest in looking at, interacting with, or being involved with video games?" . Both make an assumption based upon implied shame that this is not what a grown man does, and thus is a cover for what the asker is really trying to say....namely "I can't handle what I don't understand, haven't investigated, and don't want to deal with". And yes, some of us are old enough to remember dealing with exactly that question. Yet, here we are. But, let's clarify the question a bit. Since it has been established we are dealing with anime women, not cartoon girls, let us make that substitution and proceed with your question as a legitimate one (which I will grant you the benefit of doubt that you did intend it as one). Why should a grown man have any interest in looking at, interacting with, or being involved with an anime woman image/character. In most anime, women have a very wide range of emotional and dramatic roles, able to switch from humorous to deadly serious in the same episode. This is, in part, due to their cultural place in Japanese society, the place that anime is drawn within. At the same time, they are also free to express their emotions and to be more intelligent and on equal terms than most Western series and movie media. Men in anime very often adhere to the Japanese standard of disciplined and not expected to show any emotion, except for those series dealing with teenage boys who are seen as still learning to control themselves and find their footing. Thus, in most anime, it is the women who are often portrayed as the truest characters and the ones upon which the story will revolve around, as audiences tend to be able to understand their characters in more depth than men in anime. Also, those characters can be quite more developed and with more honesty as to their own viewpoints and place in the world. From an artistic viewpoint, the female form has always had more interest from artists than the male due to the increased complexities and range of movement. At the same time, women are freer to express different fashion examples than men are, and can portray a wider range of possible clothing/gear combinations. Therefore, women become the preferred character type to draw/illustrate/photograph/sculpt when one wants to do something out of the ordinary. Thus, there are quite good reasons why a 'grown man' would want to pay attention to an anime woman character. Just as there are good reasons why a 'grown man' would want to play video games. Neither is a source of shame or cause for question, save by those who do not understand what they are speaking about. Now, that does not mean there is note quite a lot of sexualized content available in anime or in what some viewers of it may be interested in. That should hardly come as a surprise to anyone who lives in our times and watches the regular TV and Movies produced by non-anime sources. It is hardly something specific to anime. Yet, one must apply the same standards in evaluating anime as any other media form and question honestly if what they are seeing is a piece intended for pornographic use, or a regular media piece that is made in other lights. Those who can't tell the difference probably have the same problem with any other media, because it is a matter of inability to see clearly beyond one's own prejudices and desires rather than a fault in the piece itself. I hope that satisfies your question, and that we can put to rest this idea that threads like this have any other purpose than a thin smokescreen hiding insult and prejudice originating from a certain set of players in the community who really need to grow up.
  10. Jakob_Knight

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    Actually they are not, save by those who can't look at a woman without seeing a girl. I will note however that what makes the most difference here is that your post was intended and constructed to be egregious with deliberate sexual content. Seriously, you even admitted you knew you were doing it when you posted. How can you possibly believe that is somehow better than the illustration of anime women that we have seen in WOWS collaborations? Are you really calling for truth here, or just using the word?
  11. Jakob_Knight

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    Kenrod, you probably want to edit what you said, since even you have indicated that you are aware it is inappropriate.
  12. Jakob_Knight

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    While I love Record of Lodoss War and .Hack//Sign, I have to say Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions has to be the very best for both looking at what being in a D&D world would be like and what 'low level monsters' really are like to a character you might see as a bunch of numbers on a sheet of paper. The characters in Grimgar have to deal with not only losses of friends and the confusion of having no memory of how they got to the world they are in, but also the fact that you have to make a living in that world if you want to eat. Truly, one of the greatest anime pieces I've seen, and I hope they continue the story someday.
  13. Jakob_Knight

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    Even more incredible were the underlying issues of the price of political infighting, peace, and the question of public comprehension of war that it explored. A lot of people only see the artwork and action in an anime, and miss the tough issues even mainstream TV or movies won't tackle that anime delves into. Patlabor 2 was amazing on all fronts. Macross Zero was another great anime that explored the cost of war and modernization on those cultures that might prefer a more simple existence when they get caught in the middle of a conflict between world powers.
  14. Jakob_Knight

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    Then you know that the debate over anime in WOWS centered around those self-same anime women being depicted in certain players' captains choices, and the reason the option to deselect their being visible was a direct result of many immature non-anime players insisting something be done to remove them. That is something I would think anyone familiar with the history of the debate would know about. However, I will point to the fact that I asked for leeway on 'both sides' of the issue because someone had made an even more baseless statement intended to insult those who might enjoy anime, and that statement was upheld for over seven hours before I made my own counter-statement, which you seem to have a problem with. Do you uphold the original statement as grounded then? I don't notice you bringing that statement to question for being baseless.
  15. Jakob_Knight

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    Hmmm. New to the whole anime-in-WOWS debate I take it? There is a reason the devs put in the 'opt out' check box in the client, and it predates this particular thread by quite a bit.