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  1. Jakob_Knight

    CV's in Ranked

    The simplest reason CVs are in Ranked is that they are a shiptype in the game, and have players who consider them their main type of ship. Therefore, they are not excluded in the main competitive mode of the game (whereas CBs are restricted to and controlled by those players who are part of an active Clan, and thus are a secondary completive mode that can be restricted without unfairly disenfranchising a portion of the playerbase). This is also why Submarines are included in Ranked, as well as any other types of ships that may be added to the game in the future
  2. And the only reason BBs and CAs have such things as Damage Control, Repair Party, and Defensive Fire for Anti Aircraft is so they can compete one on one with CVs. Every ship in the game has unrealistic abilities to enable it to do its job in the game environment. DDs are no more or less realistic in their abilities than any other shiptype in the game.
  3. *Grins with a baleful gleam in his eyes* Fine. You want 'historical'? Then here is what you must endorse in its entirety without any modifications. * Only ships that were actually launched and had combat records. * All consumables, special abilities, captain skills, slots, and enhancements disabled...that means no repair or damage control, no speed boost, no Artillery Plotting Room, ect. * No map other than Ocean. * All ships turning rates reduced to one tenth of their current values. * All torpedoes reduced to only being detectable at 100 meters. IJN torpedoes with a range of 10 km or more cannot be spotted by any means. All torpedo carrying ships limited to one shot per tube with the exception of IJN ships, which have two. * All guns limited to twenty shots per game of each ammo type carried. Gun dispersion increased to five times current value. * Ships may only gain spotting from themselves. Positions on the minimap from allied units are delayed five minutes. * Ships which take fifty percent damage lose half their speed and can only fire their guns a third as fast. * No MM. Teams will be made up of a random number of players in whatever ships they are in. Fairness has no place on the battlefield. Congratulations. Welcome to 'almost' Realistic mode. Hope you will enjoy what your wish for the game is when granted. Edit: Also * Carriers may launch one squadron at a time, which will consist of 20 planes. Squadrons make a single attack with all planes. Carriers may launch a total of three such Squadrons per match.
  4. Jakob_Knight


    You speak as though DDs are the problem. Fact is that Cruisers, CVs, Subs, and even Battleships launch torpedoes as well. How does RPF change anything there? Then again, this isn't really about torpedoes, is it?
  5. Jakob_Knight


    What causes Battleships to play further back is the unwillingness of Battleship players to accept any damage in the course of their gameplay, and the range of their weapons that does not force them to do so. Cruisers have even more reason to be wary of taking damage, but push forwards because their weapons don't have the range to allow them to sit back, and DD have to accept charging into even closer ranges and accepting suicidal situations if they are spotted because their own ranges are the shortest in the game. And we've seen excuses for backline play long before homing torpedoes. In fact, the torpedo changes done years ago were specifically done due to complains about torpedoes being too difficult to deal with. The tactic didn't change despite the changes because it is the timidity of the players and the fear of taking damage at all that causes it. Even one torpedo is too much to be risked. As far as realism, while I'm sure there are some who would like a hard-as-nails simulator ( though I think even they would quickly find something else to play if they actually found out what they were asking for ), most complaining and using realism as a defense for their position are not in favor of losing the unrealistic elements of the ships they themselves enjoy in the game. It is always the other ship that is the unrealistic problem in the game, and not their own.
  6. Jakob_Knight

    People quitting the game

    One of the factors of player population is free time at home. I know I can't spend nearly as much time in game as I used to, but I still play as I can. I imagine alot of people are having to spend alot of their time making up for losses during COVID and with the economic situation as well, so you end up with an actual decrease from pre-COVID because of that rather than the game itself. External factors.
  7. Jakob_Knight

    Submarine Change

    Not surprising as Subs were the ships best equipped to know when torpedoes were launched and running, and the most able to evade them. As the devs found out when putting them into the game, firing an unguided torpedo at something that can move in three dimensions is an effort in futility, and unlike in the game, Subs didn't have torpedoes to waste.
  8. Jakob_Knight


    Ships also didn't respond anywhere as quickly as they do in game. A DD running at 30 knots could take two to five minutes before a rudder shift began to turn the ship. Battleships around ten to fifteen. Also, ships didn't get automatic detection of all torpedoes within a certain range or continuous tracking of those spotted by other friendly ships. Torpedoes are fine currently. Remember, they are -supposed- to be able to hit their targets...they aren't just pretty window dressing for the fleet.
  9. Jakob_Knight

    Submarine Change

    I'm actually starting to get a little worried that, with all of the discussion of how much the underwater speeds of the T10 subs distort gameplay and go against the prior Tiers, that there may be no interest from the devs in exploring reducing them to a more reasonable number. Whether this is because of some metrics dealing with map sizes at T10 or some other consideration, I would have hoped we'd see some adjustment along with the other experimental changes coming along, even if it were just to see if the change caused beneficial changes to gameplay with them.
  10. Jakob_Knight

    Need Help, F. Sherman Captain. Halsey or Ovechkin?

    I'll add one more thing, as I think Sherman can tempt players to ignore it even if they normally do it. Get a feel for when you've stayed in smoke too long. Remember that a smoke cloud is a marker showing where you are, and the competent enemy looking to sink you is going to home in on it. Every time you fire, you are giving them better info on where you are for them to shoot back with their own guns, and torpedoes are almost certainly on the way. Once you've overstayed your welcome, expect to be evicted. The Sherman can make you forget that as you rain shellfire down on your enemies, and I've caught more than one that got too comfortable in their smoke.
  11. Jakob_Knight

    Need Help, F. Sherman Captain. Halsey or Ovechkin?

    There are general rules, such as 'if it is angled or I want fires, use HE. If it is broadside or I can get plunging fire, use SAP'. But then it also depends on the armor of your target, such as if it has a thick armor deck or such thin armor that even angled it will not stop SAP. You can keep an eye on the damage of each hit and switch if it drops suddenly, as well. Aside from that, the consumables aboard the Sherman let you tailor your combat stance to what your opponent doesn't like. Hydro for spotting torpedoes, DDs in smoke, or subs. DFAA when a CV spots you. Smoke when up against something you are at a disadvantage in. And combinations of them to enable open water stealth firing, AAA picket ship, or just to get away. Otherwise, it's pretty much standard DD strategy for gunboats.
  12. Jakob_Knight

    Need Help, F. Sherman Captain. Halsey or Ovechkin?

    I'm sorry. Could you explain your post? Doesn't seem to have anything to do with the discussion.
  13. Jakob_Knight

    Need Help, F. Sherman Captain. Halsey or Ovechkin?

    Yup. Sherman is a floating toolbox of destruction and knowing what to use when is what gives it its punch.
  14. Jakob_Knight

    Need Help, F. Sherman Captain. Halsey or Ovechkin?

    Not getting hit should be the plan of any DD. They aren't Battleships, so avoiding damage as much as possible should be a very high priority. I will gladly take being able to fire ninety percent as fast as a DD I am facing that is already halfway dead. And no. AR is barely noticable until you have lost so much of your ship that you won't live long enough to enjoy it. I prefer skills that benefit me the entire battle, not solely when I am about to pay for mistakes I should have avoided in the first place.
  15. I play about a dozen other online games and I can attest that the vast majority of those feature new content the playerbase are convinced the devs never figured out how to test before putting into Live. It's an industry-wide characteristic, and not in any way unique to WOWS. As for Supership CVs, I think they are hardly unique in being thought of as ships put in the game that are OP, some of which are still in the game ( hello, Stalingrad ) . They are just another unit from the next Tier up, and people will deal with them as they do when facing a higher-tier CV.