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  1. Musidora

    Are these camos in game?

    That's what I suspected. Oh well, with all the wacky camos already in game maybe one day I can have a flowery Yamato.
  2. A quick question, these camos didn't make it into the game, right? I love that Yamato and Shimikaze camo. Yes I know, immersion killing, they still look epic though.
  3. I was wondering that too, I love my chicken and dog flags from previous years.
  4. Musidora

    Sorry for being trash

    A replay for anyone interested replay. I tend to play all DDs like IJN DDs, I was an IJN DD main when I first started the game, then gave up DDs when I got sick of all the blame, I was having a Kidd match or two for the money missions. I thought I did alright, not trash anyway. My biggest mistake, I think, was smoking the trashtalkers div mate but I didn't know he was a trashtalker at the time.
  5. Sorry for being trash, I shall try harder next time to get all of our capture points.
  6. I got 7 of the 35K Free XP crates in my 24 containers, only 2 ships though...
  7. Musidora

    Black Friday Crates - Results

    24 crates, not thrilled, only 2 ships and half the crates were camos. Tirpitz Massachusetts 7 x 35K Free XP 1 x 1250 doubloons 2 x 14 Days Premium 4 x 10 type 59 Camo 8 x 20 Shadow Camo
  8. Musidora

    The HMS Hood, Should i get her

    She has negatives and positives but she is a beautiful beast.
  9. Musidora

    Korean/T-ara Captain wanted

    This was one of the T-ara videos used to sell the game in China, those camos look nice. T-ara is a bit 2015 however, they have since disbanded. Now I'd guess Twice would be the obvious choice, the Twice captain's horn could play Cheer Up at the start of the match and switch to TT whenever a teammate dies.
  10. Musidora

    Korean/T-ara Captain wanted

    Jiyeon ideally.