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  1. I too would like a this feature to see how many other achievements players have gotten. Oh and I have 4 solo warriors.
  2. No chat, not even clan chat. Can not div either.
  3. tydeson42

    Should Super-testers be Super Unicums?

    WG does not value a players stats for supertester, but let's say they do and only used average joe players, the problem that would arise from this , is when you hand the tested ships to the unicums and see how powerful they are. Cause if joe can only do 40k in said ship and reports it needs buffed, the unicum can play it and might average 80k. Not having any unicums testing could lead to a very high chance of imbalance of test ships.
  4. tydeson42

    Cossack vs Haida

    Both,if you can afford it. They are both good ships at different tiers
  5. tydeson42

    Fletcher or Lightning

    Fletcher imo is a great workhorse, great aa, decent torps, and handles rather well.
  6. tydeson42

    Tier 5 Ranked Battles Prep - DD Commentaries inside

    Do you think the old gremy might be good? I did love to play it back in the day
  7. It's been said already but again WASD is your best friend.
  8. tydeson42

    Thinking on Leningrad

    Fun boat, enjoy mine , I do have a dedicated commander for it, that I use in my gremy as well, I like to use expert marksman for both is why.
  9. Maybe a lot of dds are doing late caps and avoiding the cap early for a reason, such as a whole ton of radar has been added to the game.
  10. tydeson42

    What 3rd skill would you select for the Buffalo

    bft or demo, pending on what ya want aa or dpm . si would be another great option
  11. tydeson42

    I got a guy a Solo Warrior

    I still think it's one of the hardest achievements in the game, Cool for you for helping him.
  12. Win rates don't matter, play your ship the best ya can, and it will reflect on the games outcome. Relying on other players win rates isn't gonna get you much.
  13. tydeson42

    MM is not random!!!! (proof its rigged)

    This is a troll post for sure, but what the heck i'm bored. So I'mma just say even the best player can only carry so much and affect the outcome of a match. The lemmings will do what the lemmings wanna do. Is mm rigged? Nah, .
  14. tydeson42

    Premium Ship Review - ORP Blyskawica

    I bought mine and and i gotta say i love it, it does feel like a big gremy So glad wg sold it again for this limited time and i caught it. Also mouse, love your ship reviews