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  1. Saw this in the news today the worlds deepest wreckage from 1942 DD 413 USS Sammy B. It would make a great Tier 6 Premium DD I think. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/uss-samuel-b-roberts-deepest-shipwreck-discovered-philippines-rcna35455
  2. Your walking along and all of a sudden you stumble into the 'Backrooms"
  3. The Royal Canadian Navy - Sinking you, but politely
  4. MysticalWar

    World of Warships The Donskoi Battle

    A great battle with some nice damage numbers at the end. For some odd reason I had a high ping of 500+ ms for a moment but it went away quickly , sometimes I think it must be map specific because the previous map which was Hotspot was a perfect 35ms all the way thru.
  5. oh ok I am hoping this will not effect Premium Shop pricing or the updates to the game.
  6. Will this effect the Premium shop or the updates to the game ?
  7. So I noticed this today when I started the Game Launcher: Effective March 31 2022, the company started the process of closing its studio in Minsk, Belarus and transferred its live games business in Russia and Belarus to local management of Lesta Studio that is no longer affiliated with Wargaming. The company will not profit from this process either today or going forward. Much to the contrary, we expect to suffer substantial losses as a direct result of this decision. Going forward, in all other countries Wargaming will continue to operate World of Warships as before. The game servers will be operating as usual, and players' accounts, as well as their in-game property accumulated through purchase or any other means, will remain unchanged. Will this affect the Premium shop prices , and will updates continue as per usual ?
  8. MysticalWar

    Monitors and different Refresh Rates

    Why is it that on my Monitor 120hz seems like it ghosts less then 144hz ? My monitor is the Acer Nitro 27in XZ270U 1440P resolution https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=22_700_1104&item_id=198057
  9. MysticalWar

    Time lapse of the future

    I found a good video for my Monitor it's only 1080p but it looks great I noticed my monitor has true black levels. The video is about the Universe and its scary icy death :( poor Universe. Shoutouts to Neil deGrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking , who's voices are in this video too.
  10. MysticalWar

    Got my new HDR Monitor today

    with the new updated Nvidia drivers 512.15 I noticed some improved performance in 3DMark at 2560x1440 144hz
  11. MysticalWar

    Got my new HDR Monitor today

    I couldn't find a G-sync option in my Nvidia control panel. I think it said this monitor supports but maybe my laptop does not. Is there a adapter to make my HDMI port into a display port so I can use the included display port cable with it ? I found a cable that can turn my hdmi laptop connector into display port so I can use the display port connector on the back of my monitor. https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=5_3574_3575_3577&item_id=108119 I just wonder if it will let me use the 165hz display port refresh this way ?
  12. MysticalWar

    Got my new HDR Monitor today

    I slightly improved my gaming setup
  13. MysticalWar

    Got my new HDR Monitor today

    So far HDR mode seems dark and for some reason I can't adjust the brightness because if I try it turns off the HDR effect. they call it VRB mode which also lowers the response time to 1 ms.
  14. MysticalWar

    Got my new HDR Monitor today

    My gaming setup How do I enable 144fps with Vsync on in game I noticed with decent settings (medium low combo 2560x1440 2x aa medium fxaa) it only does about 76 fps max which is nice at this res but i was hoping if i could do maybe a low setting for the 144 fps but do I need to edit a config file or .ini file in wows folder to get to 144? and does triple buffering help I am on a GTX 1050Ti mobile 4GB vram.
  15. MysticalWar

    Got my new HDR Monitor today

    So I got my Acer Nitro 27inch curved 1440p monitor that supports HDR today but I would like some advice on the best way to set it up. When I enable HDR on it darkens my desktop and when I go to change brightness setting it turns off the HDR mode. So I am thinking I can only turn it on when I'm actually in World of Warships. so this way my desktop can stay bright and Warships can look epic. It is a pretty nice screen , I can finally have full tilt and swivel control of the stand arm so i can get the right desk height for it (first time I got this much control over a monitor) Even my Asus Vl279 27 inch could not adjust height only tilt. My Acer Nitro 5 (an515-51) has a amazing HDMI 1.4 port since I can do 2560x1440 144hz on it :) but only issue is windows says its standard dynamic range (how do i change this) ? https://productsonline2020.com/acer-nitro-xz270u-pbmiiphx-review/ It says Display HDR 400 Technology 165Hz Refresh Rate (display port only cable came with monitor) 144hz HDMI 1.4 (which my laptop fully supports amazing 144hz first time :) Adaptive-Sync Technology 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio