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  1. I think Let's Sink Emm is a good saying for WoWs, World of Tanks has Let's Battle which is fine but World of Warships i think needs its own fun saying :) Let's Sink Emm is basically saying that we sink them as a team this would be a good saying for new players to remember :)
  2. I found a cool new tune that i can use to grind ships in the game :) Its called the Sea Shanty from Runescape great for meme music lol.
  3. I hope one day i can get into the World of Warships Privateer Club :).


  4. MysticalShip

    Viking music makes World of Warships more fun

    More fun Viking tunes with Destroyer Oland :)
  5. A convoy escort mission like this would be great in game :) they could call the mission The Black Pit.
  6. Danheim music is fun for World of Warships :) Parts of these tunes near the end of the video remind me of the movie Aliens when they are ready to release the drop ship from the Sulaco ship just after the beginning of the movie. I love drums hehe. If only Warships would do the war drum mode in the music setting like how the music is in my video. And if you hear a war bird in the music that's my pet Hawk that helps me win lol.
  7. I think i found a great tune to listen to while battling in dd's. Since i'm half Danish/Canadian this music gives me that Viking feeling lol.
  8. I never had so much fun watching a naval movie since Crimson Tide. This movie reminds me of gameplay from the game which is why i posted it you got a dd dodging torps and you have a Canadian ship being helped by an American ship. And also i love all the scenes with the water just like in game hehe :).
  9. If this doesn't get players interested in playing subs and doing asw in warships then i don't know what will he he
  10. MysticalShip

    Can War Gaming endorse a new Warship movie ?

    Cool :)
  11. MysticalShip

    cannot run replay files with new update

    It seems to point to the Game Center specifically like its a middle man for the actual game. I need the replay file to point to the actual executable and not game center.
  12. MysticalShip

    cannot run replay files with new update

    Just tried to run the replay from this update this replay is from yesterday. Still opens the game center and i have to click play then goes back to port.
  13. Actually i was hoping Wargaming would see this and go we better get on the subs while the film is still relevant hehe.
  14. When i double click a replay file instead of running the replay it brings me to port instead after it opens the wow game center. What is the new way to run a replay file just wondering ?