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  1. Burninator_USAF


    @Gneisenau013 i Have been sending in WG checks, replays, network monitor reports. Support is at a loss and wants me to flash my bios. No hardware changes, no issues with other games or network operations. Very frustrating, and happens more often when rendering enemy torpedoes.
  2. Burninator_USAF

    not receiving Black Friday mission

    I had to close the client and reopen to get it to show
  3. Burninator_USAF

    For the Volunteer Pumpkins!

    Could minimize the randomness, and go with some more proven participants next time. I won't name shame, but there looked to be a name on the list that is against EULA...
  4. Burninator_USAF

    WG: Clan Battle Mercenaries is not a good idea

    It could lead to a similar situation in other online games, you pay someone to get 6 players to carry you through some CB matches for rewards.
  5. Burninator_USAF

    Need the Spreadsheet Stats Geeks on this one

    Some of that depends on what ships you have from the drop table. I only have a couple T8s that I don't own, and I am in a similar situation. The math behind ship drops seems to favor the Big box, for ship drops per doubloon.
  6. Once you buy the one container with coal, you can get it started. Not all of the collections had an option to get collection items from your daily containers though.
  7. Burninator_USAF

    Supercontainer Ship on PTS!?

    Got a Huang He and Hood from the Santa crates on PT server, haha
  8. Burninator_USAF

    Bonus code puzzle

    Just lowering your chance to win if you post that up for everyone, haha
  9. Burninator_USAF

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Round 1 - The Dockyard

    @Gneisenau013 Same problem here
  10. Burninator_USAF

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Round 1 - The Dockyard

    My PT account does not clone off of my main with the same email. I put a ticket in to support and they said that they can not link accounts.
  11. Burninator_USAF

    Twilight Ships Still Taking Up Port Slots

    Port slots are half off starting tomorrow
  12. Burninator_USAF

    My Sincere Thank - 25k Sub 30 Ship Giveaway

    Appreciate the candor in your videos, honesty good or bad is refreshing. Burninator_usaf Event_pumpkin_71 NA
  13. Irian can't launch sets of torps in increments to get 16, maybe Z-39?
  14. Burninator_USAF

    PSA: Campaign rewards

    Agreed, at least it isn't Solo Warrior, haha