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  1. Tingent

    Moskva going prem. question

    This has been asked so many times, do a search! Hint- search Moskva
  2. Tingent

    Premium Russian Ship Challenges

    Get them done today, they refresh tomorrow.
  3. Tingent

    Just got the friesland

    Don't know why people bother with superintendant, but that's just me. I went with Lert's build but instead of SI I am going with AR & PM (last 3 points I need, only 16 point Cpt so far). So far it is working great, all about rate of fire & fire chance.
  4. Tingent


    Except the Roma is not going to get SAP. They are not going to change any of the previous Premium ships to match what the tech tree ships will have.
  5. Tingent

    Fun Fact Friday #1

  6. Before the rework I did do a secondary build on my Graf Zeppelin. I had secondaries out to 9k+ (forget the exact range) and surprised a few dd's with some close quarter kills. However, it wasn't worth losing in plane capabilities what I was gaining in secondary abilities so I changed it after awhile (free respec). The Graf is still the only CV you would even think of doing a secondary build for and it's not worth it.
  7. Tingent

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    American Tech tree.
  8. Tingent

    Premium Ship Review #120: Plus Sized Baltimore

    Are you sure about this? All other tier 9 premiums have 100% bonus experience and -20% maintenance costs.
  9. Tingent

    26,664 doubloons bundle new year

    Ya, that bundle can only be purchased after you already buy the previous 2. You have to buy them in order, you can't skip any bundles.
  10. Tingent


    I put my 19 point cruiser commander in it who is specialized for AA (AFT, BFT, & Manual AA) as tier 6 is full of cv's. (PEF also is set up for AA). This way I actually have a very good AA ship at tier 6 and so far I have gotten 1 'King of the Air" medal. I find that at tier 6 I usually have about a 75% chance of a cv battle. Play it as an AA Battlecruiser and it is a blast to play, just hope for a cv battle. (also has decent secondaries as I have AFT & BFT). Play it to it's strengths (AA) and you will find it is a very good ship. No idea though how it will fare after the cv rework goes live.
  11. Tingent

    WV vs PEF

    Well, he wanted an opinion between 2 rather 'Meh' boats. 527 posts & 62 battles, unfortunately your opinion holds very little value due to your limited playing time. Play more, talk less, thanks for sharing.
  12. Tingent

    WV vs PEF

    Seeing as how there seems to be quite a few more cv's in game at tier 6 than higher tiers, I would recommend the PEF. It has very good AA for a tier 6 BB and I have not had any problems with cv's. For this reason alone I would recommend the PEF, there are so few good aa ships at tier 6.
  13. Tingent


    Just got this in one of my free Santa crates (other 1 was 50 Zulu Hotels). Is this any good? I've never seen it in the premium shop and was wondering if this was one of those rare so called 'OP ships' and is mucho fun to play. Thanks.
  14. Tingent

    G. Cesare/Roma

    I would recommend either the Duca d'Aosta or Duca degli Abruzzi over the Roma. For one they are cruisers and you can use your captain skills better in them, and for two, they play better and are more fun. For its tier, d'Aosta is very good, Abruzzi can struggle a bit vs higher tiers.
  15. Tingent

    Premium Account

    Phone your C.C. company and make sure that they are allowing purchases from the site. I've had 3 credit card companies let me do 1 purchase, then block any other purchases from said site until I phone them and tell them to allow it.