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  1. Also, a shout out to LWM for her (as always) excellent ship review of the Huang He. I read her review first (as always) before I picked up the Huang He and knew what I was getting into. I love the Perth, so I figured I could make this work ( I also had a spare smoke generator mod that helps immensely for the Perth and Huang He) My opinion is that the overall rating should have been a Mehboat (for it's gimmicky fun).
  2. Yes, somebody else who likes this ship and knows how to use it effectively! Honestly, if you like the Perth, you will like this ship. I use it as a cross between a spotting destroyer (with 8.1 detection range you spot anything but destroyers first) then, if/when the firing starts, up smoke and let loose the dogs of war! I feel guilty that I actually like this ship as it is gimmicky fun to play. I always go with the torpedo reload boost as it is more gimmicky (helpful hint, it is used best just to shoot twice from the same torp side instead of trying to get all your torps off)
  3. Please imrpove Giulio Dispersion

    I have the GC, it's dispersion is already OP as I frequently delete ships with one or two salvos. I cannot think of a better battleship at tier 5, the GC pounds them all down into the depths of the sea.
  4. The Atlanta! He could BURN everything in sight and down all planes! That would be in line with Ghost Rider, as well as being able to leave a flaming wake behind him.
  5. Roma showed up

    If it is anything like the GC, I am going to love this ship.
  6. Quick question on Tirpitz

    11.3 - I'm looking at my Tirpitz in port, with my 19 point cpt in it with AFT secondary skill, secondaries flag on, secondary mod installed and it says 11.3. Guess I must be on glue and can't tell the difference between a 3 and an 8.
  7. Quick question on Tirpitz

    I have the Tirpitz with full mods, skills and flag. Secondary Range: 11.3. Where are you getting your info SireneRacker?
  8. Quick question on Tirpitz

    11.3 with full skills, module & flag, not 11.88
  9. Do you have the Graf Zeppelin? If so, you also have showing missions for any and all current test ships.
  10. Armada: Giulio Cesare

    Pronounced: Julius Caesar
  11. Hosho Aircraft

    Were you near an enemy ship that helped out his fighters with AA? That will do it.
  12. Saipan vs Kaga vs Enterprise

    Enterprise, then Kaga. Saipan is a good trainer, tho not as fun as the first two.
  13. Free Rental Ships & Upgrades

    The offer is for a useless flag, not to make the Scharn permanent. Don't buy it!
  14. Premium Shop Special....JK

    I've had this happen to me twice. Hit your "Go back one page" icon on your web browser and voila, The page appears and you should be able to buy it if need be. I've never wanted to buy one, so not sure if it directs you properly to payment, but at least the page shows up for what you can buy.
  15. Blys: Gunboot or not?

    It's a Blys, you shoot your guns and damn the torpedoes! I like getting close, then turn and run away firing the whole time. ( Blys has more aft guns to shoot than forward guns)