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  1. Thanks for the tip, Lord_Argus. I've taken it out today and have had great luck with it so far. 5 wins out of 6 games so far (lost to an Odin that outplayed me). I've only played against DD's, CV's & BB's so far, so don't know how it does against cruisers, but so far I can't complain.
  2. Tingent

    CV Auto Pilot Still Sucks

    I've lost 2 battles in brawl so far because my CV auto pilot has been garbage and either slowed me down or sent me the opposite way where I wanted to go! ( Ok I've lost all my CV games in brawl, but out of the 3 I've played, 2 of them were lost because I blame my auto pilot for totally screwing me)
  3. Tingent


    Thanks, I'll send in a ticket. In the mean time, is there a good crosshair mod? I googled it but came up with garbage.
  4. Tingent

    Paolo Emilio build feedback

    This is my build with Luigi. I will take consumable enhancements with his last 2 points. I like RL to know where my target is, since most of the time no one will be spotting him, and since he is Luigi, I want that fast torp speed to hit my target when I launch my torps so he can't dodge. Swift in Silence is useless if you don't know where your target is. I am not fond of AR as it only helps if you are low on hp's and I don't like being at that point, I would rather have something that helps me all the time. I took GtG because the main battery is slow compared to your speed. PT is a must for me with all ships. I don't have enuff points with this build for Dazzle.
  5. Tingent


    What happened to all the different crosshairs you could choose from? The one I use to use is gone and from what I can tell, all the crosshairs look the same. Do I have to download a crosshair mod now to get back the crosshair I liked?
  6. Tingent

    Captain rework free reset

    They gave you a month. If you can post on the forums, you can read the forums!
  7. Tingent


    Sorry to hear this, I must say tho, I love her car!
  8. Tingent

    I likes to go fast.

    I'm just saying, I know how to play, use my guns & torps, spot & cap for the team & do more than my part for the team. How many other ship types can say the same? I know I can struggle and/or be stellar in other ships, but this ship seems to be very regular in helping the team and do more than it's part! Therefore, I say if you can, get this ship! (If you can handle a medium/high skill floor ceiling)
  9. Tingent

    I likes to go fast.

    There's lots of times I don't survive, but when I do 90k+ damage and kill 2+ ships, I think I've done my part!
  10. Tingent

    I likes to go fast.

    Ya, sorry, but only a noob or an idiot in PE would go after a ship that has radar or hydro! Those are not the ships I have been hunting in Random battles. With the speed of the PE and the morons with Dead-Eye hanging out in the back, you would be surprised at how many sweet targets you have to choose from! Co-op is another matter, just go full speed and hit smoke when u need to, bots don't use radar or hydro much.
  11. Tingent

    I likes to go fast.

    I just got the Paolo Emilio because of this post and from watching the video made my choice. I was holding off to get the Ohio, but with the new crew skill changes, the Ohio looked very meh. I must admit, the PE is a blast to play, I don't think I could say the same if I got the Ohio. I've been playing it in both Co-op & Random and trying out different skills as I go, but every game has been a blast so far! I'm not a DD main, however this DD is just too fun to play in both Co-op & Random and I can't recommend it enough. I must admit I've been trying to duplicate the same results the video showed by killing 3 BB's but have not been that successful so far. However, I have had some very good results and funny performances from trying. Get this ship if you can!
  12. Tingent

    Commander Skill Rework - I like it

    I must admit, I'm liking the new skill rework too. ( I didn't think I would)
  13. Tingent

    Marceau or Z-44

    Thanks for all the responses....Marceau it is! Looks like Z-44 has nothing to offer, whereas Marceau looks like a good ship. Thanks again all, I just bought the Marceau!
  14. Tingent

    Marceau or Z-44

    I like both.