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  1. 11.3 - I'm looking at my Tirpitz in port, with my 19 point cpt in it with AFT secondary skill, secondaries flag on, secondary mod installed and it says 11.3. Guess I must be on glue and can't tell the difference between a 3 and an 8.
  2. I have the Tirpitz with full mods, skills and flag. Secondary Range: 11.3. Where are you getting your info SireneRacker?
  3. 11.3 with full skills, module & flag, not 11.88
  4. Pronounced: Julius Caesar
  5. Were you near an enemy ship that helped out his fighters with AA? That will do it.
  6. Enterprise, then Kaga. Saipan is a good trainer, tho not as fun as the first two.
  7. The offer is for a useless flag, not to make the Scharn permanent. Don't buy it!
  8. I've had this happen to me twice. Hit your "Go back one page" icon on your web browser and voila, The page appears and you should be able to buy it if need be. I've never wanted to buy one, so not sure if it directs you properly to payment, but at least the page shows up for what you can buy.
  9. It's a Blys, you shoot your guns and damn the torpedoes! I like getting close, then turn and run away firing the whole time. ( Blys has more aft guns to shoot than forward guns)
  10. Server being updated for an hour. Should be up very soon.
  11. I just got one recently for a Flag for the Oleg. I have like 2 battles in it. I don't think amount of battles has anything to do with it.
  12. I have one as well and must admit, it's my favourite CV right now. Why? Because it is so different than the IJN & USN line. This is the only CV I play that I prefer to be a bottom tier CV. It actually performs great in tier 10 battles, as it has the fastest fighters (able to scout and get away), and it's DB's are very effective vs DD's (which is all you can really attack in the early stages of a tier 10 battle because cruiser & battleship AA are deadly). Plus, I couldn't resist and took 9.4 secondaries for pure laughs. (love it when a dd comes my way to get DB'd and shot at, as there is no escape from the GZ for dd's)
  13. CV's in general are not great money makers, however, Big E & Kaga can be great fun in the right battle (i.e not bottom tier). The Harekaze is a blast to play as it has alot of diversity with it's 3 different hulls, but is not a great credit maker. For money making, go with any tier 8 BB. For fun, too many premiums to list. Go with what you like playing the most.
  14. Big E is not easy to play, Kaga is about as hard (very similar in low tier planes). Saipan is much easier to play and learn in. If you are skilled or experienced at CV's, go for it, if not, buy the Saipan instead.
  15. Saipan is a good cv to learn in. Play it with the 3 fighters and learn to strafe first, (use auto drops for the dive bombers, it is easy and does good damage/start fires) then switch to torp bombers and learn to manual drop torps. Good luck.