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  1. Ahoy again (I don't know whether the message I just tried to send went thru or not).

    Found you application from 2015.  Drop by the NGA teamspeak channel tonight from about 8 til 11 Eastern, and we'll get you set up here (just in time for start of clan battles tomorrow).

    Cal is still here, he's the owner of NGA.

    I look forward to meeting you,

    Halpin, Personnel Officer

  2. Fog_Battlecruiser_OClass

    WG, its about time we had a talk....

    ive literally uninstalled the game with the statement im not installing this again until italian ships are released
  3. Fog_Battlecruiser_OClass


    Need moar concealment plus more torp range plus moar fire chance and moar speed
  4. You can angle while charging in...
  5. Fog_Battlecruiser_OClass

    How do you think this game compares to Navyfield?

    I played Navyfield for 8 years got every single cv6 the game had and named them all after some way of filing a complaint because even back then bb players always blamed the CV if anything went wrong. Wows carriers will never live up to Navyfield nor will the new carrier changes help carriers
  6. Yes but space is vast and if ships used antimatter for fuel they could get up to speed lasers would be useless also by that point antimatter missiles make more sense anyway the antimatter in the missile would be both warhead and fuel Side note read the book series The Praxis Series is basically what op is asking about Side side note The book series Seventh Carrier by Peter Albano is something to read basically China launches some satellites they go rogue shooting down anything rocket proppeled a ww2 carrier built on a lengthened Yamato Hull is freed from entrapment in the ice up north attack Pearl harbor then Arabs start world war three and all hell breaks loose
  7. Fog_Battlecruiser_OClass

    IJN Shinano (Yamato Hull CV)

    Like the yonaga from the seventh carrier book series by Peter albano