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  1. Cruiser terminology to use

    How about cc ?
  2. A hard day at work and to tired to play
  3. Afk sort of

    Thanks getting 1tomorrow
  4. Afk sort of

    Sorry about last game keyboard died, could only use mouse :( this is from I pad
  5. Happy Hollidays Folks..

    Lancaster, don't worry about late response I've been out of town and just got home
  6. Happy Hollidays Folks..

    Where are you in s.c. ? And happy new year
  7. Can not sell anything in my inventory.

    Mine just says 403 not availabe
  8. tired of the matching system

    All I know is I have been going downhill for months
  9. The Counter Strike Mentality

    The bad part is when they get that one cap and just sit there and die while other team has other two caps.
  10. Smoke doesn't render when zoomed in?

    I don't see smoke from stacks since 4 updates ago at any time, have ticket in but no help so far.