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  1. weesel_sniper

    Well, 1v1 ranked has started, what is it like?

    Well I have had my [edited]kicked , but I do suck
  2. weesel_sniper

    My name is Kelly and I like co- op

    That is what I have heard , but when I suck how else am I to get torp or sec hits ?
  3. weesel_sniper

    My name is Kelly and I like co- op

    I hope u got the humor :)
  4. I always go there to finish a mission , I can' t do in randoms
  5. weesel_sniper

    Declining Win Rate

    I am not as good as u but I am trying not to worry about w/r any more . As long as other stats are getting better I am getting better , right ?
  6. weesel_sniper

    Counterarguments against -1/+1 Matchmaking

    I'm not that good and I know being down 2 tiers is hard for me to overcome
  7. weesel_sniper

    Monday Meltdown

    Glad to see a post go in a positive direction for a change, great job
  8. weesel_sniper

    New pc

    Thanks, but at least this one is easily up graded
  9. weesel_sniper

    New pc

    Well I got a store bought dell Inspiron game pc for $ 720 74 Fps, have to learn how to play again so different
  10. weesel_sniper

    New pc

    was looking for prebuilt ,don't think I can build one
  11. weesel_sniper

    New pc

    This is the only game I play
  12. weesel_sniper

    New pc

    What is your Fps? Mine is 12 to 14 on lowest setting
  13. weesel_sniper

    New pc

    8 year old dell with windows 7 and Intel i3
  14. weesel_sniper

    New pc

    Looking to get new desktop, what do I need to look for to to play this game? Under $ 800 hopefully, thanks for your help