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  1. Just came out of a full Tier X came where our Daring AFK'd at the beginning of the match after reversing to the map border. He came back about 10 minutes in and said he was surprised the game was lasting this long, and left again. This isn't an issue that I encounter every game but when I do it's extremely frustrating. I've had this happen in Ranked as well. These aren't people who DC because of network problems or anything along those lines, but instead intentionally state their purpose of avoiding the match. There needs to be some kind of temporary ban punishment in place for these people because as it stands nothing is done about them whatsoever.
  2. I loved the Shokaku and found myself getting 100k+ games regularly. The rocket planes were great against destroyers, and the torpedoes and AP bombers were great for attacking larger ships. Now with the Hakuryu the spread on the rockets is god awful and I hardly ever find myself landing more than 2 rockets on a destroyer. Ships on the enemy team tend to never be by themselves, so any time I do want to attack I end up losing at least 4-5 planes per run, easily being reduced to half squadrons by the 10:00 mark. I easily do way more damage with the Shokaku than with the Hakuryu. Is there some kind of strategy that I'm missing with this ship? Or should I just scrap Japanese carriers all together and go play American CVs.