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  1. Found the other thread about this.
  2. You are right. Just used google translate to read the RU webpage: "The original permanent camouflage of the battleship is the creation of the artist and designer Makoto Kobayashi, one of the founders of the genre of Mega and henceforth a new partner of the World of Warships. Back in the 1980s, his unique technique and unusual vision of futuristic cars made a real revolution in the world of animation and design. Wide popularity to the artist brought work on a series of anime Mobile Suit Gundam, recognized in Japan as one of the greatest television shows in history. To this day, Makoto Kobayashi is involved in creating animation and is now working on the anime "Space Battleship" Yamato "2202". Below are examples of its graphics."
  3. This picture is from WOWS RU website, most likely it is going to come.
  4. WG just showed Kii's second camo on Tokyo Game Show as their first in "Artist Signature Series". And a short youtube video from WOWS Asia: Artist Signature Series: Makoto Kobayashi x Battleship "Kii" Also Kii is going to be on sale in Asia premium shop tomorrow 9/22. NA premium shop please Also another interesting picutre from WOWS RU website, a sci-fi Yamato camo to come?
  5. I'm still having this issue. I noticed in 0.6.11 patch note: "Reduced the initial loading time for the Clan and inventory browser." I hope this time WG will fix this. Updated to 0.6.11 and still not fixed: inventory, news and clan still won't open
  6. From NA webpage: "Updated 9/15: 17:00 PT: If you've tried to complete Mission 3 in Großer Kurfürst from 04:20 PT - 14:00 PT, we'll credit your rewards tomorrow. If you haven't played Großer Kurfürst yet, the mission will now function for you. "
  7. I guess you played GK after WG fixed it? I played GK in training room around 8am EDT and got a pop-up saying I get a SC but didn't get the SC. In the evening I played GK again in training room and co-op, nothing happened after those two games. It could be that the server already logged the SC event in the morning and will have to wait for WG to fix it manually.
  8. ^^100 times this. And you don't need to look far, this guy below could be one who'd rather convert commander xp than ship xp. WG offering such a deal is a bad business choice, as this is a deal most of the player base don't want.
  9. Still no luck with GK here.
  10. I got a spotter plane module, 100 detonation flags, 100 zulu flags and 100 zulu hotel flags. Great rng here... Still thank you for the free stuff WG.
  11. I got the same bug: not getting a super container after a grosser Kurfürst game.
  12. Coverting elite commander xp to free xp is usually a waste of money, because elite commander xp is always useful when getting a new captain or retraining captains. XP from elite ships is completely useless unless you spend doubloons to convert it to free xp. One can even say it's harder to grind a commander than to grind a tech tree, because if you start from a new captain on a new tech line, when you get to the tier 10 ship (and always use doubloons to retrain captain) you only get a 17 point captain, you would have to play extra games to grind your captain to 19 point.
  13. 5 19pt captains and 11 tier 10 ships here, I need elite commander xp way more than free xp.
  14. Probably >90% of players (including me) thought elite xp is xp from elite ships.
  15. Not going to do it either. Only have 110k elite commander xp left after pumping up Jack Dunkirk for British BB line. Elite commander xp is more valuable than free xp for me right now. Maybe the guys with a dozen 19 point captains would do it. But those guys probably already have every tier 10 ship in game so they don't care about free xp anyway, why is WG even offering this discount?