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  1. Suzunami

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    The Yokosuka Marine High School flag is only on the historical camo, not on anime camo. And the flag is in the place where national flag is(rear mast), can you replace it with the ARP flag(would be placed on front mast)?
  2. Suzunami

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    I noticed the 'historical' camo is flying the Yokosuka Marine High School flag, which you can get on Asia Server with a code. I wonder if WG NA is going to give us that flag too.
  3. Suzunami

    Premium Ship Review: USS Saipan

    Concealment expert skill on carrier is a play-style choice, not a must-have. And you don't want it on certain carriers such as Ryujo and Shokaku, you want your detection range to be larger than 10km(Ryujo is already stealthier than that). You want to be alerted as soon as possible when a DD is sneaking up on you(and they'll know you are there regardless of concealment because your planes will give away you position if they are ~10km).
  4. Suzunami

    [ Out of date ] Premium Ship Review - HMS Warspite

    Awesome guide. +1 Hoping to see more premium ship reviews to come! After reading this guide, I'm glad I didn't buy this one. Slow turning guns are not my type.