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  1. They are actually quite reliable as they are data-miners and have access to test client. The last time they posted misleading info was an April fool's joke. As far as I know, they only posted one piece of wrong info almost a year back which they apologized and explained how they misunderstood the changes in file.
  2. It doesn't take too much doubloons/elite captain xp to respec the 10-point captain and you can use all 19 points on Warspite without retraining.
  3. Has anyone tried to spec the captain for other ships like Warspite to play in ranked? This should give more captain xp than PvE.
  4. 2011 Macbook pro, i7 quad core 2.4GHz, AMD HD 6700M. Games runs OK if I set graphic settings to low, otherwise the laptop will overheat and force to sleep mode.
  5. same problem here
  6. I've seen an Essex with SE. I guess he already had all the captain skills he wanted and 3 spare points.
  7. I'm not sure I'll repeat the mission enough times to get all the items (and unlock that captain). It would be nice if I can buy some of containers for Dunkirk items and special flags. WOWS Asia already announced that the containers will be on sale over there.
  8. The range buff affects all tier 7+ German BBs, the damage nerf only affects 88mm and 105mm guns, the 128mm gun even gets a rof buff. This is complete buff on Gneisenau and Kurfurst, lesser buff on Bismark and Frederick de Gross. I'd like to know WG's reasoning behind these changes.
  9. OP, please wait until you have played several high tier DDs and think about this again.
  10. The Yokosuka Marine High School flag is only on the historical camo, not on anime camo. And the flag is in the place where national flag is(rear mast), can you replace it with the ARP flag(would be placed on front mast)?
  11. I noticed the 'historical' camo is flying the Yokosuka Marine High School flag, which you can get on Asia Server with a code. I wonder if WG NA is going to give us that flag too.
  12. DD games in random and co-op are just different. It's hard to say which one is easier, if your goal is to play a DD in random you should just learn from random.
  13. The torpedo arcs on Atlanta is so bad, every time I think of using them and find out I need to turn more.
  14. This one is hilarious because all bots have HP perk. I must be lucky, 5 matches, 4 wins(2x5 stars, 1x4 stars, 1x3 stars). 5 stars in Ryujo and Cleveland. Once you know where the bots are going to spawn you can just farm them a bit. In one of the game, I moved to my Cleveland towards bot CV spawn position and the bot just sent 16 planes into my AA without doing any damage (and I killed a dd and a CL escorting that CV in the meantime). In another one, I just sent my planes preemptively and killed a bot CV right where it spawned. But you have to know, regardless which ship you play, you won't be able to complete all the tasks on your own. Team work is very important, even if you don't type in chat, watch the mini map closely and try to help your team as much as you can.
  15. Got the same issue here. My ISP is Verizon in New York and they keep routing worldofwarships through Europe( I'll try some VPN to see if it helps.