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  1. ENxRagexD

    Can we have a separate forum for CV complaints?

    If only you could restrict a post to those players that actually know how to play. How can you give advice when you can't even break a 49% wr after over 2 k games? I'm so tired of reading advise from terrible players that just don't get it. JUST SAYING. [edited]
  2. ENxRagexD

    Can we have a separate forum for CV complaints?

    This guy gets it. I'd bet my account as well. Let's get a vote
  3. ENxRagexD

    Can we have a separate forum for CV complaints?

    Or how about getting together with the developers and make it so playing against CVs doesn't suck so bad.
  4. ENxRagexD

    CVs against DDs

    So you played against some bad CVS and lived. Good luck doing that against a skilled CV. And 45k damage is a bad game for me. 10x tier is an 80k game to break even. 100k plus needed to be considered a good game.
  5. I have played a handful of games. Only after the hotfix. In some of my best ships, in three man divs, and still had almost zero fun even though we won the majority of our games for the night. Playing an aa mini game while trying to actually play the match is just dumb. The new fail blob meta where everyone stays at the back of the maps behind islands is dumb. And my team still did a fail blob even in the match that didn't have a cv in it. Great job wargaming.... You turned my favorite game into a shitshow.
  6. ENxRagexD

    DON"T buy the Black

    You don't need demo expert and you sure as hell shouldn't be using ifhe on it. Maybe watch a video or read a review about the ship. So glad anyone can buy their way into steel ships now. Lol
  7. So instead of a max of 4 dds per side with unlimited torps. How about 30 dds per side with only 1 reload? And your repair party takes the entire game length to extinguish a fire or flood. And you are forced to have real world acceleration, so it will take you almost the full match to make flank speed. And your guns loose out on accuracy. And you cannot fire your main guns while using AAA batteries or during your repair party. Lol realize that realism is not made for arcade games. It's all done in balance of a 4 ship class system. Why is it ok for battleships to one shot cruisers that don't even have the gun range to shoot back? They just have you a full secondary he buff... What more could you possibly need?
  8. ENxRagexD

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    To some, winning is fun.
  9. ENxRagexD

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    Winning is more important than damage farming. You can farm damage all you want and it most likely be the reason you lose. Being too of the team in loss after loss would get old to me. And we all had to grind lines in the beginning. Just because we ha e learned to bank free so to make friends easier doesn't really matter towards win rate. The some of us played on terrible internet, or high ping. Or like myself played layed up with a broken back on a sofa for almost a year. stats show how much you have improved. And what areas you are still weak at. What bothers me is when players with below 50% win rates try and tell other players how to play. If you can't perform, how can one expect to teach others? Just ends up spreading bad habits and terrible strategy. Like for instance A cap on Okinowa is not a place for bad to go into. Yet time after time, half the team's tried to squeeze into it and we end up losing the game. And fyi hidden stats are worse than showing bad stats.
  10. ENxRagexD

    Current Tier X Cruiser Favorites?

    How does one dislike a Hindy? Des Moines I understand because of her playstyle. But Hindy is a beast when used correctly. He'll you can even Yolo BBs and win.
  11. ENxRagexD

    Tier 9 Premiums

    ^^^^ THIS
  12. ENxRagexD

    Tirpitz mission for Tirpitz B

    The fact that it's in bold, and you have to read the fine print is the problem I have in it. Kinda dumb that they are selling reskinned premiums now like they did in WOT anyways.
  13. ENxRagexD

    PSA...Haragumo teams in Clan Battles

    But cruiser AP pen wasn't nerfed. Only battleship AP was. And a Haragumo still takes full pens from BB now as it always did. Same goes for kaba. Researching game mechanics will help you understand how they work.
  14. ENxRagexD

    UI improvement requests

    I would be happy if I could search for a player, and not have to do it letter by letter to let the clunky ui catch up. Nothing like trying to give a complement Or sending out a division request taking forever. Or have the big fixed were i have the division window locked in minimized form, requiring a restart of the game client to ready up the division. The UI in this game is terrible. Let's focus on fixing the basics before trying to reinvent the wheel.