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  1. The Irony of PotatoVille

    It is the event, and all the summer vacations. Any event during summer months on wargaming titles is a major frustration. It's time to grind premium ships, or legendary modules for your favorite t10's. And pray you can pull off 15 wins. Lol Anything else is just bashing you head against a wall...
  2. Be IN3PT by choice Join us today!!!

    With so many clans recruiting is a hard choice to decide. Let me make it easier for you. We are a solid group of 9 players that have taken 2 meh clans, dragging them through kicking and screening into typhoon 1st leaque. We have had bad luck with commanders, and their lack of leadership or becoming a tyrant. We have gone above and beyond to make this clan all about the players. With everyone pitching in some dubs to get the feel of ownership. Come stop by our discord and read the founders documents. This is a true clan for the players. Anyone can climb the latter to officer, and even commander if you put in the time and effort. We are looking for highly skilled and motivated players who want to have their voice heard, and compete at the highest levels. Thank you for your time. Rage
  3. Did you remove their laser accuracy and 200% fire chance??? Never had my as s kicked by destroyers in random matches unless it was a high tier dd and I had to give it broad be used of incoming torps or by shells. Somehow t5 and t6 ers can't miss with their floaty shells, and burn me to the ground with fire. Can't wait to see what your plans for hard difficulty will be? Oh and it's is cute that the Clemson can invisa fire on your forts and they won't spot him.
  4. They all mount hydro... So you just played against some bad players. Hydro lasts close to the same time as smoke, and has basically the same cooldown. The smoke upgrade module is a must have if you plan on sharing your tiny smoke puff.
  5. Play with friends in a div of 3 perths or a hh. Fun for days. If solo play it like a Leander, and try to plan your smokes to end near islands. Fun shios, you just have to really watch the smoke timer. Stealth is unreal on these ships. As long as you stop firing on time, you can find a safe island to fire over until your next smoke.
  6. Who said they wanted a passive meta? Or for the game to go stay at 30km away??? We are simply stating that the yamato is fine with its cit. That is its one true weakness. And a well played game to doesn't just sit now in all match. It is all about positioning. The problem is the yamato can do stupid amounts of damage, no matter if you angle of not. Just like the conq doesn't care about angles.. Lolpen is its major strength, it has to have a balanced weakness.
  7. Ballistic charts are for any type of distance shooting. So learning bullet drops are a thing. as to ships, premiums are for the most part equal or worse than their tech tree siblings except for a few outliers. And stats show if you mostly play said ships, or seal club. Real easy to figure out actually. and we are talking solo win rate. Divs can inflate a wr by a lot. Now if your solo is only a few percent off of your div wr. Than that shows you are not being carried. If your barely avg solo, yet your div wr is really high... You have been carried. but if your overall is garbage, that just is what it is. I remember first looking up my stats, and thinking "wow I am bad". I than started going to the forums more and watching some YouTube vids. It is up to the individual if they want to improve it not. But these players that day stats are useless are either in denial, or have below avg iq.
  8. Meanwhile everyone else can have their game ruined by a yamato 30km away. Yet the yamato losses it's only real weakness? Lol no. You can already damage everything from any angle. Murder most bbs at any range. While most bbs struggle to damage you in return, often having to resort to he. And even than a game to trades better.
  9. But just described exactly how it goes on competitive battles, yet you assume something different? Lol Gurfurst eats damage from everything, is massive, doesn't turn well. Did I mention it eats damage from everything???
  10. Hey another reason that numbers are not the end all, be all in ship balancing. Republique does great in the hands of skilled players, just like every battleship. The difference being it is a new line and the potato factor has yet to creep in. The Monty is heavily played in the US server. That is why the numbers are low. Not because the ship is bad. the Alsace plays like a fast Iowa with great secondaries... Missouri is behind a free xp wall. Which limits some of the bad players from dragging it down. And the good players can make great use out of the credit and xp gains. She also has almost 1 million less battles played compared to Iowa, which anyone can get just failing to tier9 lion is HE spamming [edited].. Musashi is borderline op. A yami down a tier (with a few small nerfs) is a monster. Even more so if top tier.I I do wish they would remove the orbital shell arcs of the cl and dd, but that would require a complete rework of the USN lines.
  11. The point was that if you spend a lot of time in a hobby, why would you not want to improve? Your logic is flawed bud... A hobby is a hobby... Doesn't matter if it is pixel or not. I like to enjoy my hobbies. Losing at anything is not fun to me. I am a gifted shooter, and never needed much coaching. Video games I am not good at, and look to ways to improve and win more. tldr: losing is for chumps
  12. So you don't want to be good at your hobbys??? I like fish, but I can't be bothered to look up how to get better at keeping them alive. So I have a lot of dead fish and a nasty tank. Lol I like shooting guns and hunting, but I won't take the time to practice so I always miss the kill shot and let the animals bleed out for days. And when I go to the range ppl laugh at my shot group. So now I just hide my targets so nobody can see them. Do you see how dumb your argument sounds now?