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  1. What is the deal with T8 MM?

    The problem is more noticeable in weekends. Teams are filled with t10 players that don't play often, could care less about winning, or just all of the above. It makes for some painful blowouts, and record losing streaks unless you are in a div. I have also noticed MM giving one side a 3man div, and nothing to the other. Nothing like having a unicorn div on the other team, when you are stuck w the "play for funnnsies" tier 10's....
  2. Because you are the only class, other than a khab, that can tank damage for your team mates. Instead of letting the team all die in front of you, try taking some of those shells ment for your cruiser buddies.I Granted some teams are hopeless, but you playing passive doesn't help the matter.
  3. Nope, I am far less likely to getting 1 or 2 shot when I can see the bb. Especially if there are more than 1 target lit and our bbs are close, instead of miles behind me.
  4. The dd would be spotted by your cruisers if you were near them doing your job. Unfortunately everything out there focused on dd and cruisers. Meanwhile most bbs end up full health at the end of the match, right before they get surrounded and vaporized. Which wouldn't be the case of most bbs played to their strengths, not just there max range. It is so much fun being dev striked by a bb sniping from across the map as our bbs hide and wait.
  5. Honestly the new meta of every bb hide behind a rock is just getting old. Cruisers do not get torp bulges for the majority, and we get lit on fire just as easy. Just because most bbs will use damage con on 1 fire and not know how to tank for the team, is nobody's fault but their own. Why we cater to those types is beyond me. So now we have it that if your bbs are more competent than the other side of will be a roll a stomp. You can manage if your dds screw up,bbs not so much because cruisers can't deal w a bb disadvantage very well. And if cruisers are limited to kiting away shooting he at max range, well nobody can cap. But if you lose your dds, and have good bb players a cruiser can cap easily.
  6. Reversing is bad for the game period. Cruisers can't just reverse to survive, we have to turn and risk deletion. Most bbs would make the turn losing some, but not all of their health. BBs are as stealthy as most cruisers. Few do get better concealment, but the broken conq has better stealth than 2 t10 cruisers. BB's also have decent turning radius, not great, but as good or better than some cruisers again here. Yet you have a torpedo belt that far exceeds cruisers, if they even have that protection at all. And the bb already had a good 30-50k advantage in health to start with, nevermind larger heals and the torp protection. Every situation leads with the battleship having an advantage, yet most don't see it. Cruiser and a dd will get focused first, both are incredibly fragile and can be deleted instantly. Meanwhile the bb will take some damage, go hide and heal... That is why 9/10 battles you will end up with 2-4 3/4 to fill health bbs left alive towards the end of a match. Cruisers need to be able to have heals before t9. Bb gets heals from the very start on the tech tree. Cruisers need to be brought back to the utility stupid they once were. They should not have to choose between hydro and def fire, they should all have both.
  7. New smoke changes has limited the cruisers that get away with it now. And yet bb still have multiple heals and torpedo bulges to limit damage. They also start out with double the health of cruisers of their tier on average. How many more excuses you got? Only thing bbs suffer from is low mobility, but that is countered by just reversing...you don't have to do anything else. Damage saturation on the nose of bbs will deny much damage from multi torps. What other crutches do bbs need?
  8. At tier 7 and up, bb's become a lot fast. Some just as fast as the cruisers. The problem is that most battleship plays stop and reverse while their cruisers get focused. And unlike the bb, cruisers can't just reverse or even turn around. There only hope is to stealth back up. And when your battleship near you decided to hide is just beyond pathetic. BB have armor, massive health pools, and great heals. And yet most still hide becuase "I'll get focused!" As they watch cruisers and dds did in front contesting caps, meanwhile complaining how bad the team's are while they sit back comfy and safe at full health. Another problem is the bow camping cancer that is high tiers. Why is this even a viable strat??? When DD players complain about detonating, it is always the bb player countering with "dets happened IRL, so they belong in game". Yet they are ok with all the bow tanking?
  9. The game is already balanced for the lowest skill players... Half of the player base plays bbs, and half of those players lick windows. Like the guy above complaining about Russian Fed shooting him from 13km, becuase shooting dds in not what he in a good at. It also seems that he has no idea you can see shells fired from smoke and return fire. Hard to have a conversation with ppl when they are below average...
  10. Montana is overperforming

    Ummmmm... Just FYI, but cruisers get deleted if we make a mistake. We take random cits because why not. Meanwhile the new meta of BB's sailing broadside on both teams is just stupid... Stop catering to the lowest common denominator WG!
  11. This guy is high af... BBs have had almost nothing taken away, and have had far too many buffs. Meanwhile cruisers, dd's and even cv's still suffer. The Conq is just plain [edited] easymode sit at max range and blip in and out of stealth half the match. That is why the survival is higher, and the damage. This is also the main reason that the wr doesn't show how broken this ship is. Conq can hit any cruiser and do 10-20k a salvo, with only half of its shells, while lighting a fire with every off shell. Only t9-t10 cruisers have heals, with the exception of atago. So 8 ships are completely boned. And before everyone says that ap does so much damage... We can angle against some, if not most of the mid to long range ap. We can't do Jack against HE spam......
  12. Smoke Changed? NERF RADAR.

    Wish they would make the effort to make it not work through islands.. But 2 years later and planes can still spot you through them. What they need to fix is the huge gun bloom issue. Who ever thought this out needs to get benched. BB's have the same gun bloom as cl/ca is just broken. Especially with this new line of super sneaky bb's (Because gimmicks) [edited]. How can the largest caliber have the same bloom as the smallest??? Iowa will stealth back up between firing salvos for f**** sake. 20 sec should be the min, and have it scale from there. Maybe just for each class, because per caliber would be a nightmare. Heck... Even add some new special captain with his perk being smokeless powder or some other made up wargaming idea.
  13. Another outstanding tier 10 player folks... And he goes to the forum so he really has no excuse. Sad really.
  14. _____ will/won't fix NA meta!

    Until ca's stop getting deleted from across the map for tryinto screen... We won't be doing it. All you here is BBabies whine about torps and taking damage, while the sit back and snipe watching cruiser after cruiser getting lolpened is getting old
  15. PSA: you're in a ship

    somebody gave this an +1?? Really??? So a baBBy can't turn around because he might get cit?You do know that turning around is alkalkmost certain death for a cruiser right? You cowards camping bow on in the back are the reason you lose. You have the best armor in the game,the biggest health pools, and the ability to magically recover health and all that is still not enough to stop you from camping. No the bow on meta came about because doing more than sitting still is too hard for the majority of bb drivers.