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  1. Why not? That is the way battles s have it right now
  2. I'm talking about the times you KNOW exactly the relative ship is, but the game failed to render it until you are already avoiding his shells. They get about an 6-12 sec advantage were you cannot fire back. Add into the time it takes for you to get your guns back on them.. You get to return 1, maybe 2 if you salvos if you are in a cl. And the bbs instantly back into stealth. So in reality you can't use your dpm, and are stuck in a 1 to 1 trade against a battleship. Fixing the rendering of ships is a big issue. Gun blooms are another. If you fix them both, than someone who is constantly looking at the mini map will only have to worry about that unspotted yamato at 28km away. Lol
  3. Sorry. Just really tired of those that don't have a clue, trying to instruct those that do about this game. Or when they post drivel and new players listen. And I honestly could care less about what ppl think about me on an internet forum. I have tried to be polite and instructive, but you can't fix stupid.
  4. I was referring to actually seeing the shell fired coming from a bb you actually know is in front of you, but they do not render in pixels until the shells are nearly soon you. So you have to actively avoid the shells and maybe get 1 return salvo before the bb gun bloom goes away (Another epic game mechanic is that bbs have the same bloom as a dd..because wg logic). And there are the times when a ship renders on the mini map, yet doesn't render on screen.
  5. TIER 9-10 players-cap needed

    We already explained the facts to you. But you know it all so what's it matter right? You have proven that you don't have a good grasp on this game, and you probably never will... So why is it that players like yourself argue about things you don't comprehend? And how about you kiss my [edited]panocha.
  6. Bbs used to have to switch to he to really punish destroyers... THAT IS THE ISSUE!!! Now they can just sail broadside across the map slinging he and not get punished. This game just keeps catering to 1 ship type. Even wargaming has admitted that bbs are too strong right now. So and in the glitch were ap gets a double hit count sometimes, and you have the rock trumping all. I'm just sick of 5 bbs every match that can get away playing like shot while being able to punish all.
  7. So are you just typing dumb shi T because you are bored? Or do you really not have a fcking clue?
  8. You do know that bbs literally cried for year about stealth fire. Yet somehow they are the only ship in the game that can open water stealth fire. With the rendering mechanics in this game half the time you don't even get to see them until right before their shells but you. So back to the whole bbs must smash every dam n thing... The cruisers are in the worst state that they have been in, except for a few t10s. And the dd that are supposed to counter bbs get rely from ap. Such balance The game used to have ap shells having far less impact on dds. Something changes, we bring it up because we are sick of it.. And all the bb mains come out and call us whiners??? Lolololol... The only type of ship constantly getting buffed directly or indirectly... Please. Come back when your precious easy mode bb gets needed over and over.
  9. Said like a true "I play for funzies", or "It is just a game" player who most likely is stoned all the time and hides his stats.... If you can't take criticism, than the internet is not the place for you.
  10. Honestly no... It should be up to players better than those who are avg, or slightly above. They should be far better than even better than myself as well. I'm good but not great, and I'm still learning myself. On the other hand, why would it matter is someone who is well below avg in all ship types and cannot preform at t10 believes that battleship ap is working as intended? Players that have devoted the time and effort to become great at this game, and have memorized tons of info about each ships and type that they actually know more than the one development teams... This has been proven repeatedly. If Femennenly posts about how am ijn cv is doing, I'm going to take her for her word. You don't just become super Unicom and have hundreds of more battles in said ship it tier and not be far more informed than even good or great players.. Let alone the avg or below. Truth be told if you can't see that point than go on and believing your sh*t don't stink.......
  11. There has been plenty of comments by the top players and streamers about the effects of bbs ap being way to powerful. He'll business6 won t play high tier dds anymore, flambas s is a dd main and complains about the state of bbs all the time. Why would anyone not take the advise if the top percentage of the playerbasd? They obviously understand the game mechanics better than the VAST majority... Yet your answer is because the op is really good in the khab than his opinion doesn't matter??? The opinions of 41% wr plays like admiral there should not matter....
  12. TIER 9-10 players-cap needed

    Here we go again... Someone that is barely avg after 9k games, and is terrible in dds wants to instruct every dd in how to play. Where is that face-palm emoji at???
  13. This^^^^^ please don't play pvp Use co-op as a training ground for your 6-7tier cvs and get better, learn how to perform at an above average level... And than go to PvP and kick [edited]!
  14. Even if they do not allow the free transfer this time. Why would you ever spend money when you can just use like 160k elite commander xp?
  15. Yes they were. The only thing WG has changed is the glitch that if you left a commander in a rental ship, after those ships expired you got a free commander respect out of it. Anyways. You are right the rest of us are wrong.....